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  • happy

    by Tanya Hansen at 11:19 on 7 May 2012 Report abuse

    I have also have had the Post Office broadband for a couple of years now. Touch wood I have had little problems till his day. Whenever that I have had trouble with the internet I have managed to find someone fix the problem for me.

  • neutral

    by Len at 11:15 on 23 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    i must have a very rare Post Office broadband, i've been with them for over 2 years now and have had very little problems. Yes there have been a few hiccups but i've always got through to the right people and in general my probs have been sorted. I'd like to have a faster download speed but what i get is OK for my needs. So no complaints from me.

  • unhappy

    by Steve Jarvis at 9:14 on 23 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    I find it staggering to read the above under `Broadband Genie Home Broadband Awards`, when you read the absolutely incredible negative comments if you take the time to look at all 413 customer reviews going back through 14 pages of comments going back to 2007. The comments now are almost the same as in 2007 when Broadband Genie started monitoring Post Office customer responses. To StMartinsdiver and Shaun. I had similar problems, during all the time, (very short) I was with PO. I rang Tech Support, (Hah!) on several occasions and sent recorded letters to them explaining my problems. All were ignored. In the end I was going to take action against them in the small claims court for `Breach of Contract through non performance of contractual obligations` and they finally sat up and took notice! They let me leave my contract early, without early cancellation fees and the one guy I then found to speak to was very good, we communicated by email and I kept all of these, this was a good thing because having left them my problems carried on for months, because their accounts still tried to charge me an early contract cancellation fee.

    As well as the small claims court you can email all of your experiences with Post office to BBC Watchdog on [email protected]`, or BBC`s Rip Off Britain on [email protected]`, or BBC`s Dont Get Done Get Dom on [email protected]

  • unhappy

    by stmartinsdiver at 19:40 on 20 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    See post dated 9th April - Post Office email still falling over every evening without fail.Despite sending further emails asking what is being done after reporting this issue on 30th march I've not had any kind of response after an initial promise of a phone call from them - this level of service is unforgivably bad, It is not only plain rude to ignore requests for updates it is the epitomy of poor customer service.
    Why don't I change ISP? Moving house in the next few months but will definately not be using the Post Office again..

  • neutral

    by Shaun at 10:39 on 20 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    Not happy with the post office broadband service at all, I've had it for nearly three weeks now and not had I single night without a problem. I have made something in the area of 30 calls to tech sup in that time and yet the faults are no better at all... When calling to get this service installed I was told that gaming would be easily done, and yet I can hardly get 10 mins without a drop in connection. I like many others I've spoken to am already looking elsewhere for someone that can actually provide the service they are charging for.

  • unhappy

    by stmartinsdiver at 23:09 on 9 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    On 30th March I reported the fact that the Post Office email server had been falling over every evening without fail for nearly two weeks to their Customer Service team.On 2nd April I got an email telling me they were investigating and that I would receive a phone call 'to discuss the problem'. Needless to say another week has passed and I have heard nothing. This is typical of the support I have had in the past when they insisted for several months that there was not a problem, then I finally get an admission that the cause of the problem was exactly what I had told them it would be - they were doing housekeeping on their POP3 server every evening at exactly the time I showed them that it was not possible to log on to the service.This is pretty basic IT common sense stuff so why does it take them forever to work out what the problem is, and worse still why don't they show the status of the service on their website - there is a heading for this feature but it does not do anything..
    Whilst venting my spleen - try using their facility to set-up your own web site - that does not work either and they told me they don't support this - why do they offer it as a 'feature' then?

  • neutral

    by Prawner at 19:07 on 8 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    I have been with post office Broadband and email for 4 years, it has not always been an easy service to use, with lousy routers and intermittent service. Now I have not had an email service for over 6 days and cannot get an answer as to why. Customer services say the portal is out then after another call say the server is out and they are working on it **** 6 **** days !!!!!! do they not have any urgency for the thousands of Post Office email customers.

  • unhappy

    by Mr R Hazlehurst at 13:41 on 6 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    wrong information given when speaking to sale &ending with something different to what the sales said Post Office have little or no back up you pay for broadband that dont work& email you cant use no sense from customer service? ending up with a large bill you did not want when you asked for monthly bill &the sales person agreed well I will glad to get rid of them cant say to get rid of there service because they dont have one good enough to take on welcome to the UK.

  • unhappy

    by Terry Godfrey at 9:28 on 6 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    Now into the 4th day without any email. Despite ringing daily to customer service they seem to have no idea what the problem is other than "a server problem" or when it is likely to be resolved.This type of problem should easily be fixed within a day.
    This is simply not good enough and I will be looking for a refund on part of my monthly bill.

  • neutral

    by Oldwyke at 14:51 on 5 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    Now on the the third day without post office e-mail. 'Phoned each day, initially "should be clear in 24 hours, problem with a server". Next day "we have a problem with a server, keep trying". These calls are charged for. Wish to change provider but reluctant to do so until I have cleared my mailbox. Broadband has mostly been satisfactory except for a couple of outages. Speed about 4Gb.

  • unhappy

    by Tony Robinson at 20:16 on 15 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    It's become very poor recently. In the last few months the gets very slow in the evenings

  • unhappy

    by Barry Cotman at 21:04 on 6 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    i changed from BT to Talk Talk , BT are a bunch of non sensitive people , they got angry when i changed over , and send me a whopping great bill for 270 pounds , and i already paid eighty pounds , Talk Talk are a caring and friendly company , got on line strait away , great service , watch out BTare about , like traffic wardens

  • neutral

    by Barry Cotman at 20:56 on 6 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    i joined the post office broadband and phone , i never got any broadband , and when i phoned the technical department, they were rude to me , the post office sent me a large bill for the broadband i did not get, they are a bunch of crooks , not caring who they tread on
    i asked them to send a engineer out, but they refused, i am still stuck with a big bill for nothing

  • unhappy

    by Penny Nottingham at 12:18 on 25 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    What a VILE company! I was originally happy with the service I received from MyPostOffice, but left because of the appalling way they treated my sister and her family. Post Office promised a fantastic service for a reasonable price, and my sister signed up ON MY RECOMMENDATION. The service was appalling - very slow, kept dropping out, and it also gave her problems on her phone (crackly line, and she sounded like she was phoning from the bottom of a fish tank, sometimes!). My sister is disabled and needs reliable phone and internet service. Her kids and husband also needed to use it for studying purposes, but it was just lousy from start to finish. My sister kept trying to resolve the problem, making appointments for PO engineers to come out and sort the problem. They turned up at all hours, WITHOUT appointments, despite the fact that she always asked them to call her before they came out, since she had medical appointments to attend. I watched my sister's health go steadily downhill at the Post Office continued to mess her about and put her through the most appalling stress. The family could hardly contact her at all, by the end! Finally, my sister had no option other than to tell the Post Office that she would have to switch to another Broadband provider, since they were failing to provide her with any service at all. Their reaction was to threaten legal action! The case went to the Ombudsman, who tried to go for a 'halfway measure' but my sister was still unhappy and was caused incredible distress by the whole thing. I could not believe how unutterably vile this company was, particularly since it had failed so consistently to provide any kind of service at all. I phoned them and said that when my contract was up, I'd be leaving them, BECAUSE of what they'd put my sister through. Current Post Office users BEWARE - unlike most providers, who leave your email facility in place for some time after you leave them, MyPostOffice pulled the plug on my email facility THE DAY my contract expired! So much for customer service and those courteous little touches! Avoid them. Avoid this company like the plague!

  • unhappy

    by John at 23:42 on 14 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    The post office is so rubish i cant belive it. i avarage 2 download and 150msp 0.26 upload. i recomend that everyone avoids the post office broadband because it it horrible. i really wish i can change broadbands right now

  • happy

    by david at 23:27 on 7 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    Had no problems whatsoever with PO broadband, only had to ring the helpdesk once, had prompt and efficient service from them. Brilliant ISP, best one I have ever had, and believe me I have had some crap service from other isp,s

  • unhappy

    by R Adams at 10:39 on 22 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    My advice to anybody wanting Broadband is to stay away from the P.O..I have never had an acceptable speed and the c ustomer service is poor.Two letters have gone unanswered and ringing the technical department seems a waist of time.Seeing the reviews it would seem ive made a mistake and I am just waiting for the contract to run down when I will find another supplier.I should have read the customer reviews before signing up but I dident think a service could be so bad.You live and learn.

  • unhappy

    by steve jarvis at 22:14 on 17 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    Hi B Marshall, Lucky escape indeed, you only have to read the comments across all 14 pages of this site to realise that.

    I am paying a higher price for my service now, but it works that's the main thing, instead of taking all day to download an album it now takes only minutes and if something does go wrong the tech support with the company I`m now with get it sorted.

    You pay cheap you get cheap!

  • unhappy

    by B Marshall at 12:59 on 17 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    Post office broad band - Staff need Customer Service Training - TOTALLY USELESS
    I wanted to change to postoffice home phone & broadband - armed with all my relevant change over details - I attempted the change, but post office messed up three times in a row!
    They lost the codes - processed it - mess it & messed it again - they would not admit there mistake to the point of being RUDE.
    Lucky escape maybe... I would rather stick with Virgin - twice the price but sooooo much better service!

  • neutral

    by Jeff at 20:18 on 16 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    Well Steve (12/01/12) you having troubles in life ??? You are such a brave little man insulting people from behind your little computer screen. What I do on Xmas day is my business, not yours. But don't worry, will run any reviews I make by you first and by the way, you really do waffle on about nothing, you are so boring. If you want insult me to my face, anywhere, anytime.. brave enough ??? .. big enough ?? Post office broadband, in my opinion is as good as any other, and I will review it honestly, unlike you mate, who uses this site to insult people who you don't know ..

  • unhappy

    by steve jarvis at 9:49 on 12 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    Well Jeff (25/12/2011) arn`t you the big man? Youre not gonna take any crap of Post Office and you also think the servicee from them is fantastic because they delivered your router on time and switched you on on 23rd December, well Yippee! you can make claims about how good the service iss from this company after only such a short time and at the same time slag off everyone who has pposted really bad experiances about this company going back to the very first which was on 8th January 2007!

    14 pages of pretty poor service reprts sum up what you get from this company. People would think more of your review, Jeff, if you had come on to report that after three years service they had been great, you had had a few problems, but the technical suppport had been marvelous, everyone could respect that type of review, but to review them after three days and slag evryone else off is ridiculous. Who sits down on Christmas Day to wtite a review about anything anyway, dont you have any family that you can spend the day with? One could almost suspect that you might be a senior Post Office employee to bother to write your glowing review!

    To be fair Post Office were brilliallant when I first went with them for PHONE ONLY, but when I switched my Broadband service to them was when everything went Pear shaped.


  • neutral

    by Clifford Jones at 18:33 on 7 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    Like others I have experienced some difficulty with Broadband over the past few weeks ,the download speed having dropped to below 2Mb/s from a normal 6avg.Mb/s.Initial advice given was to obviously check all connections and to replace the micro- filters if over 12 months old ,as they do deteriorate.News to me but I did this and nil improvement.I then sent a full report to their Technical Team and asked for their help/advice.I received an initial acknowledgment but nothing after that despite sending a 2nd request.I then submitted all the information again to their complaints department highlighting poor customer service ,but frankly without much expectation of a reply bearing in mind other customer reviews.However lo and behold,I received a phone call from a lady within the Department who confirmed it was receiving their attention and asked that I bear with them for a period of 10 days approx.Following that I then received a call from a gentleman who confirmed that remedial action was being implemented immediately and that he would check with me after 10 days to see what progress had been made.He made a specific date /time when contact would be made.Within 48 hrs normal down load speed had been restored and has been maintained.
    I appreciate that other people have been inconvenienced and their complaints need to be adressed by the Post Office.However ,for my part,I have been with them for several years and have never had the need to complain until now and with the present problem having been resolved ,hopefully will not need to during the years ahead.

  • neutral

    by Jamie Anderson at 16:45 on 4 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    Avoid Post Office Broadband at all costs. Useless customer support, constant promises which were never met. I ordered a home move in mid-November, and am still without service in January. I have been given activation date after activation date, all of which they have failed to meet. Customer services very friendly but totally useless. Avoid avoid avoid.

  • unhappy

    by Toby Gibbs at 11:31 on 31 Dec 2011 Report abuse

    Don't use them. 2 months with a connection speed so low you could barely open a web page. Engineers cam 6 times before they managed to fix the fault. Then offered a god will gesture of 2 months free but no reimbursement for period when not working because they said the service worked at least partially. Do not use them at any cost.

  • happy

    by Mr White at 9:10 on 29 Dec 2011 Report abuse

    Have broadband and phone and the broadband is contnually disconnecting or giving poor signal. Family continually on about changing and with poor support offered by customer services will be changing now 12 month are up.

  • happy

    by Jeff at 7:06 on 25 Dec 2011 Report abuse

    I ordered Post Office Phone and Broadband, which was meant to go live on 23rd Dec 2011. Guess what ....it did !! They had already sent me the free router 5 days before. The router was easy to set up, and within an hour I have wireless broadband. Phone line is fine too. So far I can' see what all the moaning and groaning is about, but I know it is early days, but I will say it how it is. Now I read about bogus bills that have been sent, well I will wait with baited breath, but I am going to log all the calls I make, and they are the only calls I will pay. If they want to jump up and down demanding money I don't owe them, let 'em...they will only get the money I owe. If they ever employs a dept collecting company, bring it on !! But this may not happen so I won't preempt any situation. So far so good !!

  • neutral

    by Margaret Coyne at 11:38 on 23 Dec 2011 Report abuse

    I was with the post office for telephone and dial up in about 2004/2005 They are absolutely useless. I was invoiced several times for the same things and regularly contacted their customer services which at the time were in Southern Ireland to complain. I am now being chased by a debt company for a so called outstanding bill of £540.00 which I never owed. My advice to anyone considering the Post Office for telephone or broadband DO NOT TOUCH

  • unhappy

    by maria crossey at 14:38 on 27 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    I would advise anyone thinking of joining this disfuctional company stay away(postoffice)
    they can,t reply to an e-mail also their customer service team are useless .I have being with them from the15th Aug 2011 I am leaving their telephone services I would also leave their broadband only they say I am in a contract but I am going to seek legal advise about this
    I just can,t abide this company ,so please,please stay away from them

  • neutral

    by Malcolm at 20:15 on 25 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    Well, that's strange, as I've just checked it out, and you don't have to pay for either the router or the filter, so that brings it down £7. Also, you must be in a non-LLU area, as the standard price is £19.99 plus monthly membership charge (£21.49) as I said. That's what we pay. If you really need more than 40GB download you can pay an extra fiver to get unlimited downloads. We've been with them a couple of years or so, and actually we get free calls the whole time because we've got other services with them. I get the impression that a lot of people here are fed up with the Post Office, even if you've had no trouble with them. We're very happy customers of Utility Warehouse, as are several of our friends, knowing that if anything does go wrong they will sort it out very quickly. I don't think the Post Office get good write-ups in Which? Magazine from what I can see.

  • neutral

    by Professor at 16:54 on 25 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    Utility Warehouse...What a Joke.
    "Good news! We can provide you with Home Phone and Broadband. For technical reasons, though, we have to supply them as separate services, not as a bundle. We will process your order and contact you if we need any further information."
    Unlimited Broadband £22.99
    Line Rental £10.75
    Caller Display £1.50
    Router £2.00
    Filters £5.00 (Each)
    Total £42.24 Per Month And no free calls to mobiles like the £26 unlimited Broadband, Line Rental and inclusive calls of the Post Office

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