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  • happy

    by jackie jones at 21:17 on 1 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    Im sorry but Im new to PO and have found them to be fantastic. AOL left me 45mins on the phone and never connected my service, Virgin media well, the list is as long as my loo roll. People who look for faults will find them!

  • unhappy

    by steve jarvis at 13:12 on 16 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    I signed up with Post office for Broadband in March 2010 having been with them for a number of years as a phone customer, where to be fair, they were quite good, buy oh boy what a mistake!

    The service was very poor from the start with crashes on the email service a regular occourence. The speed was so bad and nothing near what they promised I would get, I can no longer watch You Tube vids without it constantly buffering, or watch BBCi player live, I now have to download programs to watch them. I cant buy anything from ebay, because I cant get bids in quickly enough and downloading a music album can take 6 - 8 hours.

    I contacted the Technical department on 27/5 and was told they were all on the phone, but they would ring back. I`m still waiting for this call!

    I wrote to Technical support on 3/6 and they did respond asking me to do some speed tests. I completed two of these but had problems with the third so rang Technical asking for some help and got abuse from the lady I spoke to, saying I was getting a good service and they had customers getting a far worse speed than me and she didn't know what I was complaining about, I put the phone down.

    On 8/7 I wrote to their Technical department and I am still waiting for the courtesy of a reply.This was sent recorded delivery, so I know he received it

    On 14th September I wrote to the Director of Customer Care, with copies of all of my correspondence on this matter, I`m still waiting for the courtesy of a reply from him. In this letter I gave him a time limit to respond otherwise I would take action against them in the small claims court for Non Performance of Contractual Obligations. This was sent recorded delivery, so I know he received it

    When I paid my bill on 15th October I put a wrong month on my bill, so guess who sent me a letter back, yep - Director of Customer Care. I sent my cheque back, correctly dated along with a letter saying I was pleased to hear from him as I thought he might be dead as he hadn`t answered my previous correspondence.

    On 1st November I was called by a nice guy from Customer Relations, asking me about my letter to Director of Customer Care and the reference to him being dead. Initially after he told me all conversations were recorded, I didn't want to speak to him about this, but then thought I would do so and I am now going to request a copy of this recording under the Freedom of Information Act. I explained everything and he agreed to let me have my MAC code, so I could go to another broadband supplier and that he would waive the £123 early fee that they wanted to charge me for going elsewhere, he was going to talk to his supervisor about the damages I wanted - I don't feel I should pay for the poor service I have had for over 7 months and he would write to me.

    On 5/11 I rang him and he said letter had been sent and that it would be with me shortly.

    On 13/11 I received his letter which had only been written on 11/11, many apologies and MAC code contained in letter, but no confirmation of waiving early cancellation fee or any recompense for poor service.

    16/11 Trying to contact again to get early cancellation fee and recompense issues resolved, but if not it really seems as though I am going to have to take this to Small Claims Court.

    This is all a great shame, they used to be such a good company, but now they rank right up their with British Gas...........now there is a real story!

    Avoid them like the Plague.


  • neutral

    by df at 6:32 on 13 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    If this is a taste of the service in the future Im afraid I'll be changing back to BT after the 12 months contract. Come on PO get your act together or god help you when you've been taken over by a private company. Disgruntled Audrey

  • unhappy

    by SickFedUp at 23:42 on 9 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    My elderly Mother signed up with the Post Office for Phone + Broadband in September 2009. However,they could not connect the Broadband service, so after many phonecalls and emails to Customer Services / Technical Services and a few weeks of lies / being messed around by them my Mother decided to complain to Otelo (Ombudsman) about their treatment of her and for being Billed for a Broadband Service they could not provide.
    Now, after being harassed for over a year for Broadband Charges for the Broadband Service that never was provided by the Post Office, they have decided to cut my off my Mother's Phone connection - even though the matter is still ongoing with Otelo the Ombudsman. They will harrass you into ill health.

  • unhappy

    by Ian Cherry at 15:10 on 9 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    I read the post dated 8th November with great interest as we too are on the verge of changing ISP for the same reasons. Ever since the Post Office upgraded its mail server some months ago we've had continuous problems with their POP3 server repeatedly asking us to enter our network ID and password. Our PC is setup to automatically check 3 ISP's for emails every 5 minutes and the only one we ever have a problem with is the Post Office. I've spoken to their support staff on a number of ocassions and been told they are aware of the issue and it is being fixed - one of them even told me that the problem was that there was a problem with their billing server interacting with the mail server and that this had also caused serious problems with their billing. Over the last few weeks we've also had numerous reports from our router of attempts being made to hack into our PC from various IP addresses in China. What is so infuriating is that the Post Office have totally ignored all our recent emails advising them of the problems we have been having and no information has been provided as to what they are doing to resolve these issues. Likewise, if we log in to our account via webmail and click on "Service status" nothing happens and no information is posted about any of the above.
    I can only assume that the Post Offiice have no interest whatsoever in whether their customers are happy or not and there is nothing so frustrating as a wall of silence.

  • unhappy

    by Ken Hancock at 21:52 on 8 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    Have had PO Home Phone and Broadband for about 18 months now and I'm going to have to change to something else soon.
    Yes I agree with a previous comment re crackly phone lines or noise, but that is clearly not what's causing the volume of complaints on this site.
    They do have problems with the routers they supply. I have to keep resetting mine when it flakes out, - sometimes several times a day. They also have a POP3 email server that just won't stay upright, and is off several times a week. I'm fed up returning from work to find I can't access my email because it's down again. And it stays that way for hours at a time, - occasionally even overnight. Complaints do no good, and no explanation is given about why this keeps happening. In fact it's off again tonight as I write, with a recorded announcement on the helpline to say they're having problems.
    - Only the word "again" is missing.

  • unhappy

    by audrey polkinghorn at 6:36 on 30 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    Hi , Ive installed PO phone and broadband extra package on the 18.10.10 and had nothing but trouble since. After numerous inefficient calls to customer service I wasn't connected until the 19.10.10, then after only two days it went down. Again after a troublesome connection to the customer service line I was told the router was faulty and had to be replaced. this was received on the 23.10.10 . I then had an intermittent BB service for 6 days then guess what it went down again. Once again I tried to contact the customer service line and after holding on for 25 minutes was told it was major fault in the system and to leave it 24 hours. Honestly I wished I'd stayed with BT. My biggest bug is that when you phone the customer service line you get the same tedious voice telling you to hold on they will speak to you as soon as they can. No advice on how long you are in the que, or a voice recording advising of the fault without holding on for 25 minutes. It beats me how they are so efficient at answering their order line, oh of course this is potencial buisness. If this is a taste of the service in the future Im afraid I'll be changing back to BT after the 12 months contract. Come on PO get your act together or god help you when you've been taken over by a private company. Disgruntled Audrey

  • happy

    by Mr D. White at 16:53 on 20 Oct 2010 Report abuse


    I had to say it, if the PO is your first ISP and your unhappy wait until you try the rest.
    Great value uninterupted internet access at 7Mb+ for over 2 years and counting.

    Admitedly their technical support is more erm ... supportive than technical.
    I'm sure they have to go ask a BT guru, but it is free .... btw anyone else found the 'secret' limitation of their webspace?

    With an added bonus of a cheap connection fee ...

  • happy

    by wildebeast at 17:28 on 16 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    Just recently got PO HP&B Apart from some very minor issues at the beginning everything has gone brilliantly well. faster speeds than my previous isp (sky ) very helpful tech dept.
    I cannot fault them at al, would reccomend the package to anyone.
    Thanks Post Office.

  • neutral

    by William at 10:55 on 9 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    Post Office broadband has been in a horrific mess for the past two weeks technically
    Calls to enquire when the problem will be resolved take half an hour and more.
    It is obvious that the PO engineers are actively scratching their heads endeavouring
    how to overcome their woes.
    DONT even consider swithing to PO BB

  • unhappy

    by John Summerfield at 19:43 on 7 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    They are absolute amateurs, have had Homephone/Broadband package for a couple of years now. Their billing system is so chronically awful, I was originally getting monthly bills despite requesting monthly DirectDebit from the offset. When I brought the matter up with Customer Services (?) I was told that is what I'd asked for, My reply to that was "why have I given you all the relevant bank details then?" I have contacted the head honcho in N. Ireland by letter stating that most small businesses could cope with a simple billing system, so what's their problem? I got a reply but things have not improved, the monthly billing has now stopped but I don't get notified of any bills that are due. Once again I've contacted Cus/Serv. and was told that the bills are being emailled to me. This has never been the case and I've had to guess the billing date and then phone and pay by debit card. Now informed that I need to leave it 3/4 days after paying and to phone them again and set up the DirectDebit. Did exactly that and was told there's another bill being compiled and it was too late for D/D setup, try again 3/4 days after you've paid the bill!
    Totally useless outfit, deeply regret being talked into it by my local Post Master.

  • unhappy

    by M Silver at 19:43 on 22 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    Approach the Post Office with a great deal of caution. Regrettably I have had nothing but trouble from day one. Foolishly, attempting to avoid an early cancellation charge when I moved house I had my account transferred, only to receive, 3 months AFTER moving, a bill delivered to my previous address, including a cancellation fee. Phone calls to Customer Service showed that they knew nothing and promises to be contacted were not fulfilled. A letter of complaint has been sent, but I doubt that I will ever here anything. Now, to make matters worse my phone is no longer functioning. If you do decided to use Post Office Home Phone and Broadnband, I hope that you have more luck than I have and that you never have to contact their Customer "Service" team.

  • unhappy

    by awiserman at 21:13 on 14 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    Like many ,..... in signing up with the post office broad - I regret it ''' half the products I was suppose to receive I never have ... Furthermore the post office argue(now) that what I don't receive were FREE ! and therefore NO compensation is given...!!!! that includes no emails no 50MB webspace bo online accounts .... run by total muppets and conmen

  • unhappy

    by glo at 12:35 on 14 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    ive had the broadband and homeline service less then two weeks, technical support doesnt always know the answer (when i can get through) 2 occassions ive been promised t a call back to sort out problem, they havent done it yet, ive had to have my caller display taken out and put back 3 times and it still isnt working, its stressed me out as i got made redundant and need a service that works and not keep going down for job searches, wish i never took it on

  • unhappy

    by Clive Andrew Poulton at 19:20 on 6 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    Let me tell you a story. Three months ago I decided to subscribe to the Post Office Broadband. The product was offered as follows:

    Unlimited downloads.
    Five e-mail addresses
    50Mb Web space, accessible via html link
    Free weekend and evening phone calls
    Telephone line rental included in price.

    Before I signed up I phoned the PO to confirm that the e-mail service would function with the mail client I use. Yes they said, your e-mail can be accessed with your e-mail client. So I signed up for the deal as advertised.

    What I have ended up with is as follows:

    Unlimited downloads.
    Five e-mail addresses that do not work with my e-mail client (or any other client)
    50Mb Web space, that is not accessible via html link
    Free weekend and evening phone calls
    Telephone line rental included in price.

    Telephone communication with PO has proved impossible as they do not answer. E-mails to PO are ignored. A month ago I wrote to them. I am still waiting for a reply.

    So, should I be happy getting only 3 of the 5 advertised features? I think not!

    When you by a car you expect 4 wheels, an engine, a chassis, four seats and a steering wheel. Would you be happy if you only got three of the afore mentioned items when you bought a car? Probably not.

  • unhappy

    by Gary at 18:11 on 6 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    I have had my phone/broadband for about 15mths now and have had no problems
    until now, I have aked them twice for my modem setting to manually put into my
    moden/router that i bought ages ago only to be told that they dont deal with 3rd parties.
    So I now have a wireless router that i can't use and a complaints department at the
    post office that dosen't reply to any e-mails you send them. So i am now looking to
    change my broadband provider as the post office don't really seem to be botherd trying
    to keep the customers they've got.

  • neutral

    by grumpygit at 0:16 on 5 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    we have had po broadband for 3 years and at the start it was spot on ..but now after the retards cancelled my bb after we asked for the home phone as well(only took 10+ phone calls and about 6 weeks to sort it out.) and as of that date its got to be the most useless service i can think of ...they used to use netgear routers but have now gone to these zyxel routers and believe me they are the worst bit of tat you can think off and my bb service keeps going down at least 4-5 times a day ..

  • neutral

    by thatllBeMeThen at 22:11 on 26 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    PO ADSL is served over exactly the same copper as any other ADSL so problem with noise or crackly phones are NEVER their problem - phone BT and they'll deal.
    The PO ADSL works just the same as BT ADSL except they have less intrusive traffic shaping and slightly less robust email servers.
    All in all a VERY goo deal.

  • unhappy

    by Nad at 20:49 on 24 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    I setup a phone/broadband account in February this year and was advised an installation fee would not need to be paid until the month of April which would be done via direct debit.
    My bank details were taken and was then advised it would be £25 per month thereafter once the instillation fee was taken via direct debit. April came and the payment was not taken although I was not aware at the time. On receipt of my first phone bill it stated that I was to pay over £260.
    I called the billing department who advised I was billed for two phone lines in error and that a new revised bill would be sent out to me and was told not to make any payments until the revised bill was received. On receipt of my second bill it stated I was to pay over £280. Before I even received the revised bill I was told I had to pay off the bill in full or I would be cut off in two days from the time of my call.
    This was a telesign agreement that I made over the phone and I accepted the terms only stated under the agreement on the telephone this was not adhered to. I was then told that I could not setup a monthly direct debit to pay £25 per month and that the phone/broadband service could only be done quarterly, if this was the case I would not have opened up an account with the Post Office as I pay all my bills on a monthly basis via direct debit. On occasions the service I receive is at best interment and I’m the one being penalized. I recommended my friend to the Post Office before all the errors started, and she setup the same phone/broadband package with them and her account was setup on a direct debit for the installation fee to be taken automatically, and then payments were taken on a monthly basis thereafter via direct debit.
    Although they set up her account correctly she is so disgusted with the service I have recieved that she will now be ending her contract with the Post Office at the end of her term. Not only that they failed on one occassion to take me through DPA, and to this date this compliant has not been resolved. Anyone thinking of joining the Post Office phone/broadband service should think twice, it's a fantastic deal but you know what they say about things being to good to be true. Nad

  • happy

    by Neil at 22:55 on 23 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    I have two PO 'broadband & call' lines. Once up and running, 1 has been problem free always with more than 2 Mb download. The other has a speed which runs consistently at 0.23Mb! Their customer service has always been excellent over the last 12 months. They provide free mobile calls at weekends to any UK mobile. I recommend them.

  • unhappy

    by gwyn Jones at 2:25 on 22 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    I am unable to get a refund for MY PO teleservice that I never requested .
    The broadband service is a rip off & unreliable. Technical support has either ceased or my requests are being ignored.

  • happy

    by tedh at 9:42 on 20 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    Been with P . O. broadband standard and phone line nearly from the begining , no problem at all ,finger crossed it will stay that way.

  • unhappy

    by ricky at 19:46 on 19 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    I Ordered this package last year, and experienced sub dial up speeds. Asbolutely appalling; it took three months and 4-5 hours of phone calls every week to try and get the account closed and get my money back

  • unhappy

    by oz at 12:07 on 13 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    Avoid at all cost!!!! I have a useless phone-line, Crackles soo loud you have to shout, Broadband keeps loosing internet connection and when you get it, its soo slow, i get 2.4mb on a 8mb package!!! gone back to the 90's. But rest assured when you ring customer services there that busy, cos theres only 2 working there, they arrange a call back for say......................never.

  • unhappy

    by no/no/no/you dont do it? at 17:00 on 7 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    cut you off !!!!nice company good customer sevice 0/10 keep up the good useless work p.o shame on you

  • unhappy

    by Tracie at 7:10 on 7 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    After being with po broadband for some time,I one day found there was no connection to the internet what-so-ever,on contacting the po,they said it had been cancelled,don't know why! Thing was i was still recieving bills for it,work that out! so back in touch again,
    one section had me as cancelled,the other had me as still connected,so i left them,they then told me they would work out if they owed me any money,this was before xmas,now i have been sent a bill AGAIN!!! I have been with another provider since po told me my bb
    was cancelled & they told me they could see that, Do their staff actually let one another
    know what is going on?? So be careful if you decide to leave the service,you could be billed for the future,,,,Any lack of connection,i'd phone straight away to make sure they haven't cancelled your contract.......

  • unhappy

    by mark at 20:00 on 3 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    Quick to resolve network faults and generally friendly to deal with. As a package with the phone line and calls their price is very competitive. However it's not all roses be warned Post Office have real difficulty in generating a bill. Their mistakes are generally as one would expect largely in their favour and they refuse to sort these out stating that the bills cannot be changed. Don't trust what they tell you about notes on the account or yes I'll correct that because you can guarantee sure as eggs are eggs they will simply end the call and nothing will happen.

  • unhappy

    by su at 14:26 on 30 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    Internet connection was OK. At least it is a UK help line. But E Mail is useless and help re this is non existent.
    It does not keep an automatic record of email addresses so these have to be retyped out each time..if you can remember them!!. Also you have to keep logging in several times per day. Fortunately I had kept my old email provider.

  • happy

    by BT, Battersea at 13:13 on 29 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    Living just 250m from the Battersea exchange, I have the luxury of being able to choose any of the ADSL or ADSL2+ packages from any of the main providers. However, I chose the Post Office (reluctantly at first, given all the bad press) in order to get their home telephone bundled into the deal, which provides the missus with free calls at weekends to UK mobiles and her mates overseas. While I agree that the POP3 email service provided by the PO is less than satisfactory, it was easier to retain my hotmail address in any case. That aside, I have to say that after 18 months of use, the PO's broadband (albeit just another resale of part of BT's wholesale services) has been delivered at a rock-steady 6.8Mb day-in, day-out, without a single hitch, problem or even a jitter when streaming BBC's iPlayer at peak times. No complaints here.

  • neutral

    by Clive Andrew Poulton at 23:44 on 22 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    Very disappointed. E-mail cannot be accessed via a client therefore no html content can be viewed. Also the my webspace feature cannot be accessed because the url the supply does not work.

    My advice; don't sign up to this shoddy deal.

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