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  • unhappy

    by StevieL at 11:09 on 20 May 2009 Report abuse

    Nightmare. Hidden charges, 3 months of paying their charges and I`am still not connected. now trying to leave and they wont give me a mac code and want yet more money for something they have yet to provide.

  • unhappy

    by Paul Coburn at 17:33 on 17 May 2009 Report abuse

    Yes they're fine until you have a problem that is! Should get 4mbs from local exchange but recently keeps slowing to only 200kbs - staff at Ireland based call centre haven't got a clue so continously blame my wiring/computer etc which seems to be the standard cop out (this is definitely a problem at their end) - no interest in sorting this out and to add insult to injury have cut me off mid conversation on numerous occasions to 'check the line' but then don't return to discuss further! Sick of phoning them - night time India based call centre is just a laugh and i won't even bother calling them. Think I'll look at another supplier but hard to find one that delivers what it promises and has good customer service - this industry is getting a reputation worse than that for uPVC windows!

  • happy

    by Anthony Gallop at 8:34 on 16 May 2009 Report abuse

    I am finding it impossible to set up my emails through Mac Mail as the I can receive emails on the POP3.mypostoffice.co.uk address but I just can't get the smtp.mypostoffice.co.uk address to send mail back.

    I have spent half an hour on the phone the other day with a tech person who had a mac and they just quoted the information i found through hours trolling through using Google!

    Very disappointed about the mac support as they had NO idea what they are doing with imac support!. The address they quote is rubbish. Either there is a hardware / firewall issue or they system is just not geared up for us peeps who use IMAC's.

    I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has managed to set up email pop and smtp through Mac Mail. Please post on here if you have the correct setting, username format, port addresses etc.

    I have no gripes with the easy of setup and the internet works like a dream.

    I have just tried the pop3 and smtp set up addresses on my wife's PC and it worked a treat but I just cannot send out on the mac?. Does anyone have this working on their network...i would be very grateful if someone can tell me how they got it working so that they could send mail as well as receiving it.

    Thank you.

  • happy

    by don't know at 15:17 on 15 May 2009 Report abuse

    been on the bundled phone and broadband package for a month now and no problems so far. setting up the router was quick and painless and within minutes of setting it up, I was surfing the internet. very good!

  • unhappy

    by Jenny Ward at 15:37 on 12 May 2009 Report abuse

    Don't even go there. 2 weeks and 3 set ups later and they still can't get it right. What a mess. Now they want another MAC key! Yes the staff are very friendly but the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Trying to join the "big boys" and not ready!
    I am not giving them the new Mac key and am staying with Tesco for now. No problems with them but they are expensive.

  • unhappy

    by Maxine at 13:18 on 8 May 2009 Report abuse

    Don't go there! I have just finished my contract with them and will NEVER return! Set up was fairly simple, but they cancelled my direct debit without informing me and then asked to clear the whole amount in one go when I questioned them, then in the middle of this 'dispute' they sent my account to a debt collectors who were the rudest people I have ever had the misfortune to speak to - they informed me that Christmas was a luxury I obviously couldn't afford!! They then cut off my internet access three months ago because I disputed my bill, and I have been paying a monthly fee for nothing!!! I was also informed that I would be reported for offensive language because I said they were useless!. This is not offensive language - it is simply a statement of FACT.

  • happy

    by daniel green at 23:18 on 7 May 2009 Report abuse

    been on post office broadband on the top package for nearly 3 months and nor had a problem with it. I get nearly 8Mb and its not let me down yet. I like the idea of getting my broadband and line rental inclusive on one bill for only £25 a month - I used to be with BT broadband and only got 3Mb and it was so expensive, ill never look back.

  • unhappy

    by Alison Smith at 14:37 on 6 May 2009 Report abuse

    Whatever you do, don't take Post Office Homephone/Broadband package. Broadband for me was faulty from the start. Company attempted to charge from a date before service commenced - stated they saw no reason why not! Continuous faulty billing. They seemed unable to correct this. Very very slow broadband which often broke off. Total lack of support from staff - they didn't have enough to cope and very few trained to the level required. Post Office had no will to tackle faults, just seemed to hope that if they said and did nothing they would go away. Only answered letters (telephoning did no good) when sent recorded delivery. Awful experience.

  • happy

    by Debs at 17:14 on 30 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    I have had the phone and broadband extra since March. Apart from a bit of messing about with the dates I was supposed to go 'live' and online bills that are confusing, I am very impressed so far. I was with aohell before. Enough said.

  • unhappy

    by David R. Kaye at 12:11 on 16 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    I can't wait to cancel my contract. I have no confidence in them whatsoever.

  • unhappy

    by Ms Exasperated! at 19:47 on 16 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    Seemed easy enough setting the whole thing up, I requested direct debit payments at the outset..should have suspected something when the first bill came for 3 months upfront, for which they could give no reason, which was odd as my friend had joined them only a week earlier but never had to pay 3 months upfront? strange..and now it seems impossible to speak to anyone or get any reply to emails asking them to set up a direct debit for the monthly payments. I find it all very frustrating as I'd hoped they would be a lot better than my previous supplier, but sadly I can't recommend them and wish I'd gone with someone else, but too late now! grrrrrrrrrr..

  • neutral

    by Ian at 16:00 on 28 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    Thinking of signing up for this as my current contract finishes within a few weeks. Looks great fort the price so will prob go for it.
    Mixed reviews on here but generally, ppl only post reviews mainly to complain!
    Looks good :)


  • happy

    by tedh at 18:48 on 25 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    Been on PO broadband standard and phone line since november 07 with no problem, i am happy.

  • neutral

    by Chris P at 1:14 on 14 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    I was with 186k.co.uk and got cut off by tiscali due to some dispute. When 186k did not responed to any of my inquires, I started looking for a new ISP. I picked the Post Office is my new one. The late night call centre helps open till 11 pm. I work till 8:30 pm.
    Start date is 19th Feb for the phone but the broadband will now be a week late 26th Feb. I have a password and a user name just no router yet. Got my fingers crossed.

  • happy

    by sem at 15:08 on 13 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    I have had the Post Office basic broadband and phone package for a week and it's great. The helpline staff are brilliant as well. I was with AOHell before and had lot of problems, plus I was paying them £17.99 pm!

  • unhappy

    by Wez Haslam at 19:56 on 10 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    Not even had the broadband package a day and im experiencing issues with it already, for example my connection is really bad when connected to my xbox to play online, this is the main thing i use it for and well its useless!!

  • happy

    by post office wannabe at 22:07 on 8 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    post office ltd are brilliant! the staff are ace and the service with them couldnt be better. plus alot of their staff are irish which is a bonus when they talk on the phone! very satisfied person

  • neutral

    by john at 17:59 on 1 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    My isp is tiscali but i dont like how they are always caping me i dont really have any problemes with tiscali i just dont like the caping Do p.o even cap u?? and how are the speeds for download and upload like?.. i am looking to moving to p.o but i am not sure with the reviews

  • unhappy

    by Michelle Masterton at 22:05 on 28 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    I wouldn't even bother if you were thinking of switching to the Post Office Broadband. I placed an order on 5th January and heard nothing. I made a phone call on 16th Jan which was my 'go live' date as I still had not received conformation of order or router etc. I was told that they could see the order on the system but due to a problem their end it hadn't been processed. I left it another week and phoned again only to be told it was a 'mal order' but I could get no explanation as to why, I was told the matter had been referred to their technical desk to sort out but they could give me no idea how long this would take and were unable to chase it up. Seeing as my current contract with BT is due to expire and I will come off my reduced rate I have successfully renegotiated a price with them and cancelled my Post Office order (I hope - if they get that right).

  • happy

    by internetking at 16:14 on 28 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    The post office , is much more helpful , and will try to sort out any problems , like when my line went dead , and the post office sent out an engerneer to sort out the problem with my line they dident even chard me for it ! i bet bt wouldent do do that as qulickly as the postoffice.

  • happy

    by John at 23:45 on 22 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    Amazed at the difference in quality of service between Post Office and my former ISP, BT.

    Switched to Postoffice, modem and documentation arrived quickly, switchover on schedule, no problems at all.

    Imagine my delight to find that Postoffice broadband was five times faster than BT despite BT telling me my line couldn't support higher speeds. Basically they lied. Post Office have been brilliant, honest, all the way. Beyond the initial setup and billing, I have no comms with them at all, which is how I like it - no irritating sales calls etc.

    I can see how the lack of comms might be inconvenient for older people especially setting up a wireless modem, perhaps that's something PO might want to look at, but for the rest of us, perfect.

    Up yours, BT, I am now a satisfied PO customer.

  • neutral

    by LOOPY at 20:16 on 22 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    Post Office is excellent. And so are the staff !

  • unhappy

    by rjl at 8:59 on 15 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    Nearly a year ago I cancelled the Post Office Home Phone Caller Display feature. It was removed, but every quarter since then I have been charged for it. When I have complained I get told that it would be corrected in the next bill and I would be credited the overpayment. This has not happened. I don't know whether I keep getting fobbed off or they are just incompetent. They have just claimed that its a known billing problem and its being dealt with - and no I can't contact the appropriate department directly.

  • unhappy

    by d&s at 14:05 on 1 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    tedh you must be a p.o worker or a very lucky man good luck to you and a happy new year

  • unhappy

    by beebop at 23:14 on 30 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    OH MY GOD!!!!! Im sooo frustrated. Ordered this in November for my parents,still no broadband!! 6 phone calls each lasting 25-45 mins and still nothing. What a dreadful way to treat thier customers. They keep telling me that its the computers fault even though it works perfectly on Orange broadband. I asked if i could cancel as my parents are paying £24 a month for nothing , they said it will cost £300 to pull out of the contract early!!!!!!! Dont know what to do next,we are all ripping our hair out.

  • happy

    by tinnedkippers at 0:17 on 30 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    Not had bill for broadband yet!Only been with them for 1 year and can see no reason to move on as been excellent service so far and never been offline.Can't find any reason to knock it at all.

  • unhappy

    by dave at 0:05 on 30 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    absolutely AWFUL in every respect. router arrived about 3 weeks late, first month bill came in at £263 which can apparently be attributed to a £93 "connection charge" an £88 "engineers fee" and some broadband charges including for the time period where i was still yet to receive their router...

  • happy

    by tedh at 9:22 on 27 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    Been on Broadband standard and phone line 1 year today ,totaly satisfied no problem as yet

  • unhappy

    by su at 13:21 on 17 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    post office...............ARE RUBBISH...............steer clear if you wan`t to stay sane.(not go insane). you have been warned.......

  • unhappy

    by deb at 23:26 on 15 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    what a shambolic company post office are...............
    i have continually telephoned them to try and sort out my problems, but i think i should speak out now and warn everybody. whenever i speak to anyone at customer care they say that they are going to deal with my complaint and they guarantee me that someone will call and everything is going to get sorted. but hey ho surprise surprise nobody calls back and after 11 months i am still in the same boat. but i am actually further on in the respect of threatening letters and calls from a debt collection agency. i am disgusted in the post office so called "non- service" i have tried and tried to rectify my problems without any success whatsoever.it seems that they listen but just do not act on anything that you have told them. after numerous mistakes ie. bank details, broadband connection, no e-mail, anti-virus, numerous phone calls at considerable cost to customer and still no light at the end of the tunnel.as i am disabled and not a well person, i do not need this extra stress/ grief in my life. how long does it take to sort out the mess you the post office have got your customers in? isn't it about time somebody got their act together because if i need to i will go to court to sort out this shambolic service.

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