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  • unhappy

    by Gavin at 4:26 on 23 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    I was with Plusnet for about 2 years, I decided to move to a different ISP. Pricing was an issue, also limited GB's. It took them 5 days to give me a MAC code and in order to obtain a MAC code I had to endure the Spanish inquisition as why I wanted to leave them.

  • unhappy

    by chris at 19:39 on 22 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    we have been a customer with plusnet for just over 2 months, we have had nothing but trouble from them, we are currently getting 6.5mb speed a lot fast than our 5mb we had with talktalk, they do nothing but lie our 5mb we had from talktalk was twice as fast as the 6.5mb we are getting from plusnet and the internet is allways disconecting, be carefull aswell as they are the biggest con artists going they said to us that we have to have there modem for £4.99 as no other modem will work, when we came to cancel there awfull service they said we are in a contract because we had there modem £4.99 so basically they black mailed us into taking a contract out, and after all that i tested my old modem on the line and it worked perfectly. WORST BROADBAND EVER

  • neutral

    by bob at 20:10 on 21 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    I've been with plusnet for about 3 years and now have a 12 year contract. It was fine service it seemed until I got the contract and now it takes me about half an hour to load up a 10 min youtube vid. Its rediculous

  • unhappy

    by Peter at 16:42 on 18 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    Good honest broadband? A joke! We had a BT engineer here who checked the line and found the mistake in the exchange. He told us that Plusnet did not want to replace the faulty parts and that he did not understand why. They say to loose your broadband connection several times a day is normal. VoIP services not working properly is not their fault (although with other ISPs they work just fine). Answer times of their support team are just annoying. Several days before they reply to emails and if you call you might well spend an hour on the phone before you can talk to somebody. After just a month we will switch to another ISP again. We are very very unhappy with their quality of service!

  • neutral

    by Marina Lewycka at 9:12 on 12 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    Actually, I am browsing this site because I am thinking of switching from Talk Talk, who are utterly useless. In fact browsing through customer reviews, all of them seem to be useless.

  • unhappy

    by Russell Green at 17:49 on 11 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    If you are thinking of changing to Plusnet......... DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!. Good honest broadband, what a pile of crap. Was incorrectly billed, they finally admitted it but phone was inactive while they sorted out. Phone has now been cut off again because they say I owe the amount that was incorrectly billed previously. Customer services are as much use as a chocolate fire guard they say only accounts can sort it out. They will not let me speak to accounts so I have to email all the time. It then takes days for them to respond....... but they dont actually answer the question. Crap service, crap speeds, crap customer service, plus net are just crap.

  • unhappy

    by Hilary at 3:17 on 7 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    I was originally quite impressed. BT Openreach dude here for 4 hours sorting the line, informed every stage of the way via e mail or text what was happening (I work for sky broadband and talk support so this was novel) Then was finally active despite a few days delay on router cos it didn't arrive (stuff happens, whatever). Now, having been given an estimated linespeed of approx 4mb, (i'm in the country) imagine my horror and dismay, having been told "if you pay the extra premium dooddad you won't be traffic managed" to find that on certain days (I work from home and need to connect to a vpn, all of which I told them before I started,) that I would be strangled to 240kbps.... Well look at how impressed I am...not....I am losing wages hand over fist and now have to monitor everything stupidly. Will keep you informed.....

  • unhappy

    by Luke at 3:18 on 4 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    Service is ok and competitively priced as long as you don't really want to use it practically at all. Even simple browsing with automatic updates will blow the miserly usage allowance in the first two weeks of the month.

    The moment you sign up they withdraw any kind of deals from you so if you want to upgrade your package it will jump from £6 to over £20. There packages are 10GB or unlimited. If you enquire about other services you just get fobbed off with your in Market region 1 or 2 and thats that.

    I really think Ofcom should check out some of their package claims as they seem to make up the prices and availability as they go along. Please someone find on their sales page where it states you have to be in Market region 1 or 2 or how you find out about your market region (whatever it means) before they take your cash.

  • neutral

    by M Rees at 21:18 on 3 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    Whatever the problem reported their first line is always to blame your computer or something your end of the connection. They have a set line in their answers. Doubt they ever check to see if it might be their problem. A bland service. Reasonable if you compare with some other providers but if you have problems, beware. They solve matters more by luck than judgement. As the post above says, the 'Honest Yorkshire man' is pure baloney

  • unhappy

    by captain parrot at 21:04 on 3 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    I have now registered the complaint with Ofcom. Plusnet seem to have several sets of communications running at the same time, they send emails texts and simultaneously run their feedback pages and do not appear to be aware of all the contents. By searching the various pages of my account I found the invoice where it had not been before! They had also charged an initial fee to set up the account then gave me a different deal to that discussed. Deeply suspicious I have checked today and found that they charged another £5 because I have changed my package!

  • unhappy

    by Ryan at 3:15 on 3 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    Plusnet = USELESS

  • unhappy

    by captain parrot at 0:36 on 3 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    Sad to report we changed to Plusnet about six weeks ago from TT. Utter disaster! The phone was OK but the broadband has never worked properly and PN insist we have a problem in house. Today I called them to cancel the contract, they replied with the news that the debt was going to their recovery service as they could not verify the debit at the bank. No error on my part visible. UK law states a 14 day period to query an invoice then if not queried it must be paid at 28.....Or am I out of date? Either way an invoice first would be polite.

  • neutral

    by Rayhan at 1:10 on 25 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    This service is a complete rip off STAY AWAY. Look at all the independent reviews before going ahead with PLus net. Customer Service is worse than BT. Monthly usage is capped and slow. Look at all the alternative providers.and compare the sites and dont fall for the honest to god advert with the plonk man acting stupidly honest which is part of the selling point for PLUSE NET. Be WARNED.!!!

  • unhappy

    by Jan at 23:45 on 23 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    I had been a very happy customer with o2 for nearly 5yrs, unfortunatly had to move area, and they could not offer the same level of service as I had been receiving, so they let me out of my contract, so looked for another supplier and found plusnet, worse move ever, slow slow slow, like going back to dark ages, had unlimited broadband before, and now find with plusnet, get monthly allowance of 10gb, what rubbish is that, I work from home, I have now been offered unlimited with plusnet, after I clicked option 7 to leave, but many phone calls was not offered before, but at present it is still very slow load speeds, not happy bunny at all, cant wait to leave them, and there opt out prices are rip off, with o2, you could opt out, and return modem and not pay the £50, as soon as 12mths up, I am off, only had service since beginning of oct 2011, but never ever again, there unlimited is not cheap either, cant wait for o2 to come to my area, at least they answer the calls in quick time, normal wait for plusnet around 30 - 40 mins just to get answered, WARNING - DONT TOUCH PLUSNET

  • unhappy

    by m0aur at 21:44 on 23 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    Moved from a very reliable but only 8Mb Post Office service to Plusnet a couple of months ago. A nightmare from the word go. On the day of activation, we lost our incoming landline calls but could call out. We discovered we had been moved over to someone else's number. "Nothing to do with us guv, it's Post Office BB fault". The upside, was making calls on someone else's number for a week till we were switched back to our number. The downside, was that this lost our broadband for nearly another week, so relegated to the library to get on line. The engineer that finally sorted it stated it was due to an incorrect build order from Plusnet. I was promised some refund for the time without servica and my poor treatment, but never saw it.
    Since then, I have had continual slowdown of service and customer service ignorance. Every time I raise speed it is pushed down. I even bought a Billion BiPAK 7800N dual wan router so I could force down my snr and raise speed. I was connecting at 15 to 16 Mb with a 14934kbps line profile but only getting 6 to 7 Mb down. I was even told by incompetent PN staff that I was only on an 8Mb line, despite sending proof of the above.
    I have since found they cap upload to 443kbps unless you request it to be uncapped, do not give you the cheaper market 3 exchange price unless you ask for it, have an unlimited package that is only offered to those that threaten to leave, and mark calls of a few seconds as a full minute to disguise the fact that per-second billing has gone out of the window. Not very "Honest Broadband" in my book. Check out the Think Broadband Plusnet forum for August to October to see my tale of woe.

  • unhappy

    by jon at 15:31 on 23 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    when you fisrt talk to one off there staff and explain your son plays x box all day and streams on you tube they said we would not even hit the usage ammount and gave us the 6 pound deal now my son uses the usage within a day and we go onto go slow for the rest of the month if you want to just surf the internet and not watch any videos this is the package for you.If you want to watch video streams and download things stay away and get a better deal and if any of the owners of plusnet is reading this give your customers a better deal it will not hurt you but will if we start leaving

  • unhappy

    by joy williams at 1:29 on 8 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    My plusnet broadband was activated on 5th october less than 3 days ago. Imagine my surprise when i received an e-mail on the 7th october to tell me that i have almost reached my 10 GB limit with over 3 weeks until the end of the billing period ! When choosing the package i was assured that 10 GB was more than enough for our needs. I also had to wait 3 days for my telephone line to be activated because of an apparant fault with the line. My telephone number was also changed unexpectedly. I'm already regretting leaving sky. It's true what the previous reviews said, cheapest isn't always the best and often turns out to be more expensive.

  • happy

    by Chris at 20:44 on 2 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    I think you have to remember that generally people who post on here are going to be posting as they have not had a very good experience, with a few exceptions of course.

    I think it's the same for most providers; you'll have another forum just like this one for Virgin, TalkTalk and BT ect. People are always going to have negative comments about them. Now with regards to hidden costs. I don't believe this to be true with Plusnet. If you can't be bothered to read the Terms and Conditions about your contract, then you only have yourself to blame. Connection fee is £25.00 not £30.00 as stated, this is free anyhow if you go into a 12 month contract. You're only charged a cessation fee if you are leaving Plusnet and not moving to another provider, if you are moving provider, there is no cancellation charge at all. (Unless you're in contract with Plusnet).

    I don't think you can really blame Plusnet for wanting their customers to do as many checks as possible before raising a fault either, it's just common sense.

  • neutral

    by russell at 14:12 on 20 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    I've been with this company for over 7 years and they have gone from fantastic to dreadful (they are now owned by BT - so this sums it all up). Terrible service, long tel. queues and dire technical support - same old refusal to accept faults that are obviously on their side. You're expected to have a spare router, micro filter and telephone before you even dare report a fault. Idiotic. Now they are starting to turn on interleaving without even asking when you report a fault, not even bothering to find out what the issue is. If you're an internet gamer, this will kill your gaming in one swoop. After finally getting fibre optic where I live, I'm just going to switch to a better supplier, and I'll be happy to pay £10-15 per month more for the reliability and decent service. Steer well clear if I was you!

  • neutral

    by chas at 23:12 on 2 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    just read phil's comments about plusnet, if you or anyone else is reading this may i suggest switching to virgin broadband, i have used them for over a year and never had a problem with the speed, downloading, uploading or usage( unlimited means unlimited), i have only got the basic package but have no problems connecting, the connection is fast, so they may be more expensive than others but you get what you pay for. I hope this has been of help.

  • unhappy

    by Phil at 16:45 on 31 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    I've been having problems lately with Plusnet. Have been with them for about 4 years, but, as another reviewer commented, their service has taken a huge nosedive recently. I can't help thinking that their TV ad claiming 24/7 support etc has become their downfall. They are clearly employing support staff who know even less about the subject than I do (which is saying a lot). They have often proved not only unhelpful (parrot-like responses, if they respond at all - as pointed out by another reviewer), but often very rude. Given that their job is "CUSTOMER SERVICE", they do not appear to be trained very well!!
    My problems have varied from very low speeds and over-regular server downtime - which, when you phone up they flatly deny that there is a problem (even though it is obviously a fault at their end), and, for example, quote you a download speed which is way beyond anything I can, or have ever, received from them. Recently I have been victim of my speeds being cut (to around 200kB ps) because I have apparently exceeded my monthly usage allowance. Not only had I already authorised an increase (in the event that I exceed it), but they claimed they had switched my speed back to normal when it later transpired they had not. I was offered 1 month free as compensation - though it caused me to lose one of my work clients in the process (costing me thousands!). I have also disputed the amount they say I am using. I believe they are doubling-up my usage (this suspicion might be backed up by the fact I always receive 2 identical emails from them whenever they are sending me info such as monthly bills). I now know I'm neither paranoid nor alone now that I've seen other user reviews online. My problem now is not whethe to switch ISPs but WHO to go for. Suggestions welcome!

  • unhappy

    by Coran at 3:22 on 11 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    I think their customer service has taken a dive lately. I made a simple request to cancel an order, but their much praised ticket system completely lost the query (or someone moved/deleted it). So they went ahead and activated it anyway. I rang to complain and got shouted at (literally) by the most rude and hostile operative i've ever spoken to, who was demanding I pay £56. He just shouted terms and conditions at me over and over, while i was trying to explain he was confused (i wanted to cancel the order, not the account). He immediately put me onto their debt recovery, within 10 minutes of even finding out this amount (and less than a month since the service was even activated). Which is just a tad aggressive. I got endless parrots at the support centre, just repeating generic support answers or terms and conditions without answering or even acknowledging my questions/requests. There was a senior member who was very helpful and professional, but aside from him they've all been either incompetent or unwilling to provide any help.
    Massively regretting my decision to go with them, but now I'm stuck. Ironicly I went with them because I heard they had good customer service, but it's been the worst i've encountered with any company in my life.

  • neutral

    by stephan at 17:16 on 7 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    My partner has Plus Net. She can view everything on Google Chrome ok but on Firefox load os the page info., colours drop down menus etc are missing and it's just about impossible to use. Any ideas Why

  • unhappy

    by Suzy at 10:47 on 4 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    DO NOT USE...the service is non existent, appalling, changing to plusnet for us is like going back in time, we struggle to even get on the internet, I can no longer play BINGO which I love and my fiance cannot even watch his on-line streaming!!...our bill has now gone up to £42 a month for something we can hardly use, only one person at a time in the household can go on the internet and even then its a joke!! Never had any problems with BT...we had unlimited had it was great, only moved because of the cost but now Plusnet is the price it is we would have been better off with BT, biggest regret of our lives...DO NOT USE!!!

  • unhappy

    by tez at 14:43 on 31 Jul 2011 Report abuse

    I packed sky in to go with plusnet what a mistake, they are a waste of time my speeds have dropped by half they keep saying it is a line problem but i know they are capping it at 30kb. crap all my neighbors who are with other broad band customers get at least twice as much speed than me. packing them in soon going back to sky

  • unhappy

    by mrleeds at 1:29 on 22 Jul 2011 Report abuse

    Ive been a plusnet customer for over 7 years now, i thought they were the top provider around and actually referred people.
    after a year I moved from an urban area to rural and dropped 50% download speed, this i thought was acceptable. Never did my connection drop out or faulter so i was happy paying £21.49 p/m and getting 4MB downloads.

    18 months ago i moved again which bound me contractually to plusnet for another 12 months. I actually moved 6 houses further up my street to a bigger house. immediately my download speed was halved again to 2MB. A few months later downloads dropped to 1.2MB. I submitted a line fault complaint and it rose to 1.7MB...
    Now 18 months on my download speed is 0.3MB for £21.49 p/m, plusnet really look after their customers..NOT!!!!!!

    Im binning Plusnet and going to talk talk

  • neutral

    by Simon Clarke at 12:27 on 1 Jul 2011 Report abuse

    I've been pleasantly surprised with Plusnet – a few dropouts, but nothing too bad, generally hassle-free. Big problem at the start that wasn't their fault but a problem at BT's exchange – but which Plusnet's Indian call centre employee correctly diagnosed.

    Biggest gripe is that the 60GB maximum monthly usage wasn't nearly enough, so I kept racking up extra charges. Eventually I figured I had to switch, so rang up and asked for my MAC code. Only to find there's an unlimited package available for £21.95!

    They don't have it available on their web site for new customers – so you have to ask for it. But how do you know? Seems it's only available to existing customers who are on the point of leaving!

    So: key advice – join Plusnet at the lowest tariff contract free, and then upgrade as soon as you can to unlimited if you need the extra GB. And most people will – 60GB a month doesn't go anywhere...

  • happy

    by SLEBECH at 23:44 on 15 Jun 2011 Report abuse

    just swapped from sky broadband connect,with sky i had drop outs every night between 6 and 11pm,day speeds around 4mb,but soon as the traffic managment hit at 530 sky connect was rubbish,so i was talked into plusnt as they offered me 6 months free on a 12 month contract,(bargin) so im on day 6 and people ive got to hand it to plusnet 7.3mb in the day and around 4 to 5 and half after 5,free downloads between 12 and 8 am that does not count towards your download limit of 60gb,and there web site support is just fantastic,gives you every detail of upto date download usage,to test your self faults if needed,great customer service answers on a free call if you have there land line,and have answered, within 5 to 20 mins at 6 to 8 pm,so if you read these people who say its a rubbish service ask your self why ,it can be other problems rather than the isp,ive had nothing but problem after problem with sky broadband
    ,(connect) but i am glad i changed to plusnet,so if you are looking for a uk customer service who as a company will offer you the best speed your line can give, at a great price ,and so many free helpful tools and if you want it free antivirus from mcafee ,(avast man my self)with ping times of 35 to 50 plus free downloads from 12pm to 8am that do not count towards your download limit and is totally unrestricted at those times,and not that bad at heavy time still able to watch tv and films with out buffing every 5 secs,


  • unhappy

    by de paschal at 20:47 on 5 May 2011 Report abuse

    Dean is 100% spot on. i've been a plusnet customer for over 6 years now, 5 of which i will say was relatively okay. not sure if their recent quest of enlarging their market share in terms of customers has anything to do with it. i just find some of their services totally poor....connection speed is nothing to right home about...besides connection keeps droping off. now looking to move to a more reliable provider together with about 16 business customers i introduced to them over the years.

  • unhappy

    by tony lancaster at 9:12 on 29 Apr 2011 Report abuse

    never never again got 6 months to wait and im off else were. crap not the word not got one bill right told me i would get 3 months free still waiting girl on the phone said i would get 6 meg not avrage 6 would get cos i used to get 4.8 off talktalk. now i get 3.6 if im luck .off plusnet this firm is plus nothing iv got all the emails they have sent and can prove im right there wrong i wont say all i have phoned but most talk to me like s**t . like they say its only £3 yes my £3 i will sort it for you 6 months later

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