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  • unhappy

    by Len at 11:57 on 7 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    Plus net? I have been with them for about 3 years, main problem at the end of the month the speed would drop, although I had only used a third of my down load package.
    The speed was around 2 to 3 meg, the best very was 3.5meg for aroung 4 months from August last year, jan this year the speed dropped to less than 1 meg and has been like that till yesterday. At the same time a the speed drop BT enabled my local exchange for infinity, although I am told I cannot get it!, I contated +net and they said that they would upgrade my connection to 3.5 meg!!!!!! Today it is back were it was 5 months ago!
    Wooooooo some upgrade. BT now tell me that they can give me a 100% 6 meg connection if I swop to them! This smacks of BT once again stuffing any one who is not on cable. Where or who do I go to from here??????

  • unhappy

    by joe bloggs at 13:09 on 6 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    not impressed, its a shame the staff that sell you plusnets products don`t deal with your complaints, what a really nice experience it would be..... not so! when you have a broadband issue you are directed straight through to the "unhelpful department" and despatched without mercy...beware.

  • unhappy

    by Howard at 19:31 on 5 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    Stay away from PlusNet they are awful, the Internet goes down all the time it's ridiculous, customer service is below average too. Reported a broken router at no fault of my own due to a malfunction and was told I had to buy another one. The speed is okay, that being said you hardly get to use it the amount of time you spend idlely estiba for it to come back.

    As a martes of fact, im typing this on my phone using my more reliable mobile Internet.

    Steer clear and go elsewhere.


  • unhappy

    by Brian Hannah at 22:59 on 23 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    I had been with Vodafoneathome since it was launched and I always had really good service and data speed. I was migrated to plusnet on 7th Feb 2012 and on the 8th Feb my speed went to 350k. I have been told that I may have a technical problem but I dispute this. I have also been told that they will upgrade me to ADSL2 but I think this is total ****. I have requested a MAC key but as per usual Plusnet cannot deal with this straight away and I need to wait five days. Cannot wait to get away from Plusnet and back online as I am sure I have been transported back 15 years and dialing up through modem....

  • unhappy

    by Albert mayo at 12:29 on 21 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    Update from 20-2-12 been on to plusnet again as Internet went off again from 9 last night till 9 today so from my router not working ! My internal line having a problem (£60) too fix ! I went over from Vodafone with the problem ( when my kids lived with us 4/5 devises being used) no problems at all ? Now it's a BT outside line fault ! What next the weather So I have asked for my mac number to change over to another company let's see how long it takes as I seen on here it has taken weeks I have been told 4-5 days

  • unhappy

    by Nazia at 18:28 on 20 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    It is to slow and when somone calls the house landline it makes the internet go slow! :@ :@ :@

  • unhappy

    by Albert mayo at 17:33 on 20 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    I was with Vodafone home broadband for 6/7 years only having 3 or 4 problems plusnet took over 2 weeks ago now I have Internet going on and off , I was uncapped with Vodafone but as a reason for my on going problems was told I am a capped customer by plusnet I too have been told all the technical stuff then told my router was at fault (only just 12months old) and I could buy there's for £40.00 this would then tie me to a new contract I have told them if I don't start getting speeds and service I had with Vodafone I will be leaving plusnet you want putting in a net and dumping in the ocean o on second thoughts there is enough crap in the ocean

  • happy

    by Rob Hook at 13:38 on 16 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    Installed Plusnet - everything went fine. Staff very helpful, everything delivered on time. Broadband is slow though. Might be an easy fix somewhere though

  • unhappy

    by Ymotts at 10:18 on 14 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    We signed up to Plusnet as it was the only one we could afford and we had no problems
    until we moved we were told if we stayed with them for another 12 months we'd get the move free so we did and we were given the date of the 24th of Jan it took an extra week for us to get our phone line back and we're still waiting for our Internet which they blame everyone else for but themselves the people we speak to are dim and have no idea what they are talking about they've billed us for the service we aren't receiving and say once we have the Internet they'll refund us and it's getting close to my next payment, I doubt I will get my money back as it looks unlikely we'll even get our Internet back! Very unhappy!

  • unhappy

    by Stan at 11:51 on 8 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    I am with TalkTalk have been for a few years but i am now having some issuse with them.I have seen the Plusnet advert on the TV and thought sounds good could save me money plus a UK call centre..........Glad i found this page and read the reviews i will be leaving TalkTalk when my contract runs out but my new server Will Not Be Plusnet.Good Luck To You All hope you sort out your problems and you find a server that lives up to your expectations.

  • happy

    by william at 1:32 on 7 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    Had a line fault which was fixed quite quickly but left me with a router which would not connect wirelessly. Plusnet spent over an hour on a free phonecall trying to fix the problem and followed the the fault to its conclusion, with information via texts and prompt replies to queries.

  • unhappy

    by captain parrot at 11:20 on 6 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    I too have had a debt recovery company contact me for a small outstanding charge from Plusnet. I have a case number from Offcom and will be asking them to smack Plusnet on the wrist. I disputed a charge in the cancellation procedure, they (Plusnet) did not inform me of the bill for which I had to search their website, then they passed the debt to a recovery firm without informing me. I have paid this bill as 'under duress', and asked for written receipt with verification of the appointment by Plusnet of the debt chaser, neither of which has appeared.
    Plusnet disabled my website account before the recovery firm contacted me, thus blocking the only contact with them they would accept. This also meant I could no longer view the disputed bill.
    Plusnet did kindly offer to sell me a transcription of our telephone conversations at £10 a pop, a charge I feel to be unlawful. Apart from anything else, who wants a 'transcription' enabling any company so inclined to be liberal with the actual words!

  • unhappy

    by nicholes zachariades at 16:15 on 4 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    I was with plusnet for over 13months when one could connect it was good but must of the time it was out of service I tryed to leave and give notice but they would only put me onto anther person, it taken them 6 weeks to give me a MAC code after I whent to Ofcom, and now after 5 months they are asking for a disconnection charge they did not ask me they give it to Moorcroft DEBT RECOVERY limited. it is a good job I keep all my recepts

  • unhappy

    by Amy at 23:58 on 3 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    The most awful awful customer service I've ever experienced from any company. We were eventually connected about 2 months after our first monthly payment. Promised free connection if we moved house within the contract... they later denied this and charged us extortionately, and we had to wait another 2 months for the technician. After what must have been hours of phone calls, passed from one person to the next, going round and round in circles, they said, as 'a goodwill gesture', they would not charge us for those 2 months. They charged us. Turns out they had also re-started our 12 month contract, which meant that 4 months later, when our initial contract should have been over, we had to pay a disconnection fee of about £60 if I remember correctly. I think my housemate chose not to argue this time as it probably would have cost her more in phone bills to sort it out. These guys are not human. Must be the worst internet provider in the world. Please please do not sign yourself up to the same nightmare.

  • unhappy

    by richard at 12:58 on 2 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    signed up to plus net cuz free home Move so call them to arrange and in the small print £50 for enginner to come out to new address HOWS This free ...so called them they want £90 to cancel considering got 2 months left on contract and every day internet goes of 4 times a day and always slow ... quicker on a pay as you go dongle
    so i ask to speak to a manager and get refused twice and then they say they will arrange a call back been 2 weeks now still aint spoke to one .So i spoke to a agent (luke ager)and he got Arsy and put a cancellation for my internet on 1st feb so i call back and spoke to another agent and said dont cancel it then cancel it on 10th feb Ok He said

    1st comes internet turned off
    idiots every one Avoid will be going to OFCOM

  • unhappy

    by Rob T at 15:45 on 29 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    I wouldn't touch them if I were you! I joined them because they seemed cheap, and I wanted to get away from my expensive BT line rental for my home phone. I soon realised that their product was useless, especially for gaming. Download speed was not great (5mb at best) but the upload speed was very bad (0.3mb). I tried to leave them after 4 days and they told me I had to pay them £90 for disconnection. They increased my upload speed and gave me unlimited cap on my downloads to keep me as a customer. From that point though my internet cut out every 20 minutes or so. Plusnet have a really BAD product. Have paided them £90 to get rid of them and have moved to 30mb Virgin one instead. I feel like I have been robbed. Good honest local broadband (owned by BT). What a con!

  • happy

    by david at 10:23 on 25 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    hi im a plusnet customer and honestly havent found a problem with plusnet im a heavy user 60gb pac ke i use more than 150gb in amonth but plusnet has a feature where its trully unlimted between the hours of 12am - 8 am which is where i do all my main big downloads and they also have a feature on your account on the plusnet page to set a limit to how much extra you want to pay when you hit your allowance i have mine set to 0 thats nothing extra all they do is slow your speed down till the end of the billing month so usuall i have slow speeds for 1-2 days but i use over 100gb during the free time of 12am - 8am which dosent go to your allowance plus i have a couple of my family members with plusnet so i get a discount its brill my monthly bill inc line rental a month is only £20 a bargain

  • neutral

    by MM at 20:00 on 17 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    I have found PlusNet to be a good choice, the only downside being a 60Gb limit, which is sometimes not enough for the whole family, including 2 sons. Download speeds have consistently been 8-9Gb and connections have been far more reliable than TalkTalk. Customer Service has also been a million times better than TalkTalk, which was truly appalling. I can understand what they say (& vice versa) and it is not just read off a card. I am only looking to change as I get charged £5/month every time we go over the limit, which is getting expensive.

  • neutral

    by R Rees at 23:32 on 15 Jan 2012 Report abuse


    Yes, that's a Plusnet special. They only want to hear good on their forum. You dare complain and they get one of their minions to ban you, trying to suppress the truth about their truly dreadful service. Did the same to me.If you value your sanity do NOT sign up with Plusnet. The whole marketing ploy is a sham. They are a stooge company owned by BT. Don't do it - steer well clear of them

  • neutral

    by joejackson at 19:08 on 15 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    Glad to see a forum where it,s not just me that has suffered the pain at plusnet and allowed to talk about it.
    plusnet just banned me from their forum for telling the truth and complained they were removing posts not because of trolling(so they call it)but they were removing evidence.

  • unhappy

    by R Rees at 23:02 on 11 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    I suppose if you watch the Plusnet adverts and decide to join them, very soon you’ll discover that only a half of their proposal is correct. Well, not even that, really. Yorkshire? Maybe based there, but as they are owned by BT you are in for all the well, worn clichés when trying to get a straight answer. It’s from the same book of excuses we’ve all come to expect in the industry. Many before have travelled that path. Plusnet are going down the same road.

    Now to the ’Honest’ as the day is made of Yorkshire pudding brand. Pure marketing hype. Plusnet are rapidly making the same mistake as other brands in confusing a marketing wheeze with the actual product. By all means come up with a good advert idea, but don’t think that is the end of service obligation.

    Brass bands, indeed. More like Brass neck. If all goes well, then fine. But woe betide if it doesn’t. They’ll feed you more duff excuses than a dodgy Satnav from Delboy. You’ll be asked to perform checks, run diagnostics and generally become an expert in all matters technical. When that doesn’t work they’ll start blaming mysterious people called agents. That’s their code for their owners, BT. Plusnet will take your money for the service, but all of a sudden after you grow weary of excuses, they can do nothing because, hey, it’s those pesky agents.

    How I wish I could run my business like that. Take clients’ money for a service but blame someone else (another supplier) when things go wrong. Maybe they don’t realise - or don’t want to - the contract is with them, not their agents. That is their problem, not that of the customer.

    So, beware. You’ll get them on forums like this. They are good at peripatetic PR, but not very good at problem solving.

    Still, it’s your money. There’s nowt so queer as folk...as they say in Honest Yorkshire

  • unhappy

    by Brian Clifford at 12:27 on 8 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    People listen to me, there is one reason and one reason only why Plus Net is now the company it is. That reason is BT - the company that recently took them over. ANY company BT gets it claws into will continually degrade and will in no time become hated by its customers. Without a shadow of doubt BT is the worst company on this planet! Personally albeit I'm sure you will already have gathered I hate and loathe BT with a vengeance. They have absolutely no understanding of customer service. Please do not think my experience is based on limited dealings with this awful company, it is based on more years that I want to remember of having to deal with them. I groan when a customer tells me they are signed up to BT and I'm rapidly becoming inclined to walk away from the business they can give simply for that reason. There is only one thing to do and that is stop bitching about Plus Net and vote with your feet. However, be extremely careful you do not migrate to another company that is in anyway associated with BT.
    Oh and by the way how on earth does anyone post to this forum when they have to answer the CAPTCHA seccurit questions! What a joke that is and the so called "audio version" - what is that all aboutl

  • unhappy

    by fifi lavern at 12:18 on 3 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    I was with Plusnet for 3 months - I had nothing but trouble with them as I believe it is over subscribed. They were very awkward about my transferring to TalkTalk, even though they could not deliver a service. They are now BT and we all know about BT. My advice would be to give them a miss.

  • happy

    by dave at 9:34 on 2 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    been with plusnet 18 months a bit shaky at first but all sorted great staff did charge me £54 to move house it says first move is free but after a few month got it back very nice the only thing that bugs me is if i run over my limit they put another five gig on even if i have only a couple of days left so i lose 4 gig but still have to pay why dont thay let it run then charge me if i use i gig that's ok

  • unhappy

    by braj at 9:28 on 20 Dec 2011 Report abuse

    I was plusnet customer for about 8 months. When I got contract, these guys told me that there is no contract and there is no joining or leaving fee. If they provide a router, then they will charge £40 for router. I did not want routher so I used mine. After about 8 months when I moved to a new place, I did not want to use there service (as I had speed and other various customer care problems). I decided to close the account and over the phone they agreed to close. Aftar about 15 days, I got email saying that I have to pay £50 for early disconnection fee which is totally unreasonable as I clearly asked about any fee in the begining. I am really very much annoyed and helpless. I am not sure what can I do now. Its not about £50 rather cheating. Is there any place where I can complain about these things. I really want to teach these guys a lesson so please tell me where can I complain about this.

  • happy

    by Paul at 17:27 on 18 Dec 2011 Report abuse

    I have recently joined with plusnet as a first time broadband customer. I must say that they are excellent. There customer services are top class, as is there broadband speeds. I would recommend plusnet to people who want a fast, reliable, friendly service. Overall 10/10.

  • happy

    by Rob Moore at 15:52 on 9 Dec 2011 Report abuse

    I was with Plus Net and then foollishly moved to Sky for a while. That was a huge mistake. I have moved back to Plus Net and now get a good speed (7MB as opposed to the 0.3MB with Sky) and am saving a lot of money. If there are any issues or questions I have found their customer support team very good. They even have a forum that their staff constantly look at and pick up on any issues via there as well and actively get involved until everything is resolved.

    The person who stated he was charged to cancel his contract if he had asked could have moved it to his new property for no cost at all. You have to ask the question, not tell them what you want.

    I have got all of my friends and family to move to Plus Net and they have all been happy.

  • unhappy

    by mark at 11:40 on 9 Dec 2011 Report abuse


    I was with them for 2 months, I had to pay the set up cost, £30 for the box then when i moved out i had to pay OVER £100 for the rest of the contact even though I was cancelling it and pay off the wifi box!


  • neutral

    by Paul at 14:59 on 26 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    I have recently placed a order for broadband and phone with plusnet, iam looking forward to seeing how things pan out. I have read all the coments on here about plusnet and i must say that iam getting nervous about everything running smoothly. I just hope that everything will be ok. I did not take the router that they have offererd me, i have a NETGEAR rangemax ADSL modem wireless router DG834PN. Can anyone tell me if this will be ok to use with plusnet?

  • unhappy

    by Warren at 16:52 on 25 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    Plus NO Net

    I signed up for Plusnet and they estimated that I would receive 17meg broadband, actual speed most the day once connected was 512kbs.

    I live in the commercial district of Liverpool city centre and surrounded by big businesses and they still cant provide!

    Their customer service teams answer = we dont guarentee broadband speeds so tough luck!


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