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  • unhappy

    by Hasan demirkol at 5:27 on 27 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    DON'T get post office broadband
    It's to slow
    Customer service is appalling
    The billing system ok
    It might sound a cheap deal with phone etc, but just isn't worth the very very slow connection that you get most of the time and night time i cant watch any thing on youtube it take nearly 1 hour to watch one song not happy
    I can't wait for my contract to finish

  • unhappy

    by Chandra at 12:49 on 26 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    The most unprofessional I've received in my life. Never again!!

  • happy

    by Graham at 8:05 on 18 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    I have been using the service for 2 years & only occasionally faced problems.It is not worth having a froth at the mouth reaction with billing delays which I must admit happen quite frequently. The errors are usually amended on the folowing bills. Also a shout to all those people on hold, it is free to call customer srvice on your phone. Altogether a fine service. Get A Grip. Seriously.

  • unhappy

    by Serkan at 2:15 on 13 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    its very slow it gets discconected bad coustomer serivce im going to leave po soon as i can

  • neutral

    by Dave at 22:23 on 11 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    If you are thinking of moving over to post office, DONT. I made the mistake of joining last year. Even though i had a working line they charged me £120 connection fee. Took me 2 months to get my money back. No bills sent for 9 months. I could not access my online account, i rang 4 times to get a password but each time it never worked. I moved house a few months ago and stayed with them but they still sent bills to old address even though i had new number and address. The only letter i had at new address was another demand for a connection fee!
    Unprofessional, Unhelpful, terrible customer services. Never again.

  • unhappy

    by John Jones at 12:38 on 11 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    And now they've taking to calling me just to tell me that there is no update on my issue!!! Absolutely nothing to report!!! But it's OK because "it's been accelerated" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by joyce lawrence at 18:41 on 10 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    i had broadband and phone,no problems except when i moved,asked for to be moved to my new address,was told ok,take ten days and call baring put on my previouse phone untill cut off,nine ddlineays later after moveing heard nothing,then was told my order had been canceled,then would be on in two days,then not till feb 23rd, then cost £35 then no phoneline in my new address(there was)and cost £110,then found my old line was till active,then would phone me on my mobile this afternoon,after looking into it,then a bill at my old address for february,phone and broadband plus landline,you try sorting it out when you have no phone and all 0845 numbers,this is my son-in-laws laptop.
    and all the time hardly an apology,just spoken to surly people,apart from one but then credit ran out on my mobile,i was happy with them but now really dissapointed with attitude and service

  • happy

    by Harry at 19:33 on 7 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    Great service and fast connection. Connected on time, with no drop in service. Wireless router configures itself, but I also (when I asked) got the details to set up my own router should I wish to.

    Really, I cannot fault PO Broadband so far.

  • unhappy

    by Roy Thatcher at 22:33 on 3 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    My neighbour requested a Broadband Package because she already has their phone service. She was told it was a 8mbps service but because of the distance from the exchanged she was told it would be 2mbps or lower depending on time of day and the amount of users. She then asked to try out the offer for a couple of days but was told she couldn't cancel the service after the modem had been delivered, she would be tied to the 12 month contract. This would also be the case if her broadband speed was a lot less than 2mbps. I don't think they abide by the Distance Selling Regulations. What a way to attract new customers.

  • unhappy

    by John Jones at 20:06 on 2 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    Without doubt, Post Office gives BT a run for its money in being one of the worst companies in terms of customer care. Absolutely dreadful service!!!
    After six months they have still not resolved my issue. All I get are staff assuring me that the situation is being dealt with and it has been 'accelerated' so many times it must be going at light speed! Maybe that's why I can't see the solution!! Awful,awful,awful!!!!!
    Don't be fooled by their lies!!! Steer clear of this company. As a last resort to gain their attention I withheld payment of quarterly bill for a few days and was threatened with loss of service and debt collection agencies/ poor credit rating etc. Abysmal sevice!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Angel Medina at 12:25 on 2 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    A totally disorganised company. I've been trying to subscribe to Broadband Extra since the begining of December 2009 and after a series of mix ups, mistakes and misunderstandings, I am still waiting to be connected, nearly eight weeks after requesting the "service".
    I have contacted Customer Service on numerous occasions, each time they keep me on the line for a minimum of 30 - 40 minutes, and after being passed from person to person, my problem has not been solved. In fact, a new problem seems to appear every time.
    They keep on promising that my problem will be sorted, but nothing happens. Just empty apologies. The last person I spoke with refused to give me a name and address to place a formal complaint.

  • happy

    by ron howard at 1:50 on 29 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    I've had PO broadband and telephone for over !5 months with no problems.
    When I bought a laptop I wanted a wireless router so bought a Zoom X6 model 5590
    and installed it myself with no problems. The laptop connected up ok (Medion laptop
    2 or 3 years old, can't remember which, at 72 the years fly by).
    Runs great through thick wall of old stone built house. Just tested speeds with this
    websiteand get 3.19mbps download and 0.36 mbps upload. Seems ok to me since
    line goes 3 miles to sub exchange and further 4 miles to main exchange.
    So far have no complaints with PO.

  • happy

    by Glen Thomas at 13:58 on 28 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    Have had Home phone for 2 years, and had b/band standard for the last year. Worked fine and no troubles with service or billing. However now looking for wireless and the PO seems too expensive. Will probably switch

  • unhappy

    by dav1 at 10:42 on 27 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    Post office broadband customer billing hit or miss ? contacted everyone still no answer when bills will be done ?no wonder post office runs like it does useless from top to bottom .
    They might be one of the cheapest for broadband and phone you pay for what you get rubbish customer service .I have been with them for two years major problems with billing .customer service and billing has been very poor from the start they should have been sorted by now .they just do not care . How many others have not received bills for December 2009?

  • unhappy

    by marian wilson at 12:38 on 25 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    dont take phone and broadband , my broadband never worked even after them posting me three modems made me move computer all around the house , kept me on hold for up to 50 mins at a time when i phoned and the best of all when they could not fix the broadband they cancelled it and then charged me a cancellation fee , ahhhhh great company

  • neutral

    by malcolm mccormack at 16:57 on 21 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    This has to be one of the worst company's I have ever considered in dealing with.
    I ordered their Homephone and broadband extra on the 29th of December 2009 at the Post office. I waited and have phoned their so called customer service with no success.
    You are left on the line for ages, last time 40 mins without an answer.
    I went back to the post office where I ordered it from and one of the staff tied to phone for me. Same thing half an hour without a reply.
    I have got connected though BT now. Connected within a week, maybe more expensive but at least their service and customer service is there.
    As far as I am concerned this company is a waste of time and should look into this mater urgently or they will loose many more customers. Oh and by the way I still have not received any word from them regarding the order. My advice is stay clear.

  • unhappy

    by jane king at 2:47 on 18 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    just been connected to po broadband again. what a great service.had a long convo with cust services and have been with the po previously for 3 years the reviews on here are appalling and fyi being an employee of bt that says it al guys KEEP IT UP POST OFFICE :) BEST SERVICE OF ALL

  • unhappy

    by allennnn at 14:42 on 14 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    This is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. Terrible customer service. Its been over a month and I still dont have internet. I called 4 times total, 2 times I was told completely opposite things, one time I put on hold and then I WAS HUNG UP ON, and the 4th time I was put on hold for over 90 minutes until they closed their shop (it says 24/7 but open from 8am-8pm), and then told that the lines were closed and to call back tomorrow. It took me 5 seconds to choose to switch to a different company. Terrible.

  • unhappy

    by John Jones at 19:59 on 12 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    Have been unable to log in to my post office broadband account since August 2009.
    Despite COUNTLESS emails and phones calls they have still done ****** all about it!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Lorraine Bell at 18:27 on 30 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    On going dispute for 7 months after moving house - charged disconnection fees and broadband change charges (although didnt ask for a change) been over charged by over £300 - lost count of no of phone calls, no reply to complaint letters and promise of resolution by the MD still outstanding - WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO JOIN - broadband slow and frequently loses connection

  • neutral

    by Mike Carter at 10:41 on 30 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    Good enough service but trying to get a new router purchased separately onto the system is a hell of a nightmare. Even with a new netgear (same company that supplies the wired router) router for my father-in-law, it was still impossible to set up. Plugged in new router into our broadband (Tiscali) and it set up in seconds!

    They need to sort this problem out!

  • neutral

    by jamesditer at 16:45 on 26 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    Just read a few comments.Had PO Standard bundle for 2 years .All OK when there is a problem usually sorted wirh in 5 minutes by phone

  • happy

    by Liquid at 9:37 on 25 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    I work for an ISP so i know the score and problems you can get.

    Have had no problems that relate to PO since signing up in September.

    The setup was delayed by 2 weeks due to BT Openreach having to change appointment times which they have to do sometimes (not the ISP or suppliers fault, these things happen).

    I will not use wireless with their routers because wireless is useless anyway. It is slower than wired and open to a lot of environmental factors whereas wired is only susceptible to heat, pressure and torque as the main factors, all of which are easily avoidable.

    Never use the landline service as i have a contract mobile for such things.

    As with any ISP i never use their email service or web space, anyone daft enough to use an ISP's email service as the main email for business or main family/friend point of contact needs a slap (think about the future if you leave the company or if the company goes bust, use a real one like Google, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.)

    Off to buy a new router so hoping they allow third party router access (sorry but Linksys routers just laugh at any other on the market, Cisco are one of the world's greatest companies).

    Anyway, back to work on Santa's day ;)

  • unhappy

    by she-ra batey at 23:30 on 14 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    not happy with p.o. - keep getting booted of internet within just moments of connecting, its a joke. should have gone with 02.

  • neutral

    by William Laird at 10:30 on 14 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    The P.O. is the third I.S.P. I have used.Found it pretty good.Emails rather tricky,I found the user name and password they gave me useless,but you can safely use Webmail.Gmail, Yahoo,etc.Then change your password and user name willarch

  • happy

    by tedh at 17:27 on 11 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    Hi carl i have been with P .O . for over 2 years now and have never regreted it, on the odd
    ocasions i have phoned the help line they have been very good,i would recomend them.

  • Chris Marling - EditorEditor - Chris Marling

    by Chris Marling at 9:19 on 11 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    Hi g coleick,

    Sorry, but you're leaving your request for help in the wrong place - Broadband Genie doesn't actually sell anything, we simply guide you to the official home page of the broadband suppliers. To contact Post Office Broadband about your problem, please head over to its customer service page here.

  • unhappy

    by nadine at 9:14 on 11 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    Post Office broadband has given me the most problems I have ever experienced with a company. I urge anyone with problems to hang in there and make a full complaint to the Post Office, Trading Standards and even Watchdog.
    I have been promised connection to my broadband every single day for 9 days in a row. Every day the order has been canceled and will take either 10 or 5 days then 48hours to set up. Needless to say that hasn't happened. I have spent over 2 hours speaking to folk with a promised return call every single time which has never happened either. The crazy thing is I have spent 9hours 42 minutes in the phone queue determined not to be passed off.
    I finally had enough and told them to cancel the order - Guess what, they can't seem to be able to cancel it! What a joke!
    I still don't have an explanation of why this is happening and I am kicking myself for not checking up any reviews first.
    So please, don't anyone waste your time, your money and your sanity!

  • neutral

    by g coleick at 16:30 on 10 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    customer complaint

    I cannot use my broadband for emails.etc. Would you please phone me on 0207 6** ****

  • neutral

    by carl hughes at 18:12 on 6 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    I'm getting my phone line installed with the Post Office next Friday and am going to get broadband too. After searching many web sites, pretty much every broadband provider has been slated. On Money Supermarket.com though, the Post Office reviews are more positive than negative and are one of the very few providers to get green bars (green being good, amber middle and red is bad) in the review section!but here there are loads of negatives and very few positives!!is it that all broadband providers , BT, Sky,Virgin, Orange and the Post Office are all bad and its just luck if you get a good service?!

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