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  • unhappy

    by Thursa at 11:50 on 6 Nov 2015 Report abuse

    Despite having to pay a hefty sum to get out of my contract, I recently left Plusnet due to their appalling internet supply and lack of customer service.
    I could go on for hours, but briefly: the internet would drop out almost daily (which doesn’t happen now that I’ve switched providers), sometimes for hours and despite them ‘looking into it’; their online troubleshooter more often than not displayed an error message; they got my address wrong multiple times; it took an average wait of 3 weeks for an answer if you asked a question via the online customer portal; my online account details did not list a contract end date; they refused to take responsibility when called out on all these issues and didn’t even offer an early termination discount in light of all the above.
    As a final kick in the teeth, when I called up to pay the final bill I was told there was a 45 minute wait to be put through to a human being! I tried later in the day and it was 30 minutes and then 15, which is still terrible.
    It’s a massive relief to be rid of them and I strongly discourage anyone from using Plusnet!

  • unhappy

    by lorraine at 21:49 on 24 Aug 2015 Report abuse

    today i contacted plus net on behalf of my disabled neighbour to cancel her account as she is moving into a warden controlled flat and no longer needs her broadband, i was told she would have topay a cancellation fee of £30 and any outstanding bills, i questioned this as she has been a customer for over 7 years i understand any outstanding bills but to charge her an exit fee is outragous. are they in the right to do this any hlp would be appreciated many thanks

  • unhappy

    by davido at 15:06 on 13 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    I am leaving this comment here but would like it to be moved to a more prominent place so everyone can read it.


    In February 2014 I contacted PLUSNET to install a phone line & supply a modem & broadband at the new house I was moving to, I paid them £72.98, I received confirmation of my order (a contract ?)in the post the following day & 2 appointments were booked for a month later for the work to be done. I moved to my new house & waited, I took 11 hours off work unpaid to be at home for the BT Openreach engineers, but no one turned up, I tried to contact PLUSNET on my mobile several times only to be told I was in a queue & had to wait over 40 minutes, I also tried to contact them by using the local call box - again I was in a queue & would have to wait over 50 minutes. I wrote to PLUSNET to complain & demanded my £72.98 back plus my lost salary circa £400 including compensation for breach of contract & explicitly gave them 14 days to comply or I would take them to the small claims court, their response was to offer me a miserly £25 for my inconvenience & my money back if I formally asked for it, "HOW OUTRAGOUS!" So of course I made a claim through MYCOL the online small claims service, I offered mediation & waited for their response, NOTHING for approximately 12 months ! so a hearing date was set & surprise surprise I start to get phone calls & an offer in writing of £150 to settle this time from BT LEGAL. I now know that PLUSNET in their incompetence failed to book the 2 appointments with their parent company BT OPENREACH thus wasting my time & causing my financial loss. The case was heard on 03/07/2015, PLUSNET/BT didn't even bother to attend simply sending a letter, I had a very thorough, & severe but legally professional examination of my claim & my evidence by the justice (I'm not going to mention his name) my award was just shy of £300 & they have until the 25th of July to pay. I shall keep you informed. I would urge anyone who has issues with utility companies be it water/gas/electricity or telecoms to do as I did & use the small claims court – that is what it is there for ! At the time of writing this BT have 5 CCJ’s against them dating back to 2011 (& now 6 with mine) this company & its subsidiaries simply don’t care if they break civil law – it’s time we ALL complain & use the courts to get justice.

  • unhappy

    by david at 11:20 on 5 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    In October 2014, I suddenly found one morning that there was no connection. Neither telephone or broadband. I was forced to walk into town to find what was going on. it turned out that they had deliberatly, and out of the blue stopped my service. No warning. I tried to find out over the pay-phone why. They said it was my fault, that I had instructed them to do this. I wanted to see where I had written this. They then pulled the DPA-FOI Act delaying tactic, of you have to pay us 10 pounds for the information and also wait for 60 days. Despite apparently according to them it was something I had written, therefore my information. "But, but, but, if you dont pass the DPA we wont know who we are talking with - MR Jones!!!!!" Idiots.

  • unhappy

    by DarronS at 13:48 on 16 Jun 2015 Report abuse

    started off fine but after about 6 months the speed started to slow down in fact I tend to remember the dialup was faster, at this moment in time I am having to teather to my mobile to be able to view my e-mails suffice to say I am changing providers in a few days

  • unhappy

    by Redlegoman at 18:02 on 17 May 2015 Report abuse

    Very slow speeds with plusnet, was getting 3 times the speed with sky. Service is terrible, they are interested in fixing anything or even being apologetic about not providing he speed stated when i joined.

  • neutral

    by RRees at 12:45 on 6 May 2015 Report abuse

    I am not talking about charges for repairs etc, I am referring to the fact you adverts cheaper prices but do not offer them to rural customers, who incidentally pay more for a worse broadband speed. I believe there is nothing in Offcom rules that says you have to charge more, but you just choice to do so to make more money and then hide behind Offcom. If you don't, then be fair and offer your best prices for ALL customers. In fact for rural customers with their very slow speeds, perhaps you should charge less - some hope

  • happy

    by PeterM at 22:35 on 5 May 2015 Report abuse

    @ Ant + RRees

    Seems you have crossed wires. Might not be mentioned on the Broadband Genie web site, but if you check elsewhere, you will find that Ofcom forces Openreach (BT section providing lines and broadband to other firms) to charge less in areas with competition from TalkTalk, Sky, etc. (Used to also include Freeserve/Wanadoo now EE, and Tiscali, now part of TalkTalk).

    So the charges from Openreach are higher in rural areas with no competition from Sky or TalkTalk and lower in urban areas.

    Unlike the majority of ISPs which set their prices nationally, Plus.Net passes on the cost reduction for those in urban areas.

    That's why the price differs, rather than any secret deals.

    As for the callout charges... every ISP I have used in the past 20 years makes it a priority (in case a family has someone messing with the wiring, I assume) to point out that if there's a fault between the Master Socket and the exchange then it is covered, but if it's your own wiring, you get billed.

    I think they perhaps stress it a bit too much, but they want to be sure that the customer doesn't get a bill (sent to the ISP by Openreach, and then passed on to the ISP's customer) for about 125 pounds.

    So they go through long and boring checklists to be as sure as they can that the customer has not got a problem caused by plugging something into the Master Socket, and get users to plug the router into it direct, etc, etc.

    For a while, when I lived in N Wales, I was getting 160 kbps... and nothing at all if it rained (not even dial tone or voice calls) for 5-6 days.

    After about 8 months of this, it was fixed by young guy from Merseyside who spotted the insulation was perished on the downlead between the gutter level point and the hall. He was up his ladder and stripping the cable before I had reached the front door. When it was fixed speed went up to 2.5 Mbps (until they upgraded the exchange to ASDL 2+ and it went down to 1.5 Mbps - mostly because my house was over 6 km from the exchange).

    Each time I complained they had to remind me that if the problem was on my side, I'd get charged the callout fee. As it was outside, no fee.

  • happy

    by PeterM at 22:20 on 5 May 2015 Report abuse

    @Chris - yes, there have been some delays getting through to CS. I saw recently that they are adding another 200 staff to their Leeds call centre (250 at present, plus 850 at Sheffield). Sadly with higher numbers of customers, low price deals, and TV ads to make them well known, it does have an effect... but agree that their CS staff (mostly) do a good job.

  • happy

    by PeterM at 22:11 on 5 May 2015 Report abuse

    @Jacqui Farasowskyie - mid April

    Unfortunately so much of what you have experienced is outside the control of Plus.Net.

    Like nearly every other ISP (excluding Virgin Media and Kingston Communications in Hull area), the vast majority of the engineering work to get you connected and sort out problems is done by Openreach staff (the engineering arm of BT, selling line rentals and broadband access to all telecom services and ISPs).

    Openreach have even been investigated in the past year or so (sadly, no 'news' about this on the Broadband Genie website) by Ofcom, because of growing disquiet from their customers, the big (and small) ISPs and phone service firms.

    Unfortunately, if an engineer is late, or does the wrong thing, or never turns up at all, the ISP gets the blame, whereas it's the fault of Openreach.

    You and I cannot complain to Openreach as we are not their 'customer' - the ISP is.

    Do, please, search for Openreach and Ofcom and you should find that to reduce delays, Openreach has increased the number of engineers by 1000 (there used to be 240,000 engineers before BT became privatised, and it cut back numbers to around 80,000 - in fact so much so that there are companies sub-contracting for Openreach to install the fibre optic service... and generating some of the problems for customers as they will use shortcuts like taking a working line from some other customer!)

    In March, partly because of poor quality lines (made of aluminium) and perhaps because of these sub-contractors, I lost phone service 3 times. Two times for several days on my line rented from the Post Office (which uses TalkTalk and brands service as Post Office broadband), and a day after the service came back on that line, my first line (rented from Primus, with Plus.Net broadband) lost dialtone and broadband. It was on the Tuesday before Easter and not sorted out until the Tuesday after.

    Knowing that all the cables are underground on the local streets, it was a bit annoying that the new engineer who arrived at 13:30 and spent 90 minutes checking connections back to the cabinet and exchange, was not allowed to work on the underground equipment (down the street manhole) because he was so new. 3 hours later some other chap with 20 years on the job sorted out the problem (he was allowed to open the manholes!)

    All down to Openreach - the delays, the problems, and not Plus.Net or Primus or the Post Office, but they would generally "get the blame" for the delays.

    Most annoying part is that Openreach pays out about 7.50 a day after 3 days. TalkTalk will get that money and the Post Office will just refund me about 30p for each day it was not working, ie the cost of the rental (but not the extra 7 quid a day that Openreach pays as compensation for the customer).

    Peter on Merseyside

  • happy

    by PeterM at 21:51 on 5 May 2015 Report abuse

    @ Miss Richie - mid March 2015

    So, out of interest, since you wrote 'every month' you were overcharged, was that just in the last year, or the full 60 months?

    I know sometimes their charging system seems inflexible, and certainly I don't like one policy where they won't make the effort to tell existing customers of new products that are cheaper (for example, there may still be customers on their lower cost 'Essentials' package which has a limit of 40GB of data (and unlimited 00:00 to 08:00) - which was more generous than many other ISPs with limits - but they introduced truly "unlimited" data allowances in December 2012 (from memory) so no-one really needs to be paying an extra fiver if they "go over" their limit.

    In 13 years I don't ever remember being overcharged, and I've never been tied into a new contract by phone (I just tell them I will stick with what I am on, and keep my eyes on their website, and other "news" websites like ThinkBroadband.com and ISPreview.co.uk to see what is happening.

  • unhappy

    by RRees at 10:04 on 5 May 2015 Report abuse

    Totally agree with you, Ant. Plusnet do not care a fig for rural users, and even have the audacity to charge them more than other users. But that was the hatched up agreement their parent company, BT, secretly agreed.

  • unhappy

    by Ant at 21:25 on 4 May 2015 Report abuse

    Our internet has been 0.1mb for nearly 2 months (0.9mb before hand), engineers come out and basically say Plusnet don't give a **** about rural users. The internet has been bad for a year+ but once we couldn't load a webpage we had to chase Plusnet constant and we are trying to get it resolved still.

    This doesn't stop Plusnet charging us in full for 0.1mb speed which is around £40 a month but they soon say they will charge for callout if anything to do with us.

    Plusnet made out it our router for so long that we can play Jenga with the amount of routers we have bought.

    "Plusnet, we'll do you proud" what a crock of...

  • neutral

    by Chris at 16:10 on 2 May 2015 Report abuse

    I was unhappy with the service at my previous ISP and transferred to the PlusNet ADSL broadband (+ line rental). As the deal I got was practically like getting broadband for free, I was worried that I might end up locked in a contract with poor service.

    Well, I need not have worried. The transfer to PlusNet was smooth. My main computer is Linux-based so I had to manually set up my router which was pretty straight-forward. The speeds I get on PlusNet are much better than my previous provider, even when using multiple devices (tablet, mobile phone, laptop, PC) to access the internet.

    The only downside I've noticed with PlusNet is that I've had to wait for a while to get through to their customer services team - at least the phone call is free ;-). However, once I get through, they have been great.

    All this and I got the broadband free for 12 months and then £9.99 afterwards. I am a happy customer and would recommend PlusNet.

  • unhappy

    by Jacqui Farasowskyie at 15:46 on 16 Apr 2015 Report abuse

    PlusNet is one of the worst providers I have ever come across in my life. I swapped from TalkTalk a big mistake. They mis sell their products. They don't tell you that you get your phone activated first then your broadband weeks later. You have to wait 15 minutes to actually get to speak to someone, atrocious. I wanted to cancel my phone service and was told I would have to pay £140. I am very aware of contract law and told them I would not be paying anything as they are in breach of their side of the contract. Two appointments arranged for engineer to come, on both occasions no engineer turned up. Do not go with PlusNet. How they have received awards is beyond me but perhaps customers paying a subscription fee to 'Which' magazine has something to do with it.

  • unhappy

    by Miss Richie at 14:36 on 16 Mar 2015 Report abuse

    I was with Plusnet for five years.

    To be fair, all of the issues I have had with them occurred in the last year.

    I renewed my contract with Plusnet after completing my previous one, it was a big mistake.

    At the point of purchase I was continually miss-sold products and services. When I entered my contract, and didn't receive the services for which I was paying I made a complaint. In a nutshell it was never resolved. Every single month I was overcharged, and every single month Plusnet did not provide the services they sold to me over the phone. They finally advised that they could/would not be able to provide the services quoted at the point of purchase at the price stated. But said that I 'could go elsewhere'!!.. Nice, considering they had breached their contract, and had it been the other way around I would have had to pay a hefty cancellation charge!

    The complaint was escalated higher and higher, I wrote to the CEO and Director of Customer Services, where my complaint was dealt with by 'Customer Excellence Advisors'--who were less than excellent. The level of competence expressed at senior management level was lacking to say the least. They did not follow their own complaints procedure, continually closed down my tickets (open complaints), continued to overcharge me for services (such as landline calls--which are supposed to be FREE!!), refused to return my calls and continued to fail to provide my services.

    In the end the last straw was when I was left without broadband for 4 days. Not only did Plusnet do nothing about it, they categorically refused as they said it would cost them too much money to send out an engineer to fix it if I was going to move service providers. I spoke to their technical support department, (which they harp on about being based in the UK) where I was verbally abused!! In the end I was forced to move provider.

    I was offered an appalling sum of compensation, which was an insult considering what I went through and the fact I had been their customer for so many years. I really felt under appreciated for all my years of loyal custom.

    I have never in my life experienced such appalling customer service! I am extremely disappointed and would urge all parties to stay very far away from them!

  • unhappy

    by Jon at 20:15 on 6 Mar 2015 Report abuse

    Appalling service, takes over a month to get connected, no useful communication from the company - although plenty of confusing and contradictory emails.

    Plus net is not interested in providing customer service in any way.

  • happy

    by Peter on Merseyside at 13:52 on 6 Mar 2015 Report abuse

    Sad to see several problems. Some issues like installation problems/ missed appointments are down to Openreach (Ofcom opened an investigation, since {BT} Openreach engineers are responsible to ISPs for the majority of installations, repairs and fault detecting, and ISPs get all the criticism, when they too, are "just a customer" {of Openreach}).

    If someone is rude to any customer support staff, then staff have the right to put the phone down, so while I can appreciate your annoyance, the person you speak to isn't personally to blame, they are just working their shift... I had to "bite my tongue" when The Post Office wanted to overcharge me for my second broadband connection, but it wasn't the young lady's fault, it's down to computers {and similarly anyone complaining about staff having to follow what seems like a set of random questions from a script - it is built from efficiently detecting faults and hoping to get a speedy remedy without an engineer callout as that can cost over 125 quid if you have poor wiring).

    At end of month I will have been with PN for 12 years. I know they're not perfect, but few people come on to sing praises of any ISP - the vast majority of comments on every web site will be complaints to "get it off your chest". I would not recommend them to my sister (v happy) or clients if I was unhappy with their speedy, reliable, service 99.99% of the time.

    Check out comparisons here and elsewhere and it's not for no good reasons that PN has won customer service awards year after year. Current growth might dent their chances this year (they opened a second Yorkshire call centre, in Leeds) but overall they are one of the better ISPs for the money (I switch my computer back to PN from the Post Office connection {service is from TalkTalk under PO brand} when I want guarantee of reasonable download speeds while viewing Twit.TV service and NowTV).

  • unhappy

    by Kelvin at 11:48 on 24 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    Unless you want internet service delayed for a month and spend everyday dealing with their CSR who also don't know what is going on...

  • unhappy

    by Darius at 16:05 on 11 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    They are rubbish! They made us cry! Just don't go near them. The most awful company I ever paid to and didn't even asked for a return as didn't want to hear their name again, NEVER EVER!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Angry Smith at 0:27 on 9 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    Hi all.
    I made the mistake of moving to plusnet 10 days ago. Already 3 complaints made. download speed of ---- wait for it ----= 0.15 meg upload speed of 0.10 meg. I was told I must wait for the stabilisation period to end. I exploded with customer service and promptly cu off. NEVER AGAIN. Am cancelling tomorrow morning within the 14 day cancellation period. Also cancelling transfer of telephone line.

  • unhappy

    by richvera at 19:06 on 23 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    Plusnet is horrible. Every time you want to speak to them, you have to wait AT LEAST 30minutes to get through. We have had 5 (!!) engineers coming to our house (5 days we had to take leave and lost money) and when the 5th one came he was in in 5 mintues and did not understand why it was so difficult for the others..
    We got some compensation but losing so much time, money and patience is hard to compensate. We waited 2 months on top of the month we already had to wait. My name (girlfriends) is not on the account but is in the username and I could not change the address, fair enough but when I asked him (after 45min on hold) if he could call my boyfriend 'to confirm' he said that he could not do that. Horrible customer service, AGAIN. FInd another company, maybe one that is more expensive because the frustration is really not worth the difference.

  • neutral

    by RRees at 11:59 on 12 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    Plusnet service a joke. Once they are asked to correct anything, then they go into their default mode - inactivity

  • unhappy

    by Purplebus at 16:02 on 11 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    Afer 12 years of being a Plusnet customer I decided to transfer to a cable ISP to be able to get their TV service. I thought that this would be a simple matter but how wrong I was!!

    I telephoned Plusnet cancellation department on the 20th November. I spoke with Sarah, cancelled my account and paid all outstanding bills in full by debit card. Sarah confirmed that my account was closed and that there would be no further contact from Plusnet. A day or so later I cancelled my Direct Debit at my bank.
    Sarah's comment was far from correct. Within a few days a received notification from Plusnet that they were to take my monthly payment by Direct Debit. I posted a comment in the Support area of the Plusnet and in a telephone call was told that the matter would be corrected.
    Wrong !! I then received a barrage of texts and emails complaining that they hadn't received my monthly payment. Each time, I posted on the Support pages and telephoned, pointing out that my account was cancelled and I owed no money. Obviously, no one at Plusnet read these comments or took any action to deal with what was happening.
    The final straw was when I received a further email threatening me with the news that Plusnet would involve a Debt Collection Agency if my bill was not paid immediately.
    So, I telephoned Plusnet again and after hanging on the phone for 32 minutes my call was eventually answered and I was put though to Sam in 'cancellations'. Sam was totally laid back about the situation; descibing it as 'a bit of confusion in Plusnet'. He also totally dismissed my suggestion that Plusnet should pay me any compensation in recompense for all the trouble I had had.
    He agreed that he would confirm in an email that my account was closed , that no money was outstanding and that there would be no further contact from Plusnet. Not, surprisingly, I have not received an email which includes these points.
    So, there's my tale of my service experience from Plusnet - as far as I am concerned, I am very pleased to have discontinued my custom of a business that treats its customers in such a shabby way.

  • happy

    by Peter on Merseyside at 19:23 on 7 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    @Sonia - so what have they charged you for, and what account do you have? I think users had to opt in to their Unlimited accounts (I remember I did so after the launch of unlimited in December 2012). Before that, they had limits of 120 GB (Premium) 80 GB (Premium before June 2012), and the Extra account had a limit of 60 GB during peak hours (0800-2400), but if you had switched to unlimited they would not charge any extra.

    Or are you discussing phone calls rather than broadband data usage ? Maybe you could explain the 'special terms and conditions' if you think they are unfair or misleading. Thanks.

  • unhappy

    by mikey99p at 20:31 on 6 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    Been with PN for over 6 years. Prices have been creeping up, customer service creeping down. Didn't even tell me when fibre became available in my area despite the fact that I went from 2.5mb to 40mb when I switched (could get up to 72mb with other fibre providers, but plusnet want even more money for the 'full speed' fibre). I was misled over the fibre installation and timing of discounts that would be available to me - I was told I could get a discount on fibre after installation, yet once it was installed they said they couldn't give me anything! Now I'm in an 18 month contract and faced with almost £300 in exit fees if I switch providers. I am now taking legal advice on this one, what a headache. Goodbye Plusnet.

  • neutral

    by Mr Roberts at 12:35 on 4 Dec 2014 Report abuse

    My experience with PlusNet has been abysmal. Extremely long wait times to talk to customer services - more than 20 minutes on hold and still cannot get through. They make it very difficult for you to cancel - to get a MAC code you either have to ring (spend forever on hold) or post using recorded delivery. A major IT company insisting on snailmail is unbelievable. I will never use them again.

  • neutral

    by cbee at 14:00 on 3 Dec 2014 Report abuse

    just changing from the crap plus net good honest broadband
    they disclosed that there box is not good and that in a stonebiult house it wont work well at all well the surprise ive had crap broadband for 1 year tried all sorts to sort changing channels moving box going to bed early so as not to bother using the broadband as it just cuts out around 9 30 then does come back till 11 etc . back to bt hopefully better box . if your rural your stuffed in my opinion but thell take your money anyway . if your not electronicaly savvy you just pay and complain and get now where id never had to change the channels before but seems bt box does this all on its own plusnet doesnt and god knows whatever else your not told . when you sign up for there crap broadband and it gets slower not faster as you use it its like oh dear there actually gwetting broadband and using it so well reduce the speeds and times and dont have two people using it in the house thats impossible you fight over the bandwidth and get both crap and cut outs . technology s fine for those with money and in the city everybody needs to go get a degree in telephony electronics before signing up so you can understand why your getting ripped of

  • unhappy

    by Sonia at 14:37 on 2 Dec 2014 Report abuse

    Plusnet believe that they can use words like 'Unlimited' and 'Anytime' in their marketing and then apply special terms and conditions to these words which - if you're not aware and not careful - lead to unexpected charges.

  • neutral

    by David Penson at 14:02 on 17 Nov 2014 Report abuse

    Can`t even fix a fault with their own equipment
    i have had to take many days off work, and still the fault with thier equpment is not fixed. they continue to take money for a service they are not providing, and as i have lost so much money sitting at home waiting for an engineer to visit if they actually turn up, they claim they have a photograph of my front door to proove they visited, this is contrary to 6 hrs of cctv footage. i may be forced to take them to court, as apparently a payment for a service that they can`t provide is non refundable.

    After the 3rd and final BT visit my connection speed is less than when i started to complain about it dropping out. and plusnet`s responce is its fixed. i think not.


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