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  • unhappy

    by Robert at 16:00 on 3 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    PlusNet have to be the worst internet providers I have ever had, the speed's are terrible. I am an online gamer and the ping is sky high. This results in poor gameplay and a terrible connection at peak times. I phone them around 4 months ago and they said they would have it solved in around 1 week, I am still waiting for it to be solved. I would not recommend PlusNet to anyone. Also the customer service is pure ridiculous, they can be very cheeky at times. Please stay away from PlusNet!

  • happy

    by Bob at 17:01 on 31 May 2010 Report abuse

    I recently encounter a broadband problem which resulted in my speed dropping to just above dial-up. It was a problem identifying the cause, but PlusNet support were extremely helpful. They reposned quickly to my calls, updated me everyday with emails explaining the call escalation. On their suggestion I changed my modem router and my not only did this fix the problem, but my download speed increased by 5Mbps!
    I have been a longtime customer of PlusNet and this was the first time I have had to deal with their customer services and they didn't let me down.
    Will definitely be recommending them to others.

  • happy

    by Dave Numbnutz at 10:38 on 26 May 2010 Report abuse

    It's nice to read how poor CS has become since consolidation w/ BT occurred, but there's no need to remain uninformed about the underlying reasons. Find the geocode of their nearest node to your residence, then sell your existing house and buy one that sits atop that GPS coordinate; then you'll have zero downtime between client server setup. All your issues will feel better in a jiffy! lol

  • unhappy

    by David Craig at 22:38 on 25 May 2010 Report abuse

    A couple of weeks ago I informed plusnet that my mum had passed away and asked them to give me a few days to get things sorted out on her plusnet account. They have done nothing but harassed me... phone calls, emails, letters - all over a £20 payment.
    Today they phoned up asking to speak to my mum? I told them again that she had passed away and asked for a manager to call me. I was not happy. They sent a further email today:

    email :
    “Dear Mrs X
    We emailed you recently to let you know that payment for your account was due on 11/05/2010.
    Because this payment has not yet been made, an administration fee of £5.76 will be charged on your next subscription payment.
    Also, any non-emergency calls you make will now be transferred through to Customer Services, who will be able to help you.
    Your incoming calls will not be affected.”

    I have now emailed them asking for the customer service director to give me a call.
    They are behaving like a bunch of mindless, heartless, disrespectful morons...

  • neutral

    by AK at 10:45 on 25 May 2010 Report abuse

    terrible, terrible service - it is a disgrace they dare call themselves 'an award winning broadband'. i am with them since 2007. the first two years were flawless and they were very helpful in arranging everything. 7 months ago they notified me that a faster speed was introduced in my area, and since then all i had was trouble. every 2-3 weeks the connection is lost; no internet for about a week, then comes back on again as if nothing happened. their tech support is a NIGHTMARE- despite the recurring nature of this problem they take ages to register a new fault, and take you through and endless list of tests - never mind that i performed these last time. then it takes them forever to start 'investigating'. by which time, the problem solves itself, they close the ticket, so in 2 weeks time when the same problem occurs, i have to start all over again. the speed is constantly dropping but they say its 'normal' because broadband can be affected by all sort of things, so they are lot liable.

    i waste hours on the phone each time the problem occurs; a wasted days when unable to work because of not having the internet (i work from home). avoid this 'award winning service', it is noting but trouble - no speed, no reliability, no proper customer service.

  • happy

    by Talsar at 16:28 on 21 May 2010 Report abuse

    I initially signed up as a contract'less customer (paid my own connection fee) to try their service, after 2 months, i was so pleased with their service, I opted to move onto a contract.

    In order to move onto contract i requested my connection fee back and a free wireless router (sold mine). Made £78 back from this.

    Speed?.... I am a non LLU customer on a BT Wholesale exchange, my speed is 6.5meg. It is constant, gaming is ace, I have no problems with lag in either MW2 or recently HALO:Reach. Tested a few times and my PING is 24 to 44ms at peak times - 8pm to 10pm. Downloading speeds are of course dependant on what time of the day/night you download, as they have a very advance and 'fair' traffic shaping policy (they dont hide this unlike some ISP).

    Basically 6pm to 12pm your speeds for downloading are 'capped' however all other times they are un-restricted. Unless you opt for the more expensive package. Lets be honest most of us either download late at night or during the day anyway... who wants a slow connection (downloading large files), when you are trying to use the net for entertainment.

    Would i recommend this ISP?

    i sure would.... highly recommend them, I left o2 to join them after o2 access (BT Wholesale package) went downhill faster then jill tumbling after jack!

  • neutral

    by Mathias Chubb at 22:03 on 20 May 2010 Report abuse

    Very frustrated at having slow speed for 2 months and it's still not fixed. The faults team took an age to take it seriously and now are refusing to progress the fault further just because in frustration I have requested a MAC code (not ordered a new isp just a code!) Not interested in fixing the fault, agressive customer service agents who are downright rude and who spout gobbledegook. Utter rubbish, I do not recommend.

  • unhappy

    by John Innes at 19:48 on 14 May 2010 Report abuse

    As soon as I complain to Plusnet about anything, my speed dimishes immediately. This has happened on 6 ocassions now. I complained that they did not answer my request to change my broadcast package despite repeated emails over 3 months. Five minutes later, my speed dropped by at least 40%. I have had more than enough, I'm outa here.

  • unhappy

    by Sian at 17:58 on 13 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    Terrible customer service. We've been with Plusnet for 6 years and about a year ago they rang us up to offer a new deal that would increase our internet speed, using a BT openreach modem along with the usual plusnet router. We recently started having troubles with connection drop out and after some agonising phone calls and weeks of trying to get them to do something about it, we got sent a test router to determine whether the faults were with the router or the line.

    The faults disappeared so we rang back to confirm it had been the router, and that we wanted a new one sent out in replacement after we sent back their test router (and the original if they so wished). After an hour on the phone, being passed back and forth and put on hold for at least 60% of that, of being told we had not been sent out original faulty router then, surprisingly, that we had, we were told that because we'd been with them for so long we could either pay to keep the test router or extend our contract from month to month to a twelve month, incorporating the cost of a new router into that payment scheme.

    I contested this to no avail, asking why they couldn't replace something that was faulty in the first place that they had sent, and was given the same options again. When I told them we would send back the test router and look to another company for a better package, there wasn't even any attempt made at swaying us from leaving.

    6 years of custom and they couldn't even send us a new router in exchange for their faulty one. Stay clear of Plusnet and if you're already with them, stay clear of their BTopenreach combined offer. Aside from slightly faster internet, it's been nothing but hassle.

  • unhappy

    by Amy Mallett at 17:26 on 29 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    My Plusnet broadband service was terrible - took 2 weeks to set up, then never worked for more than 10 minutes at a time. I explored every avenue under the sun, replaced all equipment my end, and gave them 2 months to fix the problem. After then being charged for excessive usage (how? it never worked???) I gave up and switched suppliers. To add insult to injury, they seem determined not to let me cancel my account unless I pay a £55 cancellation charge for a service I never ever fully received. They have been rude, aggressive and unreasonable on all accounts.

    Don't touch with a bargepole - if it looks too good to be true, it probably is!!!

  • happy

    by mymasundrie at 22:41 on 26 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    I think Plusnet has one of the best technical support in London and South Africa, the level of support is out of this world. I am glad to be part of the Plusnet family. You guys are the best. Both Customer services and technical support.

  • neutral

    by ian at 14:50 on 25 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    Just signed up to Plusnet with the 20Mb option. A day before delivery they informed me there was a problem and asked me to contact their support. I did so and no one had updated the order status so they couldn't tell me what the issue was. Given that they had asked me to contact them it was extremely irritating. To their credit someone did call me back 24 hours later and informed me that the exchange had run out of capacity for the 20Mb service but they could offer me 8Mb with unlimited download for the same price. I grudgingly accepted this with the caveat that as soon as 20Mb was available I would be put on it.
    Once again I was surprised when one of their support staff called me on a daily basis to update the status of my 8Mb order. It was delivered but on testing the speed it was a pitiful 0.5Mb. Called up support (again) and they said that I should let the router 'stabilise' over two/three days....sounded fishy but speed has steadily increased over last 12 hours to 2Mb. They also said that the 20Mb will be provisioned in 5-7 days with no loss of service.
    I actually think their support was pretty good but company was let down by bad communication initially and very poor initial speed.

  • happy

    by Daniel Flounders at 0:19 on 24 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    It surprises me that there is such variation from person to person regarding reviews.
    In fact people are so biased that these reviews are almost laughable.

    As an Systems Engineer which nearly 10 years in the trade, I can honestly say that whoever you decide as your ISP, at some point you will be horrified by the way you are treated. It may not be straight away but it will happen.

    I have the misfortune in dealing with ISPs on a regular basis and the sheer volume of incompetence is staggering.

    PlusNet, like ALL companies have there problems but if you think they are bad, just wait till you have to deal with companies such as TalkTalk who now own Tiscali and the UK division of AOL. There broadband performance and congestion is probably the worst inthe country and it makes sense considering they bought the just as bad Tiscali.

    So they offer bad performance at all times of the day, Indian call centres (as most ISPs do) bad customer support, long delays waiting for calls to be answered, incompetent staff.

    Another company with almost as disgraceful general performance is Orange, who after 3 years I have finally had enough.

    Trust me folks, I spend too many hours per week listening to clients complaining about TalkTalk and the budget ISPs. You really do get what you pay for.

    Not sure what the reviewer fuirther down has experienced, but I have rung PlusNet Tech Support and Customer Service and Sales last week and they were ALL english, in fact, one of the guys lives just a few mile away but works at PlusNet in Sheffield.

    Broadband performance with PlusNet so far, considering I'm on the cheap package, has been good. I can connect at 7.2Mb and can download during the day at around 5Mb and my ping times are around 55ms.

    When I left orange, my download rate was less than 1.5Mb, not even enough to stream iPlayer properly. my ping times were also 75ms on average.

    Furthermore, the guy moaning about PS3/XBOX on PlusNet, your talking rubbish.
    Something is not right with your line (external/internal) or your equipment.

    To make a point once again, you have no idea how bad some of the other providers are if you think PlusNet are a bad ISP.

  • unhappy

    by john at 3:29 on 16 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    crap service all round , slow connection (when you can get it) previously with AOL getting 6.5mb speeds (exchange only capable of around 7.5mb peak) ....

    first start up with plus net was great (for the first week) was getting 4.5mb , had to adjust the pre-set setting a little to get 6.5mb like previously with AOL . now 2-3 weeks into it all i get is 30 seconds of fast internet surfing , then 30 seconds of slowness then topping it off with disconnection . from there it will take around 20 minutes for the service to resume . then it all starts again . 30 seconds fast , 30 seconds slow and then disconnected again ...

    Finally , not compatable with gaming consoles like xbox,PS3 ect you have to set it up to work even slightly good . and even still on a night time where alot of people are playing it's impossible to get a reasonable enough connection for it to even be acceptable to call game playing ..

  • unhappy

    by Jon G at 15:43 on 10 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    Signed up last week online and had an online assistant to walk me through the process. They said how much better they were than companies like Tiscali. So easy to sign up!!! Well, after the sign up, I was sent a text about a problem with the MAC code (I'm a new house owner and am not even with anyone else) and I was asked to call them. Impossible to get through and just waiting there on a paid call. I've tried logging on and submitting 'questions' and have still not got any response about when it can be delivered and whether there is still a problem with a MAC code or tagging. I tried calling twice today and got the "high call volume" message "20 minute waiting time" message. At least with Tiscali I got through a lot quicker even though they didn't understand English so well.

  • neutral

    by Trevor at 11:18 on 1 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    Jesus, i'm looking for a new BB provider, saw Plusnet even spoke to them online, naturally they praised the service. Now reading reviews to hell with them. I will stick with AOL. 2 yrs of excellent unbroken service, very knowledgeable helpdesk ( In India but calls are free) and very very efficient. People, give AOL a try, very competent and never crashes and speeds are good.

  • unhappy

    by Mike at 23:12 on 28 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    Been with plusnet for about 3 months, line was installed very quickly, shame i cannot say the same for the speed. The line is capped from noon to midnight and so is totally useless. Expensive service which is only any use for 12 hours a day from midnight to noon.
    Do not move to plusnet if you want a usuable service in the evening

  • unhappy

    by John Woolmer at 22:20 on 27 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    Been with Plusnet for almost 2 years. Had few problems initially but last month my BB went down & when I contacted the Customer Service Team (English) I was told that there was nothing wrong with eiither my line or with my exchange as they had conducted a ping test to prove that my computer was the sole cause.
    Paid £120 for an engineer to check my machine and nothing was wrong with it: forced by Plusnet to agree to have to pay £140 to have my line checked should there be nothing wrong with it. Needless to say Plusnet refuse to compensate me - despite their completely wrong diagnosis, and then insist on lying and trying to twist the facts.
    A very disappointing and frustrating end to what had been a fair service - but I can't stand liars & cheats. Please be warned that neither their technical support nor their customer service (let alone their crap telephone connection at peak times) are to be trusted.

  • unhappy

    by Jon at 9:00 on 15 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    I have been with plusnet since the early force9 days. The service has always been good....until this year. 2009 has been an absolute nightmare with my speed on most days at 192kbs. I now have my MAC key and have signed up to O2 so all will move in a week or so. I absolutely would NOT recommend plusnet even to my worst enemy. Rubbish help desk, Rubbish connectivity, Rubbish line speed....in a word RUBBISH.

  • unhappy

    by diane at 21:11 on 12 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    been with plusnet for 6 months after having to change from virgin and they are rubbish: the speed is slow and the connection keeps dropping. rang the customer service and they just sent me three new routers. will be looking for a new provider soon - glad to get rid of them, just mad that i will have to pay them off if i want to go early for a non existant service. price isnt everything.

  • unhappy

    by Danny at 20:43 on 4 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    Changing to talktalk from PlusNet?
    My my, you are about to find out what it's like living with the worst provider ever, talk talk are not even on my consider list and never will be. Horrendous customer service, Horrendous network performance, Horrendous everything else. Trust me, I work with this crap all the time. Them and Tiscali should have won and aware for incompetence, though I think they are one and the same company these days....

  • neutral

    by Len at 15:31 on 3 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    Still getting no where with plusnet, the latest is that there could be rf interferance causing the problem! So I mailed them and said as a retired comms engineer I still had a spectron analizer (I do) - the rf noise floor is very low and there are no spikes on any frequency that would effect the correct working of my router. I have also checked my usage and I am well below my allowance, but I feel that it is a capacity problem on the network and plusnet are dropping speeds so the network does not overload and grind to a stop.

    It would appear to me that plusnet are a victim of thier own success, and now have too many customers. It is very much like the problems I and other friends started to have when we were on Tiscali and they were offering knock down prices.
    The problem is who do you go to? I feel the whole broadband network is comming very close to meltdown unless the company that pulls all the strings, YES BT start upgrading in partnership with the other ISP companies and fast!. What is they say? "mark my words" I wonder what odds you would get a a book maker?

  • neutral

    by Len at 21:07 on 29 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    I have been with Plusnet for just two years and at first it was great when compaire to Tisacli, but now the customer service has gone down hill, I have been having speed problems, they blamed it on my router a BT Voyager, and said they would replace it if I agreed to stay with them for another year, I did but the new router never arrived. and my speed went back up to 2772KPS (BT say my line will support 3 meg plus but I have never seen that) The fault re appeared this time my line speed droped below dialup!
    Plusnet said the same thing my problem was the router, I changed it for a brandnew Voyager I had., but the speed was the same , I contact support by phone and told them about the router they said the problem was the Exchange and not my router! A day later my line speed went back up. Now three weeks later it has happened again,
    this time I emailed the fault through, told them I had done all the tests, the reply came back from the MADASAFISH fault center, Hang on a minute I thought I was with Plusnet! Madasafish told me to check my router, wiring etc etc. They DID not read my mail if they had they would have seen I had done all that.
    I am not a dummy but a retired Comms engineer with a degree so I think I know what I am doing. But as for Plusnet I thinkl it is fast becoming a second rate ISP.

  • neutral

    by Wills at 13:23 on 15 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    Been with plusnet over 2 yrs. happy initially but since moving house 6 months ago service has detiorated
    and seriuosly thinking of changing to talktalk.

  • unhappy

    by Will at 13:15 on 10 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    'plusnet' are so slow! My broadband takes 20 minutes to download a 4.3meg file. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I am angry and am going to persuade my dad to change our bb to talktalk.

  • neutral

    by Dave at 8:59 on 10 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    Ive been with plusnet for years. I have multiple accounts with them that i pay for, personal and business.

    However since they have ben bought out by BT they are nothing short of a disgrace and i will be canecelling all my contracts accordingly. Speed issues are IGNORED, customer service has become evasive and woeful, whereby it used to be efficient.

    One can only imagine that BT have added their own special brand of customer service to Plusnet. Ive worked in IT for 18 years and have seen the service degrade rapidily over the past 18 months. The attitude of staff is appalling and they really do not give a damn about anything you say or try to inform them. merely go through robotic checks.
    Access to accounts on behalf of my clients has become horrendous.

    So im about to cancel three personal accounts and over 30 business accounts.

    Terrible ! shocking service !


  • unhappy

    by Scott at 14:56 on 8 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    I had been with Plus Net for over 6 years. Joined originally as it was a high quality service, with excellent technical support. Since they got bought over by BT a few years ago, the quality of service is absolutely awful. Not only has the customer service level gone through the floor, but the speed and consistency of the line is now terrible. They went from an excellent, higher cost, but still value for money ISP, to a low cost ISP for people who don't know any better. If you value a good internet connection, go to somewhere else!

  • neutral

    by Peter at 10:47 on 29 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    I've switched from Tiscali to PlusNet to get a static ip address. After getting 3MB from tiscali I am stuck with a rubish 1MB with PlusNet. I opted for the unlimited service but now I can't play online games or watch BBC iPlayer. Terrible service but I did get my static IP although with these speeds it is useless.

  • happy

    by tom at 0:36 on 29 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    we have changed to plusnet after 2 crap years with tiscali. i live in a village north yorkshire and plus very competative halo 3 games and plusnet has been brilliant so far.

  • unhappy

    by tom at 0:41 on 9 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    just been connected and completly garbage speeds, i suppose to get 6 mbps ( 8 max ), but only gettin just under 2, i play on my ps3 with fifa 09 and every damn game is just laggy as hell, wtf is wrong with this service?

    You put up all the deals on ur site sayin excellent broadband, but its not the truth, you bunch of cons, thats how you get ur 18 month cantracts so u can gain a crap load of money off people and give them a crap service. that way you gain money and make million pounds of profit out of it, just complete garbage, they must of rated there selves in customer service and broadband to get good reviews on the internet.

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