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  • unhappy

    by Lindubh at 8:29 on 28 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    Since signing up with post office broadband last October I have had nothing but problems . They failed to keep a proper record of the original conversation which resulted in a prolonged and unnecessary delay resolving the difficulties . Then I begun to develop problems with my emails e.g. when I do a spell check or attempt to save emails to the draft folder I loose everything . I have also lost emails whilst composing . I reported the matter so long ago it is unbelieveable nothing has been done to rectify the situation . Like others I receive a standard acknowledgement but nothing further for months . When I telephone the call centre I wait endlessly for a response and give up . On Monday last I telephoned eventually spoke to someone after a half hour only to be transferred to another department in the absence of a response I give up . To add insult to injury they decide to send my account to debt collectors even before I receive a bill and the deadline payment . I have always extolled the virtue of the post office certainly not telephone and broadband .

    I have given them until 10 September 2009 to sort everything otherwise they will have a fight on their hands .

    Consolation at least I am not alone .

  • unhappy

    by matt wade at 1:44 on 28 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    Do not,sign up with the post office for your internet service. Two tin cans and a piece of string would probably be as effective. I signed up at the beginning of June, the service started late and went down hill from there. Their email service has never worked, I have never been able to access my account to check billing. Their broadband 'speed' is a joke. it has averaged less than 400 kbps, once reached 2Mbps. Repeated calls to their technical suupport achieved nothing. Every time I have called the nice, polite person I speak to has no record of my previous calls, go through their mantra of checks, assure me that the matter will be referred to a higher power and then.......nothing happens.......It's like groundhog day. I wonder, is this a cunning plan by the post office to drive us all back to writing letters, with pens, on paper which they then deliver? As soon as the 12 month minimum contract period is up I'm changing providers. Any suggestions?

  • unhappy

    by Ian at 20:12 on 22 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    Apart from a recent problem which lasted several weeks (when the PO upgraded their server and clearly had not done enough planning or testing resulting in continuous requests for network login details, which drove us absolutely mad) the speed and reliability of the service has been fine. Customer support is appallingly bad though.They don't read the information provided properly, give incorrect advice and seem to just ignore problems which they don't understand. Feedback is almost non existant and their usual response to anything they can't fix is that it's not their problem. I've been waiting since June for them to resolve an issue which we know is a PO problem as we had exactly the same problem a year ago but they just don't seem able to learn from what they've done before. We use their both email and webmail service and they work fine just as long as you don't try to receive and send email via accounts with other ISP's. After numerous complaints to them last year they managed to get this working (as we knew it should) but now we have the same problem on a different email account (same ISP as before) they are now telling us that this cannot be done! By the way, we actually get a 6Mb download speed so we have no complaints about performance, otherwise we would have changed provider by now due to the unbelievably poor technical support.

  • unhappy

    by Paranoid Ozzy at 13:43 on 21 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    Whatever you do do not get Post Office broadband! Their home page is a joke and their email system is a complete joke.

    Customer Services are beyond, way beyond rubbish. I had a connection problem so I rang them, the guy went through many differing things that could be causing the problem, none of which worked. He kept telling me it was my computer that was at fault, after 20 minutes he told me he was going and that I had to ring back as he had customers waiting on other lines! Errr, I'm a customer!! I told him that he had been of no use, to which he argued he thought he had been very efficient - I put the phone down on him!

    I rang a little while later and got to speak to a very helpful lady who advised me that the first cutomer services guy I'd spoken to had made no notes on the computer system as to what he had advised me to do or anything he'd gone through. I basically went through them again and she told me she'd have to have a word with a superior as she wasn't sure what the problem was. I was told she would ring back within half an hour - this was at 6pm on a Saturday evening.

    Fourteen hours later (Sunday Morning) no one had rung so I rang them back only to be told that the woman I spoke to before and the guy before that had made no notes on the system - again!! I went through all that they had told me to do and I was told an engineer would be out within 24hours to check the telephone exchange but as it was a weekend it could be three days - if they don't find a fault I would be charged!!

    Throughout this I was told there was never a fault at the telephone exchange as they kept on doing a line test. Once I was back on-line the Post Office Customer Services Team rang me and told me there had been a fault on the line and that they had repaired it successfully!!!

    Post Office customer services are the worst customer services I've ever had to deal with. Their home page is rubbish, I've set mine to MSN and use hotmail for my emails.

    I also have my phone and line rental with them. I pay something like £1.47 extra per month for Caller Display. The Caller Display only works 4 out of every 10 calls we receive!!

  • unhappy

    by Jeff Erton at 23:15 on 15 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    15 August 2009 - Useless.
    I wish I had read the posts before signing up!
    Four phone calls to staff who addmitted they didn't know a thing.
    Promised an expert would get back to after 10.00pm and I waited till one in the morning and no-one phoned. Three emails later and no answer yet.
    It was the additional web space I was after as I do have other internet accounts.
    Trying to get the web space to work with the ftp settings on the MyPostOffice website doesn't work - just out of interest I tried the email a couple of times and still get error messages.
    Does anyone know of anyone who has a web account with the Post Office that actually works?
    Surely they must be in breach of trade description and I thought that Virgin were bad...

  • unhappy

    by Moira at 19:52 on 14 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    I have been bitterly diappointed with the "Post Office" broadband since signing on in June. Initaially I could not get connected and the technical department could not or would not sort out my initial set up. In the end, I had to employ an independent technician to get me started. I continue to lose connection EVERY evening at about 8pm and this can last for hours at a time. Being unable to access the internet in the evenings is totally unacceptable. I would definitely NOT recommend "Post Office" broadband to anyone.

  • unhappy

    by ben at 23:05 on 12 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    Post Office are seriously bad. I work for them so I know.
    They do not care about after sales. Once they have you signed up they will be no help whatsoever. I have heard managers etc say 'Doesn't matter we've got them signed up now, say its not our problem' DO NOT get stuck with them!

  • unhappy

    by Keri Jones at 14:52 on 11 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    ABsolutely appaling service. I first ordered the broadband package in June and here I am in August still with no service. They keep saying it will be on in a few more days but then the date comes and goes with no connection. However, they say I can't cancel as they will keep my deposit.

    This is a rubbish company - do not use under any circumstances

  • neutral

    by Peter at 18:59 on 10 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    I've been using my mothers Post Office Broadband whilst staying with her and unfortunately the connectivity is very poor. First I thought the problem was with the modem but after doing a speed check with resulting a speed 122 bps I knew something was a miss. Also the connection keeps dropping. I phoned the support no and he blamed the filter on the socket. Rubbish. BTW we are 1 mile form the exchange. Very poor

  • neutral

    by Kardo at 14:36 on 7 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    My service went live this week and so far the connection side of things have been brilliant. My speeds are good and the ZyXEL modem is very easy to setup and install. Its wireless setup on other machines is quick and easy too and the signal strength is fantastic - much better than my Orange livebox. E-mail is working fine too via Windows Live mail (Outlook)

    H O W E V E R - The Customer service and admin has been poor. To begin with my first attempt to signup went wrong and a duplicate order was made- I waited over a week before I decided to ring as I was getting no updates or communication. I was told the order will have to be put through again as its on the books as a duplicate - Why didn't they tell me this before? or at least sort it themselves, let me know and not leave me wondering?

    Anyway the error was corrected and the order was sent for a second time. I received text and email updates about the order status which was good, then things went wrong again. I received the welcome pack and password letters but my password was not shown. It also said "As you have already loged in your password is below" - Trouble is I never loged in or created a password!. After going live it took two days of calling the support number to be constantly put on hold. After waiting 45minutes at 9.30 in the morning I eventually got through and was given a password. Tried it first time and found the account was locked so it took another set off calls and waiting to get unlocked again.

    Since then I'm still waiting for them to tell Orange to close the old account and for my details to appear in the Mypostoffice account centre. My Loved ones numbers have still not appeared even when I sent them in the post a week before activation. Its only been a few days since activation so I hope all that will come along or else its more calling customer support. (thank god the number is free)

    So mixed bag - Better connection side of things and value for money- just let down by the admin and customer support.

  • unhappy

    by Mel at 18:31 on 6 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    Awful is not even the word! Their customer service is appalling!! To be fair, the service I have received from them in terms of speed and connectivity has been ok - luckily the property I have lived in is very near to the exchange!

    The problems I have encountered stem from their 'customer care call centre' available on 0845 600 3210.
    I am moving house soon so phoned this number to see if I could start the process of switching the service over to the new address. I picked option 4 (if you are moving house) and then option 1 (press 1 if you want to take the service with you) I kid you not I was on hold to begin with for 45 minutes - I then terminated the call and phoned the Sales Dept (as you know you will get a quick answer from this dept) to see why it was taking so long to get through - they informed me there was only 2 people in the queue and to phone back up and i would be answered within 30 mins (god knows how many staff they have in this dept - 1?). I called again and this time was on hold waiting for a total of 2hrs 30mins!!!! I gave up in the end as had other priorities - pretty mad by this point as you can imagine! I then called them again later that day at 6.40pm. I picked the same options and was told that the department was closed and to phone back during their opening hours of 8am - 7pm!!!! I had called when they were supposed to still be open!! I then called again today and this time picked the option that I wanted to leave this time! I was then on hold for 43 minutes before getting answered. Upon speaking to the call centre operative I was informed that I couldn't leave as I was in a 12 month contract. At this point I asked to speak to a manager as was very unhappy with the service I had been receiving. After some cajoling I got put on the phone to 'Steve' the 'Sales Retention Dept Supervisor'. I explained the situation and why I was unhappy and he told me that sometimes they experience unusually high call volumes. I asked why they don't allow for this with the number of staff they employ, and was told they employ more than enough staff to take calls - I retort 'unlikely if people are waiting for 2 and a half hours'. He then tells me they had no calls yesterday that had waitied that long and basically called me a liar! I then informed him I would be checking my itemised bill for the call duration as it will be on there! I then said that if I have to stay with them for another 6 months of my contract I would like some sort of discount/compensation for the appalling customer service that I had received - he simply replied "no" at which point I terminated the call telling them I would be getting in touch with OTELLO to complain.

    The customer Service at this place is the worst I have ever encountered. I chose post office over BT but wish I had gone for the lesser of 2 evils now!
    They never answer the phone! Every time I have tried calling this company I get no-where and their opening hours are incorrect on the phone menu. I've also had various billing problems - generally they just can't seem to set up a direct debit.

    I'm not sure what do to with the service now as have still not managed to successfully sort out moving with them.

    I would seriously advise anyone not wanting a heart attack to stay away from this ISP
    I can't believe I'm saying it, but I actually wish I had gone with BT now. Speaking to someone is still better than speaking to no-one. I have never experience call waiting times this long - and I assure you it's not just because they are having a busy week - this has happened on several occasions now. It wouldn't be so bad if the staff were helpful but unfortunately they're not.

    Post Office Home Phone and Broadband seem to operate on a code of conduct like so many other company's that once they have your business - they just don't care. Steer Clear!

  • unhappy

    by Keith Povall at 17:27 on 5 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    As I write this, my letter of termination to the Post Office (as my phone and ISP) is on my desk. I have been without email now for three whole weeks. Each time I call the tech desk, all I get is "the problem has been escalated". At the end of week 2, I wrote an email of complaint over the delay in fixing the problem and the inability to keep me posted of developments, which has not been answered. In that letter I told them I would be terminating my contract if I did not have e mail by the end of July.

    This had no effect on them. The reason I have not yet actioned my threat, is that the market is very limited these days as to good value phone and broadband deals.

    I strongly suspect that the Post Office do nor run the broadband side of the business themselves. I am pretty certain it is farmed out and this is why their tech desk people are unable to give any details or reassurance.

    One other factor that has pushed me over the edge, is the "connection fee" levied on all chargeable calls. This is about 8 pence if memory serves me and when coupled with the daytime rate, can make day time calls a bit expensive. When you read their terms and conditions on calls, the rates such as 3p per minute are shown clearly, but the connection fee is in small print following an *.

    I am dreading the termination process, as not only must they provide me with a migration code (which means they have to DO something), but my account is in credit, so I need to be reimbursed. If they can't fix a simple server problem, how are we going to get them to do both of those tasks?

    The deal they offer on the surface does look good, but if you need help from them, you would be better off at the cheese counter in Tesco!

  • unhappy

    by Mike M at 22:23 on 4 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    Where do I begin!!!
    Well, I took up the offer of PO phone+broadband back in April, and oh yes they were all very nicey nicey over the phone. After giving all necessary details I asked about setting up a Direct Debit (giving them a 5 day window at the start of each month - when all 'normal' people like their DDs taken out of their account). 'Oh yes that's not a problem' said the kind 'Customer Services' person. A few weeks later I find out that DD dates are not chosen by us, the paying customers, but by some mysterious computer that spits out 'random' dates!!! Still not got this sorted (I've been informed by an IT friend that PO IT systems must be well out of date if they can't offer set DD dates).
    Now on to my other gripe(s), are you all ready: erratic network speed and power supply resulting in working/not working status, had to get a replacement router in July, very frustrating!!; major concerns regards the PO e-mail system, its general functionality and the fact that since April I've had ALL (each and every one) of my incoming mails vanish from the system (some disappear even before I've read them!!); the poor level of 'IT support' provided (called numerous times, 'Yes, we'll get that sorted for you, its just a hitch with our systems'); the apparant lack of communication between PO staff regards customer issues 'It was someone else who must have dealt with that'; and the fact that despite me requesting monthly paper bills to be posted to me, I have still to receive one!!.
    For your information out there, I have recently informed PO staff (including a so called 'Line Manager') that due to the extremely poor service and the fact that I can't read most e-mails nor retain ANY (some of which are precious family/friends stuff) I will not settle any current bills!!! Needless to say I won't be renewing my contract next time around.
    Glad I've had the chance to share my anger, heartache and frustration with the nation!

  • happy

    by tedh at 11:29 on 1 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    If email is not good try useing hot mail ,you should not have to but it is one way out.

  • unhappy

    by Ray at 14:23 on 28 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    post office broadband is crap, do not use it, I even had a helper (so called) who accused me of swearing, I said "Ask me what you like, I don't give a damn", that in their opinion is swearing, LEAVE OR BETTER STILL DO NOT USE POSTOFFICE BROADBAND.

  • neutral

    by ann at 9:40 on 25 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    I changed over to post office from BT in April. On the whole this is an ok package, but if email is important to you DONT DONT DONT change, it is a complete nightmare, email is off for hours at least 3 days a week,and thats on a good week,this past week it has been off and on and off and on throughout every single day, with some emails lost forever,support is non existant I have stopped wasting my time and energy trying to contact them every time email fails now, I have a life for heavens sake. The phone and internet side of the package have been very good,no probs at all,but the email issues are truly awfull. hope this helps.

  • unhappy

    by David at 12:00 on 15 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    I've been with the P.O. for 1 1/2 years and have suffered slow speeds from the beginning. The Tech support is a joke. They had no idea what I was talking about. I ended up giving them support. They are a joke (well most of them), it's easier to ask a 5 yr old and you will probably get a better response. Don't bother emailing for support, 'cause they ignore it. I must have sent at least 15 emails. I get the usual auto respons but after that, nothing. So you end up having to phone them and get put on hold for god knows how long. Only to find out they know nothing.
    I eventuall got my speed sorted after getting advice from a friend who is a BT engineer. But that only lasted a couple of weeks, Now I'm still waiting for the P.O. support to get back to me, it'll be OK as long as I'm not holding my breath. They keep telling me I'm too far from the exchange, yet I can spit on the place from my house, any excuse, because they

  • happy

    by David Turner at 19:32 on 13 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    A very good service at a very good price.Five Stars!

  • happy

    by tedh at 19:29 on 13 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    Been on po one year and eight months now ,with very few problems - i would recomend it .

  • neutral

    by Mad Mike at 14:35 on 9 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    Have been on post office for just over a month everything was ok at the start got my router and setup on time , had to pay first 3 months in advance but hopefully thats sorted but find it very slow internet explorer takes what seems like ages to start and i get a lot of error's coming up cant find page.
    Idont know if thats i e or what i have done a speed test and should get 6 1/2 mb download speed .

  • happy

    by Brian at 11:05 on 9 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    Been with the postoffice for abourt 6 months now..
    8GB connection unlimited..
    they were a bit shakey to start with, but nowi enjoy excellent speeds and my sons xbox is fine.
    All together 4 people use my connection sometimes all at once, then it slows a tiny bit.. but otherwise fast abpit 6MB on avargae.
    I have been with most of the other ISP's and post office knocks spots off them.
    after years of searching for a good ISP, i think ive found one.. the others should watch and learn..
    Virgin is the worst ive ever had.. stay well clear of them.. they are crooks and they limit your connection to less 45k somedays under their Fair use policy scam.

  • happy

    by Peter Webber at 21:28 on 29 Jun 2009 Report abuse

    Have only been with Post Office for 5 days so I can really only comment on the set up. However so far I am really pleased. Every thing happened on time and as described. I went for the Package with 5GB down load limit and free evening and weekend calls.

    For under £21 pm including line rental its a bargain. Orange with whom I have been for over 8 years were wanting to charge £20 just for Broadband! They have previously annoyed me by charging me more than new customers and their complaints department don't give the impression you a valued customer!

    I went for the 5GB limit/modem rather than the unlimited down load package. This was because although the unlimited package came with a free router it was £5 pm more, I have my own wireless router and I thought 5GB down load was enough. With Orange I had a 2GB limit and although I down load a lot of music I never exceeded the limit. With the Post Office I understand if you exceed the limit you get a couple of polite warnings and an invitation to upgrade.

    So far I have found Posd Office about 3 times faster than Orange (using a free speed
    tester). I am well pleased with that.

    The only problem I have had with the Post Office was setting up my Router. After 3 calls to their help line I was no further forward. To be fair as its a 3rd party Router they can't be expected to know, but I would have been really impressed if thy had solved the problem. My router is a Belkin and after 20 minutes or so on the phone to them the problem was solved. Another plus for the Post Office is that unlike Belkin they don't use an Indian help desk. What with not a very clear line and an Indian accent a 10 minute call takes 20 minutes. Although the Post Office Helpline seems to be based in (Northern?) Ireland I do find that accent a lot easier.

    So far I would give the Post Office 5 stars and recommend them to anybody, especially considering the price

  • unhappy

    by Will at 19:39 on 23 Jun 2009 Report abuse

    Absolubtly terrible, epic fail to say the least...if anyone has an xbox, dont use this service as the connection is terrible and this is using wired connection. I thought BT homehub was bad but this is a complete failure, plus the staff have no idea whats wrong with it...

    cant even use webcams or stay on msn long either since switching to this company...can't even find a way to edit the router settings as all the router portal page does is show the information without any configuration options...


  • unhappy

    by Richard at 15:22 on 21 Jun 2009 Report abuse

    Had no problem joining up, but since doing so in February, email delivery has been a nightmare, with periods of up to a week with no email delivered to the webspace or our email client. This has happened four or five times and those emails are lost forever. I suspect they have offered a cheap service with insufficient investment either in mail servers or the staff to maintain them. It's that bad that we are even considering buying ourselves out, by paying the early termination "fee", of the next nine months broadband subscription. If it's important to you that emails sent to you actually arrive, then don't even consider the Post Office.

  • neutral

    by niggles at 23:15 on 19 Jun 2009 Report abuse

    I took the phone/bb deal, the Post office is good once it works however my experience is:
    1) Transfer from Virgin phone / lost my phone number which was completely down to a lack of understanding by staff advising me - lesson is to ring at least 3/4 times and check the story is consistent from different staff with how to keep your number (also worth ringing BT as PO is just BT service re-branded from what I can see.
    2) Billing is horrendous, it has taken approx 7 months to get the billing correct between cash payment & collecting DD's properly. Lesson is ring them and get your timing right as they can only deal with getting your DD right at certain times of the month - don't let them do it for you, get them to explain the process, then ring at the right time as they are incapable of remembering to set things up at the right time.
    3) Don't get it if you require the webspace. They appear to be selling something that is pretty unusable as you cannot upload files using FTP software/explorer. You have to do this through the 'interface' they provide which is terrible. Lesson - use another provider if you require webspace hosting of say more than 10 files.
    4) Online mypostoffice is ok, but a bit wobbly. Click help for instance and it cannot find the files...bills are viewable sometimes depending on how mypostoffice is feeling on that day. Lesson - accept it as there is no alternative.
    On the whole my speed is fine for my needs, however you have to remember that no matter who the ISP, if you are using a BT backbone service, the speed will be similar as there is a limitation of your local exchange.
    The service I have received on the phone from staff has been good, but I can't help feeling they are let down by their own systems when you look at the above list.

  • neutral

    by Simon T at 16:53 on 17 Jun 2009 Report abuse

    To Andrew Mcfee,

    4Mbps will give a maximum download speed of 500kb/s; likely averaging somewhere lower like your 300kb/s...

    Bytes are different to bits.

  • neutral

    by Jim Lindsay at 22:56 on 1 Jun 2009 Report abuse

    New t and cs , 8 p connection charge on calls. slow speed , paying for top package only slightly faster than dial up, hard to contact via links, advertised call centre opening times wrong, try ringing them after 6pm, I got a message saying the office is closed now , and then stated that it was open till 2 hours later.
    got mac code now so looking for a half decent provider for phone,broadband and in November mobile, preferably PAYG.

  • happy

    by Len Kirkham at 18:51 on 30 May 2009 Report abuse

    Have to say i haven't had any problems. download speed varies depending on what i'm downloading but i have had a top speed of about 480 KB/s would like it to go faster but it will have to do. the phone side i think is brilliant, i not only get free landline calls evening & weekends but i can phone mobiles weekend for free. if anyone knows how to get a faster download speed let me know but i will be staying with and recommending the post office for phone and broadband.

  • unhappy

    by Andrew Mcfee at 17:01 on 26 May 2009 Report abuse

    Suffering from the same situation as Paul earlier. Promised 4Mb/s connection, constantly getting around 300KB/s. Terrible service, and after several weeks of trying to get in touch with their customer support via email I received a message stating that they could detect no problem. Paying over £200 to sever the contract and switching to another ISP that can provide the speed it promised. Avoid these guys.

  • happy

    by Ted .h at 20:04 on 25 May 2009 Report abuse

    Been on phone and broadband standard for 18 months now, with no problems so far.

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