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  • neutral

    by bob mathewson at 14:27 on 5 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    Azi how right you are, they tell me that my usage is correct then today I get an email to say that it was incorrect, that I was using my internet when I was in spain on holiday and that some-one may have entered my house and switched on my router or plugged in another router and used my broadband or some-one may have logged in wirlessly from outside my house, I cant get wireless in my house so what chance has anyone outwith my house got in getting a wireless connection, they really are the pits, they make up things as they go along they are always very economical with the truth, they seem to have a wish to get rid of customers, they discuss private tickets in public against the data protection acts and they actually think its you thats the problem, lets face it Plusnet sucks.

  • unhappy

    by Azi at 14:17 on 5 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    Oh, there is a happy ending to my story with Plusnet that I wanted to share with you.. I am delighted to say that they completely incompetently and mistakenly decided that I have been with them for more than a year, so apparently I can get out of my contract with them whenever I want, no problem! Abysmal disorganisation that is clearly not just hurting Plusnet's customers, but Plusnet itself as well!
    Fantastic stuff really... So I am changing my suggestion here: If a supplier that doesn't know whether they are coming or going, who can't organise a piss-up in a brewery and who isn't able to get their accounts in order is right for you, then look no further!

  • unhappy

    by bob Mathewson at 14:16 on 5 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    so why has this person got hold of information which was given to you on a ticket do you discuss tickets with members of the public you must have done for this information to appear on this site through P manchester, and also let me remind you that you stated that you would not respond further in this forum to me so much for you keeping your word.
    you are breaching the data protection laws and now i will lodge a formal complaint with the proper authorities you are not getting away with this.

  • Bob Pullen

    by Bob Pullen at 13:17 on 5 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    Bob, Peter does not work for us and neither has he access to your account. I've replied to your open support ticket about usage whilst you were in Spain. If you would like to discuss your experiences with other Plusnet customers then may I recommend posting over on our discussion forums - http://community.plus.net/forum/index.php


    Bob Pullen
    Plusnet Digital Care.

  • neutral

    by bob Mathewsom at 8:53 on 5 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    P Merseyside, you are using information given on a ticket to Plusnet and placing this information on a public platform just the same as your colleague Bob Pullem, you are not entitled to refer to any information given to Plusnet which is confidential and between me and Plusnet , who gives you the right to comment on any contents of Plusnet tickets on a public forum ?? this just shows complete and utter disregard for customers rights and privacy, you can make general comments or discuss issues that a customer has decided to put on a public platform but you are not at liberty to take what I am saying privately to Plusnet and place it on this site without prior permission .
    just sums Plusnet up really. I would warn other disgruntled Plusnet customers that their confidential serbice ticket comments may end up here without your permission.

  • neutral

    by Bob M at 8:33 on 5 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    P merseyside, Yes I am in scotland and we get BBC scotland the point here is the broadband usage if its not being used when Plusnet say it is then there is something far wrong you obviously work for Plusnet as you seem to know more about Plusnet that the average person. my router is secure so what you are suggesting re neighbour or I player is just simply claptrap if you dont know the facts then dont comment. futhermore Plusnet claims usage when I was in spain and my router switched off so since you assume everything please assume how this can possbly happen, and give us another biased Plusnet answer. I would also like to know if any other Plusnet customers reading this has had the same type of problem.

  • neutral

    by Peter on Merseyside at 7:08 on 5 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    Couldn't resist commenting for Bob P and Bob M, but I wonder if someone else was watching the Scottish football on BBC iPlayer (assuming it was available live) because otherwise one would have to be in Scotland to watch it on Freeview... Maybe Bob M is in Scotland, or could have Sky/ FreeSat and watched BBC 1 Scotland, but with that usage at that time, it could have been some video being viewed (and if not by Bob M, maybe a [teenage] neighbour if his Wi-Fi is not encrypted.

    OK, mere speculation, but it does seem a major coincidence for heavy traffic just when the football was on (presumably the 1300 figure is for 1200-1300, and so on)

  • Bob Pullen

    by Bob Pullen at 14:54 on 4 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    Sorry you feel it's come to that Bob.

    No, I didn't say my reply wasn't confusing. On the contrary, it clearly was if you didn't understand it which was why I tried to explain it to you in clearer terms.

    I can assure you, that after a decade working for Plusnet I know plenty about the things I'm explaining. I'm not here to argue though, and neither do I want to. All I've tried to do is help you by providing information that I hoped would assist you in identifying what was generating the traffic against your account on Saturday.

    I've been pretty selective with the data I shared to ensure it's not sensitive to you, apologies again if I've failed in that respect.

    I'll refrain from entering into any further discussion with you here so if you do need to contact me then please do so via the ticketing system/help assistant available via our website.


    Bob Pullen
    Plusnet Digital Care.

  • neutral

    by bob mathewson at 12:11 on 4 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    re Bob Pullen. I refer to your previous statement regarding certain aspects of my Plusnet account
    This statement made on a public platform may amount a breach of data protection law,


  • neutral

    by bob mathewson at 12:00 on 4 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    Bob Pullen , are you trying to say that your reply to me was not confusing !! you work with Plusnet and you dont appear to know anything about the things you are trying to explain do you think its ok just to show graphs/ figures without explaining exactly what they mean or are Plusnet customers just supposed to know what these are supposed to mean given your own confusion as you tried to explain. as for the claim of downloads and uploads as per your claim for the sat, I can catagoricaly state that I did not download or upload anything through plusnet at the times stated ie 13.00 and also 14.00 I have no knowledge of who or what was responsible an with all due repspet to yourself I would not just accept anything that Plusnet would say due to my previous experiences so I have therfore requested a Mac code as I am definately leaving Plusnet the sooner the better.

  • Bob Pullen

    by Bob Pullen at 10:28 on 4 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    Sorry Bob.

    Needless to say I haven't ever been a politician and I'm sorry that my efforts to explain things appear to have been wasted :( I don't know which way round the systems are because I don't use them on a daily basis. I was just trying to explain where the confusion may have been born from.

    Anyway, the numbers show the hour of the day on Saturday, followed by the amount you uploaded and the amount you downloaded that hour. To save you having to interpret the figures, most of your usage that day came from activity on your connection between 1pm and 3pm. I have checked our back-end systems and am confident the figures are accurate.

    To summarise:

    - You have not been charged anything extra for usage.
    - Your account is configured to prevent this happening irrespective as to what is displayed in various systems/our website.
    - You account is heavily restricted until your billing date as per the information here: http://www.plus.net/support/broadband/usage/vmbu.shtml#controlUsage

    @William, thanks. The IP Profile is set by BT Wholesale's dynamic line management systems, although we do have a profile our side too (we align it with BT's though). The BT Wholesale availability checker gives you a speed range between 3.5Mbps-7Mbps so I agree things /should/ be much quicker than they are. I've just checked over things this side and I suspect you'll be pleasantly surprised if you try running another speedtest ;-)

  • neutral

    by william smith at 23:00 on 3 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    Bob, my fault ticket is 62321261, speed is massively lower than the line supports, for some reason the IP profile is only 1mbps, I believe this is the problem. Is this limit set by Plusnet? if so why have you set it so low, when I was promised speeds between 3.5 and 7 mbps. Plusnet are arranging for the line to be reset, however there is absolutely no change as yet.I would be very grateful if you could help fix this.

  • neutral

    by bob mathewson at 18:14 on 3 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    with all due respect to Bob Pullen (previously earned) not being albert einstein I am wasting my time trying to decipher your explanation, no doubt other readers will come to the same conclusion as me , can I just ask if you have ever been a politician ? its little wonder that you cant remember which way round things go so please spare a thought for joe bloggs , I dont think its me but I would understand Chinese as much as I understand your response, your list of numbers mean zero to me and not much to any other layman
    no doubt its makes perfect sense to Plusnet employees because lets face it they do come out with some crackers 'its the way they tell them' , ( keep them confused ) should be the Plusnet motto. thanks for your help in the past

  • Bob Pullen

    by Bob Pullen at 17:29 on 3 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    @Azi, sorry you've had a hard time with our ticketing system (by the sound of things). Have you tried giving us a call? If you've a recent support ticket reference you can provide and a little background surrounding whatever problem you're having then I'll happily see what I can do to help?

    @Rod, I'd like to look into that if I may because the application of 'call barring' is an automated process and should only be applied after 14 days of non-payment. If that's not what happened then something's wrong. I'd need a support ticket reference or your account username though before I'll be in a position to do this.

    @william smith, the speed you should be able to achieve should be akin to what the BT Wholesale Availability Checker here tells you - http://www.dslchecker.bt.com/adsl/adslchecker.welcome
    If it's not then again, UI don't mind taking a look to see if there's anything I can do to help but I'd need some means of identifying your account?

    Bob, with the utmost respect I can't rerally see how we've made a mess of anything on this occasion? Your account is configured to avoid you being charged for extra usage. The £0 vs. £6.49 debate is simply down to the way our systems display the data. Our website shows the *extra* the system will allow you to spend whereas our internal systems show the *total* (or vice versa, I forget which way round it is off the top of my head). Ignoring the discount I've applied to your account your subscription is £6.49/mnth which is where the confusion's come from. Just to be clear though, you *haven't* been charged anything for additional usage. Your account /is/ heavily restricted for reaching the included allowance though. I've queried our RADIUS accounting servers and your usage on Saturday broken into upload/download per hour is below. Having looked into it I've no reason at all to doubt the accuracy of this data. Hopefully it helps ascertain when during the day the data was transferred though:

    Hour Upload (MB) Downloaded (MB)
    0 2.1986 23.8923
    1 14.7328 11.5361
    2 0.0364 0.0993
    3 0.0153 0.1915
    4 0.0170 0.1730
    5 0.0079 0.0117
    6 0.0042 0.0102
    7 0.0034 0.0044
    8 1.1105 7.1506
    9 0.2901 2.1914
    10 1.0303 6.4954
    11 2.4821 15.7389
    12 0.3108 0.2277
    13 6.4764 351.7770
    14 9.6097 383.8028
    15 1.5979 10.5830
    16 0.5553 0.4792
    17 4.0436 53.6666
    18 1.8270 62.5674
    19 1.4264 9.6017
    20 0.7530 2.3322
    21 1.2901 42.0787
    22 0.5912 3.8686
    23 1.7416 68.1000

    Best regards,

    Bob Pullen
    Plusnet Digital Care.

  • neutral

    by bob mathewson at 14:55 on 3 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    just had a response from plusnet, I put a £0 limit on my broadband usage Plusnet say this is £6.49 now I feel so stupid that I dont understand the difference between £0 or £6.49 as Plusnet say ' there is no difference they are the same' they have also said that I was downloading on sat 1st Dec when I was not downloading anything I was watching the Scottish cup tie. now my download has been reached today without downloading anything this is unbelievable they pertain to resolve matters then once you agree you get another kick in the face well enough is enough I'm going elsewhere as I am not putting up with these rediculous statements any longer they dont deserve my trade. Bob Pullen sorts things out for you and then some-one else makes another mess of it.

  • neutral

    by bob mathewson at 10:47 on 3 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    well they are at the capers again seems that my usage has went up to my highest ever since accepting half price broadband, also having set my broadband over contract limit to £0, i have now had a ticket answer that my limit is set to £6.49 which is completely wrong,
    so I consider my deal with Bob Pullen to accept half price broadband null and void. I have used broadband for the best part of 20 years and have NEVER came close to paying for over usage. why is it that Plusnet seem to like upsetting people. I am certainly not paying for over use when I have set a limit of £0 I would just not give Plusnet the satisfaction of charging extra for something that my set limit shows I dont want.

  • unhappy

    by william smith at 19:32 on 2 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    I recently joined plusnet from Orange, the reason being promises of higher speed, however my speed with plusnet is 0.93 mbps, less than half the speed of Orange.
    I have been dealing with plusnet now for 3 weeks and I have no faith in them being able to fix the problem, I am calling every 3 days or so and getting nowhere I am just told they are trying something different and to wait another 3 days.
    My reason for writing this is because I am now in a 12 month contract that will incur financial penalties to get out of, I really regret signing up with plusnet and in hindsight would not have done so, I firmly believe that they have no intention of supplying the speed s that they promised.

  • neutral

    by Rod at 8:54 on 2 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    Had great service from Plusnet UNTIL - I had a direct debit fail (my fault), their website took me to a payment page which wouldn't accept payments and indicated that I need do nothing as the payment would automatically be re-processed and the service would continue.

    Two weeks later on and the payment still hasn't been taken, the service is cut off (BB & phone), I telephone the support line and was told I'd been cut off because the payment still hadn't been taken but their system was showing as "in progress". Amazingly, according to my bank the payment was taken that same day but I had to wait another day before the service was restored.

    Now, at the end of the following month they've charged me a "call barring" fee - I raised a support ticket about it and their reply was "because the payment was more than 14 days overdue they placed a restriction on the line and they have to pay a restriction removal charge from their supplier which is passed on to the customer", hold on, payment was taken ON the 14th day, "sorry, but it won't be processed by us until the following day!"

    They refuse to waive the charge of just under £6 so they're losing two monthly account which gets them £60+ per month.

  • unhappy

    by Azi at 13:22 on 1 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    Plusnet have shown to have the most horrible customer service processes and people. It is impossible to talk to them, and they will refuse to support you using a pseudo-polite language. They are unreliable and could really not care less how much you try to resolve an issue with them. For them each iteration of a discussion is treated as a new Query, with a completely disjointed approach. Given the importance of the service they are supposedly offering, I cannot think of a more infuriating company out there. My advice is to avoid them at all cost. Anyone but plusnet, at any cost.

  • Bob Pullen

    by Bob Pullen at 15:38 on 27 Nov 2012 Report abuse


    Sorry to hear of your problems. Should your land-line ever go down, you can call us from wherever. If calling from a mobile we've even an 03 number that you can use your inclusive minutes with. Details here - http://www.plus.net/support/customer_service/contact_us/contact_details.shtml

    If 60GB isn't sufficient then we do offer a non-advertised 120GB alternative. Don't forget that usage between Midnight and 8.00am isn't accounted for too. There's more details about this package over at trials.plus.net.

    Best regards,

    Bob Pullen
    Plusnet Digital Care.

  • happy

    by Peter on Merseysie at 12:25 on 26 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    @Martian - surely you and everyone in where you live should ask your MP to see why Openreach will not sort out your exchange - it could be a matter of life or death if someone (with no mobile) had a heart attack in the night and the landlines were all down.

    As for PlusNet and their usage allowance, you can set a limit of 0 pounds on the control panel, so if you do 'go over' you don't get charged anything extra (you are slowed down to 128 kbps which means you can still use the web).

    Most ISPs offering 'unlimited' internet use actually have an unwritten limit. They use the term 'Fair Usage Policy' and if you exceed it, they can charge you extra or slow your connection, or ask you to leave. If you look in the terms and conditions for Tesco broadband it gives them the right to charge you extra but is unclear what they can charge.

    Some of the others which offer 'unlimited' are the companies where you have to take line rental with them and they have their own equipment at the exchange. It's called LLU (local line unbundling).

    However, not everywhere has their equipment installed, and if not, the ISPs use the Openreach ADSL service, so get charged by how much data is transferred. Sky, Virgin, and others will offer service, using Openreach kit, but you pay much more than their best deals that get promoted on TV etc because they are paying Openreach out of what you pay them.

  • neutral

    by bob mathewson at 8:58 on 26 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    re Vicky, put your trust in Bob Pullen , he has earned my respect by resolving issues for me, the problems that I had magically disappeared the last time open reach inspected my line etc and found no fault ! as long as I am getting working broadband and phone I have no problem but still feel let down by the abysmal service that I had to put up with during reporting the faults.

  • neutral

    by Martian at 14:55 on 23 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    I have been disappointed with Plus.nets reaction to a problem I have with my line and broadband. I live in a very rural location in a block of flats. The telephone exchange is approximately 75 metres from my home. My neighbours (BT customers) and I have big problems with the equipment in the exchange going down and staying down for hours.

    We have even talked to the engineers that visit the exchange who have told us the walls are dripping with condensation and BT will not pay to have equipment replaced which has intermittent faults. When it goes down we have no phone or internet. I have to rely on my neighbours who are BT customers to report the fault. It then takes about 3 hours before they reboot the equipment.

    I have talked to Plus.net support to see if they can put any pressure on BT. Unfortunately I have been told that all I can do is phone plus.net support from my land line when it is down so it can be tested. Great, since my phone is down that is particularly useless.

    Other days we just get endless disconnections, which is very annoying. I have constant static on the line caused by the damp too.

    I also am wondering why Plus.net does not other unlimited internet? The two packages 10GB (useless if you want updates) or 60GB with whooping penalties if you go over. I might well swap to another supplier as nowadays with smart TV's and internet movie streaming it seems a little out of touch with customers needs.

  • Bob Pullen

    by Bob Pullen at 14:17 on 23 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    @Vicki, you've reported this to our helpdesk I presume? It sounds to me like you've a physical fault affecting your line. If you can provide me with a support ticket reference or your account username then I'll happily take a look and see if there's anything I can do to help?

    Best regards,

    Bob Pullen
    Plusnet Digital Care.

  • unhappy

    by Vicki at 14:44 on 22 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    I regret ever signing to plus net, my Internet speed is a whopping 0.25mbps, can't use the telephone because you can't hear people properly, can't use the wifi on my phone and it's takes bout 2 hrs to download 1 programme off sky on demand, worse thing I ever did was join plusnet even my kids have to go to the library and use the Internet there to do homework, waste of my hard earned cash..gutted..

  • neutral

    by bob mathewson at 14:10 on 14 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Many thanks to Bob Pullen for resolving my issues with Plusnet, P Merseyside should be aware that if a person is so annoyed with their ISP ( mines is Plusnet) that it would be normal to state facts so that other people can judge for themselves whether or not that service provider is for them, since you obviously have a vested interest in Plusnet as you have previously stated then I dont think you have the right to insinuate that others are simply throwing mud or employed by other isps. your rantings are just that.

  • neutral

    by Peter on Merseyside at 19:12 on 13 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Forgot to add (for GVS) a question...

    Which ISP do you use now ? Only asking because if you're convinced PlusNet is a 'bad one' it might be of interest to see how the one you do use compares... No need to respond, if you don't want to, but given the anonymity of the internet, you might work for a rival ISP and be happy to just sling mud (just a possibility, and I am not accusing in case you get annoyed!)

  • happy

    by Peter on Merseyside at 19:06 on 13 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Have to say I've not been with PN for a decade (yet) as a customer, but have to say that many of the people I recommended PN to have remained {and because of the referral scheme it has saved me about 400 quid over the years, and that's quite a lot of 50p or (worse) 25p amounts}.

    @GVS - I chose PlusNet after also using Freeserve (aka Wanadoo and now Orange or EE) and Eclipse and a few others. If you've had poor service, it is likely to be the exception rather than the rule {and when it comes to 'comments' 'reviews' and other methods of reporting views, it's bound to be the case those who are unhappy comment everywhere they can, to spread 'mud' around and hope some of it sticks).

    Finally, I'd hardly recommend it to my sister, my friends, and my clients, if I didn't have some faith in the firm, even though I don't agree with all their policies (as discussed elsewhere). I am really and truly, just a happy customer (which goes against my 'grumpy old man' image after near 35 years in IT).

    Bob Pullen and his colleagues do 'pull out the stops' as far as the company allows.

    They cannot keep all the customers happy all the time, but try their hardest to do so.


  • Bob Pullen

    by Bob Pullen at 16:51 on 13 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    @GVS, are you a customer and if so anything I can help with?

    The nature of sites like this is that people come here to complain. It's the same with pretty much any ISP. I like to think we're fair pretty favourably in comparison to others though.

    I'll admit, we do make mistakes but we must be doing /something/ right to continue receiving awards for our service - http://www.plus.net/residential/awards.shtml

    We managed to bag another last week too - http://community.plus.net/blog/2012/11/09/best-broadband-supplier-of-the-year-its-award-time-again/

    I'd like to think during my decade with the company that we haven't lost our roots ;)

    I'd strongly urge anybody having problems to check out some of the other avenues of support we offer, such as our Twitter feed, or Community Discussion forums. There's staff and fellow customers alike who roam those parts and are always willing to lend a helping hand.


    Best regards,

    Bob Pullen
    Plusnet Digital Care

  • unhappy

    by GVS at 16:17 on 13 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    As with every company that forgets its roots it fails customers to concentrate on increasing customer base. Plusnet is exactly that, a failure. 1 guys attempts at rectifying many wrongs just seems a little too late for the many complaints before. Keep away from Plusnet, the only plus is not using then to begin with

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