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  • unhappy

    by skungpoomery at 23:40 on 17 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    Plusnet are indeed complete garbage. They initially just forgot to place an order for my broadband so I sat around waiting for nothing for a week and it was only when their phone service conked out that I rang up and found out - otherwise I'd still be waiting now. Speeds are also rubbish (less than half that advertised) and the customer "service" is just a glorified talking shop that gets nowhere. Utterly lousy in all respects - avoid like the plague.

  • unhappy

    by Lisa R at 13:03 on 9 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    Definitely dont use. I want to know why they are shown as good customer service on this site when if you read the customer reviews overwhelmingly NOT providing good service. And dont try calling them to complain you will be stuck on the phone for 20 minutes or more before you can get through. Have tried to cancel one month earlier but happy to pay to end of contract however they are insisting on charge £80.00 which is more than my whole years fees. To add insult will not even take my notice to cancel now otherwise they will not provide service until end of contract even when Im paying for it. My mother also has plus net but never uses internet and she continually gets charged additional download charges so check your bills against usage very carefully!

  • unhappy

    by stephen lomax at 12:52 on 6 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    well i was considering going too plus net but after reading these reports they can take a very long walk on a very short pier there is no way i will be contacting plusnet now or in the future

  • unhappy

    by AD at 20:53 on 5 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    I have been with plusnet since March, sadly tied into a 12 month contract. I went to them because their service was £6 a month cheaper than Nildram who I had been with for quite a few years. In all my time with Nildram I don't think my connection ever dropped and download speeds were ok. I have to say the connection and speeds with plusnet are nothing short of abysmal. Connection and download speeds on a wireless network are at a snail's pace and not worth bothering with. I bought ZyXel adaptors for a wired network but in recent weeks my connection has frequently dropped out and I have to revert to the abysmal wireless connection. The member centre on their site does not even invite feedback as I was hoping to pass on my thanks for their abysmal service and to confirm I shall be taking my business elsewhere in March 2011. The lesson here is if you want stable connections and good download speeds you have to pay extortionate prices to get it.

  • unhappy

    by Hassan at 1:24 on 4 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    STAY WELL AWAY, I was with plusnet for 2 years so I know them well, on moving apartment they left me without service for one month for the first move, making so many mistakes til finally connecting me, the second year I was moving and transferring broadband i made sure to give them advance warning of 6wk, again they left me without service for three weeks, in the end I closed my account and moved on. Or so thought. It took them months to close my account and tried to charge me for it, even though they had assured me of full refund. So I tried to get my refund for overpayments made and at first they tried to charge me more without any logical reasons. After many hours of expensive phone calls over a period of 3weeks they finally accepted that I should receive a refund and rightly so and assured me that this will sent as a cheque, three months later I have received nothing, they have conned me off my money, wasted so much of my time and provided me with terrible customer service... Be aware you may be making a very expensive mistake... Be warned.

  • neutral

    by D503 at 11:55 on 23 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    I've been with for Plusnet many years. It is very unusual to be able to talk to support on the 'phone, they are usually too busy, so logging a problem must be done on the web-site, which is difficult if you have a connection problem. That said, most of the time everything is fine. If you do have a problem though, it is rarely sorted out on the same day. I've stayed with them because they are cheap and OK most of the time, and because of the pain of leaving.

  • neutral

    by marly at 12:09 on 19 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    After countless phone calls to Plusnet regarding why my speed had been getting gradually slower and slower over the last five years I have moved to Sky broadband. I appreciate there are more users on the lines now but never got over 2.5mb and Plusnet assured me they are not capping my speed. I find this hard to believe as I am now on the second day with Sky I am getting just over 6mb.

  • unhappy

    by David liggins at 20:41 on 12 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    I called and bought a package which should have been up to 20 speed and 40 usage and have now got up to 20 meaning 8 speed and 10 usage. When i called plusnet they told be i must have called an affiliate company that sells for them and tuff luck cancel if you want and we'll charge you fourty pounds for the router which you can't return.

  • unhappy

    by jack at 23:01 on 9 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    Everything about plusnet is shockingly bad. Really shockingly bad.

    Constant speed and intermittence problems and all they do is ignore it for a while and then when pushed, they will 'try' a fix and 'hope' it works after a few days.


  • happy

    by Me Chilaxing at 21:08 on 5 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    I have been with Plusnet for years, There Customer Service and technical Guys are the best and available 24/7 365 days a year. You dont have to queue for ages to talk to them either. A broadband Provider is only as good as the lines which the Provider uses, 95% of provides use lines which are operated by BT wholesale. When there is a problem with a line it is BT who have to repair it, Plusnet can only provide a speed high enough that the BT line can support. Plus the guys are based in Yorkshire, somewhere in Sheffield I believe by the "twang" in their voice. I dont just stay with them because of service either ! I regularly compare their prices and they are amongst the lowest price and having previously been with others think the service overall is outstanding. People who write stupid posts on here blaming Plusnet for a bad experience due to BT Wholesales lines are just plain stupid, The same problem would occur with any provider which use BT lines and take just as long for BT to rectify. They are not perfect, nobody is, but they are bloody good at what they do !

  • unhappy

    by Ronny at 19:58 on 1 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    Speed is very slow 90% of the time(0.5mbps and that's in Central London) and technical support are not proactive- they put the onus on the customer to resolve issues and are disinterested. Customer service are defensive and full of excuses and not helpful at all. I strongly advise others not to sign up as you will almost certainly end up with a long miserable broadband experience and all the while, you will be paying for it.

  • unhappy

    by Vijay at 23:49 on 30 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    DO NOT USE PLUSNET. Its the worst internet provider. The customer service gives falls promises that they cannot keep. Its been 2 weeks i have been waiting to speak to a manager and still did not receave a call. Its very slow, takes ages to open a page but when it comes to charges they charged me with out any intimation a wopping 90 pounds for one month, and when asked for an explaination i was told that i will get a call from a manager and that never happened.

  • unhappy

    by joanne paget at 19:40 on 24 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    plusnet are CRAP. do not touch them, i've had to put my partners email address because plusnet have not been able to transfer my email address over from previous supply even though they promised to do so when we joined them. constant phonecalls for over a week and i still have no email, you have to wait a long time to speak to someone, basically they are rubbish, wish i had never moved provider

  • unhappy

    by Neil A at 8:50 on 20 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    The absolute pits! Stopped using them after some appalling "customer service" following abysmal download speeds. Do not use Plusnet.

  • unhappy

    by matt at 22:24 on 28 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    I have been using plus-net and ever since I've been starting to use YouTube at 4pm until 12 am my internet connection has been running extremely slow as well as how my Xbox live is on and it only takes up a small percentage of connection i have done tests to prove that it slows down at 4pm - 12am at 4 pm today i tried to buffer a 2.5 minute video and it took me 1.5 hours just to buffer i am extremely unhappy with them and am going to move to a better website unless this problem is fixed and i have been notified that this has been fixed and it wont happen again

  • happy

    by Ian McCall at 19:58 on 17 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    Well well they have now finally managed to provide the service they originally offered. So to be fair, I would like to re rate them as "happy"
    Current download speed is 5.4 meg which is better than expected. The only way I managed to get this sorted however was to keep pestering them via their online fault reporting system. After weeks of poor download speeds, more tests than I care to remember, substiture routers, cables, filters, etc. The fault turned out ot be good old BT incorrectly wired phone line at the local distribution box causing noise on the line and the broadband to continually drop out..

    Well done Plusnet 7 out of 10

    Typical BT 2 out of 10 for faulty wiring that should have never been left the way it was (BT installed) on a new property.... However they did come out on Sunday morning to fix it.

    Finally Satisfied.....

  • unhappy

    by andy schwab at 15:43 on 16 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    Please do not ever use Plusnet. They failed to supply me with a service and are currently trying to get £65 out of me for cancelling the contract. They are rude, sloppy, obnoxious and their customer service and technical support is non existent.

  • unhappy

    by Ian McCall at 7:41 on 11 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    What a hopeless outfit this is, I read above that they are owned by BT. That says it all.
    connection speed estimated before signup, 1 to 5 meg. I would be more than happy to achieve this as I don't do any large file downloading. However since go live my system is running on average at 250 kbps and has been down to 125kbps. The fault reporting system is a joke supposedly manned 24/7.
    They don't respond to your updates.
    Worst ISP I have ever had, don't be fooled by the sales garb on their web site and don't touch them with a barge pole...

    Very unhappy customer

  • happy

    by paul at 15:21 on 10 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    well i been a customer of plusnet for nearly 12 months and they are one of the best that i have been with.

  • unhappy

    by GVS at 14:51 on 30 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    USELESS service, USELESS technical support. Having started off with good broadband speed and good customer support, after 1 month it all went downhill when upgrading from Plusnet Value to Plusnet Extra. Ongoing fault for 4 weeks, no information back from Plusnet yet they claim to "not leave customers in the dark like other ISP".

    Save yourself the time and frustration, look elsewhere for an ISP that can actually deliver on what they advertise.

  • unhappy

    by Trudi Roach at 19:16 on 19 Jun 2010 Report abuse


    I originally had ADSL1 with Plusnet and was a previous customer and had been happy with their service. In May 2010 I upgraded to ADSL 2 as I was a heavy user, and as soon as the switch happened, I experienced connection problems. I was without broadband for seven days, and then magically it worked again for seven days before disconnecting again. Plusnet technical dept. informed me that it would take 48 hours to find out what the problem was, they refused to send out an engineer. Now I am partially disabled (lower limb issues) and work predominantly from home. I cancelled the service and they charged me £80.00 cancellation fee and took another five days to send a MAC code.

    With my new Mac code I went to my new BB provider, only to find out today that Plusnet have disconnected my current broadband (removed the tag) even though the MAC code is supposed to prevent any disconnection issues. As a result of this, my new broadband is going to take another week, so all in all I’ve been without broadband for nearly a month. Plusnet customer service is very sorry, but maybe the Mac code was faulty/incorrect, or it could be a whole host of other reasons.

    Don’t use Plusnet, the company has no soul and is ethically unsound.

  • unhappy

    by Simon at 21:00 on 17 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    Similar to the above comments, i joined PlusNet about 2 months ago, mainly because of the rolling contract, as i don't plan to stay at my current address long.

    Initally, all seemed good, if a little slow compared to the Sky broadband connection at my last house. However, over the last 3/4 weeks, the connection has become slower and slower. During peak usage times in the evenings, i stuggle to maintain anything much more than 10k/second downloading. I can't watch YouTube, iPlayer, 4OD or any of the other online video streaming services.

    After 11pm, the connection mysteriously speeds back up, to not exactly blistering speeds, but actually sufficient to stream a video, leading me to believe the lines are simple too contended. 50:1 is all well and good provided that every single one of those 50 people aren't on the line all the time every evening.

    It's simply not good enough, and i'll be looking to change when this month expires. And most likely have to sit here without internet for god knows how long due to the ridiculous length of time it takes to switch broadband providers.

  • unhappy

    by boney at 18:35 on 14 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    please don't go with plusnet.I have been with plusnet for 4 months i am on the plusnet pro package with 20g download allowance which i pay £19.99 for a month. I joined plusnet from sky who i was with for two years and they where ok apart from the disconections when gaming thats why i joined plusnet because they are semingly better for gaming and there is no fair usage allowance but i have since cancelled my contract having only been 4 month into my 12 month contract because they are terrible they are not very helpful when you have a problem i couldn't hold a stable conection for more than three days and i had 5 bt engineers out and the problem still hasn't been solved it takes them about 7 to 10 days to get to your problem and then it doesn't get fixed so i had to pay £80 to get out my contract but it was the best £80 i have ever spent and im off to change my isp and i will be going with zen for my broadband and if anyone is thinking of joining this micky mouse company please think twice because you will constently be on the phone to them without any joy.I suppose the fact that bt owns them doesn't help as they are worse

  • unhappy

    by JDunn at 11:06 on 10 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    After reasonable and stable speeds for many months, I have experienced nearly six weeks of poor throughput and more recently atrocious latency in the evenings. The tech guys are helpful sounding but getting anything done takes days or weeks, partly I suspect because BT is the company that really pulls the strings, and the Plusnet chaps have little direct control.

    An analysis of the disconnections, latency patterns and throughput variation strongly suggests that the issue lies in the BT exchange or network management, but actually getting the issue fixed is probably impossible. I don't think Plusnet is actually in control of its network.

    I am off to Talk Talk which will probably be fine for a while before the same issues creep in. You can see why broadband in the UK is stuck in the slow lane...

  • unhappy

    by rob at 18:30 on 9 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    im a new customer to plusnet ive been with them 3 weeks now,im receiving speeds of 43kbs download and 11kbs upload this is pathetic i left sky to join plusnet because they told me that i can be migrated to adsl2+ and guaranteed speeds upto 20mb,ive sent 22 messages in the space 2 days about the fault and they just give you a load of bull they have told me that my line is fine,they give you a load of crap sitting there with a beer in there hands taking phone calls having a laugh lol..i carnt watch video play xbox live,psn it takes 65mins to download 60mb file,,ive told them they have 1 more week and if not sorted im changing provider.

  • unhappy

    by Lee Small at 14:58 on 9 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    I switch to PlusNet about 2 months ago and everything was OK for a while but then I started getting really bad download speeds (< 20kbs) and frequent disconnections (about 20 a day)

    3 weeks, 4 engineer vists and a LOT of phone calls later I am still in the same position.

    As I don't have a useable connection and PlusNet can't give me any timescale as to when they think it's going to be fixed I decided to cancel my service.

    They are trying to charge me £40 to leave the contract early even though they have provided me with a service for 3 weeks and can't tell me when service will be resumed!

    This seems to be a common theme with PlusNet - everything ok for a while and then bang, it stops working and they take ages to fix it.

  • neutral

    by stevearno at 19:10 on 8 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    I have two houses in the same street .... i have one connected to virgin ( previously talktalk ) and one connected to plusnet .......

    plusnet out preforms my virgin package ...... on connection and speeds ..although because i have been with virgin for about 3 years now ......i have knocked the monthly charge down to £12.50p for unlimited broadband ( 8mb all my line can handle ) and anytime calls ....

    but pay £20 for just broadband ( 8mb again all the line can handle ) with plusnet , with no calls package .....
    plusnet seems to be more consistent and traffic shaping software ( bandwidth throttling ) ..less anal , about how much and when i am downloading .....
    NO... ISP in the uk .. offers max bandwidth at all times ...... i generally follow a rule of waiting till 22:00 pm ( but after midnight to be safe ) of downloading huge amounts of files., by setting download manger timers .this will keep you off the radar of the traffic shaping software and any nasty letters you may incur for doing naughty things with your bandwidth .....

    generally if you abuse it doing peak times ... they will throttle you for some time after the fact ..... i can quiet easily hit 10-15 gig ...download per night .... then during the day resume normal service for surfing and work ....without any backlash of reduced speed .. i can still reach speeds of 4-5mg during the day ...but choose not to download or use excessively for this reason

  • unhappy

    by James at 21:22 on 6 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    Plus.net has been a non stop farce. The original package I had would go reasonably fast for 10 days at the start of each month, then die completely afterwards. It would give you unworkable speeds in the evening, only speeding up after midnight or during the day. I happen to be sleeping or working during those days, much like others. I then upgraded to their plus package which is their most expensive service. It was great for 5 months. Now it's struggling to go over 250kbps and is so bad sometimes I can't even get on the Plus.net page to register a fault ticket. When you ring them up for help (takes ages to get through) the guys don't know their ass from elbow. I had one fool tell me to wait a couple days as it should get better... Two days later I still have these atrocious speeds. I've had enough and I shall be moving on.

  • happy

    by Derek at 13:13 on 5 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    I have been with Plusnert for about 2 years, having moved from Tiscali.

    I have found their Cuustomer Service VERY helpfull on the odd occasions I have called them.

    Speed haver gradually increacsed to 5mbps. I have anytime phones etc

    So a SATISFIED Customer

  • unhappy

    by Dourscot at 17:32 on 3 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    Was fine for months with good latency. Then a month ago went totally down the plug-hole for no obvous reason. I've been going round and round in circles since then with their generally helpful but ultra-slow customer service team.

    It has been so bad at times that I've actually experienced broadband speeds below modem level for long periods with high pings.

    One of the problems is that it's network really belongs to BT and BT's system manages connection and IP profiles, which I suspect causes the bulk of the problems. BT just seems to operate in its own universe where customers are a distant worry.

    Perhaps the deeper problem is that a lof of broadband outfits in the UK just aren't very well run, starting with the lumbering dionsaur BT.

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