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  • unhappy

    by David at 20:59 on 1 Dec 2016 Report abuse

    OH what a mistake I've made leaving BT after 9 years. Been signed up for over a week and still don't have any internet. Their so called customer service is NON EXISTANT!!! I could go on with the appalling service but to long and actually too unbelievable. Take my advice, do NOT sign up with this joke of a company who actually ( I found out later) use talk talk who are only marginally worse than the Post office. When are the authorities gonna close down the P.O. Broadband... Unfit for purpose.

  • neutral

    by steve jarvis at 21:04 on 2 Nov 2016 Report abuse

    Its amazing that this awful company are still getting such bad reviews and giving such awful service over 4 years since I left them. Nobody should ever consider using this company for Broadband, I dont think they will ever learn and offer good customer service.

  • unhappy

    by Kev at 19:20 on 1 Nov 2016 Report abuse

    Absolute disgrace..!!
    Phoned up to cancel my mum’s account after she had been in hospital for 5 months following a brain cancer operation.
    Supervisor I spoke to - "Shaun Brooks" wouldn’t make any changes to the £37 a month account (that hasn’t been used for 5 months) until he spoke to a cancer doctor at the hospital.

  • unhappy

    by Glenn Mason-Wenn at 18:31 on 24 Aug 2016 Report abuse

    I signed online for Post office broadband and telephone package, the online form said I would be connected for both services on 17/08/2016, I phoned them to be sure their would be no break in my broadband service during this process, received a letter from post office about 1 week later with details my Broadband would be connected 01/09/2016, phoned and asked why, and was told equipment in my exchange was old and needed updating hence the delay.
    This is my complaint to them on what happened on 23/08/2016:

    Called you today ( Call 1) asking when they were sending my router, I was told my broadband had been cancelled, I asked why and they said Fleur telecom had refused the transfer, and told me I would have to ask Fleur telecom for a Cease re apply again for broadband and then the Post office could ask again for the transfer, I asked why I had not been informed of the cancellation and they said it was a glitch in their system and it happens quite often and customers are not notified when this happens, agent told me they could not transfer the broadband because there was not a Cease on the line and suggested I call Fleur Telecom and put a Cease on the broadband, then disconnected the call.

    I called Fleur telecom they said they had never refused to transfer the line, and as requested I asked for a cease to be put in place, (Call 2) called the Post office again (different agent) and told them I had put a cease on my broadband as requested by previous agent, your agent then said they could not transfer my broadband now because there was a cease was on the line and I needed to remove it so they could do a line takeover, and this cannot be done with a cease on the line, then disconnected the call.

    I called fleur and had the Cease removed, called the post office (Call 3) back and they said that they could not transfer my line because there was not a cease on the line, and told me to put a cease back on the broadband.

    I called Fleur telecom again and put a cease back on the line, called the post office (Call 4) then said they still could not switch over my broadband until my broadband stopped working and then I would have to re submit my application after this date and wait an indefinite time for connection.

    Fleur Telecom said they will terminate my connection when the Post Office request to take over the line, your agent said the Post Office will only start a process to take over the line when Fleur terminate my connection.

    I asked you agent how I could complete the transfer as no party will do anything until the other party starts the process and he could not give me an answer.

    I asked if I could cancel the complete package and they refused as they said I was in a 18 month contract with the telephone, I told them the service offered was a package and you have failed to supply the complete package and cancelled the broadband without my knowledge and had no intention of informing me.

    I was told I was now locked in the 18 month contract even though you failed to supply my Broadband and are completely clueless on how I can resolve this issue, one agent even suggested I go to another supplier and pay for a Fibre connection.

    What should have been a seamless transfer has turned into a complete shambles with your agents giving totally useless and contradicting advice except for the one agent who suggested I get a Fibre connection from another company.

    You have been warned the post office only want your telephone line and have no intention of providing you with the free 12 month broadband offer.

  • unhappy

    by Louise lynn at 8:34 on 19 Aug 2016 Report abuse

    I have been with the po and live for only 4 days now I can't plug my phone and Internet in as there is no signal coming down the phone, Sky confirmed this when I rang after day one to sign up with them instead , I have had five phone calls so far with the po they say I have a line but I don't , there was nothing said about them trying to fix it apart from just plug your data into the data slot on your box! Which I did and it worked! So that just goes to prove my line isn't working, I told them this but they're reply "you definitely have a line???
    I wouldn't waste your time , energy or money on this cheap broadband , if I am searching on google or click on a link it won't let me so I have to turn my wifi off and use my mobile data , I'm going to be disconnecting soon and if they expect me to pay for they're shoddy service and they're magical working line they're wrong!! Watch out !

  • unhappy

    by SmartWatcher at 9:11 on 16 Jul 2016 Report abuse

    It’s never the Post Office’s fault, is it ?
    A few months ago my Post Office broadband service was up and down like a yo-yo. Customer Service (LOL) blamed the phone connection, my router, my wireless software, the position of my computer, the thickness of the walls, you name it. In the end it turned out to be a nationwide problem with BT servers, and was featured on the TV news. Fat lot the Post Office staff knew.
    Having improved after the BT failure, the service is now dropping out on almost a daily basis for short periods, every time it rains heavily – and it’s being doing a lot of that lately. When I first reported it, the filters were blamed and I was talked into buying two new ones. I changed them – no improvement. When things got better for a short time, I put the old filters back and the service was fine – I’ve kept them in. Then I began to get static on the home phone service as well. After a month or so that disappeared, but the drop-outs continue in wet weather. If I had to rely on the PO for 100% broadband service, I would have abandoned them long ago.

  • unhappy

    by Matthew Thompson at 12:34 on 3 Jul 2016 Report abuse

    I've Been With The Post office for 9 Years God Know Why As The Highest Speed I've Had as Been 5 mbs but must of the Time 0.8mbs.Ive Had Broadband And Phone line Engineers And Both Say It's The Router Or Internet Provider Bought All Brand New Routers/Wires etc And Still Very Very Poor When The Router is on With The Phone Is Always Disconnects and crackles To Speak to someone on the phone u have to Switch It Router off to stop the Crackling Anyone Thinking Of Joining This Provider Just Coz It's Cheap PLZ PLZ DONTIF I WAS A FORTUNE TELLER I CAN SEE THE POSTOFFICE OUT OF BUSSINESS IN THE NEXT YEAR.Ive Now Joined Bt and for a Extra £12 it's Worth It.

  • unhappy

    by gerald levy at 12:52 on 16 May 2016 Report abuse

    Quick update on my last post. All attempts to sort out the broadband mess failed, so I raised a complaint through the ombudsman service who found in my favour, after 3 months of agro the post office had no choice and paid a full refund. What a shower!

  • unhappy

    by Angry Customer #56654654646 at 20:28 on 15 May 2016 Report abuse

    what an absolute JOKE

    45 minute phonecalls where the advisor actually told me that the routers are aweful and that i should buy my own.
    suffice to say i'm leaving your shoddy service less than 1 week after i joined.

    absolute JOKE of a company

  • unhappy

    by James Ressel at 14:01 on 21 Mar 2016 Report abuse

    Avoid this provider at all costs. The speed is consistently slow, the company does not reply to correspondence or complaints and fails to resolve technical matters. It provides defective hardware. It takes money from your account without explanation and fails to repay.
    We have now changed to a company that provides the promised speed and reliability, is always available on the phone and by email to answer any questions and all within the agreed price.
    The PO has ignored the fact that we have closed our account and keeps on sending bills for service it has not provided and now has instructed debt collectors to harass us for money that it is not owed.
    The PO customer care is non-existent and incapable of actually speaking with customers in a reasonable, effective and courteous manner. It produces inaccurate bills and keeps on sending bills weeks after we had moved our account elsewhere. It provides defective routers and then asks you to pay for the defects.
    In short this provider is nothing but hassle to deal with, it is unreliable and untrustworthy.
    If you want to avoid troubles and want speedy reliable and inexpensive internet connection and courteous customer service do not go to the Post Office.

  • unhappy

    by cihan at 13:47 on 4 Mar 2016 Report abuse

    PO broadband? what a joke! its been over a month since i have joined them. going live date has passed over a month now, yet i still don't have internet. all am getting is apologies from random people, i don't want random apologising, i want you to cancel my agreement and pay me for wasting my mobile data!

  • unhappy

    by Simon Laughton at 10:21 on 2 Feb 2016 Report abuse

    Joined PO Broadband service Oct 26 2015 after an acceptable service from Plusnet. Speed has been a problem ever since with speeds often below 2Mps and even less at peak times. The help desk have always been extremely helpful but, after 3 months (and at lest 5 long telephone calls) eventually said that they could not improve my speed! At one point they asked me to monitor speed and pings through my Command prompt via "tracert www.speedtest.btwholesale.com". - It often timed out before any results! I told them that I would need to change suppliers as they consistently supplied unacceptable speeds. I am awaiting confirmation that I will get the advanced rental back (or at least the unexpired part) and no early termination charge (ETC). Helpdesk thought that I would get the advanced line rental back but could not confirm ETC as their systems were down! I confirmed my dissatisfaction to the online customer support - received auto reply saying someone would get in touch - they didn't. Have now received letter with ETC estimate of £135.71 - no mention of line rental. Have filed complaint to ombudsman, POffice CEO and MD and Head of Operations and awaiting outcome........ If only I could talk to a human being with authority and understanding.

    I would suggest that you look long and hard before joining what appears to be one of the cheapest Broadbands on the market - if it doesn't work properly it's arguably the most expensive!

  • neutral

    by stmartinsdiver at 9:49 on 16 Jan 2016 Report abuse

    After being a Post Office Broadband customer for nearly 10 years we finally parted company with them last October. Although the broadband was generally ok after going through a very bad period when they switched to Talk Talk for their support things settled down apart from the billing issues we had with them. They never did get the accounts correct after their change to Talk Talk and and getting through to their help desk still necessitated a long wait - my mother is still with the Post Office and it took them 20 minutes to answer a call earlier this week so that still appears to be an issue. On the plus side, their charges are very competitive and their help desk is now UK based so when you do eventually get an answer the staff are polite and helpful. We moved to BT and it's so nice having correct online accounting for the first time in years and the broadband service is the same of course as it's the same physical line and exchange. We're also paying less - albeit only for the first year so we'll switch to Plusnet at the end of twelve months as the downsides to BT are higher costs and a foreign help desk. If you join the Post Office and have no problems you will be probably be a happy customer, but if you experience technical or accounting problems you may well be driven to distraction and choose to vote with your feet.We never had any problems with our phone service so cannot comment on that, but our switch to BT was problematic with both parties blaming the other for us being without a broadband service for nearly a week despite the fact we made all the relevant notifications a month in advance.

  • unhappy

    by Gerald Levy at 0:30 on 8 Jan 2016 Report abuse

    This is by far the worst buying experience ever. After failing to provide me with a usable service (250 kbps) the PO offered to cancel my contract (after contacting OFCOM). Since then I have had 14 letters and phone calls back and forth trying to get a refund of 12 months line rental plus other costs They offered to refund it to my bank, but took money out instead, I got a letter saying if I took it to any post office I would get cash, but when I tried the letter had been cancelled (forgot to tell me). . Every call and letter has been polite, but they seem not to understand their own system. This has been going on for four months. I sort of decided to write off the £150 owed to me but I am going to take them to a small claims court. Avoid the PO broadband at all costs

  • unhappy

    by emma at 11:37 on 12 Nov 2015 Report abuse

    Worst Broadband service ever, my now box buffered constantly and couldnt watch anything on it had to pause constantly, and it needs only 2.5 to run it so my broadband spped must've been like 1! Utter worst I was with them only 3mths and left to go to plusnet. Would never recommend post office only choose them as I got free line connection with them. Poor poor poor don't go with them.

  • neutral

    by ronald.jones at 14:26 on 27 Dec 2013 Report abuse

    i have been with the post office.for 3 years .never had a problem .. my broard band is verry fast .and it has never failed .i would recomend them to every one

  • neutral

    by MR E at 14:20 on 1 May 2013 Report abuse

    Sorry to those who have and are still experiencing issues when access to SCP portal mail.
    IMAP dropping etc

    This issue should be resolved in next week with any luck.

  • unhappy

    by steve jarvis at 9:59 on 12 Apr 2013 Report abuse

    Hi Amanda,

    If you look at 486 post on this forum you will find that Post Office have been consistent since they first started offering Broadband around 2007/8 and that is in offering absolutely poor service and basically ripping people off.

    I wonder how people will get on now they are about to offer Bank Accounts as well! Perhaps Broadband Genie should now start up a BANK ACCOUNT GENIE!

  • unhappy

    by Amanda at 17:04 on 11 Apr 2013 Report abuse

    Hello. :)

    My experience with the service from the Post Office has been an awful one. I wouldn't recommend their services to anyone, they are a disgrace. The phone line was always crackling, the broadband would drop connection numerous times every day, it was useless. The support staff were friendly but ran round in circles in performing diagnostics, even after an engineer I know told them what the problem was! To top it all off, the bills weren't constant and they would take what ever they wanted out of my bank and I had to fight to get the funds returned.
    Bunch of crooks providing a second rate service. Stay away from them!

  • neutral

    by mr west at 11:51 on 30 Mar 2013 Report abuse

    Hi,I had P.O. broadband 2 years ago.What a waste of time money and effort!!!!.

    Not only it didn't work but sent in the heavys when I refused to pay £179.00 for their crap service.

    When I first got the service,I hooked it up and waited.I waited and waited.About 1 week later I phoned P.O. customer services.Expecting customer service,i was told to wait for the service.Given that I already waited one week,I asked what can I do!!.Basically got told that the service worked at their end so forget it!!!!!!.

    After this I had arouter that was no use to me.They sent me letters demanding money and threatening bailiffs.Not wanting my credit rating affected I payed up but after that I have vowed never use Post Office products ever again(apart from posting)

    I don't normally write on these forums but do yourself a favour,STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS.


  • unhappy

    by Mr Peter John Alderson at 20:17 on 15 Mar 2013 Report abuse

    The fault with my Post Office Email Server is word for word the same as above, long delay when I select emails and then ( Error Connection Dropped by Imap Server ) When I check Download Speed for Post Office Broadband it is only 2mb and Upload Speed it is 0.4mb. If this is the case how is it going to improve

  • happy

    by Happy customer at 22:28 on 11 Mar 2013 Report abuse

    I signed up with the PO for broadband and home phone in September. I read the reviews after signing up so was a bit apprehensive to say the least! I have to say though, I'm impressed.

    I signed up over the phone, and the welcome pack, router and BT engineer all arrived when they were supposed to.

    I didn't get charged a set up fee or anything for the router, so for £26 a month I get unlimited broadband, line rental and free evening and weekend calls, which really is dirt cheap. I only get between 2 and 2.9 MB, but I didn't expect anything better really, I'm as far away from the exchange as you can get.

    I have had some bother with disconnection, usually 2/3 times a day where I had to use the router admin page and reset the ASDL line which sorted it out. It got too much today though where it couldn't connect at all despite router reboots. Called the helpline and they were very helpful and - touch wood - it has been stable for a few hours now. An 0845 number that is free from a PO landline for support is not to be sneezed at, some ISPs have a premium rate number.

    Overall, considering I pay £26 a month all in, I'm happy!

  • neutral

    by stmartinsdiver at 9:54 on 5 Mar 2013 Report abuse

    Having worked it IT since 1968 I know what goes on behind the scenes but have no connection with the Post Office other than being a long term Broadband & Homephone customer - you may like to peruse my earlier highly critical posts about poor Post Office service going back nearly four years. I was merely pointing out that in my view they are getting better - at last. I therefore have no axe to grind and the only reason I am 'so touchey' as you put it is I find it infuriating when I simply express an impartial view and get told I cannot possibly know what is going on and/or am a Post Office employee.
    Look at the full picture an you will see vociferous complaints from me going back several years. I had been monitoring the times and types of failure for some weeks so when I received a call from the PO support staff I suggested what the cause of the failure was, and as often happens when you talk directly to people they were completely open with me and confirmed my diagnosis as correct - that was the first encouraging sign that they were trying harder. They then changed the times they were doing the backup and asked me to continue monitoring, and after a few days we spoke again when I confirmed the issue had been resolved. It makes no odds to me whether you believe the facts as I have presented them and I have better things to do to argue the point any further with people who I suspect know little or nothing about the technicalities of running large IT systems..

  • neutral

    by Pinky at 18:30 on 4 Mar 2013 Report abuse

    Well u both seem to have valid points but I think mr Perkins was trying to point out that u work for the tech support andthats is why ur so touchey, also if u did work for support u would have acces to templates for emails so not really proof of anything apart from as mr Perkins said they never stated time of backups and most companys are unlikey to report times to customers as information is not public knowellege and only support staff would know .

  • neutral

    by stmartinsdiver at 14:38 on 4 Mar 2013 Report abuse

    I find it very strange that 'Mr Perkins' thinks he knows more about the PO problems than they do and is clearly questioning the validity of my post - please see an extract from the email I sent to PO and their reply as follows (Names removed for obvious reasons) and make your own mind up. I have also had several calls from their support staff who confirmed that the problem was caused by resource conflicts during server backups.
    Dear Mr Xxxxxx,
    After your previous email from ourselves the Mypostoffice.co.uk website has been experiencing server issues which are affecting all of our customers at the moment, and this is why you are getting the errors you explained below; We do apologise about this but we do hope that the service should be back up and running correctly within the next 48 Hours, but if there is an underlying issue with your specific account then as the previous email stated we have raised this to our back office team to investigate. If you are still having the same issue after 48 Hours can you please get back in contact with ourselves to get this looked into further and get it sorted as soon as possible for you.

    If You Have Any Further Questions Please Feel Free To Email Ourselves Back.

    Regards Xxx,
    Post Office Home Phone and Broadband Technical Advisor
    Subject: RE: Post Office mail server problems again

    Dear Support
    As usual, at 2003hrs we are unable to login to our PO mail accounts.I experimented with login via webmail - several times I got in but there was a delay each time of between 45 and 75 seconds after selecting "My email".
    Login to "My account is instantaneous - it is when you select 'My email'
    that there is a huge delay.
    Once in, it is then painfully slow.
    On several occassions, when the wait exceeded 90 seconds we got the error message as shown on the attached.
    The page it is trying to access is 'waiting for http//polwebmail.broadscope.com/src/redirect.php...
    Regards Xxx

  • happy

    by mr perkins at 12:45 on 4 Mar 2013 Report abuse

    FYI - the 'known fault' is that the PO run server backups which during peak periods causes timeouts and prevents users from logging on - this used to be done at around 2000hrs, then moved to 2200 hrs due to this issue. The PO then moved this nightly batch job back to 2000 hrs, and surprise surprise, this resulted in many users (confirmed to me by the PO tech staff) being unable to send or receive email via the POP3 server.

    i think you meant to say by me the Po tech staff (would be interested in discusing security polices with you)

    and to date there has never been a fault with pop3 servers

    ps service desk wouldn't release times of backups to customers, rookie mistake

  • neutral

    by stmartinsdiver at 20:03 on 24 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    FYI - the 'known fault' is that the PO run server backups which during peak periods causes timeouts and prevents users from logging on - this used to be done at around 2000hrs, then moved to 2200 hrs due to this issue. The PO then moved this nightly batch job back to 2000 hrs, and surprise surprise, this resulted in many users (confirmed to me by the PO tech staff) being unable to send or receive email via the POP3 server.
    I am fully aware that there is 5Gb monthly download limit in the PO fair usage policy but you can pass as much email through their POP3 server as you like without breaching any of their terms - as long as it's less than 5Gb PM, so highly unlikely to say the least.
    The PO limit the size of mail you store on their IMAP servers as stated in their FU policy.

  • neutral

    by eric winchester at 17:40 on 22 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    lol i love customer services known fault, and there is a limit obviously you haven't read your fair usage policy.

    there isn't a known fault with pop3 servers just a know fault with service desk staff

  • unhappy

    by steve jarvis at 9:26 on 21 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    Lordy Lord stmartinsdiver Post Office actually admitting they have been giving a poor service. They should be publicly apologising for all the dreadful service they have been giving customers going back to 2007, (see all 475 reviews on this site since the site started) not long after they started selling a Broadband service, which is when they went from being a good phone company to probably the worst of any service companies we have here in the UK.

    Probably the only way they are going to achieve this anyway is to sack, (with extreme prejudice) many of the so called technical staff they currently employ and getting in a raft of new personnel, I cant see how they can retrieve this dreadful situation with the incompetent monkeys they currently employ!

    I would still think until they start getting glowing review after glowing review its still worth choosing to go with another ISP until they have got actually their act together, why be a lab rat and part of their experiment in actually getting to a point of offering a decent service, when you can sign up with someone offering that decent service with excellent technical support right now?

  • neutral

    by stmartinsdiver at 17:43 on 20 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    Some recent posts are not quite correct - there is no limit on the amount of email you accumulate if you set up a POP account rather than an IMAP account, and keep the mail on your own device rather than the PO server. The Post Office "My Web space' facility is so limited it is not worth using and the PO technical staff told me that they don't support it either after I found some fairly basic faults with it. I've actually received several calls from the PO support people recently after logging problems by email advising them, of problems with their POP3 mail server - they admitted that this was a known problem that prevents users logging on to their server during busy times in the evening. It looks to me like the PO support staff are trying harder as they've been very poor at responding previously, and actually admitting they have problems is a major step forward so hopefully they've been told to smarten their act up - watch this space.

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