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  • unhappy

    by Jeff at 18:06 on 5 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    bad from day one with connect dropping all the time. now i have 50-60kb/sec in the evenings and 700 at 5am when i leave to work. pants

  • neutral

    by William Laird at 18:47 on 3 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    Have been quite happy with P.O.email not too good have to use gmail

  • unhappy

    by SP at 14:18 on 3 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    I would NEVER recommend Post Office broadband. If ever there was a problem there was only way to connect - through customer helpline and hold, and hold, and hold, then get thru and get put back on hold again!! After four weeks of waiting and being messed about I was finally told they were unable to transfer my account to my new address saying there was a problem with line connection. I cancelled and got another provider. Four months later I received a bill for just under £300, which includes a cancellation fee. As they are in breach of contract they 'may' consider waiving some of the charge. I had been with them for over a year. Not at all happy and will take this further.

  • unhappy

    by pixief at 18:17 on 28 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    what a joke,,, 30 mins four times this week and i am paying them for my calls,,, i am going to cancel cos i am fed up

  • unhappy

    by James Fadian at 10:14 on 28 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    I am posting this to warn everybody not to go to the P.O. for Broadband,they have been charging me double the money for months now,my last bill was for £190.the one before that was for £182,when I paid these bills they listed them as being outstanding and I had to pay them again.They have completely ignored every efort I have made to sort things out.I am chucking it today and not paying them another penny.

  • unhappy

    by lalone at 16:54 on 27 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    DON'T get post office broadband
    It's slow
    Customer service is appalling
    The billing system sucks
    It might sound a cheap deal with phone etc, but just isn't worth the very very slow connection that you get most of the time.
    I can't wait for my contract to finish

  • unhappy

    by PJ at 9:51 on 27 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    If you like your money and your time, don't ever think of having post office broadband, it suppose to be activated on 26/11/2009, then on that date I could not get connected, called technical helpdesk waited on hold for 30 minutes and at the end they said that they gonna send me a new router, as the new router (Zyxel) they send me was faulty. I was not satisfied with this so called the sales team to cancel but then they told me I'll incur the early instalatin charge of £240 if i cancel it. I told them this is unfair and I am not gonna pay a penny...

  • unhappy

    by David Vasey at 16:51 on 25 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    A continuing disappointment. After 4 months, innumerable phonecalls, letters of complaint, I still do not have a connection most evenings. The problems are due to the provider not providing. If you are thinking of Post Office broadband...DON'T!! They are not providing a service fit for purpose and, in my opinion, continue to be in breach of contract. they will not accept responsibility.

  • unhappy

    by jana at 21:38 on 21 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    How about this then? Was supposed to get phone on 03/10/2008. The line was dead and after lots of calls to them, they sent engineer, who came on 23/10/2008. He had to dig up some wires in the front garden to get the line working. I have also informed the post office that even though my line was dead when phone is plugged in, when I dial my number, it would ring a lady answered it. So as my line went on on 23/10/2008 they sent me a bill from 03/10/2008 with calls I have not made (as my line was dead) worth 103 pounds. I have refused to pay someone elses bill, now they sent debt collectors. When speaking to their customer care I was told I am demented and a liar. NICE!

  • unhappy

    by Sarah at 16:21 on 20 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    Had no problems for the first 4 months. It all started when i called them up saying i was moving and would like to change it all over. To which they said it would be easy to do. It was due to go live on the 9th November. After about 6 hours of talking to the tech people we STILL dont have the internet and have to pester them, Now they have said they havent switched us over from the old address. I wouldnt bother! Far too much hassle i wish i stayed with BT and paid abit extra

  • unhappy

    by averypreson at 17:11 on 15 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    the waste of space BB provider. Don't go there you'll be very sorry!

  • happy

    by wayne at 10:40 on 6 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    I have been with the post office about 2 years and i have found them to be very very good. My service as be next to nothing and the customer service and tech help has been great any problem they fix it there and then and they answer there calls very very quickly and it's alway a LOCAL call centre. I have found them to be very good price and no hidden cost. I would tell everyone to take them because i would say there one of the best providers if not the best.

  • unhappy

    by Alan Rogers at 19:16 on 4 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    I have been with the Post Office for almost twelve months and by and large it has been efficient. Recently, however, INCOMING EMAILS have been going missing. One sender first, then two, then three and now it's hit and miss as to whether I get emails or not.

    What's so irritating is that the technical support have no solution. They tell me there's no problem! I explain in detail why there IS a problem, but no, I'm mistaken!

    As email is an important part of my job, they are forcing me to leave PostOffice rather than attempt to rectify the problem. I'm sad, but their incompetence leaves me no alternative.

  • unhappy

    by Moira at 16:55 on 4 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    A continuing disappointment. After 4 months, innumerable phonecalls, letters of complaint, tests and new equipment, I still do not have a connection most evenings. Post Office sent an Open reach engineer who said there is nothing wrong at my end, the problems are due to the provider not providing. As I continued to complain the Post Off began what I can only describe as "harrassment" phonecalls, once or twice daily asking me to repeat tests already done several times. If you are thinking of Post Office broadband...DON'T!! They are not providing a service fit for purpose and, in my opinion, continue to be in breach of contract. they will not accept responsibility.

  • unhappy

    by Geraldine at 10:08 on 7 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    Post Office home phone and broadband is absolutely useless and I would advise anyone not to go for it! I joined in June and have had consistent trouble since ie firstly my phone went, then broadband, which was fixed but was very intermittent until it just stopped working. I've not had broadband for the past 8 weeks! I've had an engineer out, a new modem, they've done every test over the phone and I've lost about 6 hours of my life whilst on hold that I will never get back again!!!
    I'm being disconnected today, finally, and I am now in the process of trying to get reimbursed for the service that I paid for but did not get!

  • happy

    by gw at 13:29 on 27 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    I have been with p.o. homephone + broadband extra for just over 2 months, everything has gone smoothly, e-mail works fine, speed is really good compared to my previous isp. I phoned customer support a few weeks ago to ask why I had no internet connection, I got through within about 5 minutes which is fantastic compared to my previous isp, the person I spoke to was very polite and helpful and after a few minutes confirmed an outage at my exchange, so no problems there. The only problem I have at the moment is my online bill comes as an html document rather than pdf, (what a shocker), I feel sorry for all the people who have had problems but some although not all seem to be self inflicted and pale to insignificance compared to the problems I had with my previous isp. I would recommend giving this product a try.

  • neutral

    by Richard Skulina at 16:31 on 24 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    The staff are nice but useless.
    I have had a number of problems which it is impossible to get angry about because they are all so nice when you get on the phone. Expect 15 minute waits for the technical support. your problem will be solved reasonably quickly though as they know when to pass you on to someone who knows more about the subject.They cut me off with no notice the other day becasue they claim they had not received the cheque I sent. It is a very cheap price for good fast speeds (ADSL) and unlimited downloads. None of the problems i have had with the post office have been anywhere near as bad or stressful or painful on the wallet as BT or supanet.

  • happy

    by Anon at 8:55 on 24 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Having changed broadband deals many times over the years, I have given up hope on Technical Assistance being of any real help to any of the large broadband companies. They do their best in conneting you and then you cross your fingers that notheing goes wrong, sometimes that model works other times it doesn't. I don't live near an unbundled exchange therefore I was paying Talk Talk and Tiscali (who are now one) too much money. Looking at all the deals out there (there's not that much to choose out there, if you're in my situation - I plumped for the Post Office, yes I read these reviews first, but I was going to make a saving of £100 a year which was significant, and what's more I could pull the telephone and broadband under one roof again.
    Deal transfered over on time, router arrived on time, rang up tech support to get my password (for the router that I've already got - therefore can sell new router) and bingo I've been up and running for 3 weeks no problem. I admit I'm not using the webspace and mail (so I can't comment on that) considering that I swap so often I keep these with respective websites.

  • neutral

    by tedh at 16:06 on 12 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Hi Paul - i live in England and mine`s ok.

  • unhappy

    by ray at 9:39 on 12 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Rubbish! If you use the post office you will be sorry.

  • neutral

    by Paul at 20:40 on 9 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    I have been thinking of going over to Post Office Broadband. I am not sure what to do, or may be it is better in Ireland?

    But I live in England...

  • unhappy

    by Mark Smith at 18:44 on 7 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Absolute pants, all was fine until I moved house, since then they havent been able to get the internet or the phone working, customer services are hopeless despite the fact I have called them 10-15 times, three months later still not working, rang to cancel - which they told me would take 10 - 14 days, 4 weeks later they still havent stopped it.

    To sum up, avoid the post office broadband like the plauge

  • unhappy

    by Anon at 17:00 on 7 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Please stay clear of it! It might be cheap but it's exactly what you pay for! Speed is so bad that even You Tube doesn't work!?! Dial up used to be faster!
    Customer service aren't interested either!

  • happy

    by Doctor Luke Jones at 1:29 on 5 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    I have been with Post Office for nearly a year now and i have Broadband extra and the Homephone service. All has been great and much much cheaper than previous broadband/telephone provider (BT), As well as the price, The router arrived quickly with no hassle setting up and works great and speed is very good. I dont use the email service etc that comes with the package so i cant comment on any problem's some other people mention here. The Telephone service is fantastic and no hassle and so much better than BT. Lastly the customer service is excellent and is based in Northern Ireland i believe and every advisor i have spoken to has been very polite,helpful and well spoken in a clear and easy to understand manner. I speak as i find and overall i am very satified customer who is very happy not to be with BT anymore and i recommend Post Office to anyone.

  • unhappy

    by AA at 22:30 on 4 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    I wish I had read the reviews.I ordered broadband extra including the line rental.Broadband transferred over.Some problems getting the modem to work but the tech support guy was excellent.I could understand him an what the advice was,unlike Orange tec support.Now the bad bit.Transferring the line rental and this is the Post Offcie remember when they did this?Lost order /mistake made by me in ordering,no I didn't/waititng for line to be transferred/Customer support to get back to me in May,no they didn't.This was from March 2009.Just been told now ready to transfer.Pathetic really isn't it !Still It could be worse it could be Tiscali or Orange.Now they are bad !!!

  • unhappy

    by loulagramoula at 18:58 on 3 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Post Office Home Phone & Broadband - what a disgrace? I've had no end of trouble with the PO's so called "Customer Service Team" over the 2 years I have been with them.

    Firstly, they "lost" my order. I had to re-order twice so I was connected for nearly 6 weeks from when I placed my first order.

    Secondly, I'm on my third modem (faulty on/off switches). To get a replacement modem is quite an ordeal and can take up to a couple of weeks, particularly if your order is "lost" again.

    Thirdly, I had enjoyed a very fast connection which, for no apparent reason, dropped to a snail's pace. This took me several weeks to sort out with promises of returned phone calls which never transpired.

    Finally, I am moving house in a few weeks time and, for the last week, have been trying to call their Cancellation Team. If I call after 6pm, when I get home from work, I am greeted by a message saying the Cancellation Team is closed after 7pm even though it is quite clearly before 7pm when I am calling! Also, I have tried called during working hours while I am at work but being in a queue for over half an hour doesn't look very good to my boss so I give up. I'll try them again at the crack of dawn tomorrow. Aaaaarrrggghhhhhhhh!

    Absolute nightmare.

  • happy

    by tedh at 18:55 on 2 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    I have been on Postoffice Broadband standard and Home phone since November 2007 with very little trouble and on the odd occasion when i have called customer care or the tecnic people i have found them cooperative and compitent .

  • unhappy

    by K at 4:05 on 29 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    Also wish someone had read the reviews, we have just turned over to the post office broadband from BT, I know BT are not the best, but I was getting a regular 5 meg connection, BT dropped there price to £15 a month for the whole package, yet they still went to post office broadband.
    5meg connection gone, now have 0.24 meg connection near enough constantly
    Loses connection with the hub constantly
    Loses the network key, or the network key is somehow incorrect, no its not, I havnt changed it since I typed it in, so its quite clearly correct even after re-entering it.
    when it does work its dog slow, then it will lose connection, then reconnect, then it will lose the network key and wont reconnect for around 5-30 minutes.

    Truly awfull broadband, I dont think I will bother ringing customer service other than to see if we can dump this crap connection and take BT up on there offer of £15 a month for broadband upto 10meg, unlimited usage, free phone calls evenings and weekends etc as this Post office broadband is awfull, why trust a company who cant even deliver mail before you go to work, break parcels you get sen, yes it says do NOT bend for a reason! A company who manage to mangle your letterbox every other day, or in the case of where we work not even deliver any mail, with your broadband and telephone line, they cant get there primary objective as a service right what makes you think they can get something complicated right

  • unhappy

    by pink_wellies at 22:47 on 28 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    I ordered the home phone with broadband extra offer on the phone a few weeks ago, because I thought it looked fairly cheap for line rental/unlimited downloads/wireless modem etc. I received the welcome pack for the broadband extra a few days later and the letter about password/direct debit. The modem arrived about a week later - I then discovered that it wasn't a wireless modem. I rang up to sort it out and was informed that I had ordered broadband standard! I went through various departments pointing out that I had ordered broadband extra and had received the appropriate welcome pack. After several holds and departments, I was told that somebody would phone me back within the day to sort it out.....it was now that I realised that the password/direct debit letter referred to broadband standard - so either way they've messed up. If I did mistakenly order the standard package then I got the wrong welcome pack anyway!
    Several hours later I had not received a phone call, so again I rang up. There was no record of them supposedly ringing me back and this time I was told that I'd have to pay to cancel my order of broadband standard and reorder broadband extra. I pointed out that I wasn't going to pay for something I hadn't wanted - went through a few more departments and 20 minutes of hold - this time I was told that a manager would listen to the original order and ring me back by the end of the week.

    By the end of the week, surprise, surprise, no phone call! I rang up and again there was no record of them supposedly ringing me back - but the broadband standard had been cancelled. I had to reorder broadband extra, so will have to wait another 2 weeks! I tried to clarify the events as I intend to write a letter of complaint, but they would not admit fault or that the original phone call had been listened to - yet they'd obviously cancelled it free of charge......I displayed my annoyance and was asked if I'd like to complain to a manager - quel surprise I was told that somebody would ring me back within the day, and again no phone call.

    I will be sending them a letter of complaint and probably OTELLO - it seems that if there's a problem they either put you on hold or promise to ring you back when they clearly have no intention of doing so. It also annoyed me that they constantly questioned my integrity by making out that I'd made the mistake in ordering. We shall see if the broadband extra arrives/works....customer service is utterly appalling.

  • neutral

    by Joe Cocker at 15:10 on 28 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    Nyan the post office probably suuuuucks

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