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  • happy

    by Terry at 13:50 on 19 May 2008 Report abuse

    One week in and no complaints. Having been told that I could expect a download speed of between 1 and 2Mb/s, Post Office said the speed would vary in the first few days as it was "fine tuned". Well, I now frequently get around 3.7Mb from my initial 1.9Mb with an upload speed of 365kb/s. (1.6 miles to my exchange.)

    The Netgear modem runs rather hot though!

  • happy

    by Terry at 19:18 on 12 May 2008 Report abuse

    Having read many reviews of Post Office Broadband, many being not very complimentary, I signed up with some trepidation as I am a computer novice.
    I applied for Broadband Standard and Home Phone on 26th April and was given a 'Go Live' date of 13th May. I received the modem (Netgear DM111PSP) on 9th May.
    On 12th May ( a day early) I was told I was ready to go and at 6:15pm I connected the modem and followed the instructions. 5 minutes later I was on-line.
    A speed check in the evening (busy time) indicated a download speed of 1.9Mb/s - brilliant for my area.

    Go with the Post Office - it does what it says on the tin!

  • unhappy

    by dan at 18:17 on 21 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    this is where harry enfeild get's his broadband from p.o load's of money and even more time to spend trying to sort out this packet of junk>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • unhappy

    by su at 17:30 on 21 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    junk dont even go there waiting 4 1/2 months for a phone call bunch of jokers with no customer sevice no managers to manage ect leave it well alone still waiting for someone to pull there finger out of there rear end ???????????????????????????????????

  • happy

    by tedh at 18:16 on 16 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    Been with My postoffice 4and1/2 months now and it is a good sound
    broad band provider.
    Just had my monthly bill today Phone line ,calls and standard
    broadband,total £22..27p. I`m happy

    Ted H.

  • unhappy

    by Amz at 21:11 on 9 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    not good ordered post office and never came for two month and they said it will take two week and i called them up and they said everything is sorted with my other provider tht is bt and they said everything is ok and it will take 3 working day for the modem to come and it didnt and i emailed them and they said i need mac code from bt and i dont get it they said everything is sorted out so i cancelled post office and got back on bt and bt more better and also bt gasve me offer to stay lol better offer than post office so people post office service is 100 percent crap

  • unhappy

    by willow1 at 14:13 on 21 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    Originally offered connection on 28.02.08 - it finally happened on 18.03.08. after HOURS and HOURS of telephone conversations and being directed through switchboards of sales people. Asked for rebate on telephone charges on 0845 which was agreed. Eventually made contact with an informed adviser who seems to have come up with solutions - mostly of BT problems. My existing e-mail was disconnected long befor the 28th, however, which was unacceptable. The comments from other users would be more justified if the writers were using accurate written English and could spell when critising spelling from others !!

  • unhappy

    by myk 2008 at 12:38 on 14 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    suppossed to gone live with the post office on the 06/03/08 still waiting, was in contact with tech support on 8th, and after trying to setup the system, with help from there assistance for 2.5hr, with no joy, they did'nt even know I had not got a connection

  • unhappy

    by Post Office Broadband employee at 17:14 on 12 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    Before signing on to the Post Office broadband make sure your computer has at least the following tech spec! If it does then the service is exceptional

    Your computer must have at least:
    Pentium II 200 Mhz (or equivalent) or better
    128 MB RAM
    CD-ROM drive
    ethernet port
    150 MB available on your hard drive
    The Post OfficeŽ Broadband router supports
    Windows 98SE
    Windows 2000
    Windows Me
    Windows XP
    Windows Vista
    To see what your PC has, click the 'start' button in the bottom left hand corner of your screen, right-click on 'My Computer' and select 'Properties'. The information you need should be in the bottom right hand corner of the window that pops up.

    Hope this is off some help!

    Post Office Broadband team

  • unhappy

    by victor meldrew at 21:46 on 4 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    VERY dissapointing customer service, didnt work when it was supposed to, needed to get a 2nd MAC code, that cost me a further month with my previous ISP. modem didnt arrive, then 2 came ! Their agents will tell you anything to close the call, really nice people but they dont know what they are talking about and much is not as it should be.. Advert promises a security package, none was sent.Cant get logged into e mail.. as "password is incorrect", new password provided but that doesnt work either. Its a real mess.. broadband does now work, but the grief is endless. AND everytime you ring their number YOU pay for the call.. I saw all these bad reviews and said I don't believe it..
    I believe it now.. Its a shame because it could be really good if they sorted out their customer service and many technical issues.

  • happy

    by tedh at 19:02 on 3 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    Been on 3 months now definetly getting better ,not bad now.

  • unhappy

    by deb at 17:03 on 3 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    Well, This is the worst servie I've ever had. So many mistakes by the company - wrong delivery address, incorrect e-mail address given to me which i still can't get into, the list is endless - what a complete nightmare. Haven't received any information or confirmation about anything in the post, having rang up on so many occassions requesting this! - like it is such a difficult thing to do ! Call centre staff aren't helpful, kept being passed on and putting on hold for ages. they don't seem to know what they are doing or talking about. Have spent endless hours on the phone trying to sort things out. Finally have broadband, which is working well, but the actual service is not that good. Would recommend the broadband itself, but dealing with the company is a total nightmare. I'm still awaiting details through the post a month on. Will Not be renewing with post office in future - would rather pay a little extra and get better service elsewhere.

  • unhappy

    by alspnost at 8:42 on 3 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    Great speeds and solid connection, but the rest is hopeless. Like others have reported, they can't seem to cope with such advanced concepts as e-mail or webspace. Half of incoming emails disappear (I am working from my domain both to PO and to Gmail, so I can monitor), I cannot send through their SMTP servers after 2 weeks, and my webspace still doesn't work, despite repeated calls.
    Customer services are always there, but not always useful! So if you don't use email and don't want webspace, use this, otherwise, avoid like the plague!

  • unhappy

    by Jo at 9:41 on 1 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    Don't even go there. Post Office have lost so many of my emails that I'm having to use another account just for recieving emails. The helpline is expensive and the staff are badly informed.Customer services are awful.
    However, have found the internet speeds good.

  • happy

    by PAUL at 16:06 on 20 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    I have had p/office broadband installed now for a couple of weeks,and to date have had no problems at all.The wireless router installed itself on my go-live date+everything is working fine.I get speeds of between 6-8mb although i do live only 400mtrs from the exchange. The service that many people on here are/have been experiencing worried me a bit,but i for one have been very happy with them.

  • unhappy

    by Magool at 20:33 on 19 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    In answer to the review shown below - some people are computer illiterate and some just illiterate - learn to spell!!

    by post office customer care worker for homephone and, 13 January 2008 did you find this review helpful? (1)

    Give us a chance we dont just site here eatting biscuits and drinking coffee, we're doing our jobs answering calls and trying to keep this company going, its not our fault your computor illiterate and cant work your pc properly

  • unhappy

    by Dave Bowley at 9:47 on 17 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    Started well !! Already a PO phone subscriber & this service has proved fine. As I was fed up with Freedom [Virgin] & the service was closing I foolishly decided to extend my PO services despite knowing that BT were the PO's service provider !! Welcome pack arrived ahead of go live & on the day. The BB worked from the outset but speed is very varied . Email would'nt work so several calls etc later eventually told that the inbox on the crap MPO webmail account had to have an input mail to 'initialise it' !!!!!! Come on BT never heard of sending one yourself to WELCOME your new client. Waste of space but thanks to the PO lad who sent me a mail & my mail then started arriving in OE. After a half day it stopped again. Approx 5 days later & after calling/mailing them [via Hotmail] this apparently 'long term' common issue got fixed. This lasted for 2+ weeks & suddenly the inmail stopped again so several calls/mails later I am back in the same position - partial service only

  • unhappy

    by sad at 15:37 on 13 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    The Post Office have a serious problem with their server and potential customers should not sign up until they are sure this is fixed. I have spoken to four technical support staff over the last month who were very polite & helpful ( I did not have the problems getting through to this sevice that others have noted) After one month (the time span due to my lack of time to persue the problem) I have now had connection for 10 days but today cannot send & have lost messages as page closed. On phoneing technical support I was informed by a polite but demotivated staff member that server problems continue and they cannot say when they will be fixed, he suggested I use google e-mail which he advised is very reliable!

  • unhappy

    by Rob Taylor - Leek Staffs at 13:16 on 3 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    I set up the Post Office deal for my friend. After two months they still have not sorted out her e-mail address and password so she cannot download the virus checker. She has a connection and is using hot mail. they have changed her address and password twice and still i cannot connect to the post office site. The tech support is useless with horrific waits for help. frequently cutting off after waiting for 30 or 40 minutes. i would not recommend post office. its overpriced and i got a better deal from Orange. i get maximum broadband with a mobile fone deal. £25.00 per month for a mobile 500minutes a month 1000 texts all that with broadband and the wireless livebox. On top of that for an extra £5.00 i get faster broadband plus an internet fone that can call any landline number in the world free of charge. AND free calls to orange mobiles. my kids call their friends all the time and i dont care.....my bill has dropped by £150 a quarter.

  • unhappy

    by Derek Newport at 11:32 on 3 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    Back to a crawl again. BIG THUMBS DOWN

  • happy

    by Derek Newport at 10:50 on 3 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    " UPDATE " 3rd Feb 2008.
    At first very good, But the last 8 days have been very DISAPPOINTING. Long waits for reply at Tec-Support, I hour waiting for reply yesterday. Issue { very Slow, or no Broadband at all, lots of dropouts, so slow I was timed out trying to access GoogleMail.
    (( a basic requirement of broadband.))
    but to-day, ( Sunday 3/2/ 08 ) it seems to be OK. Time will tell. If I revert to my previous ( next to useless connection,) I will update report via a friends computer.
    However, I would say when you finally get to speak to someone at the Tec-Support team, you are talking to a friendly, and helpful person. Also the issue may well be a line problem. MyPostOffice are not the owners of the telephone lines. Finally this is my first Broadband experience. Happy until this problem showed up.

  • unhappy

    by RedHotOrange at 15:27 on 1 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    My experience with PO phone/broadband is mixed. No problem with phone, but broadband was a completely differently story. On the day of going live, I connected the router and went to work. When I came home in the evening, all the router lights were on as they should but not internet. Tried my previous ISP and it was dead as expected. Contacted the tech support and after some tests I was told my log-on ID were incorrect and needed resetting. I asked how this would take and the guy could not give me an answer. So I asked him to give me some idea i.e. hours, days, weeks or week, expecting a reply of a day or two but him still would not give me an answer. So I said "so it could be months" and he said "Yes". I though he was joke but clearly he wasn't. He then called his supervisor who told me that one of his customer had similar problem before Christmas and they still had not resolve the problem. I went cold.
    But for some unknown reason it started working last nigh. So be prepared.

  • unhappy

    by David Evans at 17:02 on 31 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    Yep - you guessed it, my third MYPO install didn't work out of the box. As there's no technical help (server names, IPs etc) supplied I had to ring Tech Support. I got thru in about 2 mins, BUT the young lady whilst pleasant was of little help getting the WAN side to connect. She said an engineer would call me back after 8:30pm (it was then 6:20pm !) I was on-site until 9:30pm nobody called. Poor.

  • unhappy

    by David Evans at 17:00 on 30 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    As a PC/Networking Engineer I'm on my third My Post Office broadband install now for friends. On the +ve side it's good value for money (if you already also use PO home phone) and it works. The router comes pre-loaded with connection info so (in theory) it's true plug and play, BUT if it doesn't you're in deep do-do as the tech support is poor and (in evenings) constantly engaged. They are NOT publishing the SMTP & POP3 details and this is a REAL ISSUE as the MyPostOffice web mail interface is (in my opinion) truly AWFUL. I confirm the details found elsewhere on this page DO work so you can setup OE, Outlook or whatever email client you wish. There are clearly STILL problems with secondary email accounts and the email server itself was reported as down this week. For these reasons I think you'll see contracting reviews - all could go well out of the box in which case you won't understand what all the gripping is about OR it won't and you'll need the patience of a saint !

  • happy

    by Dave at 19:06 on 29 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    After reading all the negative reviews I considered cancelling my order with Post Office Broadband, but in the end I decided to take the plunge and try the 8Mb Phone and Broadband package so here is my review.
    The router supplied is a Netgear DG834GPSP wireless router, which is not locked down (user=admin pw=password) as reported in previous reviews, everything looks like it can be changed so the router looks like it can be used on another ISP.
    The email settings are pop3.mypostoffice.co.uk and smtp.mypostoffice.co.uk, [email protected] I got this info from the tech support, who were very helful. The whole thing is packaged for the over 50's which explains why there is so little technical info available.
    There is a fair use policy but do not appear to have any sort of traffic profiling in force, so P2P is ok. So far I have been quite impressed with the service and would recommend them to anyone.

  • unhappy

    by will at 19:32 on 25 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    Bad week to give up smoking.DO NOT SIGN UP TO POST OFFICE BROADBAND. Not enough space to put all problems down with postoffice home phone & broadband extra. It's taken 2 letters,3 emails and one month later for them to respond.they DON'T WANT TO KNOW and DON'T CARE. So DON'T DO IT.

  • unhappy

    by david clarke at 14:27 on 24 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    i went live with post office on the 9 th jan 2008 and my emails still wont work i was told we know about the problems you will just have to hang on i was told my speed would be 6.6 meg and not the full 8 i expected that but the average i do get is only 3meg also dont use the netinteligence softwear for parent control it just blocks everything and when you try the instructions to shut it down for your personell surfing again it blocks you tech help just say uninstall it well thats no help i went with PO because of the security progs so am paying for rubbish and when i phoned to complain i was told you cant complain untill the mater is resolved but i wanted to complain that the matter cant be resolved so i am stuck so please if you think about goung with these you should think long and hard first. one other thing the web site dont work either cant check my phone bill my account info not there my ten numbers missing for family and friends all a load of bull

  • unhappy

    by mr mcgregor at 18:37 on 22 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    i set up my broadband wiyh the post office on the 28th december 2007 my family and i excited to have it for the first time .At the time we were told it would take 3 to 5 days to get it up and running . i rang a week later to find out when it was going live and we were told 14th january ,at which point i had made it clear that i did not want amodem as everything we were going to be using was going to be wireless ,i made this point twice and said i was prepared to pay the extra money to have a wireless router sent.On the 12th of january we were sent a modem and when i rang to find out why ,i wastold that another mistake had been made and we would definetely get our router in 3to5 days .We have still not received it and to be honest feel that we have been misled with the service that the post office keep advertising .we are beginning to regret our decision to go with the post office as not one promise as been delivered ,its a shame to have to criticize a company but its true

  • happy

    by Boris at 18:10 on 19 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    Thanks for the reviews and info. I am going to risk Broadband with PO. Already with them for landline and pretty happy with that.
    Grateful if any one could let me know what router they supply.
    I will let you know my experience.
    Oh off topic but somebody did comment on generally poor ISP support. I have experienced this with Tiscali and AOL but CLARA and esp WAITROSE have been excellent. Most recent experience with Waitrose: their support has been mint and FREE. No 0845 or charge business.
    Kind Regards

  • happy

    by RedHotOrange at 18:34 on 17 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    Had PO phone connected for two months now but no bills. Rang them to broadband migrated several times but they could not do it for some unknown reasons until today. I had to go through the whole process as if I were a now customer to apply the complete new package. MAC code went through OK (according to PO). Just have to wait and see. Not sure if it is the system or people that is incompetent.

    One thing I did find out was if you want to use your own router, you can get them from the technical service, but they do not provide surport for the third party hardware.

    As I am going to set the router up for my in-laws, I was given their user id in the form of

    [email protected]

    password contains 6 digits lower case letters.

    I will find out if this works or not this week end.

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