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    by Malcolm at 15:56 on 25 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    £26? We pay £21.49 for phone and broadband, 24MB max speed, with 40GB of data and free national and global calls at weekends. In fact, we're actually paying less than that as we use a cashback card which gives us money off our bill. The company, Utility Warehouse, has Which? Magazine Best Buy awards for customer service, and we've personally experienced their efficiency. The web address we have for them is www.justonebill.info

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    by Michael Friend at 22:24 on 24 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    Dont under any circumstances go with PO Home and Broadband. We moved home and arranged well in advance to have the telephone and broadband connected to new address, at the same time my mother was moving to the same area and we arranged for her phone to be connected up. We did not get our phone connected in spite of calling them every day, eventually after two weeks it was connected, but guess what - no broadband and again we had to wait another two weeks before that was connected and in spite of ringing up every day, each time we had to go through the same process of telling the person the other end the story from beginning to end and each time we throught we had spoken to someone who would actually do something about the situation - but no. Then we spoke to the Manager - whow were we getting somewhere at last - he was going to ring back - whow - no no no - he did not - and so the daily ritual of ringing started again.But just to rub salt into the wounds, my mother could not move into her bungalow she had just bought because the Post Office "could not find her address" so could not connect her phone up. She is 92 so we did not think it a good idea for her to be there without a phone. They were going to send out and engineer to see if he could locate it!!I It took them three weeks to connect the phone and again this took daily phone calls to gee them up (no that is impossible) before she finally moved in. We spoke to Jamie Alexander on several occassions (The Manager) and he said a letter of apology would be written and he would look into compensation - 2 months down the line neither has appeared and I would like to thank Dorotheen in giving me a name to write to regarding the whole sorry saga.

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    by Professor at 12:06 on 24 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    There are a few things those that knock the Post Office Broadband service always fail to mention. The service is managed TOTALLY by BT Wholesale, with all lines and delivery managed by BT Openreach, just like any other ISP that resells BT Wholesale. If things go down or slow down, it is down to BT. Whoever you are with, you are at the mercy ofr BT if you are not with an unbundled ISP. Apert from being only an 8Mb service, it is simply BT at half the price, with no contract tie-in for line rental and phone, free calls to mobiles and 40 countries at weekends, along with no penalty for taking a paper bill and paying at the Post Office counter, you will not get that along with unlimited use Broadband for £26 per month anywhere else.
    They are not perfect, but you will have a long search for an ISP where customer services know anything other than what is on their crib-sheet.

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    by Andrew Arnold at 23:46 on 23 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    I have used the Post Office Broadband for 3 years now, and I can say they are no worse or better than any of the other main players. My speed is reasonable for a rural area and I don't have to pay too much for the service. In that time I have been offline for a total of 6 Hours on one occasion. I use my connection 24 / 7 for my website, so that is not bad. i also believe they only use the BT equipment as wholesale customers. It is a shame they do not offer faster speeds than the 6.6 Mbps I usually get.

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    by rob the miserable at 20:27 on 14 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    Have been with the postoffice for a number of years but am now moving to Sky - and this is why!
    My broadband dropped out on the 23rd October and has never come back, I have phoned almost every day since and spent hours on the phone to this useless company, I have reset my router so many times I have lost count- it would appear that is all the tech dept are trained to do. I have had three open reach engineers out the last one told me to ditch this company after he was hung up on by the postoffice tech dept and I was sat next to him in my lounge with the call on loud speaker - the girl from PO said " it must be a problem in the exchange there is nothing more I can do for you goodbye".
    I have had numerous managers promise to sort my loss of service out but only twice have they called me back and guess what they didn't fix my problem either - but iI did get to reset the router again. I have a fourth engineer booked for tomorrow morning but I am not holding out any hope.
    The upshot is DO NOT TAKE BROADBAND FROM THIS BUNCH OF MUPPETS, they have neither the experience or willpower to deliver good service - a give away may be the recorded announcement telling their customers that if you want the customer service department you must stay on the line as this is the only way to contact them - problem is they don't care when you get through!!!

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    by Dorotheen Strass at 11:05 on 8 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    I had a lot of trouble with PO Home Phone and Broadband where I was 23 days without a landline and the tech support couldn't give me a new boadband address after the land line was fixed because they don't know how to connect a MAC. I complained a lot to the tech section. Finally got on and got compensation of around 40 pounds for being without a landline or broadband. Just keep complaining or write to Mr Andrew Gibbons Head of Post Office Home Phone and Broadband Post Office Telecom Services Durham DH1 1RR. It got results. I think the speed of the broadband is down to BT and/or your landline connection and how quick it is in your area. After my landline was replaced my broadband was much faster and I was told my area had just been upgraded by BT.

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    by Cat at 10:04 on 7 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    I have never made a complaint before about any service, and it takes a lot to get me angry about customer service as I know there will always be minor issues. However, my experince with Post Office has left me exceptionally dissatisfied.

    1) I signed up late June with Post Office yet by August still hadn't received a bill. I rang them to explain I would like to pay my bill and was told to simply go online and I could view and pay for it. However, going online wasn't an option for me as it continuously said there was an error with my account.

    2) I rang again. At this point I gave all my details and was told that I wasn't even on their billing system. I was told this would be rectified and would be sent a bill.

    3) Never received a bill but did receive a threatening final demand saying my service would be cut off. I rang them to speak about this and they said my bill would be online - my online account still wasn't working!!! I also explained to the advisor that the Direct Debit should be cancelled as I had switched banks and was unable to close that account until I returned to Englnd to do it in person - I reiterated this as I did not want to go into overdraft. I was reassured this would not happen and I was then told the reason the billing wasn't working was that BT was trying to sabotage my account.
    a) I was first told this was my responsibility and to ring BT - which I did. BT told me that Post Office had to sort it out.
    b) Rang PO again to be told yes they would sort it out and my online account would be fixed (5 weeks later it still isnt) and that I would received bills in the post (received 1)

    4) I was told to pay the bill via the phone which I did and the amount came out of my bank. I thought all was fine.

    5) Bringing me to this morning. I received a text from Lloyds (account in England, we have no branches in Northern Ireland hence the need to change and can't close until there in person) to say that £114.07 had been debited by PO. I rang immediately to complain and was told that the DD had never been cancelled. I gave them the date and name of person I spoke to in PO - to which I was told that she wasn't privy to the conversation so there was no proof what was said - WHY DO THEY RECORD CALLS THEN!!! She also told me that they advise customers not to pay on the automated service, I was told to do this in the first place and why would they even have this service if they don't want you to use it.

    I have been assured that they have never had any other customers having to deal with so many issues - reading the reviews I can assume this to be a lie! They say they cannot simply put the money back into the account so I now have to deal with an overdrawn amount in my Lloyds account and they will reimburse me the money in around 3 weeks minus their most recent bill which I have yet to see.

    Lets also not forget that the internet connection itself is a shambles - really poor speed and the connection is constantly lost.

    I have never been so angry about customer service and I advise everyone out there do not use post office!

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    by Dan Sheppard at 18:58 on 6 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    Just changing over to Post Office (from A+A) and it looks like this will be the last day I have internet at home of r a few weeks.

    They seem to quickly lean back on things like cancellation fees and minimum contracts even when all the problems have been of their creation. Clearly in it only for the money and shafting people as much as possible during the minimum contract period, expecting them to flee as soon as they are able.

    In an odd way it reminds me of what dealing with the GPO was like in the 1970s. If you remember that and think it was an enjoyable experience, Post Office Broadband is for you.

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    by Professor at 23:26 on 3 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    In a TalkTalk unbundled (LLU) exchange, they install their own equipment. This physically takes over the line from BT, so if you want to go back to BT, or use another ISP that uses a BT Wholesale line, you have to pay for the installation of a whole new line. very expensive. The only reason the likes the Utility Wharehouse and ADSL24 will let you switch to them for free, is that they are both TalkTalk resellers and you will still be on the unbundled line. So the moral is, don't believe the first answer you see on a forum, it is invariably misinformation.

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    by Professor at 23:25 on 3 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    In a TalkTalk unbundled (LLU) exchange, they install their own equipment. This physically takes over the line from BT, so if you want to go back to BT, or use another ISP that uses a BT Wholesale line, you have to pay for the installation of a whole new line. very expensive. The only reason the likes the Utility Wharehouse and ADSL24 will let you switch to them for free, is that they are both TalkTalk resellers and you will still be on the unbundled line. So the moral is, don't believe the first answer you see on a forum, it is invariably misinformation.

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    by Malcolm at 7:59 on 3 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    Talktalk are telling you LIES. You can leave them and keep your number, so you shouldn't have the expense of a new line and the inconvenience of a new number!!

    Maybe not all ISPs can take over a Talktalk line, but one that can is Utility Warehouse, and they get consistently top ratings in Which? Magazine for customer service and value for money - way above Talktalk, BT and the rest of the competition. I know for a fact that Utility Warehouse take over hundreds of Talktalk lines every week. We transferred from Talktalk a few months ago, and a friend has just done so in the last couple of weeks.

    You can see their services at www.justonebill.info, and the company guarantees to answer 90% of calls within 15 seconds at a UK call centre.

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    by steve jarvis at 7:52 on 2 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    To Steveobugrit.


    Go back through all the pages on this site and you will find that since this company moved into this area , this site is littered with terrible stories from people who have regretted it ever more. Click on `Show all 374 Post Office broadband reviews`, to see all the stories people have posted.

    You will find non existent technical support either by phone or registered letter, which they still don't answer, even when you send a copy to their Technical Director. The only way I managed to get out of my contract with them was to threaten to go to the small claims court to sue them for `non performance of contractual obligations`, they finally allowed to let me out of my contract without charges, but even then their accounts department tried to levy these charges on me and it took another 2 - 3 months argueing with them before I got rid of them.

    Talk Talk are also apparently bad, I went with a major national British institution in the end, they are quite expensive, but they do what they say and provide technical support, so it`s worth it. I will not name them because people will comment on here that I`m an employee of theirs.

    Advice to anyone considering Post Office, read all the pages on this site and all the comments before considering them, you will not do it, or you will regret it.

  • happy

    by Steveobugrit at 14:36 on 1 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    I am in the process of switching to Post Office from Talktalk after receiving deceitful marketing calls trying to con me into siging up for another 24 months and then they were rude when I said no thanks. Had a nightmare trying to leave, lots of calls and emails to people who did not have a good grasp of English.
    Rang round a few ISP's to see what they were like answering the phone etc and found the Post Office to be good so decided to give them a try. I am now waiting to get my new line installed (Talktalk don't tell you they rake over your line and you can't move without getting a new one installed at a great cost). Whilst waiting I needed to call PO customer services and they were brill, lass on phone sorted me out straight away and she was really nice and a good laugh.
    I don't know what the service is like just yet, but will post again once everything is up and running.
    Well done Post Office so far, the two staff I have dealt with so far were great.

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    by Alan at 20:27 on 24 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    Actually, the Post Office, Royal Mail and Royal Mail Parcels are all the same firm that are run as seperate companies. Probably a tax-dodge. It shows when our postman delivers ALL Royal Mail parcels that are not insured or timed delivery.

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    by DELIA at 19:34 on 24 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    re ;john hurns comments ,i agree the bb customer service is rubbish but the post office would find it hard to "stick to what they do best delivering your post ..late " as the post office does not deliver mail that is done by royal mail !!

  • unhappy

    by John Hurn at 11:09 on 23 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    I made the mistake of joining the Post Office broadband 'Service' the speed is very poor but worse than that is the customer service. They advertise free pc security with their BB and phone package but since we has it installed we haven't been able to download the software from the Post Office 'Self Care' webiste. I have called numerous times and sent countless emails all of which have been ignored! Another amazing thing about the post office and BB service which I thought was quite ironic really, here is a company offering the latest BB technology, when you get the bill after its all been installed you happily log on (unprotected because there is no pc security) to pay your bill online and amazingly they have no facility for paying your bill online.......the post office should stick to what they do best which is delivering your post late!

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    by anemone at 5:59 on 2 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    Over the years I have been with many other providers who were useless and foreign. I joined Post Office homephone and broadband with the encouragement of Westlife and have never regretted it. I am having problems at the moment but that is due to Open Reach at the BT exchange. I think BT are sabotaging the connection for their own ends. Disappointed they are unable to supply wireless connection.

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    by Malcolm at 14:52 on 27 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    I think by our very nature we are more inclined to complain about bad service than to praise good service, so no doubt just about any forum on any subject will show considerable negative bias. That said, the measure of a company is not how often things go wrong (that happens in every department of our lives) but what they do to put it right, and how quickly and efficiently they do it. Some people will complain no matter how hard you try to help them, but it's when significant numbers of reasonable, patient people flip that it's obvious that things could be considerably improved.

  • happy

    by wayne at 13:19 on 27 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    why are people on here complaining about the post office and delivery departments,this space is for info about broadband,ive said my part further down the que and im very happy with speed,free full security from kaspersky in with the package,free weekend calls to mobile phones,and if you have family,friends etc abroad the free calls to all them countrys is great for them who use it.im pretty far from the exchange but still get just over 5meg speed.at least we speak to british customer service.and remember it also includes the line rental and no hidden charges like other companys.like ive said before companys who have millions of customers are never going to be 100% all the time.trouble is with us english maybe even british.we want everything yesterday.we have no patients they will sort the problems out in the end.then you will have a fair price decent broadband,phone and all other extras in.i never get disconeted unlike some other crappy bb companys out there.we only see on here mainly the less than 1% of p/o customers complaining the other millions of satisfied customers dont need 2 b,and neither will i as im sick of repeating myself.i am not unticking the check box so im not notified anymore.well done post office keep up the 99% hard work and strive for 100% satisfied customers.i cant see that happening as their are to many misrable i want it now brits.god help them next year when the hard times do hit us.

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    by Malcolm Withell at 21:47 on 26 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    If ownership of the Post Office and the NHS is with "the people", it's not a good advertisement for "the people"!!! Should the people do something about ensuring they get good value for money? Businesses rely on profits for their survival, and they don't stay in profit long if they get a consistent reputation for lousy service, unless they're banks! They also need to keep their prices competitive.

    Other companies give free calls, and not just at weekends.

  • unhappy

    by Dorotheen Strass at 8:31 on 26 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    Andrew may think Post Office Broadband tech services are good - yeah fine, if you have a bog standard PC and use explorer - but give them a challenge to get your wireless address set up on your Mac and most of them can't handle it. I spoke to 4 different people, was told to call Apple care to see if my Mac was capable of working wireless (it is and had previously been set up with Post office for two years before the homephone breakdown!!) and told they were not trained to know anything about Macs. I was told only Ben and Tony know about Macs but the chances of speaking to Ben or Tony in an emergency are remote - they DO NOT give out direct lines and they CANNOT call you back. They are pretty hopeless. The only things that keep me with Post Office Home Phone and Broad band: a) Post Office is about the only thing, along with the NHS, that still belongs to "the people" and hence profits aren't going to the greedy stock broker investers and b) their weekend long, one hour telephone calls abroad are a very good deal.

  • happy

    by Andrew Logrin at 15:54 on 24 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    Customer services are a complete shower and I suspect educationally subnormal, however tech support was a refreshing change of honesty, straight forward advice and technical know how had my problem sorted in minutes-spoke to a guy called Angus who identified the issue in seconds but he wouldn't give a direct line which was a bit of a shame. Top marks tech, back to school customer service

  • unhappy

    by h.sapci at 10:35 on 12 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    i have never see something like this , service getting bad and worse everyday with post office i dont dont what happening special delivery they delivery the items in 7 oclock in morning before business opens when you go to sorting office islington they dont help you at all. important document needed but they dont really care about how important to you.

    I have offered collect the item from driver but they dont even boder to call the driver to arrange it i have told very important document but they dont really care how urgency you have

  • happy

    by feyd at 1:37 on 10 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    does the PO let you play the wii online

  • unhappy

    by Dorotheen Strass at 19:51 on 23 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    23 days without my reported landline failure being repaired, 12 days with no internet connection because of this and as of today (37 days later) I am still wireless. I had to go elsewhere to call PO technical services about the landline, spoke to a total of 9 different people 13 times over this 23 day period, was given 3 different dates that the landline would be repaired, none were honoured with a BT Openreach engineer, was visited by 3 different BT engineers who came unannounced while I was at work (and couldn’t gain access to my flat) as Post Office Open phone did not notify me of a BT appointment, even though they had my mobile number, was told the communication system between BT and Post Office had broken down and appointments had not ever been set up for me, when landline was finally fixed I tried to get a network set up again twice through PO broadband support but no joy - was told only two technical support staff, Tony and Ben, knew anything about Macs and they couldn't return my call to get set up (despite the fact that I had been online wirelessly for 18 months prior to this landline failure with the same Macbook using Post Office Homephone Broadband Extra) was told to call Apple Care to make sure my computer was receiving wireless - the computer works fine and gets wireless, was told by Post Office that it must be the router and a new router would be ordered. Received the bag to return my old router in, but after 12 days no new router had arrived. Phoned technical support today and was told no router had ever been ordered....yes I am damned angry with the total lack of any customer service from Post Office Homephone and Broadband Extra. I don't think I have ever experienced such poor customer service from a Communications provider which can't communicate effectively with its partners or its customers. Post Office Homephone and Broadband Extra support is staggeringly incompetent.

  • happy

    by wayne at 15:01 on 23 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    been with them 3 year and had no bother with them only on my side old corroded phone connections in my house.which they fixed and never charged a penny.thank you post office.ive also been with tiscali now bought by aol or talk talk also was with bt to dear,posty beats them all up to now and long may it continue. 5 ** * **

  • happy

    by wayne at 14:57 on 23 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    well im happy with mine and i also forgot to say on my review below that i also get free security and i mean the full works with kaspersky it catches trojens or warns you and it disinfects. it also gives you an email filter. file anti virus/ web anti virus. proactive defense,anti spy anti hacker anti virus anti spam the list goes on.not many bb companys offers all this along with free weekend calls to mobiles and long distant countrys.also line rental is in with the total bill,all eggs in one basket.i get no disconnection and im pretty far from the exchange and still get just over 5meg speeds.millions of satisfide customers but still like all companys there will be a small percentage of people where it goes wrong just unlucky thats all.

  • unhappy

    by leeroy at 20:07 on 22 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    NO NONSENSE REVIEW. do not use this company. i have spent over 12 hours on the phone to a very unhelpful customer service who are unable to deal with anything due to an obvious lack of training. they still expect me to pay for broadband i didn,t recieve. they reckon 100 kb is sufficient to charge me full price. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED :(

  • unhappy

    by Malcolm at 16:08 on 9 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    Just a warning:

    An elderly friend is moving phone and broadband to another company (Utility Warehouse, justonebill.info) and got a letter from the Post Office confirming the phone line would be moving over but saying they would continue to supply (and charge for) the broadband. It was only because I happened to see the letter that I was able to alert her to this! No way would they continue to supply it, as the whole service would be transferred (they would have known that as they supplied the MAC code), but they wouldn't mind charging for a service they weren't supplying!

  • unhappy

    by x at 23:00 on 2 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    I cancelled my contract in august last year when I move house but the Post Office are now denying that I did it and charging me for the last 7 months Broadband (they had been sending bills to my old address and phoning my old landline number despite the fact that I had informed them that I had moved house and they have a Hotmail adress and a mobile number for me, not to mention my new address. I phoned customer support only to get no help whatsoever. Terrible service. Will NOT be using them ever again.

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