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  • unhappy

    by Tim at 15:46 on 24 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Whatever you do don't go with the post office. Whilst their service worked, all OK, once I had a problem they couldn't have treated me more badly. Utter contempt. I have made 35 phone calls, written 2 emails, and have had to write to them regarding it all. Still they haven't bothered replying and at every turn they treat their customers with utter contempt. Please please don't sign up with them they couldn't care less about service.

  • unhappy

    by Steve Jarvis at 23:01 on 23 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Hi to Matt the Editor,

    A bit of a shame you have felt the need to do what you have done,

    There is no slagging off of anyone at PO on my part, I actually praised one guy who was very helpful, but I do have all of my letters and emails as proof of what I say with regard to two individuals who to this day have still not responded to my recorded post letters.

    Thank you

  • Matt Powell - EditorEditor - Matt Powell

    by Matt Powell at 21:59 on 23 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Sorry, I missed that part, it's been removed now.

    Lots of ISPs advertise on our site, doesn't mean we condone anything they do (or don't do). We provide an avenue for users to post their experiences, good or bad. In situations like this we do try to contact the company involved.

    As I said, we will try to get a response from Post Office regarding the complaints.

  • neutral

    by no at 21:36 on 23 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Hi Matt
    I would like you to know all names are posted by the POST OFFICE on there web sites .I am not happy that you say you have changed HAPPY AS LARRY quote so you left I am talking **** so you must think the same , so am will not be on site again or making any comments because to me post office advertises on site ?

  • Matt Powell - EditorEditor - Matt Powell

    by Matt Powell at 21:06 on 23 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Hi all,

    Please do not post the names or other details of PO employees. I know you're frustrated but I'm sure you'll understand that we can't allow the publication of personal information.

    I have bought these comments to the attention of the site editor, we'll take a look and see if we can get a response from the Post Office for you.

    In the interests of a balanced debate I have left Happy as Larry's post but removed the more abusive elements. Happy as Larry: feel free to join in but please do not be rude to other posters.

  • neutral

    by Maria Stamiri at 21:19 on 22 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    I do hope that the happy bunny’s way of dealing with real problems (Because make no mistake we are talking about real problems on this site and we are real people with real names!!!) does not reflect the policies of a big company such as the PO, as it would only be, at the least, unprofessional and saddening to see a review like that coming from an employee of the PO.
    No I really think that this person, that did not even have the dignity to reveal his real name, is just a nobody with a nonexistent life that just likes to surf the net, find real people with real lives and real problems and make them feel bad and angry. For your information happy bunny this is a very serious personality disorder and I would strongly recommend immediate professional help.
    But in the extreme case that you do reflect this company’s policy, and have the authority to do so (and God help us if this is the kind of people that this company employs and bases its future upon!) then I dare you to state your name and look for solutions to the issues we have mentioned… Solutions are for the brave after all and sometimes they define a persons quality!!!
    @ Steve Jarvis
    It was a real relieve for me to see that a person as remarkable and dignified, as your writing style indicates you are, has given credit and truly understood my post and the extent to which this unfair issue has affected my life. A big, thank you, for that…

  • unhappy

    by Steve Jarvis at 14:40 on 22 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Well said Nomore, re comments by Happy As Larry.

    His comments made me so angry when I read them last night, especially calling Ian, I think an idiot, and then suggested the lady who had had real problems she should pay her bill and then everything would be OK. I almost reported his posting for abuse, but thought it better to leave it up as it really shows him up as a bit of a clown

    He must work for PO, otherwise he wouldn't take such a strong stance against all of us who have posted our stories, or perhaps he is just a do gooder who thinks everyone is moaning unnecessarily. Perhaps he ought to get a hobby.

    I cant understand his anger and suggestion that we have all made these stories up, why would people take all the time and trouble to come on this site and write about their experiences if they are not true?

    My problem with Post Office is still not totally finished, I will put up a posting in about three weeks, if they do as they have promised. This will finish off my story from November to present.

  • neutral

    by no at 11:23 on 22 Jan 2011 Report abuse


    You must work for Post Office you believe every thing you say.If you read my review it read the Broadband genie removed the address of Head Office but I do not expect an apology because you work for Post Office .As most people are on this site and write a review they know the Post Office is always right till they are proved wrong .As so called customers treat us like it .

    As on a previous review I wrote good product shame they run it .

    I have been with Post Office for three years or so and in that time I have had about 6 months or more free because of your so good service they do not give away money for nothing . last year account stopped phoned customer service told it was BT problem with broadband no it was POST OFFICE fault have it in writing compensation for that. Billing fault given another month free worth about fifty pounds last year as well .
    On this site I only usually generalise but seeing you want to call people names .I will list all compensation and incorrect emails and return letters .
    And why do I need a hobby I have the Post Office .

  • unhappy

    by Steve Jarvis at 21:49 on 21 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Actually Happy As Larry, I suggest you go back through all of the 10 pages on this review site, you will find the first report of bad service, no tech support etc. goes back to November 2007.

    My god I didn't realise this providers service had been so bad for so long, perhaps Larry you could go through each review for us and slag off each person for whatever they said was wrong.

    We cant all be wrong can we?

  • neutral

    by Christina Aguilar at 20:30 on 21 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Email what an nightmare - I had had problems at certain times of the day but mainly in the evening for my email to go through to my Window Mail and also in my web browser - phone up and guess what! it is probably a fault on my end! then it worked fine for a few weeks and once again, and guess what it was a fault on my end and they cannot help with the Window Mail as it say authorising and I have lost many email, and on my imac laptop forget it most of the time email do not go through! everything is an fault on my end.I am being patience but for how long? The Window Mail was set up by an employee a long while back and it sounded like India but at least he set up my email, but now I think all there staff are based in UK what a nightmare - they do not help if my email is not going through to my Window Mail it keep saying authorising - that is my responsibility - great people hahaha. Also in Webbrowser it take sometimes ages for the mail to get through, (only one sensible person said to me once it was the mail server) not my computer! but he long gone.

  • unhappy

    by Steve Jarvis at 19:48 on 21 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Happy as Larry.... clearly one of the only happy Post Office customers, but sounds suspiciously to me like someone high up in the Post Office trying to divert all of the bad comments from people who are sick of paying good and hard earned money for a very poor service and no technical backup.

    I have to admit I was very concerned about going back to BT, but I have say, I`m happy to pay a bit more for a service that works and I have had cause to talk to Tech Support in India twice on setting up email in Outlook and they have been brilliant and very polite and its an 0800 (free) number to speak to them rather than an 0845 (chargeable number) which you have to ring to talk to any Post Office department.

    I really hope Post Office do get their act together and treat customers with some respect, perhaps Happy As Larry needs to read all of the genuine bad experiences of other contributors and stop slagging of people who have had real problems Watch all the BBC consumer programs coming up that I mentioned and see how many other bad experiences come out of the woodwork

  • neutral

    by Mr D. White at 9:36 on 21 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Forget about the benefits!

    The broadband extra service for speed and unlimited downloads is unbeatable but ...

    Having spoken to tech support last night I had a bit of an eyeopener, apparently you don't pay for the benefits just the line rental and the broadband service, so when they don't work its just too bad. Its probably in the small print but it does rather impact the value of the service.

    The security antivirus suite (one of the benefits) still does not work with Windows7, support suggested downloading a free one such as AVG.

    The email (one of the benefits) still becomes unresponsive at peak times (most evenings), they seem to have no intention of fixing this and really its annoying if this is your primary email address.

    The webspace (one of the benefits) limits the number of individual file,s making it next to useless for a traditional html website.

    However the wireless router (one of the benefits) will be replaced if it breaks ... but you will have to return it if you cancel your service.

  • happy

    by Happy As Larry at 1:58 on 21 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    All im going to say is......if you are not happy then dont sit on this website complaining!!!! back to BT where you will all pay a hell of a lot more money and speak to somebody in india!!! or talk talk perhaps where they will bill you for services you never asked for!

    it is not the responsibility of your ISP that your equipment is hacked, Post Office provide your internet connection, that is all!! the security of your equipment is entirely your responsibility! If you fail to have decent anti virus and firewall protection then you deserve to be hacked, and if you do have this in place then u have nothing to worry about!

    NOMORE - you clearly have far too much time on your hands and need to get a hobby!

    i dont think you should be mentioning staff members names on a public website...that is not particularly fair to somebody that cannot defend themselves plus when ur just slagging them off......tell us your job so i can post crap reviews about you over the net???

    and i think half of you need to remember the data protection act.....elderly parents is not an excuse for breaking this!!! if staff members discuss details they can loose there jobs! i dont think they want that so if you have a problem phone the government not the post office!!!!

    Finally all i want to say is.....i can advise half of you are talking absolute nonsense! emails not being replied to.....every single email is replied to! if you email iin the same constantly then yeah too right it will be deleted as they cannot help!! take the hint!!!! oh and btw the address being changed has been notified on every single customers bill in january and people need to realise if you address a letter to tim ferguson....he doesnt work for the company anymore! plus what companys directors are going to read all the incoming mail??? especially an organisation as large as post office? you people are deluded and need to get off the internet and find hobbies!!!!

    P.S dont complain about debt collectors if you dont pay ur bills!!! simple!

  • unhappy

    by Steve Jarvis at 12:30 on 18 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Hi again everyone,
    I saw a posting last night (17/1/11) by laura Allinson, I believe, which I intended to respond to this morning, unfortunately this posting has disappeared this morning!

    Anyway, I will add this post in case Laura comes back.

    I agree with NOMORE in that Post Office would very much seem to be in breach of contract. A contract occurs when someone offers a service, (Post Office) for which you provide a `consideration`, (in this case money). In this case you have fulfilled your part of the contract, but Post Office have not fulfilled their part, therefore they are in breach of contract.

    It would seem your only redress is to seek satisfaction through the small claims court, taking action for `Breach of Contract through non performance of contractual obligations`.

    You can do this all online if you want at www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk, or you can visit your local court to pick up the forms. You pay a fee of £300.01 - £500 claim value = £35 or £500.01 - £1,000 claim value = £60. If you win you will get these costs back from Post Office plus any other costs i.e travel costs to court etc.The court costs quoted are about £10 more if you fill in forms at your local court.

    Make sure you have copies of all letters and emails to an from Post Office and details and dates of phone calls.

    You fill in the forms, pay your fee and then Post Office have, (I believe) 28 days in which to contest your claim if they choose, otherwise you then go back to the court to take action to get your money.

    If they contest your claim, you just go to your local court and present your case to a judge, they then respond and the judge makes a decision.

    It really is sad that such a good company can provide such bad service as we see detailed time and again on this site and don't care about fixing problems, perhaps the only way they will sit up and take notice is if people take them to court.

    I will continue to follow other posts on this site and will be sending full details of my problem and also all the posts on this site to BBC`s Watchdog and Rip of Britain programs in due course.

  • unhappy

    by no at 21:46 on 17 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    I would have thought they broke the contract when they did not connect you on that date ?
    Contact OFCOM or Consumer Direct Costs nothing .I have been with them for three years
    I will not say what I think of them .I have got car insurance with them guess what that's the same .I did not think I could get caught twice but they are cheap, that what you pay for

  • unhappy

    by Steve Jarvis at 21:16 on 6 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Hi Lorraine Bell,

    Re your post........ yet another Managing Director!

    Does everyone think they have all these MD`s, CEO`s etc to put all their dissatisfied customers off their trail?

  • unhappy

    by Steve Jarvis at 17:48 on 6 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Hi to NOMORE,

    The two names I gave as heads of Post Office and Royal Mail were correct at 15/12, as these were provided by their Customer Relations Department by email, but if you have been given different names that doesn't surprise me, nothing does about this company they are a complete shambles!

  • neutral

    by NOMORE at 21:10 on 5 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    I send correspondence to Head Office and they usually manage to sort it after a while .I would not send letters to anywhere else because all the rest are useless .Recorded delivery is a waste of time because I have used the last three times and I could not get a reply from Royal Mail if it has been delivered waste of money I know it's more expensive but use special delivery .

  • neutral

    by FATIH at 21:05 on 5 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Dear Steve ,

    Thank you fo your detailed reply. I will write a letter and ask for a meeting to talk face to face. I will inform you all about th result.

  • unhappy

    by Laura Allinson at 19:55 on 5 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    The PO is the worst company I have ever known.
    The facts so far: I started the Post Office Broadband and telephone package in June 2010, unforntunately I never got a signal and it never worked when I rang the PO they sent new equipment to me and a BT Engineer came out to me twice. I paid on 7th July 2010 £13.20 and still it wasn't working 4th August 2010 they took out a start up fee £141.72 and still the no enjoy. After 2 months with no service I gave up and said "cancel" I was at my wits end paying for a service that I wasn't getting, taking time off for an engineers which they wanted to send out for the third time and making phone calls to the IT Helpdesk. Now I've been sent a bill for £210.95 for cancelation fee. So that's £365.87 for a Broadband that doesn't work!!!

    PO Are you having a laugh!!! I now have to take my case to the Complaints Department.

  • unhappy

    by carol brooks at 15:09 on 5 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    got a laptop for christmas so bought a router so i could use it thought it would be straightforward no chance have to change my provider to use it

  • unhappy

    by Steve Jarvis at 8:50 on 5 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Hi faith from Istanbul,

    This dreadful company really don't seem to care and even if you send letters recorded delivery they don't answer them and further down the road claim they didn't get them even if you tell them you have proof they accepted the letter!

    As I have found, complaining to thee local watchdog OTELO is also a complete waste of time as they also do nothing.

    be aware, their bills, (Jan 2011) list their address as Newcastle, when in fact you now need to send correspondence to

    Post Office Telecom Services
    Provident Row
    DH1 1RR

    I rang Post Office 4/11/11 an call was answered by a man who didn't reply as `Post Office` and sounded drunk or as though he had just woken up. I asked him whether I needed to write letters to Newcastle or Durham and he didn't know! He went off to check and came back saying he thought it might be Durham. I then rang back a few minutes later, asked for the accounts department and they then confirmed correspondence needed to go to Durham.

    If need be I think you have to be prepared to pay them and then take action against them in the small claims court for recovery of the money you feel you shouldn't have been paid. If you do this make sure you have copied of any letters you sent them or received from them, plus any emails and details and dates of any phone calls. They record phone calls for their protection so you have the right to request copies of any recordings under The Freedom Of Information Act and may have to pay £10 for these although you can claim this amount plus any other costs back from them in your court action.

  • unhappy

    by Maria Stamiri at 14:22 on 4 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    My complain is similar to that of Steve Jarvis.
    The service i have got from the PO is by far the most horible and distressing service i ever had in my life!!!!
    Here how the story goes:
    On the beginning of June 2010 I was connected through the post office for a package of phone and internet.
    After only a few days I received my first bill which indicated that I had to pay services from the 4th of May. I called the customer service line of your company and reported that my connection was not done on that day, although it was the initial appointment date with the BT technicians , the actual connection was achieved the next month as there was no available lines in my building at the time of the first appointment. The person that I spoke to said that he would inform the billing department and they would have to deduct the amount of money that was representing the extra months billing, on the next months bill. That deduction never took place.
    In addition to that I reported that the phone was not working (apart from one local phone call that I made the next day I got connected) nevertheless the internet was working, after a number of technical tests that the person I was talking to performed, he said that he could not understand how this could happen but the readings indicated that there was a problem with the phone but not the internet. I asked for the line to be repaired and I was also promised that the cost for the telephone line rental would be deducted from the next bill. That deduction also never happened.
    On July the 13th 2010 I was informed, by phone call, that my connection was to be seized and the reason was that the connection was never made!!!!
    I went to my local post office store and called the customer service line together with the manager of the store but even though I tried to explain to the people I talked to, that there must be a mistake they just simply wouldn’t listen. They just insisted that if the BT technicians tell them that a connection is not made then that must be the issue. I reported as evidence that I had already paid a bill of 87, 35 pounds on the 09/06/2010, which they could see on their system, that there was one phone call made from that line, which wouldn’t be possible to make if the connection was never made, that the name of the BT technician that did the connection was (I provided the name), but still it seemed as if whatever proof I provided was not enough for me to prove my point.
    After that first initial bill I was send two more that indicated that I had to pay up to November for services that were seized since July…!
    I have called the customer service line a number of times to clear the issue but all I was told it was that they would report it and the billing department would have to decide for the deductions that were never made as well as the bills I was send and were demanding payment for services that were never provided.
    Now i am send intimidating letters from DEBT COLLECTORS.
    Do these people ever stop and take a look at all the complains on here?
    Do they show any respect for human dignity ?
    Do they provide the services hey promise?
    Do they care for the distress they are causing?
    The answer is NO to all counts.
    I think there should be a free legal aid provided for situations like that or maybe all the people that has suffered such distress from this company should get together and take legal action....

  • unhappy

    by FATIH at 23:06 on 2 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Hello everyone,

    I have been trying to solve my connection problem for more than 2 months. I have been in many countries and I have never exprienced such a service.

    I am from Istanbul and I had Turkish Telecom phone line and broadband. When you have a problem they create a service recovery file and then TT informs me about the process by calling me from my mobile phone.Its not possible to talk to same cs agent in Post Office.

    Phone line in my flat is never worked and I informed them but hey asked for £110 to repair it. I really dont understand how they can ask for money because its not working from the begining of my aggrement.

    Could someone please inform me where I can make a complaint about them?

  • neutral

    by mark at 13:04 on 27 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    I have posted before about billing problems, which still persist. Service speed has been quite good (unless you want to use thieir pop3 service which is overworked and slow at best) until recently when I have started notcing a massive drop in line speed. Today I have updated my router settings to use open DNS which has made a massive differece.

  • neutral

    by Peter at 20:28 on 26 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    I have had PO package for a couple of years but never had webspace I could access but I have got emails I can access most of the time although sending is more of a problem and a good cheap phone service. The self care website seems very amateurish and has features that dont work.
    In my experience the only helplines worth their salt concern American consumer product.

  • unhappy

    by no at 19:37 on 22 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    If you cannot contact any one to help you send letter to head office to CEO then they might be able to sort it they can .But I put address on , but last one was taken off .So find it yourself . Even broadband Genie could not get an answer from Post Office so they changed the ad on this page .

  • unhappy

    by Stuart Donaldson at 13:33 on 16 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    Horrendous experience with Post Office, I moved into a flat with my work and foolishly took the cheapest internet option at the time and have paid for it ever since. All went well for 6 months athough despite the billing address being the same the bills were sent sporadically and some to a neighbours house. Then the system had stopped one evening and i discovered the line had been "crashed", the P.O. blamed BT and told me to complain, after investigation it was discovered to be a fault at the P.O. To make matters worse they wanted to charge me a reconnection fee and start a brand new agreement at my expense!! Some 18 calls later to various memebers of staff who couldn't or didn't know how to help i got Jeff at customer servioces. I was assured that it was sorted and i cancelled the whole nightmare, however just discovered that another department wasn't told of the cancellation and has proceeded to recover the last 3 months service i didn't receive by debt collector!!! Can i get to speak to someone NO! 3 times i've left messages and non one wants to speak to me. I have AOL at my home and been with them for 5 yearswith no problem.

  • unhappy

    by stmartinsdiver at 10:49 on 3 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    You certainly don't have to go looking for faults with the Post Office. When it works properly which our did for the first 18 months, you are blissfully unaware that when it does support is virtually non existant. For some weeks now, we have been unable to use their email service in the evenings as their POP3 server just grinds to a halt. When we contacted their Customer Service team ((who told us they had a serious problem some months ago) simply respond by sending back a generic email reply ignoring the raft of screen dumps and information we sent to show them what the problem is. We have also experienced numerous (failed) hacking attempts over the last few weeks but when we used the email address the Post Office publish for "Broadband abuse and security issues" we heard nothing back for several weeks and were eventually told they did not have the expertise to deal with this problem and that we should phone their technical support department. From past experience, this too has proved a waste of time with unanswered calls, being asked to call back as they were "too busy" and promises of return calls not materialising. The service is cheap, fine when it works but woe bitide you if you hit any problems.

  • unhappy

    by no at 18:58 on 2 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    They are so sure of themselves to try to contact them you can never speak to the same person ,you send emails which half the time they do not answer .Billing is a fault because half the time its late or you never get one .And when I read that someone is getting a good service I wonder what company they are talking about .Wait till you have been with them for a couple of years its cheap that's all you can say its not a bad product but its a shame its run by them .

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