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  • Range of Unlimited Broadband, Fibre and Super Fibre packages
  • Choose from Entertainment, Cinema, Sports or Anytime bundles

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Broadband + TV

NOW TV Entertainment + Unlimited Broadband (No contract)
offer ends: 01 May
17Mb max speed 1 month £24.99 £32.98 after 12 months
Unlimited Broadband & TV with no contract from £24.99 with £44 setup
NOW TV Entertainment + Fibre Broadband (No contract)
38Mb max speed 1 month £29.99 £42.98 after 1 months
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NOW TV features and review

NOW TV is a home entertainment offering from Sky which provides broadband and TV bundles on flexible terms and with minimal hassle.

The company was launched in 2012 as an internet television provider offering access to Sky TV content without long contracts or a satellite dish. In 2016 it branched out into home broadband, and differentiates itself from its parent company with the addition of short term agreements.

If you’re after a broadband and TV bundle but put off by high costs, long contracts or the need for lots of extra hardware, NOW TV is a compelling alternative.

What does NOW TV offer?


NOW TV offers both ADSL and fibre optic broadband, using a regular BT landline. This provides up to 17Mb on ADSL and up to 76Mb on fibre. But unlike many other ISPs you’re able to get any of its broadband services on a flexible rolling monthly (aka no contract) agreement. That means you can cancel at any time without having to pay a large termination fee, useful if you require broadband for a short period of time or if your long term living arrangements are uncertain. It’s perfect for contractors, students and anyone else who needs more flexibility in their broadband service.


Phone services are not the main focus for NOW TV, but you must take a phone line in order to get broadband, and when you do you’ll have the option of adding inclusive evening and weekend or anytime calling. If you don’t need any call packages you can simply take the line on a pay-as-you-use basis.


NOW TV started as a TV provider, and this remains a major part of its offerings. All NOW TV packages are for both broadband and TV, but you don’t need to worry about being locked into a lengthy contract and can customise the bundle to your liking.

Every NOW TV subscriber gets an Entertainment pass which offers loads of top channels including Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Comedy Central and UK Gold, along with hundreds of box sets to stream on demand. You can also optionally add a Sky Cinema pass for access to 11 movie channels, seven sports channels with the Sky Sports pass or keep the little ones happy with six children's channels in the Kids pass. Passes can be added or removed at any time without charge.

The new NOW TV Smart Box included with these bundles also has an integrated TV tuner so you can use it to access Freeview channels as well as catch-up from the likes of iPlayer and All4.

All of these features are available on either a 12 month contract or rolling monthly agreement for greater flexibility.

NOW TV broadband coverage and speed

NOW TV broadband availability

Getting NOW TV depends on your home being within the NOW TV network area, but this covers the majority of premises so almost everybody will be able to sign up.

The type of broadband is dictated by the services available at your exchange - some homes will be able to choose either ADSL or fibre optic, while others may only have ADSL.

To see what you could get, enter a postcode into the Broadband Genie comparison table to filter packages by location. Further checks will be carried out by NOW TV to ensure you’re able to get your chosen service.

NOW TV broadband speed

NOW TV offers three broadband packages...

  • NOW TV Brilliant Broadband - download speed up to 17Mb
  • NOW TV Fab Fibre - download speed up to 38Mb
  • NOW TV Super Fibre - download speed up to 76Mb

Fibre connections are great for busy families or anybody doing lots of demanding tasks like streaming HD video and downloading large files. But if you don’t need the high speed of fibre you can save some money with the cheapest NOW TV package and still make full use of all the internet has to offer.

For more information about broadband performance read our guide to broadband speeds.  

NOW TV broadband usage limits and traffic management

All NOW TV broadband deals are totally unlimited, with no fair use caps or traffic management.

NOW TV review - the Broadband Genie verdict

We like…

  • No contract options
  • Flexible TV bundles
  • Unlimited broadband

We don’t like…

  • Broadband and TV have to be taken together
  • Must be in a NOW TV network area

NOW TV’s unique offering of TV and broadband on a rolling monthly contract is not for everyone, but it will be a compelling option for students and many others who wish to avoid the hassle of cancellation fees. And even if you’re not interested in no contract broadband NOW TV’s longer term deals are still good value, combining fast unlimited broadband and very flexible and affordable TV bundles.

But you must be willing to take both the broadband and TV together as NOW TV does not offer a standalone broadband service. It also requires you to be within a NOW TV network area which - while it does encompass a majority of properties - does not cover quite as many homes as other providers.