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  • neutral

    by eric winchester at 11:46 on 20 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    First if your going to email customer service making up a email will result in no contact i.e [email protected] is not a good choice. however using contact use might be a good place to start.

    Email address Query
    [email protected] General queries
    [email protected] Post Office HomePhone® faults
    [email protected] Post Office® Broadband technical support and faults
    [email protected] Post Office HomePhone® enquiries
    [email protected] Post Office® Broadband enquiries
    [email protected] Sales enquires
    [email protected] Complaints
    [email protected] Payment enquiries and queries
    [email protected] Post Office® Broadband abuse, nuisance calls and security issues

    how many people actual read the fair usage policy on email before complianing bet i can add that up on one hand.

    just in case you missed it
    "5. Email Accounts
    As part of the Post Office® Broadband service you may
    have the ability to use one or more email accounts,
    up to a maximum of five. Each such email account will
    have a separate email address.
    You should not allow any of your email accounts to
    exceed 20MB in size. If your email account exceeds
    20MB, incoming emails may be bounced with a
    message that states that your account is full.
    If you do not access your email account for a period
    of six months or more, we may deactivate your email
    account and any incoming mail may be bounced with a
    message that states that your email account is inactive"

    mypostoffice.co.uk is not hotmail/yahoo or gmail
    you don't get unlimited mail and if you use the password of postoffice and you get hacked then you will be blocked and yes that is your fault for using a weak password.

    Email client can be used but, it not the post office teams job to work out why your network/ pc/antivirus/firewall is blocking ports and outlook/ windows live /thunderbird etc are not technical supports job to solve connection problems.

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    by eric winchester at 16:54 on 18 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    http://webspace.mypostoffice.co.uk/~clivepoulton/index.html = blank page
    index.html is blank
    not a fault but apparently tech support fault for not explaining web design and creating web sites for customers

  • happy

    by eric winchester at 16:41 on 18 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    webspace on postoffice is 50mb on navigating to link it shows forbidden. this is not a fault, it is however a securuty feature to stop people browing files on apache server.

    YOU NEED TO CREATE A WEB SITE its not hard just comon sense required.

  • unhappy

    by Dean at 1:27 on 2 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    My girlfriends mum has this broadband, (Post office broadband) must be the worse going.. Having nothing but non stop trouble since having it, signal keeps cutting out it has cut out 4 times already in just writing this message. Have had engineers come out to the address to look into these problems and he said its something wrong on there side of things not ours, but yet she is still stuck in the contract with is a disgrace considering its down to the Post Office.

  • unhappy

    by Anthony Booth at 14:28 on 17 Jan 2013 Report abuse

    Andrew Gibbons is a very difficult man to get hold of, and believe me i would like to get hold of him. He must run the most inept department of any public service i have ever come accross.

  • happy

    by Malcolm at 17:11 on 7 Jan 2013 Report abuse

    Interesting to see that nothing's changed with the dear old PO since I last visited this site! I and everyone else I know who's a customer get terrific service from Utility Warehouse, who apparently would be recommended to a friend by 96% of customers. I've been with them four years and would never change. The difference is that they have a fantastic customer services department, based in London. I think most reasonable people would agree that they don't judge a company so much on things going wrong as on such things being righted ASAP. If anyone's interested in knowing more, they can look up the web link I've got bookmarked, which is www.justonebill.info and see the products and services they do. I go online to access all features of my account with them.

  • unhappy

    by anne jackson at 10:08 on 6 Jan 2013 Report abuse

    There is something terribly wrong at the core of the Post Office Customer Service, their attitude to customers is one of the worst I have experienced for many years, especially to a customer who has put up with hell from them during the first (and only - yaaaaayyy, time to escape) year. They are liars, conned me into the product - broadband/phone line - the comments they enter into the computer about their customers following a conversation are not only inaccurate but insulting and scandalous, again lies. Never believe it is £26 per month, it is far from that and you are not allowed to pay monthly despite being told that yes you can, that their are no upfront fees, yes there are. For 6 months our internet went down every few minutes, the post office blaming us, and everybody else. Finally they fixed the problem by simply sending us a new router! Unbelievable, but the worst thing is their attitude to customers, like we are scum, like we are rogues. I also experienced bullying, harrassment, and I cannot emphasise enough about the lies they constantly spouted. Finally, I discovered they had cut me off without any advance warning, leaving me, a disabled pensioner living in the middle of nowhere without a life-line. Their response? You could diall 999!! DO NOT GO NEAR THE POST OFFICE BROADBAND SERVICE

  • unhappy

    by Clive Andrew Poulton at 19:32 on 26 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    I have postoffice unlimited, though I now call it POSTORAFICE and have never been able to use an email client to access my mail and the 50 Mb of web space is a joke as the url to access it does not work. Every time you contact the help desk they are exceedingly un friendly and suggest that their problem is your fault. The only reason I stayed was the unlimited download and now that does work either. This is my parting comment. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS ISP. Try EE

  • happy

    by Fran Faulkner at 16:59 on 3 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Well I was a PostOffice Broadband and Homephone customer for a number of years. The only problems I had was with their email servers going down. Broadband and phone were always A OK. However, looking around I could see they were not the most economical of ISPs so made the decision to switch.

    At the moment, 3 weeks after I should be enjoying my new Tesco setup, I'm seriously considering coming back to the Post Office!

    Late switchover, constant dropouts, slow connection, helpline operatives that don't communicate either with each other or me, promises to escalate to higher level service/ engineers to no effect. These have all been/are being my experience just now.

  • happy

    by Jackie at 9:01 on 31 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    Well I've been with PO for over a year now and have had a few technical problems but nothing really worth complaining about. Go with top providers and you still have problems.Ive been with a few now and intend to stay putt. I think some people just love belittling companies for the sheer hell of it!

  • neutral

    by jason at 3:38 on 31 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    Morning Peeps, are you aware that in most cases, that your entertainment provider portions off a bit of your hard drive and turns it into a server. this server is then used to resend the entertainment you streamed/ p2p. apart form using your download and upload bandwidth, it uses a lot of electricity, I belive approx 30% more. Use Love film /netflix, or a second computer for streaming/ p2p, and switch it off after use. see what you can find out on wikkipedia about these issues or get used to reinstalling windows and losing your photos/ music.

  • unhappy

    by mike at 17:09 on 30 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    crap service from the start its down more than its on getting mac code this week moving to oneof the top customer rated providers.post office broadband buyer beware!

  • unhappy

    by Dave at 20:57 on 22 Sep 2012 Report abuse

    Avoid PO Telecoms at all costs. I have had nothing but problems. I knew something was wrong when, in the process of switching from BT to Post Office, they transferred my phoneline, but didn't transfer my broadband service. This meant that I was automatically entered into a new broadband contract with BT as they assumed I was keeping the service, and I have never had an explanation from the Post Office as to why this happened.

    I was then overcharged for my service, being charged for my PO phone and broadband package and then ANOTHER broadband package on top. The mind boggles. I have spent countless hours on the phone with PO broadband's call centre, and to their credit a lot of the employees there do try their best, but it really seems like the company's systems are a complete mess so they usually can't provide the help customers need to solve problems.

    I've had a very shaky broadband service once things were actually up and running.

    Far, far, far too much hassle. These people could not find their arse with both hands. Avoid.

  • unhappy

    by chris at 4:54 on 19 Sep 2012 Report abuse

    Same old tosh. 3weeks to set up (paid for),
    then wonderful service for 2 months.
    Then the line speed halves, and connection drops out every 5 minutes.
    Long phone calls. another month goes by. then Line 'mended'.
    2 months later the same old problems. Its all lies. BT Operate the lines and lump you up with other connections after a few weeks. Ignore threats of cancellation fees and just keep all your records and info. Move any court case local to you and meet em in court. They're brief will be totally unprepared for your evidence. Stop putting up with sheet service and drop bas service. They think you will be worried about contract twaddle. Say no. Get shot. And vote independant if you want to help!

  • unhappy

    by steve jarvis at 17:48 on 7 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    Hi Connor,

    You tell the same story heard many times before on Broadband Genie, but with a slight twist this time in that they want to charge you for equipment they have supplied that doesn't work.

    Firstly I suggest if they try that tack again you tell them that you reject the equipment they have supplied as under the `Sale of Goods Act` it is `Unfit for Purpose`.

    Then I suggest that you write to them and say that you are going to take them to the small claims court and sue them for `Non Performance of Contractual Obligations` unless they let you out of your contract immediately without any penalty charges as they are unable to provide you with a service.

    If you have any further problems, contact your local Consumer Direct office, (Trading Standards) who will also help you.

    I also suggest you write an email to BBC Watchdog, [email protected]` and BBC`s Rip Off Britain, [email protected]` and tell them of your experiences with this company.

    Just Scandalous!

  • unhappy

    by Connor at 10:59 on 7 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    Post office are an absolutely disgraceful internet provider.Surpise surpise another public service letdown .My postman is faster than my broadband and he doesnt arrive unitl 4 pm these days.Iv been with Post office Broadband for two months and im on my third modem.First was interupted service,second didnt even come on.I Phoned and was told they would send an engineer out(to fix a completely broken modem?) at the cost of £126.I refused this and was told basically that i would continue my year long contract without any service unless i paid engineers call out for an issue i knew the engineer couldnt fix.

    Iv got a new modem and this one comes on for ten fifteen minutes at a time before light goes red.And the phone line iv paid for doesnt work at all.I pay £27 a month for this stress by the way.

  • unhappy

    by steve jarvis at 10:38 on 6 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    Hi Eliot, Jamie and Simon.

    You are not alone in your criticism of dreadful service from this appalling company.

    If you click on the link at the top of this page saying `show all 459 Post Office Broadband reviews` and go through pages and pages of complaints from other customers, you will see that the first comment left on this site about this appalling outfit was guess what, a negaitve one, this was on 8th Jan 2007, which was around the time PO starting offering a Broadband package. Since then complaint after complaint has appeared on these pages. If I was their Customer Service Director I would want to get to the bottom of what's wrong and put it right, so I was offering a superb service, but they are not interested.

    In fact there is a new disturbing thing taking place on these pages, people coming on and saying what a superb company they really are and then going on to slag off anyone leaving a negative post about the company. You can come to only one conclusion about these posts, they are put on here either by Post Office employees or more probably Post Office Managers.

    I wrote to several people at the Post Office regarding my problem connection, including the Customer Service Director, having failed to get any help from their Technical Department over the phone. I sent all of these letters to them recorded delivery but not only did they not answer my letters re the terrible connection they gave me, but they denied ever having received these, when I finally got to speak to the man who eventually did help me. I could use the PO Track and Trace service to find the day they had signed for them
    To get them to take notice however, I had to threaten to take them to the Small Claims Court and sue them for `Non Performance of Contractual Obligations`. This was no threat I was so fed up at this stage, I would have done almost anything to get rid of them. In the end they let me leave my contract early with charging me £125 for leaving the contract early. It then took me a month of writing an email to them every day requesting my MAC code before they finally gave me this and then, I`m sure you can see what's coming now, yes, they tried to charge me £125 for leaving my contract early. Luckily I had copies of all of the mails and correspondence I had sent them and in the end I think they ended up paying me £46 they owed me!

    If there was a prize for worst service from a British Company I would nominate this bunch without hesitation.

    Before deciding who to use for your Broadband, I always say ask around all of your friends and relatives to see who they use and if they get good service and if you are tempted to go anywhere near this dreadful company, click on the link at the top of the page` see all 459 Post Office Broadband Reviews`, read through all of the posts so that you don't make the mistake of signing up with them..

  • unhappy

    by Ellie purple at 0:14 on 5 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    You need to sort these issues out and fast as you seem to have alot of un-happy customers that all have the same problems, personally i think this should spring you into action to sort it. I do not except that its thats it whoever installed it, now that to me is a fob off. You should get better trained staff and conpensate customers for all the problems. Customers will leave if you do not sort this out.

  • unhappy

    by jamie wright at 0:05 on 5 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    i am not happy at all sincegoing with post office broadbandall it does is kick me of all the time and they said it willstablelise within 10 days wellbeen a month andits still happening and they expect people to pay for this and a conection fee what is going on

  • unhappy

    by Simon Humphreys at 21:55 on 3 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    Post Office are nothing but second rate bill collectors. I have had numerous problems and disputes. They seem to think that it is perfectly acceptable to have a line fault for 10 days (which took an hour to fix once the work was finally allocated). The network service comes from Openreach (another disaster) and no one accepts responsibility.
    In mid dispute they simply disconnected me without any warning, explanation or final demand - or indeed a bill. Avoid at all costs.

  • happy

    by Bob at 13:10 on 24 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    I have been with the Post Office since 2008. I've only ever had 1 technical fault with them and that was my router and as soon as I called them they sent me a new one for free, also they reduced my price to £22.55 after being with them for 1 year and they called me to ask if I wanted anytime calls when it came out in May which saved me a few bob every bill.

    I can't imagine why so many people have had a bad experience, most of my family are with them and we are all happy customers. I hope there's other people out there like me with nothing bad to say about them.

  • happy

    by ted h at 17:47 on 23 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    Been with P O almost from the start it has got better and better ,no problem at all , nothing but praise now.

  • unhappy

    by Shaun at 12:32 on 16 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    The service ( if you can call it that ) is terrible. The phone bill creeps up each month even though i haven't made any more calls than normal or for any longer. The Internet keeps dropping and i have to reboot it and start again. When i do finally get through to an engineer they tell me there is a problem some where between where i am and they are ! Then as if by magic they solve the problem from where there sitting for 2 months and they it starts to play up again. All i can say is thank goodness i only have to put up with this incompetent service for one more month

  • happy

    by robert evans at 18:20 on 6 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    Hi everyone , some years ago i were thinking of changing to plusnet but in veiw of their poor service at the time and overseas call centres were you need to spell EVERYTHING i did not bother, my friends and family were still with plusnet at that time HOWEVER plusnet have since improved their service which include uk call centres too and after the Which? voting them the best value provider for good service i decided to give them a go. iv now been with plusnet for about a year and while its true i did have a few teething problems to start with i am very pleased with with provider and wouldent change to anyone else, as regards the postoffice their phone home service is good but their broarband usless! i agree with that you get what you pay for and in this case plusnet is cheap but DO provide me with a good service, my expected sped was around 3mb im getting nearly 5! and iv never had 5 MB from the same address from any other isp before, iv in my 50s and have brrn with many providers. robert

  • unhappy

    by Anthony V at 17:15 on 5 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    Hi Steve

    Well the engineer seems to have been the best bit about it because, eventually, the problem was solved. Was found to have been a problem at the local exchange most likely caused by the original engineer switching the connection over.

    Your experience in them not replying back is pretty much what I have had and that threatening to leave or other similar action gets them to wake up. Next time, I'll look at the reviews more closely and sign up with a decent ISP. They've kept me as a customer for the timebeing but I'll be off to somewhere else next June. Let's just say I've had enough of the hassle for the moment!

    And for anyone else thinking of signing up with them then don't. Their departments don't know what they're doing, they have an almost complete lack of a tracking system for customer calls and issues and, from the sounds of it, a lot of them really don't care. I think I was lucky in the end that I got through to one of the few competent people working there who actually managed to realise I was getting just a touch annoyed and wasn't going to get fobbed off!

  • unhappy

    by steve jarvis at 10:38 on 5 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    Hi Anthony V,

    I had the awful experiences you describe with the NON Tech support this company offers. I never got anywhere with phoning them, they never came back to me, so I wrote to a named person who I had spoken to, putting down all my problems. I sent this recorded delivery, they never responded, I then wrote to the Director of Technical Support, I knew his name as well, I sent this recorded delivery and he didn't respond either. I waited a while and spoke to someone in Customer Services who said they had never received my letters, I gave them the dates they had been signed for at their end. I then said I was going to sue them in the small claims court for `non performance of contractual obligations`, suddenly they sat up and took notice, they agreed to let me out of my contract early waiving the early leaving fee of about £123 and gave me a free months broadband as a gesture of goodwill for the problems I had had. It then took me a month of emails every day asking for my PAC code to go to another supplier. I eventually got this and moved to a good company, but I`m sure you know what's coming next, yes their accounts department tried to charge me the early leaving fee and I didn't get the months free broadband as a gesture of goodwill. Good job I kept all the emails and letters to them, because I then had to fight the accounts for a couple of months to get this sorted.

    If you really want to see what your letting yourself in for if you stay with this company, go to the top of this page and click on `Show all 450 Post Office Broadband reviews`, very sad reading it all is going back to either 2007 or 08, you will see they have always offered poor or non existent Tech Support.

    Anyway hope the engineer arrives and puts things right and you turn out to be the customer that is happy with their service! Not many others seem to be!

    Best wishes

  • unhappy

    by Anthony V at 14:11 on 4 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    At the moment I'm an unhappy customer with this lot having been with them for about 4 months. Initial move across in Feb was ok but not helped by idiots at BT trying to mess me around. However haven't had an internet connection at all for nearly the last two weeks since I moved house. Phoning tech support is almost like phoning a black hole as my calls seemingly haven't been tracked that well. Promised call backs haven't been made and only after persistent efforts, have I managed to get an engineer to be sent to my house tomorrow to try and see what the problem is. The people I speak to there are reasonable enough but I'm not getting any feedback on how my issue is progressing which, as a rule in tech support, is an incredibly bad thing to do to a customer.
    When there isn't a problem like this then the uptime for them is absolutely fine and speed is ok as well. However this really has been outweighed by the negative experience I've had so far in getting an issue solved.
    If the engineer fixes the problem tomorrow then I'll probably stick with them until my contract is up and then move on but if not, then I'll be going somewhere else. I'm not paying for a service that the Post Office cannot provide.

  • unhappy

    by steve jarvis at 11:04 on 20 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    Well David (13/6/12) You almost had put on a believable post. You were actually a happy Post Office customer. I can respect that, there must be some around. HOWEVER, you then go and spoil it and reveal your true colours, your must be a senior Post Office Manager, because not being just happy putting on a positive post you spoil it by slagging off everyone who has had and reported on this site all the way back to 2007 the absolutely appalling service and no response from Tech Support from this company. It`s all their fault you cry, they wouldn't be happy whichever ISP they are with!

    To anyone thinking of signing up with this Post Office I repeat Do Your Research first as part of this can I suggest you click on the link above `show all 444 Post Office Broadband reviews ` which go back all the way to 2007, read them to get a flavour of what to expect from this company, then ask around friends and family to find out which ISP they use and whether they rate them good or bad before signing up to anyone.

  • neutral

    by stmartinsdiver at 20:42 on 19 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    A glimmer of hope at last - after receiving a letter from Andrew Gibbons (Director of Customer Care), I have since received weekly calls from the Post Office Complaints Department who confirmed that the problem of their POP3 email server falling over every evening at 20:00 hrs was being caused by exactly what I had suggested it would be - and it's only taken 18 months. I'll not count my chickens just yet though, as I had a similar admission from them some months ago when they fixed the problem the first time around then promptly reinstated the process that caused the problem to return some weeks later.It is encouraging that they have actually communicated with me and admitted that there was a known problem, so things may have taken a big step forward.

  • neutral

    by David at 16:07 on 13 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    Been with PO Broadband for just over 12 months, decent upload and download speeds, continuity of connection, very good customer service, good tech support, but must admit i have only needed it once, and that was at the start of the service when moving address.
    Overall comparing with the other broadband providers i have used in the past including BT, Orange, Sky.
    I find it rates considerably higher than most isps's in every respect. Would recommend it to anyone. However I am sorry other people have had so many problems, it does make me wonder whether some of these are self inflicted problems.and perhaps they would not be happy with whatever isp they were with.

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