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  • unhappy

    by Chris Carrie at 10:41 on 8 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    I have just spent twenty minutes on the phone to Post Office Broadband tech services. My reason for calling was to ask if there was any way I could enhance the appearance of my email. When I open an incoming email it does not give me any detail such as who it’s fro and, when it arrived. I can find this out by exercising the option to click more detail this puts up a full length page of computer script which if I trawl through I will eventually get the information I want. Another question I posed the technician? Was how do I go about customising my outbound mail. What do you mean he asked? Well for instance how do I change the colour, style, or size of the font?
    Much as I feared the answer came back “You can’t”.

    (Pass the mallet and chisel)

  • neutral

    by Jeff at 9:35 on 2 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    Have been monitoring these dialogues for about 18 months now.
    All I can say is that the 'Nicks' of this world must have very low expectations. Either that or no expectations at all to think the service offered by the Post Office is any good at all.
    Maybe we could all take a lesson from him/her and wait till 3.00 in the mornind in the hope that the 'Ernies' of the same worls are on duty.

  • unhappy

    by Steve Jarvis at 8:50 on 2 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    When you get a reply from someone like Nick, which totally goes against all the wingers, (don't they play in Rugby and Football teams?) then you wonder if it is once again a PO employee/senior manager trying to justify all the poor service they give.

    If Nick would care to look at all of the comments on this site i.e select `show all 323 PO broadband reviews` then he would see that the absolute disregard for customers by PO goes back all the way to 2007 and it seems to be from the point at which they offered broadband.

    When I was first with PO, as my original post shows, I thought the service was superb, but from the moment I then added broadband, it didn't work and the lack of technical support and then failure by the technical staff and then Customer Care Director to answer recorded delivery letters begging for help was the last straw for me. I think I got off lightly, but when you look at other posts on this site the absolute despair of customers receiving dreadful service and lack of support really shows this company up as one of the worst service providers, I think only British Gas are worse, (yes Nick, I know, different industry).

    If you want to praise PO, Nick, then that's fine, I`m sure some customers are happy with their service, but please restrict it to just a positive report and not slag off all the many genuine people who have put their terrible experiences up on this site, for which you don't know the background, and are not qualified to comment.

    As for me, I have now gone back to BT, I wasn`t keen to do so, but my how they have changed since I was last with them, superb technical support, even though it`s offshore, excellent speed, exactly what they promised, but it does cost more than PO, but then I`m prepared to pay a little more for good service!

    There you go Nick, I've now told you of a better service now I`m belting up my jeans and off the play on the wing for Birmingham City FC!

  • happy

    by Nick at 18:24 on 1 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    It is very sad that so many PO broadband users feel negative about the service provided. I can't agree except for the self -care side it does require some improvement. Having used the post office broadband extra and phone bundle for a year now I can only say it is all I could wish for. Every time I required help it was professional, accurate and solved the problem, last time a week ago at 3 AM talked to a guy named Ernie for more than half an hour and had my problem fixed. The phone setup is also fantastic, where else can you get free weekend calls to 40 countries and mobile UK, Canada and US phones. If you wingers know of a better service please let us know or belt up.

  • unhappy

    by answer1 at 10:57 on 1 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    John Adams

    Another person probably working nights at Post Office , representing Post Office he can only have a go at the person making comments as usual can not deal with problems on this site .So you want details , I will post all complaints and answers and all compensation received from Post Office for your GREAT SERVICE over the last three years as posted before , broadband and phone not bad but customer service and lack of knowledge dealing with problems non existent it,s a shame Post Office run it .

    If you would like it in English , Editor of this site wanted a response from Post Office but seeing we have to believe he asked the questions there was no response on site or the reply did not help he has not made a comment . As they tried to contact Post Office before and they did not get answer I gave them a copy of letter sent by Post office so they could change advert on site because the statement was wrong .Yes me doing Post Office job.

  • happy

    by john adams at 2:46 on 28 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    @answer1 learn to speak English!!!! the comments you have made have no structure or sense. Please could you write things properly so people can understand the point you are trying to make. Or are you just trying to put a point in where its not valid?

  • unhappy

    by answer1 at 13:33 on 27 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    I see still no answer from Post Office or Editor , like with post office falls on deaf ears just read comments .

  • unhappy

    by SickFedUp at 19:20 on 26 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    UPDATE TO PREVIOUS REVIEW - harassment ongoing from Post Office for Broadband Charges for Broadband Service THEY COULD NOT PROVIDE. Elderly bed-ridden Mother being threatened with Debt Collectors for cash despite never receiving Broadband Package. Post Office Chief Executive informed of this - NOT INTERESTED it appears.


    Nov 2010
    My elderly Mother signed up with the Post Office for Phone + Broadband in September 2009. However,they could not connect the Broadband service, so after many phonecalls and emails to Customer Services / Technical Services and a few weeks of lies / being messed around by them my Mother decided to complain to Otelo (Ombudsman) about their treatment of her and for being Billed for a Broadband Service they could not provide.
    Now, after being harassed for over a year for Broadband Charges for the Broadband Service that never was provided by the Post Office, they have decided to cut my off my Mother's Phone connection - even though the matter is still ongoing with Otelo the Ombudsman. AVOID the P.O. AT ALL COST - LIARS + BULLIES. They will harrass you into ill health.

  • neutral

    by simon fitzpatrick at 12:59 on 22 Feb 2011 Report abuse


    I tried this last night, both with Eudora and with Thunderbird, but no luck at all. Thanks anyway.

  • unhappy

    by Katy James at 1:02 on 22 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Never ever use them. They are the worst at connection, service and contactability. I have been with them five months, the connection has never worked, they say (since proven untrue) they cannot call you back so you will continually have to call them at great expense. Their custmoner service is non existent, their customer complaints department are lazy and ineffective and their IT support service has the recorded message "we are having connection problems as the moment" whenever you ring (20+ times in my experience). This will be the worst decision you ever make: please do not even contemplate it. Since I tried, loose term (obviously the broadband and telephone were never activated but they insist on payment because they cannot try and resolve any problem once they have your signature) to connect with them there has been nothing but hassle and non existent service.

  • neutral

    by fatih at 12:27 on 21 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    To the Editor:

    Could you please inform me whether you have received a reply from Post Office or not regarding complaints?

  • neutral

    by simon fitzpatrick at 21:44 on 20 Feb 2011 Report abuse


    thanks for that. I'll give it a try tomorrow & then report back.

  • neutral

    by Terry Godfrey at 10:01 on 18 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    @ simon

    I use mozilla thunderbird on my laptop and an old Eudora client on my desktop. Both work fine.
    Mail server (incoming) : pop3.mypostoffice.co.uk
    SMTP server (outgoing): smtp.mypostoffice.co.uk

    I vaguely remember at the start only being able to send or receive messages and I believe this was to do with settings of Secure Sockets. On Eudora send and receive settings are : If available, STARTTLS

    On Thunderbird the securitysettings are: 'None'

    Username is the same as my full email address

    Hope this is of use.

  • neutral

    by terry.godfrey at 9:43 on 18 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    @ Simon

    I use an old version of Eudora 7 (V7.1.0.9) on one computer and the latest Mozilla Thunderbird on another, both work fine with PO. However I do recall in the early days that was possible to only send or receive and i believe this was due to Secure Sockets settings.

    For Eudora:
    Mail server incoming: pop3.mypostoffice.co.uk
    User name: full PO email addressaddress
    SMTP Server (outgoing): smtp.mypostoffice.co.uk
    Secure sockets when receiving: If Available, STARTTLS
    config: POP
    Leave mail on server -yes
    Authentification style: Passwords

    Hope this is of use.
    I have used Eudora for years and I like it. The thing I don't like is that it slit attachments from origiginal messages an keeps them in a separate folder.

  • unhappy

    by simon fitzpatrick at 7:17 on 18 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    @Terry and Jeff

    Terry, I've had no problems with the Self Care portal (other than its bad, clunky design). That bit seems to work ok for me. If you don't mind me asking, what mail client do you use at home? and, more importantly, what settings do you use for POP3 & SMTP? That'd be useful for me.

    Jeff, yes, I have that habit too. My in-laws, on whose behalf I am doing this, are happy with the normal internet access, and would probably put up with being fobbed off by Mypostoffice support, but I'd like to get them to use a "proper" email client. Personally I use a much better ISP.

    I'm not really interested in Ombudsman etc, I know it would end (and start) in frustration. I'll get the in-laws to vote with their wallets.

    Thanks for your comments though.

  • neutral

    by Terry Godfrey at 12:49 on 17 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Has anyone experienced not being able to access their InBox when using the PO Self Care portal?

    On my account, every time I attempted to delete a message or move a message to another folder the InBox and its contents would disappear sometimes for several days. Logging out and back in made no difference. Using a different computer or browser also failed. (I use an email client when at home without any problem but am frequently away so the Self Care Portal is important)

    It took 7 weeks of constant emails, telephone calls and two letters of complaint before it suddenly started to operate. I can only assume that some software became corrupted but why did it take 7 weeks to put right?

  • unhappy

    by Jeff Erton at 8:42 on 17 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    I've been watching these comments for the last 18 months having given up seeking any help from the Post Office.
    Fotunately I don't need their email and only use their broadband internet connection which has been fine so can access web based mail services.
    Yes, I went through weeks of unreturned calls from technicians that knew less than I did about internet protocols.
    I actually contacted the Ombudsman who threw so much red tape at me wanting detailed info about the phone calls I'd had (or not had effectively) copies of letters I'd sent etc. so I gave up the idea of taking the complaint any further. I wonder if there's any vested interest here?
    I never thjought I'd say it but here is an organisation that is as hard to lodge a complaint against and get some action as Ryan Air!

  • neutral

    by simon fitzpatrick at 21:47 on 16 Feb 2011 Report abuse


    yes I already have, and also numerous other sites too. I appreciate your help (yes, eggs again) - the results seem to point to a problem with the Mypostoffice SMTP mail server.

    I have tried Mypostoffice help, both website and email, but they just keep telling me to check/adjust my settings according to their help pages. Followed by them saying that they don't support 3rd party email clients. Not really any help at all.

    What I really need is some input from an existing user of Mypostoffice.co.uk that uses a 3rd party email client to access their mailbox using POP3/SMTP. I'd like to know what their settings are.

    I strongly suspect, though, that although everyone's help is appreciated and acknowledged, I bet no-one else has made it work either. Not because of a configuration issue on the client side, but because of a problem at the Mypostoffice end. I wish I could be proved wrong.


  • neutral

    by answer1 at 21:02 on 16 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Have you looked on Microsoft site ?

    probably eggs again .

  • neutral

    by simon fitzpatrick at 12:48 on 16 Feb 2011 Report abuse


    Thanks for the reply, but, yes, the comment re eggs is very appropraite here. Any assistance is not unwelcome though!

    I am not a PC novice, and there is "good" help shown on the Mypostoffice website at https://account.mypostoffice.co.uk/postoffice/onlineHelp.do?method=emailSetup#1.2

    But, I still get the error even after following those instructions.

    thanks anyway.

  • neutral

    by answer1 at 12:28 on 16 Feb 2011 Report abuse


    I used to use outlook 2003 and now 2007 never had problem .initial set up had problem
    put in smtp wrong ON internet explorer must put in complete pop3.mypostoffice.co.uk,
    smtp.mypostoffice.co.uk never had to before must write in hole line including pop and smtp.probably telling how to suck eggs ?

  • unhappy

    by simon fitzpatrick at 23:15 on 15 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Hello. Is anyone using Mypostoffice.co.uk with Outlook 2003 as their email client? I am very savvy where PCs are concerned, but I cannot get Outlook 2003, not Outlook Express, to work correctly with Mypostoffice.co.uk. The symptoms are that I can receive emails on the POP3 address, but cannot send emails using the SMTP address. The webmail works ok, so it's not a password issue. I have tried using Mypostoffice.co.uk's online help docs and also their support people, but to no avail. More holes than Swiss cheese, or, maybe, about as good as a chocolate teapot! Has anyone else got this to work? What are your server settings? I don't want your actual email addresses/passwords, just the server names/config settings.

  • unhappy

    by Mr Anthony Cotton at 22:15 on 8 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    I left Virgin Media because there are a lot of hidden charges that they do not tell you when you sign up. I had trouble with the installation has well. The final straw came when they said you will be charged for a paper bill. While on your site they seemed to have mellowed a bit,but has i said when you join them it`s a different matter. I am with the Post Office now, and they are starting to be awkward. I feel sorry for the customer who had a lot of trouble with them even have to she left. To be quite honest this should be Nationalised. You are doing a good job but you are up against Million Dollar companies.

  • neutral

    by answer1 at 21:27 on 6 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Joyce Lawrence
    I am not allowed to put the names of royal mail names on this site even though it is all on there site .If you go on Royal Mail group site then click on who we are and then on find out about our group companies and then on Group Executive Team and you will see a list for Post Office Managing Director

  • unhappy

    by answer1 at 10:36 on 6 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    As you have noticed I wonder if they did contact Post Office ? or maybe they did but not get a return call or they did not know what they were talking about .Maybe they could not contact the same person twice but reading the survey they have no problems ?

  • unhappy

    by Joyce Lawrence at 22:15 on 4 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    I was happy with my service for my phone and broadband,my problems came when i moved house,i applied to take my service with me,1/2/2010,after weeks of trying to get my service on,includeing the local assistant post office manager ringing several times over a period of weeks,i had to admit defeat and go with BT in June,my phone that should have been off at my previouse address was still conected in April,as the person liveing there could,nt get her phone connected because of it,anyhow,each time I had a bill from the PO for broadband,I told them i had never had it at this address (previouse bills were paid)they said dont worry ignore it,I asked for this in writeing,each time was told yes,to no avail,then in January this year had a bill for £180 for Broadband from February to September as they say,this was the term of my contract,now I have a seven day court notice from a solicitor,I am a pensioner and dont need this hassle,I tried every way I could to keep the Post Office service,the fault was with them,I found most of the people i spoke to very rude and abrupt,it could be a good service but definately needs a lot of sorting,I have contacted a mediation service but try as I might,cant find out who is the head of post office communications,the assistant Post Office manager who tried to help me,was also disgusted with the service I recieved in trying to sought things out.

  • unhappy

    by Wigley at 13:40 on 31 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Have explained the problem to p.o several people told me several different things and all had a different interpretaion of what was on their system, I know I am in the right but I feel like the problem isn't going away. Am waiting for a formal reply from billing and will post on any news or if the problem gets resolved.

  • neutral

    by FATIH at 19:44 on 30 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Dear All;

    I have sent more than 10 emails and I just received auto responses. I do still wait for Editor's message regarding PO reply :)

    I am very very dissapponted about service quality. Ignoring emails; rude phone conversations... Its unbelievable...moreover; I donot understand why people donot take action. Why dont we all arrange a meeting ? We can go to the Head Office of PO and drop off our complaint letters?

  • unhappy

    by answer1 at 21:50 on 29 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Still waiting what Post office has to say ?

  • unhappy

    by James wigley at 12:51 on 25 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    To everyone experiencing post office charging them double MAKE SURE the sort it out before you leave them. I was with post office up untill 18months ago, the double charge is down to a exta line being added to your account (mine wasn't even a p o customer) when I left them they told me I would owe £100 for the remainder of the contract. 18 months later and today I recived a call from debt collectors asking for £500!!, turns out the second line was never removed and once again I am waiting for p.o to sort out their abismal service. If your thinking of joining post office DONT!! and if you are with them now I have felt and am still feeling your pain.

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