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  • neutral

    by bananaman at 13:26 on 15 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    post office broadbad are ok but if i had known that there was going to be a £93 engineers fee to set up the phone line i wouldn't hve bothered.

  • unhappy

    by P. Taylor at 20:48 on 12 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    Been with mypostoffice since May. Setting up went without a hitch, but I'm frequently unable to access e-mails because of an 'error'...generally sorted out by the following day, but very frustrating if you are waiting for something important.
    Also, does anyone else find the set up primitive? E-mail pages don't even look professional. I was with aol for some years and miss their sophistication - although not their inefficiency when something went wrong.
    I don't have any major complaints about the Post Office service, but I won't be renewing the contract after the year is up.

  • unhappy

    by deb at 15:16 on 10 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    phonned last week about bills well well well what do you know no return call yet again come on p.o speak to your customers this is dredful pakage nothing to say or what?????????

  • happy

    by micky(orkney) at 7:26 on 25 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    We changed to post office broadband full package and its by far the best service i have ever used that includes aol/btopenworld/tiscali/ntl/pipex/ out of all PO has been reliable,fast,and mostly bug free.we were 1 day late in connection but the voice on the phone spoke english(with a hint of the galic/blarney,lol)but walked us through set up @ thier expence(they rang back to set up and go through it all) since then?almost 12 months ago only time offline during power cut,though im working on a dc power supply for the router to use with the laptop for future.All in all 9.8 out of 10 all for a£30 pm calls/line rental/bband and piece of mind (thats priceless)'.ADVICE for the complainers=if its worth the wait its gonna be V/good.
    If ya wont wait go to bt and just pay pay pay pay pay and if they like you they might send you a new router or docking station as they say when the old one stopps working(in my experiance every 4-5 months ) it only takes 2-3 weeks to arrive and ofcourse pay pay pay for the help line to set up again and again.Your choice,enjoy

  • neutral

    by Sue de Nym at 17:53 on 17 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    Try fast.co.uk
    They are brilliant. A 'real' person answers the phone who has full technical knowledge and can help with any problmes (not that I've had many). I had to phone them when I had a router problem (my router) and they fixed that too!
    I've recommended them to friends who have all changed and they ALL say it's the best by far. Fast.co.uk is run by a group of techies who all have brains and treat their customers with respect. Worth a bit extra for peace of mind.

  • happy

    by Samuel Parker-Oakes at 19:26 on 16 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    After having Post Office homephone and broadband for over six months, I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation. We've had a genuinely stable connection; we would rarely, if ever, get disconnected, a definite improvement from BT where we would lose service almost every evening without fail. The homephone service has been perfect, we got to keep our old BT number, and the price of the line rental is included with the package price. We now get free calls to landlines and mobiles anywhere in the world at weekends, and free calls to UK landlines at evenings and weekends, all included with the standard price. The wireless router and connection fee was free also. Having unlimited downloads is a bit of a godsend as well, what with YouTube and BBC iPlayer and all that. We had a few teething problems with the broadband but it turned out that this wasn't the Post Office's fault, it was Sky's - and when we called the PO helpline they were really helpful, and sent an engineer in two days, and he just told us to unplug both of our sky boxes from the telephone socket as they were putting too much pressure on the telephone line. We only need to plug them back in when we use interactive services such as Box Office movies.
    Overall, I would give Post Office Broadband a firm 10/10, and we will most certainly be renewing our contract next year.

  • neutral

    by Susan Fryer at 19:11 on 13 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    I have had an IMAC for a couple of weeks. No problems with the broadband but real problems using email. POP3 does not recognise my password, Apple does not recognise POP3 and Help line is hopeless. I was promised a call back last night and I am still waiting.

  • happy

    by ted h at 19:59 on 12 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    before you ring the 0845 no go to the web site ,

    say no to 0870

    by the way Postoffice broadband is very good.

  • unhappy

    by sandy simpson at 10:40 on 12 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    Endless trouble with connection, and unable to get support.
    Attempts result in a brief flash of a full screen which disappears immediately

  • happy

    by DAVE C at 20:28 on 10 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    joined up with few teething probs which they sorted out ok
    so far so good will let you know . IF YOU THINK THESE ARE

  • unhappy

    by Jane Anderson at 13:54 on 10 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    An absolubte awful organisation whose staff cannot even manage to transfer calls correctly let along give a consistent answer through departments. I thought BT was bad......We were promised a service by a certain time, it did not arrive, nor did any of the associated equipment. Nobody called to discuss the reason for not providing the service. In total frustration I have cancelled the order and am going elsewhere.

  • neutral

    by DEREK K at 22:16 on 9 Nov 2008 Report abuse


  • unhappy

    by Hilary at 17:37 on 5 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    Do NOT choose this ISP, not if you want to stay sane.

  • unhappy

    by sylvia langan at 18:25 on 4 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    Disastrous. I am stressed out with the service (non service) from post office homephone and broadband. I was connected to homephone 2 September 2008 - broadband 23 September. No welcome pack ever received or initial connection bill. Several phonecalls to them, all pass the book then told by Billing Dept. I am registered 'terminated' but I am live, not to keep ringing and just wait until I receive a bill (when and how much for?) Always told there is a backlog (why?). I wish I had never joined them and wonder what my outcome will be. They are USELESS.

  • happy

    by tamolene at 11:53 on 19 Oct 2008 Report abuse

    Having only used the Post office Broadband and Home Phone for a short time it is very good in as much I am able to get on line extremely quickly compared to my previous supplier.

    Apart from a gremlin that decided to divert my line in a totally different direction which was corrected within 36 hours everything is going swimmingly, I no longer get stressed out trying to get on line, and as I have said to my friends (Cheaper suppliers aren't always best).

    I would certainly recommend the Post Office to others.

  • happy

    by One satisfied customer at 3:59 on 7 Oct 2008 Report abuse

    After 1 week on the Post Office Broadband and Phone service - the unlimited download version - I am 98% happy with the service. It is fast, although a reported speed of 100 Mbps on wired connection and 50 Mbps if using the wireless connection is simply unbelievable, as neither speed shows any variation. I used to have a believable figure of 5.5 to 5.6 Mbps with my previous excellent but expensive ISP. I live (literally) within a stone's throw of the exchange.

    My only slight concern is the very occasional "outage", something quickly remedied - reconnection is never a problem - but it is irritating when it happens.

    As a retired computer professional, and one who "migrated" from another ISP, I had all the filters already installed and bore in mind that switching off the computer and then switching on again often solves many problems. Quite simply, many things don't get "initialised" until you re-boot; it's a mantra that should be printed out and stuck up on the notice-board!!

  • happy

    by Cults Aberdeen at 10:24 on 5 Oct 2008 Report abuse

    After reading many reviews here, decided to move my broadband from tiscali to postoffice. Good move! Very pleased with their download spead - all time > 3Mb (line is restricted to 4.5 Mb). This is much better than tiscali which went from 3 Mb to as low as 120 kB. Tiscali has very poor customer support - very pushy but none of the customer support assistants really don't know what they are doing. Everytime the answer will be "It will be done in the next few days"! but never gets done.
    If you are unhappy with tiscali, move to Postoffice for cheaper and faster broadband.

  • unhappy

    by danny at 19:57 on 3 Oct 2008 Report abuse

    honest post office broadband is total crap. if you get this i hope you no about dns servers etc. no tech support over charged evey month. am off back to orange. po bb = 1000% rip off....

  • happy

    by ted h at 19:20 on 12 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Dont use thair 0845 phone no

    go to say no to 0870 .com and save some money.
    By the way postoffice phone and broadband is ok ,no problem.

  • unhappy

    by Richard Lees at 8:03 on 11 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Heard back from PO in reply to my enquiry regarding settings for a wireless router i had to purchase myself..
    "what settings do you need"
    was their reply!
    So i replied saying "i was hoping you would tell me what settings i need"
    Still waiting to hear back..
    Had to use my Yahoo e-mail to contact them as the PO mail is useless & i get nothing but errors msgs.
    If anyone out there has the PO wireless router, could you give me some settings?
    A DNS server address would be a start, as that was stiopping me set the modem up manually.

  • unhappy

    by Richard Lees at 12:11 on 10 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    I've had the Post offices home phone & broadband package since december.
    The router was delivered on time & was very simple to set up & install & my broadband is running ok(touch wood)
    The phone line is also ok, no problems there.
    But i have just recently enquired about upgrading my package to the Extra package which includes a wireless router.
    I looked it up on the Post office wesite & it gave clear & simple instructions on how to proceed & stated it was simple & all i had to do was phone them up & it would be arranged.
    Well as i thought. that all seemed to simple.
    Rang them up & explained i wanted to upgrade... to be told, 'we don't have the software on our system as yet to be able to do that'
    & was then told to ring back in about 6 weeks when they should have it in place.
    But i was advised in the meantime to purchase a wireless router & fit it myself!
    So, i have done.. but of coarse i now need the settings from the Post office to get it installed!
    Of which i now await :-/

  • happy

    by Wayne Morris at 11:39 on 2 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    Hey Guys ! After moving house and reviewing this site prior to taking out home phone/broadband, I became very aprehensive about signing up with the post office but.......after much too-ing and fro-ing from Talk Talk making emty promises and generally making a hash of everything, I gave in and decided to give the p.o a chance. This is what happened : BROADBAND STANDARD (
    Aug 12th 08: Ordered,Aug 16th 08: Received paperwork confirming new telephone number and user name. Aug 22nd 08: 13.10 Hrs BT engineer rang to confirm that there was no need to come to the house, could conect while he was in the exchange. Aug 23rd 08: Phone line fully working and broadband active. How fast was that ?? I'm sorry but credit where it's due, 5 star service, excellent customer after sales, fantastic download speed. What's more, no charge for reconnection because the engineer din't need to come to my home,Thanks good old P.O. .Weigh it up : B.T = £125.00 connection, 12 month contract, what a rip off ! P.O

  • unhappy

    by Dave at 21:50 on 31 Aug 2008 Report abuse

    Signed my Mum up for Broadband and phone and went live 2 weeks ago.Line profile is still stuck on 2000kbps even though syncing at 7616 kbps,so only getting speeds of 1.8 meg.Phoned up there support and they was a joke,didnt know what a stuck line profile was and cant even access my BT speedtester results like other ISP's can.Not happy so far with there support.Another Tiscali I am wondering.

  • happy

    by Sqwidge (Bradband newbie) at 23:18 on 19 Aug 2008 Report abuse

    Hi signed up to PO BB on 5 aug with go live date of 19 aug, everything came on time as detailed letters welcome pack, router etc. went live on date given gettting speeds upto 5mbs

  • unhappy

    by Kate at 23:06 on 19 Aug 2008 Report abuse

    I have a 128k download speed connection from the Post Office despite being 400 metres from my exchange (I would expect speeds of around 6-7mb), obviously there is something not right, I am very IT literate and have explain numerous times to customers suppport the problem and that it isn't my wireless connection etc ( I have a wired connection to my router!) they have finally (after a month) accepted there is a fault, but I have been waiting a week for a fault management member to call, I despair, my problem just keeps being dropped, I can't do anything on the net and the phonecalls to 0845 are costing a fortune. I think there is a real lack of training within the PO customer services. :(

  • happy

    by Matthew Knox at 14:28 on 31 Jul 2008 Report abuse

    After recieving my router I was surprised at how simple it was to set up and was ready to go within minutes. The only problem I found was that the ssid wasnt shown but that was easily solved by going to the ip of the router.
    The download speed varies constantly from 1.4mbps to 900kb/s which may not sound that good but it is a great improvment from AOL where i was revcieving a measly 512kbps and also I am very far away from the exchange.
    The upload speed is tremendous being at a constantly around 400kbps meaning it is fantastic for online gaming.
    The phone line is at a cheap price and is very good for the money!
    Overall I am very impressed with the post office or after checking the the isp ip address british telecom!

  • happy

    by ted h at 18:47 on 12 Jul 2008 Report abuse

    Been with postoffice phone and broadband standard since December ,a few problems at first but it is superb now.

  • unhappy

    by rutlandoap at 15:40 on 12 Jul 2008 Report abuse

    I went with the PO as I thought it would be organised for internet novices like me. I am of a generation that still has good feelings and trusts anything with the PO logo. Set went fine. Who designed their web page? I could have done a better job just by looking at others. Not only is it poorly set out compared with the aol free one (aol service poor, site good) but I am having serious problems using it. It is annoying that all addresses have to be entered individually, this is even more annoying when they keep disappearing. Ususally when I click on 'addresses' there are only 3 there; lucky for me one of them is the so called broadband help one. It is my most used one. They take days to reply and then it is just the same 'we are trying to sort out your problem'. I click on send and end up on the login page and my email has disappeared. I would not recommend them to anyone. Their must be better providers out there

  • happy

    by Pauline Leek Staffs at 10:00 on 30 Jun 2008 Report abuse

    I have had Post Office line rental with Broadband for just over three months now. As is expected, there have been one or two initial problems, but I have always found their help line easy to use with calls being returned as promised when appropriate. I did have a bad experience with Talk-Talk a couple of years ago following which I decided not to bother again with Broadband. However, I am glad I went to Post Office as although a little slow at times it is adequate for my needs and their charges are very competative.

  • unhappy

    by Gary. at 20:23 on 1 Jun 2008 Report abuse

    Got my postoffice broadband connected on the 28th, set up was relatively plug and play easy....but....speed is abysmal...tried the BT broadband speed check..68.2 kbs download and 86.6 upload...thats dial up speed...never known uploads to be faster downloads either..phoned the PO customer support...did the basic checks again..and was told it couldnt be classed as a fault untill the ten days settling period!
    If i try and watch a short video clip it plays pauses plays pauses just like dial up...i regret leaving tiscal now i was getting to meg from them!

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