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  • neutral

    by Neil B at 7:02 on 17 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    Absolute nightmare, wish i had never switched to post office. I have never dealt with a company so incompetent and behind the times. The customer care and service is awful and the management even worse. I gave up with them after 6 months of wrong bills being sent and now they are sending me demanding letters for £182 for canceling before the 12months is out. What a joke, be advised, Dont go with post office !!!!!!!!!!

  • neutral

    by Jamie D at 14:17 on 14 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    They are OK until something goes wrong, then expect a million phonecalls to them, phone calls not returned as promised... They don't seem to ba able to actually do anything quickly or efficiently. when you finally get through to a supervisor, they make it worse! They actually procide a good package, but the customer service is the worst i have ever encountered. Three weeks to transfer over to a new address? i'm switching.

  • neutral

    by john baker at 13:47 on 5 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    been with post office bb & ph for the last 12months,great service never had any problems

  • unhappy

    by christina at 10:53 on 4 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    Email with the postoffice is a nightmare. OK sometimes on PC but with Imac computers they even blamed the computer and was even told that I cannot get email probably because I have another accounts googlemail!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Rob Lane at 19:23 on 28 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    I'm on PO phone and broadband extra.

    PO broadband speed is OK as is service BUT BUT BUT biggest scam that is not mentioned anywhere in their terms, conditions , anything is the free 50mb webspace.

    It has a paltry 99 files upload limit !!! That's right 99 files.

    When you consider a good webpage can have gifs, markers, pics etc that can total 100 then it is useless.

    PO say tough, that's it, take it or leave it ! I will as soon as 12 months is up !!!!

  • happy

    by C BRODIE at 18:37 on 13 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    We changed from BT after BT sent us a bill for a premium rate number scam that was accessed from outside of our address through their poor security , the number was known and had been reported and disconnected but still they billed us for the amount scammed from them to us and refused to accept it was wolly their responsibility. Well we have been with my post office broadband now for 2 years and have a connection speed of 7.4 mb at the least and constantly in use , the customer service has been excellent even when I misread an issue they talked me through the whole process of a registry error and I was back in action within an hour. The only other problem was when BT themselves dragged their sorry selves about to repairing a local line problem which was slowing my speed down . BT are not in a rush to repair lines rented to other providers as it gives their poor performance a little less attention ! MyPostOffice@ are the best service provider by a long chalk ! Thanks Post Office and BT you still owe us ££££ !

  • happy

    by len at 18:24 on 7 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    i've been with the post office for 18 months now and have no complaints at all. Customer service has always been polite. If you get the broadband & phone plan you get free calls to mobiles from Friday eve to Mon morn, no other company does that. My download speed isn't the fastest up to 500 kb/s but thats good enough for what i want. All in all no problems, free calls to mobiles I'd recomend the PO.

  • neutral

    by Mr G. Butcher at 16:25 on 7 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    I haven't been able to send e-mail out since upgrading to Windows 7. So-called customer support haven't even tried to advise me on the problem- too busy asking for ID and quoting the Protection of Information Act. Now Mozilla Thunderbird won't let me set up my account as it says that the SMTP server on MyPostOffice is not secure! Certificate out-of-date or some such.

  • neutral

    by Dave Sedgwick at 23:33 on 26 May 2010 Report abuse

    Been with them for eighteen months - first year ok. Last six weeks unable to get broadband connection other than 3 am in the morning!

    Customer service absolutely useless - been cut off by them and they have never called back when promised to do so - representatives ill-trained and lacking in intiative and basic skills.

    It seems their servers are simply too busy to cope with demand. Finally managed to get a MACK code from them after weeks of trying. Delighted to be switching

    Strongly recommend you just cash your benefit cheques and buy stamps - totally out of their depth with broadband.

  • neutral

    by Michael Stanbrook at 17:05 on 20 May 2010 Report abuse

    We got the PO broadband last year, so far so good with the internet speeds, loads faster than AOL our old isp. Its not the speeds that are the problem its the customer support, if you want support i will bet on 99% you wont get the support you need and also buy a different router to the one they sent you, because it wont work there servers are so crap they wont connect. Very disopointing customer support there staff havent a clue what they are on about and they always leave you with no ansew. Only good thing are the speeds- very fast. On a recomendation i wouldnt go to the Po Broadband.

  • happy

    by val tribe at 16:31 on 20 May 2010 Report abuse

    I am well over 50 and found P.O.broadband easy to use right from the start.Any problems I had were quickly and politely delt with.I find the people on the help line friendly and patient.I have recommended P.O. to my daughter and she is happy with it.

  • unhappy

    by M Silver at 17:19 on 15 May 2010 Report abuse

    Post Office offer a terrible customer service and there is an issue with the information on their website not being strictly true.
    I have had problems with them from the beginning, but having finally obtained an adequate service I decided to hold out until the end of the contract. Unfortunately I now have to move. I initially called with the intention of transferring the service to the new address, but it seems that they are not very keen to keep my custom as there was no one available to take my call. I finally managed to leave a message for them to call me back, but of course nothing happened. Now I wish to cancel the service, but contrary to what is claimed on their website there is no one there and will have to wait until Monday (now it is Saturday and there website claims that this service is still available). By cancelling I will have to forfeit the last three months on the contract, but I think this price is worth paying when the alternative would be another 12 months with a provided that clearly does not wish to have me as a customer.
    Pick someone else, they may not be much better, but they could hardly be worse.

  • unhappy

    by steven whitton at 2:21 on 6 May 2010 Report abuse

    ive been with postoffice broadband for 4 months now and had nothing but problems from the begining,i live close to exchange in a new house and get 7.3meg speeds when things are going good,im on there unlimited package but everytime i exceed 8gig in download usage my speed drops to 0.5 meg and stays that way untill i complain enough for them to send bt enginer to my home,enginer tests line every time there here which to date is 5 times but can never find a fault,they can test the line from your home but cant do anything to fix it if there is no problem to find,i can suffer these speeds for up to 3 weeks but on the day bt enginer calls to my home the problem magicly gets fixed,thats happend 5 times now but postoffice will not admit to capping my line,i was told by bt enginer that this kind of complaint was very common with cheap broadband isp,it seems postoffice bb is for surfing only,as soon as you try to use extra bandwidth you are capped to 0.5 meg,dont get me started with there staff,these people are rude and un healpful,8 times i was told i would recieve a call back regarding my fault and never had one untill last week when i said i wanted to cancel,went through same **** as befor,problem magicly fixes itself enginer leaves and rights report saying cant find a fault,every things fine till i reach that magic milestone of 8 gig and cap back on,they agreed to cancel my contract today what a nightmare,first bill after 30 days been conected £182 conection fee included plus they want full 3 months in advance just paid £84 for next 3 months lastweek cant see me getting anything back,its been a nightmare but its comforting to know im not alone wish i read all the bad reviews befor i got sucked in to this crap service with hidden charges and worse custemer care,stay well clear if you want a conection for more than surfing

  • neutral

    by Victim#223 at 20:09 on 27 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    The Post Office didn't supply me with modem so i couldn't use their service. Then they charged me for bb even though they repeatedly failed to deliver the modem/router to me. I asked to cancel my bb package and they disconnected the phone line which i was still using. They then asked for £100+ for it to be reconnected which i refused to pay as i didnt ask for it to be disconnected. They admitted fault on the broadband and I paid an early termination charge as they were supposedly going to refund me this and all the money i paid for broadband...i'm still waiting (3 months). As it stands i have paid £350 for around 5 hours landline phone calls, half of them to Post Office customer services and no internet connection.

  • neutral

    by Charlie at 13:44 on 14 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    Having worked with many telecom and broadband providers I have a broad knowledge of the technical issues facing BB Customers. Some years ago Ofcom, an independant regulator, ruled that BT had to allow other service providers to offer BB on BT lines. It is my opinion that BT have made this difficult for many of their competitors. A number of technical issues can only be rectified by BT who still own the lines, the service provider, such as PostOffice, simply rent the lines from BT. I believe that BT make the transition to a new service provider as problematic as possible in the hope that the customer returns to BT.

    That said, PO has not a good reputation for dealing with the issues and their customer service is terrible. There is little or no correspondence from customer service teams when problems arise and their ability to track on going issues is poor. In general, the issues being faced because of BT are slowly being resolved due to new Ofcom regulations however Post Office seems to be the service provider lagging behind all others in address these problems.

    For those wishing a quicker response from Post Office, or any other BB service provider, you can look up your rights on the Ofcom website. Simply stating to most service providers that you will take the matter to Ofcom usually gets a speedy response as Ofcom can impose heavy fines. Failing this, contact Ofcom directly to make a complaint.

    Hope this helps those of you frustrated with the on-going problems faced with the Post Office.

  • unhappy

    by Paul G at 10:29 on 14 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    I have had the post office phone for several years now with no problems. I decided to get the broadband package about a year ago and this run great until I developed a fault at christmas.
    Since then it has been a NIGHTMARE. I ring tech support and held in a queue between 40-60mins. when I do get through they test the line and admit there is a fault and say they will look into it. I wait, and wait (2-3weeks) then phone them back. Again on hold for a long time before I get to talk to somebody. Again admit there is a fault and will look into it. Nearly 4 month later they a no closer to finding the fault. I have refused to pay the ADVANCED broadband charge, but they say that they will just disconnect me and collect the money throught the courts.

    These people have the customer care of Basil Faulty.


  • unhappy

    by Deborah at 16:13 on 27 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    I use to work at the post office counters and i regretted ever signing up with the service provided by the post office telecom. My broadband connection has problem from day one i signed on and when I call to report the fault I am told to re- repeat same test carried out by the previous customer service advicer and the excuse is " i have switch on an appliance that made it drop". The incompetence and aggressive responses of the majority of their staff is second to none and its inability to respond to written complaints is downright rude. I was told on occassions i will be contacted but no one did and when i call, i will be told i was contacted but no proof. If you are thinking of joining PLS DON'T!!!
    Does anyone know the regulating bodies to report this issue

  • happy

    by sam turner at 21:23 on 26 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    i am happy that i have the internet

  • unhappy

    by Moira at 17:53 on 26 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    I continue to be amazed with the dreadful service provided by the post office. My broadband connection is "hit and miss" and when I try to report the fault I am told to re- repeat tests done several times before. The incompetence of the majority of their "technical" staff is second to none and the aggressive responses from the customer "care" is not very caring! Their inability to answer written complaints is downright rude. They did contact me after the 3rd attempt at writing when I sent the letter by recorded delivery but no apology was given for ignoring the previous 2 letters. To anyone thinking of joining Post Office.....DON'T!!! I am looking forward to my contract ending.

  • happy

    by kristina pinder at 13:42 on 24 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    I took over my brothers A/C with the post office as he was moving abroad.. Initially there were a few problems, mainly with identity issue of who had the A/C, but since then I have had to contact them twice, and both times my enquiries were dealt with efficiently, and with a nice attitude. I have no complaints about the service that I have recieved , well, so for (1 Year) with the Post Office.My contract is up, and I have been looking for a cheaper provider, and will contnue to do so, even though I am not unhappy with the service, it is quite expensive.

  • unhappy

    by HERRON at 0:54 on 23 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    i joind the post office last september the deal sounded really good they told me instead of paying every 3 months,that i can pay monthly on a budget card £25pm, what a joke...i did it and they cut me off. and told me i have to pay £54 to get re connected so i did,the week after cut off again had to pay £64 TO GET CONNECTED AGAIN. and it was ok untill i had the bill for march in dec 09 paid it £25pm ond got cut off in feb 2010 i phoned them on the 24th feb and asked them 5 times if i pay all the bill now will you put it back on and they said yes, LIARS, had to start over again new contract so i did then i got a bill for £125 for disconection fee WOT A JOKE they seized my line and i got told 2 weeks for reconection on net,3 weeks it took them i have had nothing but lies and more lies from them, i was on 6mb befor now im on 2mb.

  • neutral

    by Ewan Steed at 20:42 on 21 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    I moved from TESCO to the Post Office Broadband Extra service last August (2009) - what a shambles. It took two weeks of disaster after disaster and being lied to continually before I quoted "Duty of Care" and "Breach of Promise" before I asked for a MAC code to move away - that took a further 3 weeks to get but then I moved back to TESCO - phew!! Was promised access to Family History NewsGroups - no way as they just do not allow them and as for e-mail I have been told (for all those that have this complaint) that they did not consider e-mail a priority part of their being a Broadband provider.

    Like others I had to have my Broadband updated within 24 hours and was continually being cut off for lengthy periods and as for the telephone - "Please wait" --------ad infinitum!

    So I am so pleased to be away from the Post Office I could shout it from the roof tops!

  • unhappy

    by kate jones at 10:56 on 21 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    Last year we decided to have Broad band by the Post Office, it took them 6 months to install and countless wasted phone calls to people who obviously didnt know what they were talking about. I now realise i should have cancelled the policy, we now have the internet but most of the time we are unable to use it at peak times as it closes down i have had numerous conversations with the P.O but am fobbed off all the time, but im still being charged for this appaulling service.Now im asking for compensation and will cancel my accounts with this company.I was even told to try getting B.T broad band instead by a P.O member of staff if this is their attitude what hope have i got ???!!!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Jeff Erton at 11:59 on 4 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    I think the posting by Blackstar has got to be a sham - what awsome service and who does he or she think they are to accuse us of moaning about a non existant service we are paying for?
    I signed up to POB in June last without seeing any of the reports. I just thought that their customer service and technical support could not be any worse than Virgin. I was a fool to think that.
    One of the reasons I signed up to the PO was because they offer webspace.
    Setting the system up was fine and I was able use the internet immediately.
    The webspace and email was a different matter.
    After nine months I still cannot access either in any easy way thoughI can still use the email remotely by going though 'mail2web.com'. Well that's no good for longer term everyday communication management!
    Checking my records covering the first two to three weeks with PO I noted 14 calls to the PO 'helpline', was promised callbacks 6 times which never happened. Three or four times I got the distinct impression that the PO customer service person was quite stressed out. I was never abusive but I was so frustrated. Fortunately the PO connection is in a studio I only use once ot twice a month and I have learned to live without it. I contacted the Ombudsman who asked if I had written to PO HQ which I had and have heard nothing since from either. It's just so frustrating and time consuming to keep chasing it up.
    As soon as the contract is up I'll be off.

  • unhappy

    by Mrs. Pamela Parker at 9:56 on 4 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    Tell me please, WHY I have to keep putting in my email address AND password in when I want to read my messages

  • happy

    by tedh at 18:23 on 3 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    Sorry my last post should read 2007 not 2008

  • happy

    by tedh at 18:06 on 3 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    I have been with P O broadband phone line and Broadband standard since November 2008
    with very little problems ,on the odd time when i have contacted any department i have nothing
    but praise for them.

  • neutral

    by Blackstar at 1:53 on 3 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    Hi all i do have to say i'm sorry to hear you guys and gals have had such a bad expierence with post office BB + HP. I actually work for the post office in tech support and have done for just over 6months. I do admit not all of us get it right i personally take alot of pride in work and assisting customers to the very end of there problem. I quite often help CS with issues which our customers have had and arrange to call them back which i DO !!!!!. I know and feel for alot of our customers when stuff goes wrong and always try my best to help. You may moan about the service and say the staff are c**p i wont take that to personally but just remember not all staff are the same. I hope one day i actually get to speak to one of you guys so you can see how awesome our service can be and not moan about how IT SHOULD BE.

  • happy

    by Allan Sutton at 18:52 on 2 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    Glad i found this page ,i find out i am not the only person who thinks the post office broad band is absolute rubbish,i would never tell anyone to change to them.Can not wait for May when my contract runs out,when i first joined PO it took two weeks to get on line,i continually go for days with no internet connection,ringing up is a waste of time,you are taken through the same routine,and then told to move your p/c,or your p/c is to old ,take it back where you got it from it has a fault.One person from the help site informed me after trying to get my connection sorted out i had been on the phone to long and other people are waiting.No internet connection for five weeks Dec/jan promises that experts would get back to me,but no one ever does.
    No connection from last Tuesday until today,waste of good money

  • unhappy

    by Michael at 16:45 on 1 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    The broadband + Phone work okay, but the billing service is abysmal. It took 7 months to get mine sorted and only after writing to the CEO. Now its gone wrong again! I'm off as soon as possible, its not worth the hassle.

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