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  • Bob Pullen

    by Bob Pullen at 16:09 on 13 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Thanks Bob, I've replied to your support ticket.

    Best regards,

    Bob Pullen
    Plusnet Digital Care.

  • neutral

    by R Rees at 13:48 on 13 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Bob, I had a similar problem. Told so many times it was probably this or that equipment in my home etc etc etc. But it all cleared when an Openreach engineer fixed a line about three hundred yeards from my home. Having set that, give Bob Pullen a chance. He is a good guy, very genuine. Too good for Plusnet lol

  • neutral

    by bob mathewson at 12:22 on 13 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    thanks for the reply basically I am talking about the problems that I have had with Plusnet since reporting a fault, The connection is stable with one or two hiccups at present but its not now that my complaint is about, you mentioned the router that is exactly what I was told after complaining that I had not received the router and I should have been told about the problem rather than have to argue the toss with your staff, that one out of the way what about the second router that was sent its clearly stated in other tickets that I again complained that it had not been received to be told ' it could have went missing in the post' but I have never been advised as to what happened with the second router so that's just been forgotten about by Plusnet. it appears to me that my connection has only been good since the Open Reach man visited my house yet I have been told there was no fault 'very strange'. the drops obviously fixed themselves. the issue that I have is the way that I have been treated by Plusnet since first reporting a fault and their failure to actually listen to what they were being told on the phone and read what they were being told in the tickets.
    you seem to be willing to help the situation so I will see what you have to say in the ticket

  • Bob Pullen

    by Bob Pullen at 12:00 on 13 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Morning Bob,

    Thanks for the ticket reference.

    I've read through much of the history and apologise that you feel we've failed to provide the level of service you expect. Admittedly some things we could have done better. Sorry.

    I must admit to being somewhat confused though as to wether or not you're actually experiencing any problems at present? Your connection seems very stable and your line profile is above average at 10Mbps+.

    The following is taken from our RADIUS database tables. On occasion UDP accounting packets can go missing (expected behaviour) so every drop isn't always recorded but the vast majority of the time these records can be relied on:

    Session Started Session Ended Session Duration
    00:33 08/Nov/2012 N/A 5 Days, 10:37:12 (on going)
    04:00 26/Oct/2012 N/A 18 Days, 8:9:40 (on going)

    Regarding the router, that looks to be the result of system rather than human error. The people you spoke to did exactly what was expected of them (I'd have done the same to be honest), however a database discrepancy resulted in the router never leaving the warehouse. In almost a decade of working here, I've never encountered this problem before. It's easily remedied but I don't suspect there's much need now based on the apparent stability of your connection?

    There's a few other things you've been dissatisfied about when speaking to us but I'll address those in a fuller reply to your open support ticket. I recognise you've had problems and can see we've already offered something in the way of recompense that you've declined. I'll go into finer detail about what I think the best options are in private as it's probably not best suited to here.

    It would be a shame to see you go, especially considering that things seem to be ticking over nicely now (connection-wise). If you do still want to leave though, I'll do my best to make that as financially viable as possible given the situation over the last couple of months.

    Best regards,

    Bob Pullen
    Plusnet Digital Care.

  • unhappy

    by bob mathewson at 10:43 on 13 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    re P from Merseyside, thanks for the comments, Its clear from Plusnet's site customer feedback that there are many customers having this problem with Plusnet.
    As I said Plusnet have blamed everything and I do mean everything apart from their service, this is even after being told by Open Reach that there were no problems at my end. Finally the penny drops at Plusnet and they accept what they have been told.
    Then some bright spark comes up with a ' faulty router' quite a simple matter to post a router you would have thought but far too difficult for Plusnet who sent me documentation that the first router had been sent then 2 weeks later told me it never left the building !!!! so they undertake to send me another router well that one must still be in the building or as they put it 'may have been lost in the post' because I have never received a router but that's not the end of the story as they are still hinting that its a wireless problem !! insisting that i have drops then denying it, telling me that 3 drops in 24 hours is a fault then telling me 3 drops in 24 hours is not a fault, 7 drops in 48 hours is a fault but 6 drops in 35 hours is not a fault. the truth of the matter is that Plusnet are not very professional in what they do they have a customer service which is totally abysmal, they have dispatch people who cant dispatch and fault people who cant be bothered to fix faults.
    they gave me a FINAL offer of 3 months broadband at half price on 6th Oct 2012 then yesterday changed that Final offer to 3 Months free broadband which I declined as I have twice requested a letter of Final response since 6th Oct 2012 so that I can proceed to Cisas. I will report later on whether i get that letter or not.

  • neutral

    by Peter on Merseyside at 21:51 on 12 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    response for Bob M

    Sorry to see how much has been blamed on your equipment. Up to a point (and not to make excuses for PN) I can see reasons why staff do ask about certain things (for example an extension cable can introduce noise - disconnecting one at a friend's home made his router speed almost double) and they do ask people to check in case wiring is faulty (because if Openreach visit and find bad wiring, the callout charge is over 100 quid, so staff want to avoid the customer through not checking everything, getting 'fined' for something relatively simple / trivial to fix),

    In your case, I hope Bob P can give you some answers about the way your problem was handled, and hopefully others who have had problems can also post with a ticket number (as that allows people like Bob an easy way to read up and have your contact details, such as home/mobile phone numbers if saved on your account, and see notes written by other PlusNet staff).

    Good luck, Bob.

  • neutral

    by bob mathewson at 16:59 on 12 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    response to Bob Pullen, this is my ticket number 61622684 from that you will find i have today again asked for a final decision on my complaint in order to take it to Cisas perhaps you could do some-thing here as I appear to be getting ignored, your faults team BLAMED my equipment at every opportunity and I am not alone in this respect as the Plusnet site reviews by your own customers will show, there is a difference in being asked to plug directly into the test plug at the bt socket and being blamed for the problem, perhaps you could explain as to why your fault guys would blame my tv for switching off the router, why they blamed my phones were switching off the router, why they claimed it was a wireless problem when I am connected by ethernet cable, why they claimed it was a phone extension that I don't have and why when all else failed they chose to then blame my electricity supply, so as i said they blamed everything but their equipment. please look into the router fiasco because that is what is was a fiasco. regarding the Royal PITA with all due respect that would be most fitting title for some of your fault guys. your response is eagerly awaited.

  • Bob Pullen

    by Bob Pullen at 13:12 on 12 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Hi Bob,

    Sorry to hear you're less than satisfied with the service :\

    I can guarantee you that we're more than capable of fixing line faults though. We help fix hundreds of the things each week.

    Rather than blaming your equipment, we've probably asked that you do everything you can to rule out issues at your side. I recognise that these suggestions are sometimes repeated though so apologies for any frustration born because of that.

    Apologies also for the router no-shows, that's something I'd definitely like to look into.

    It's not unheard of for the diagnostic tools BT Wholesale provide us with to indicate a fault one day an not the next which might explain what you were told there.

    I'll not lie, some intermittent faults are a royal PITA to get to the bottom of and require a healthy dose of perseverance to fix. Having said that, I'd like to think that the problems we can't help resolve are few and far between and due to issues outside of our control.

    If you can provide me with your account username or a recent support ticket reference then I'll happily take a look and see if there's anything I can do to help?

    Best regards,

    Bob Pullen
    Plusnet Digital Care.

  • unhappy

    by bob mathewson at 10:08 on 12 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    re peter Merseyside, I see what you are saying and quite agree that a lot of problems may be that of the line to the property but what I have learned in dealings with Plusnet is that for no apparent reason or evidence they completely blame the house owners equipment and ignore that the line can be the fault, again in my case one day I was told that the line was checked and showed a fault, the next day told that there was no line fault 'where do they get this from' they blamed my tv, my cables, phone extensions that I don,t have, my electricity supply, then when they accepted everything was working ok they blamed the wireless connection despite my using ethernet cables, and they kept insisting it to be a wireless problem !!!! how thick is that ?, then when they finally after weeks of arguing decided it was the router 'causing the fictional wireless problem' so they decide to send me a router which they didn't send, two weeks on the decided to send me another router which didn't appear either as 'some of these routers do get lost in the post', 'but we will send you another ( no thanks you can stuff your router ) so you put in a complaint which gets just the same ignorant responses which don't answer any of the points put in the complaint ( this is Plusnet for you ) they dont even have the decency to issue a final response in writing so that you can complain to Cisas.
    the gist of the whole matter is Plusnet are completely incapable of fixing faults and dealing with complaints and are only interested in fobbing you off with any excuse that they can invent quite shocking really. Put it this way I would rather not have broadband at all rather than put up with Plusnet. In hindsight would I have chosen Plusnet NO WAY.

  • happy

    by Peter on Merseyside at 21:44 on 10 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    A lot of the complaints I've read on here seem to be about phone line related problems. Even some of the broadband things may be down to equipment not owned by PlusNet, but BT. When an engineer comes to your home, s/he is not from PlusNet but Openreach (part of BT responsible for the fibre and copper and exchange equipment needed for your connection).

    Can see why people have complaints, but unfortunately without comments from PlusNet (or some way for them to investigate) it only gives a negative impression. As for line rental being paid up front for a year, with no refunds, that's not popular, I can see, but would be exactly the same with BT if you pay line rental in advance - it's one way that firms use to reduce the number of customers switching part way through the year when they see a deal from Sky or TalkTalk.

    They give a discount to keep you, yes, so it might be fairer if they only charged the regular monthly costs and refunded any excess (so you'd get something back, but that'd amount to a 9 month contract as they tend to give a 20+% discount for paying in advance).

    Sorry to see some unhappy customers, but have you tried complaining via USENET - there is a specialist networks group that check messages posted in the Plusnet newsgroups, and on other forums, who are second or third level staff and can do more than some of the staff one speaks to on the phone...

    To post via USENET go to the member centre and login, then on the left side click USENET then choose plusnet.service.customer-feedback and you can post a comment.

    It's looked at by staff mostly during the week (so might not get a response over weekend) but if you have made a complaint via the Help + Support "Help Assistant" and have a ticket number you can quote it will mean they can investigate before they respond.

    I know what it is like when there's a problem (I had 6 months at my last house with speeds going from 160 kbps down to 0 [and no voice calls working] for up to 5 days at time, whenever there was any rain) and it isn't always possible, from an office in Sheffield, to work out what is causing it.

    In my case, after having the line installed in February, it took until September when a young engineer from Openreach was up a ladder before I'd even opened the front door as he could see the dropwire from the gutter level had poor insulation. He fitted a new master socket in an upstairs room and all was fine from then on.

  • unhappy

    by bob mathewson at 12:17 on 9 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    I was very happy with plusnet for the first 4 months then the trouble started it would seem that people who pay 1 year in advance line rental have more problems than anyone else, I am told if you quit Plusnet you lose the advance line rental and will also be charged £125 to leave them early now given that you get 50% off broadband for first 6 months and you have paid 1 year up front rental, it would appear that Plusnet have an incentive to give you bad service in order that you cancel and they can pocket more from that than they would by giving you good service any you staying with then until the end of the contract. I cannot see any other logical reason for giving customers intolerable service, if you are receiving a good service from Plusnet good luck how long it lasts is another matter, should you need to contact Plusnet then you will see that all I have said in previous posts are true and correct.

  • happy

    by michael jones at 15:43 on 8 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    got my 1st lap top age 63 and signed up with plusnet now nearly 2yrs after i have never had to contact them with any problems whatsover but friends in my village with other providers who all use the small exchange have had loads of trouble.

  • neutral

    by Schesse at 12:24 on 8 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    We switched to Plusnet - that was a mistake. There was a major fault with the exchange and it took Plusnet OVER A MONTH to sort it, blaming BT all the way. Sure we understand not everyone has a fault like this... but our problem was how they handled it. 6 weeks of being fobbed off, arranging engineer visit after engineer visit, being told different things, saying they're doing everything they can. I'm SORRY but if a new customer is left without internet for over a month - you're NOT doing everything you can!
    Once we'd had enough of waiting and cancelled they wouldn't refund any of the advanced payment and spouted crap like 'broadband service isn't guaranteed'.
    If you sign up and have ANY issues getting connected - GET OUT while you can, before they charge you £126 to be free of the stress and frustration.

  • unhappy

    by rab mathewson at 12:58 on 31 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    the above verifies that PLusnet cannot be trusted to supply a decent service they really are the pits why they get rewards is beyond belief obviously the companies who make money from recommending Plusnet are going to put out glowing reports such as at the start of this page, it really is a pathetic company for supply/billing/faults is it just too hard for Plusnet to provide a service that they are being paid for = YES IT IS = do they get paid for nothing = YES THEY DO. does Plusnet care about their customers = NOT AT ALL. should firms recommend a crap company = NO THEY SHOULDN'T because these firms who recommend crap companies are crap companies themselves who also don't care less as long as they get a fee. Well I am going to lodge a small claim to have my contract voided and my upfront rental paid back perhaps other people not receiving what they are paying for should follow suit as then they will sit up and take notice.

  • neutral

    by jason at 4:36 on 31 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    good morning AliMc,
    in all likleyhood your issue is caused by the difficulty of getting the security settings right.
    you may have to update your existing firewall exceptions to allow the diffrent software and hardware.
    I had a lot of trouble with aol because when they said, enter your e-mail add, i put it in, in full, and i should have only used part of it. there isn't much point in changing the router or cables. ask the isp to reset your password and tell you what it is.
    Sorry if this is patronising,and good luck.

  • unhappy

    by hem at 0:54 on 31 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    Don't ever sign up with Plusnet. They may have been good in the past but their cheap proces shines out in their shoddy service. It has taken them 10 weeks so far to turn on my broadband, despite taking out the money on day 1. Two engineer cancellations. No apologies. Utterly useless. And now its difficult to cancel with them despite the fact that I have yet to get anything installed or started. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!

  • unhappy

    by G.Alexander at 22:52 on 24 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    I have been a customer for nearly three days. As soon as the router was plugged the telephone line became too noisy to use and the download speed was 1Mb and the upload ws 0.1!!!

    IRecently Openreach rewired all wiring outside the property and all the way up the road and put in a new master socket with a filter incorporated into it. My broadband and telaphone line were working perfectly for three weeks before Plusnet took over.

    I explained to Plusnet all these things before I made the move and yet they are insisting that there may be a fault with my telephone etc...despite the fact that al was well before they took over the line!!

    I am at the end of my tether as I has endured shockingly bad service from the previous provider.

    Also when I signed up with Plusnet, Chloe (her name ) told me there was nothing to pay until one month after the service was up and running. Well a couple of days after that they withdrew over £27 from my bank account.

    When I rang they told me they had explained that when I signed up,. That was completely untrue.

    Do they really know what they are doing..apart from taking our money? Some of them are friendly but they are all insisting that there is a fault in my flat and I know there isn't because Openreach fixed all external wiring before I changed to Plusnet. I wish I had gone somewhere else as they are beginning to seem incompetant, and are lamost trying to put the blame of the useless telephone line on me.

  • unhappy

    by Leah at 18:56 on 21 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    "I'm sorry we've so far been unable to resolve this for you, the inconvenience caused, and the stress. From the notes I can see there isn't much more we can try to troubleshoot this, but there are a couple of things."

    Email from their customer services. I've been without internet for a month, and I think they've given up.

    Yes, they are still charging me.

    Steer clear, use someone else.

  • unhappy

    by AliMc at 14:18 on 20 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    We've changed ISPs 4 or 5 times over the years and never had a problem. Then we decided to move from Sky to Plusnet. The phone went over on the due date - an e-mail sent to us confirmed this. Not, of course, that we could read the e-mail because we had no internet access, 'cos they hadn't connected us!
    I contacted them at the end of the day to find out wha twas happening. It seems there was a 'delay' 'on the ticket', but there was no indication of what the delay was or how long it was going to take to sort it. Nor was there any indication of when they were intending to contact us about the problem. Still, we were assured that most transfers are done within 24 hours.
    When the 24 hours were up, I phoned again. Sorry, don't know what's happening. Will investigate and contact you later. I phoned just before the engineers were due to go off shift - 8.00 pm - and was told they were still investigating, but it should be sorted the following day. It wasn't.
    Again, I phoned the engineers were due to leave and was, this time, assured that all would be sorted by midnight. I stayed up till midnight and then tried again. Nothing. Phoned the call centre - nobody there could tell me the problem. Call after 9.00 am tomorrow and somebody will sort it for you.
    Phoned at 9.05 am. "Sorry, it looks like it's ready. Let's try a few things." We went through all the steps I'd already been through, to no avail. The chap at the call centre said he'd get back to me when he'd investigated further. He did. "There seems to be some kind of problem." You don't say?
    Now I'm waiting for another call to tell me what's going on.
    Meanwhile, I've borrowed a friend's network. I checked my e-mails and found an e-mail, sent this morning, to say that my broadband is active and ready to use. Oh no it isn't.
    What an absolute shower this lot seem to be! I really am wishing I'd never decided to change provider.
    The only thing I will say is that the folk on the end of the phone are well-trained in customer service, very polite and plausibel-sounding. It's just a shame they can't actually get the stuff we've paid for to work!

  • unhappy

    by rab at 8:30 on 19 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    plusnet stinks their fault department has 1 brain cell between them all, blame everything apart from plusnet get tech advice from call centre workers with NO TECHNICAL ADVICE spend weeks argueing the toss, its your connections, its you pc, its your cat that causs the dropping connections 6 droips in 24 hours is not a fault ?????? thats what they told me disgracefull attitute to customers this company is simply the worse if you join them then good luck if you dont join them good for you, you will have done yourself a huge favour. the only thing that seems to have no difficulty is getting the bill every month. they sent me a replacement router 2 weeks down the line told me they hadnt sent it after sending me a delivery docket showing the date it was sent, so they promised to send out another one again it didnt arrive told me the router was the problem time and time again, but get this they had the cheek to offer to send out a third route this time they were told to stuff it I have my mac code and will leave even though i am only six months into my year contract I have made a formal complaint to Cisas which deos not concern Plusnet in the least , crap internet crap tel service and crap techinical service, insread of calling plusnet talk to the wall you will get as much joy, absolute dispicable couldnt care less company not worth your custom and dont really want it anyway.

  • neutral

    by jimbo99 at 22:13 on 7 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    I have been with PN for 5 years, only had one problem with my broadband which was complete lose of service was put right after 5 days, i get 15 MB download on a wireless conection, and get fibre next week, hope the connection is as good. Everyone here seems to slag off PN think everyone has problems with speed if you live a long way from the local exchange, i live half a mile from mine so happy days

  • happy

    by Peter on Merseyside at 17:32 on 5 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    Crumbs - amazed at number of complaints, which often seem to have been about the move/ install of lines/ service. I started using PlusNet around 7/8 years ago, had a break (when I had no landline) for a couple of years after moving home, then from 2010 February to 2011 December had PN with speeds of up to 2.5 Mbps (grotty for first few months until Openreach replaced the "drop wire" from the gutter to the master socket, which had perished insulation after being exposed to sun and rain for 30 years).

    Speed dropped to about 1.5 Mbps a year ago (when the BT Exchange was 'upgraded' to ADSL 2+) but it didn't matter so much to me as I was moving to get faster broadband, and now live on Merseyside. The old place was about 6 km from the exchange in a small village so that's why the speed was poor - affected everyone in the area, though the exchange there is due to get Fibre soon, as well as the main exchange in Wrexham.

    Unfortunately the lovely house I moved to has no VirginMedia cable (so cannot choose that option, even though a property under 100 feet away could get it, as that street is cabled), but PlusNet runs at about 10 Mbps and I plan to switch to Fibre once the local exchange is upgraded (September date has been delayed because of recent bad weather affecting North West, and lots of other parts of UK).

    When I moved here, it took only a week or two before PN broadband was working (I use Primus for the line rental and that needed to be working first). It looks as if there have been problems around the time of the Olympics (staff taking holiday, probably all through the summer months, given Openreach engineers have families too, and the summer is only time children aren't at school, so many firms have fewer people in work then).

    Once FTTC is here, I will be getting a new line rented from PlusNet (they only charge 49 quid for a new line, Sky and others usually charge well over a 100 quid for a second line), and then moving to Fibre with PN. So far this month (18 days used in billing period) I have downloaded about 37 GB in 'daytime' and 71 GB during the night hours (I use the BBC iPlayer 'series record' and limit it to downloading from 0000-0700). For the money, I get great value, and once Fibre is working here, will happily use the 250 GB allowance and the cost isn't even double my current payment.

  • neutral

    by Jack at 15:48 on 5 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    I dont know where you guys are living. I am living in the UK and have been a customer of PlusNet for about 4 years and have always been HAPPY. I think their speeds are less than advertised, in fact sometimes I wonder if Im gettign half the speed I thought I paid for, but to be honest, I think thats the same with ALL the providers. The customer service has always been reasonable. I have moved house with them. Once they overcharged me because I changed tariff, so when I complained to customer service, they immediately undercharged me for 2 months to compensate. I think they are an ok provider!. However I am on business tariff, so maybe thats the difference.

  • unhappy

    by mike at 22:35 on 3 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    They will rip you off because they speak English !

    Plus Net is company which makes money from lying to customers , if you going for their fiber option they will turn your pocket inside out with inflated usage tricks , then they will blame your router , they will tell you someone is stealing your wireless ( I told its off still they insist some one is Stealing your wireless still ! ) if you complain they will send an engineer out for 90+vat to say their is nothing wrong ( scam ) , the speed is throttled after midnight to nearly nothing so you must go to bed after 12 . I am canceling and going to sky


  • unhappy

    by Richard in Oxon at 7:08 on 30 Sep 2012 Report abuse

    I migrated to PlusNet from a well-known double-barrelled ISP after banging my head against their byzantine technical "support" provided through their offshore call centre which completely failed to rectify a technical fault.

    At switchover the technical difficulties evaporated AND i was paying less. So far so excellent though i had to correct their overcharging. I soon ran up against the download limit so upgraded to the more expensive broadband option. Then i started finding the speed slow and, after they tried to sell me a new router, they reset the line and fixed a fault - but days later the speed has dropped back down again. I may be just another a muppet but i'm now an angry muppet as they have yet to offer recompense for poor service and there is no way to make a formal complaint on their website.

    At least PlusNet have onshore customer support that is fairly responsive and the broadband service can be good but sags so i'd guess they're better than average but i cannot recommend them and would be grateful for more competition in the ISP marketplace.

  • unhappy

    by Susan at 18:33 on 28 Sep 2012 Report abuse

    Limited broadband is a joke, like everyone else we have found that it seems to get used up really quickly, watch one episode online and see what happens! Then there's the speed, all okay for the first couple of months then suddenly we start to get periods of no internet connection and slow connections. Of course you have the option to download as much as you want and watch as much as you want between midnight and 7am, big deal! if you stay up late enough to take advantage of that wonderful "free" usage then don't expect it to be speedy! you'd think this would be the time you'd get a speedy broadband (less people using it) but you would be so wrong. Can't tell you how many times i have turned the router off then on again just in case it makes a difference.
    I admit we made the decision of internet provider based on both the internet and our telephone requirements unfortunately compared to previous provides (who i admit were also not perfect) plusnet is the poor relation. I feel like I have returned to the days when we first got dial up and each family member was only allowed to surf the net for 15 minutes a week. Okay so its not as bad as that but why does plusnet not offer unlimited all the time internet? Or did i miss that offer? Really wish we had done more homework and not jumped into this contract. We are now just counting the days until we can change provider again. Don't trust the adverts, i personally can't watch them any more as I find myself shouting at the now irritating bloke on them.

  • unhappy

    by me at 17:48 on 11 Sep 2012 Report abuse

    I moved house, Plusnet cannot find new house but continue to bill. Now three months without service they have threatened to cut service. Not clear how they can cut service when they are not delivering service. Received a short email today informing me they will send collection agents?

    I have complainted to regulator. Plusnet muppets are in breach of contract, are not providing a service, still billing me and threatening to sue me.

    Clearly they are incompetent. Incidentally, how do I phone them to complaint when I don't have telephone or broadband at new house?

    Still on the positive side they can claim customers don't complain. But clearly this is because they are uncontactable

  • happy

    by Mark Gaines at 1:25 on 7 Sep 2012 Report abuse

    Plusnet have great customer services. I have moved twice in the last 8 months and first time all fees were waved and second time fees were half price and no change in current contract. The only fault that is OpenReach's fault was when I moved it was going to take 7 weeks to moved the broadband over.. This was NOT Plusnets fault but because of the Olimpics and local flooding in June and July..

  • unhappy

    by Abhi at 13:33 on 5 Sep 2012 Report abuse

    Please stay away from Plusnet, it is the worst services I have ever had, the sales team give you all the wrong info to sign you up and then they send you a bill worth 90 pounds... the customer service representative aren't courtous to you to listen to your problem, they pre concieved that they are always right and the customers are always wrong and hence their answers were ready even before i finished stating my problem. if in case your reading this, my advice to you is that its better to remain without internet for life than to take services from plusnet

  • neutral

    by Vicky at 19:32 on 26 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    Stay away from Plusnet. They are the worst Internet service provider out there. and the usage allowance is completely rubbish at 10 GB get used in 1 week. Their usage calculator is bonkers. I have 2gb on my mobile and never reach that limit even though I watch online videos but plusnet is just utter and useless rubbish.

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