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Sky extras: Additional Sky features

While Sky has made its name first with its unrivalled satellite television offering and more recently with its broadband services, it doesn’t stop there. 

For many, the glue that holds these things together is as important as the channels themselves.

In this guide we’ll be looking at some of the little extras that come with your Sky television subscription. 

If you also want to read about broadband services (such as sky Go and Sky Broadband) head over to our Sky on the move guide.

Getting the most out of My Sky

A key feature of your account is My Sky, where you can log into and manage your account. There’s all the dull stuff, like checking your bill and making payments - as well as accessing help and support and the Sky shop. But it’s a little more interesting than that.

My Sky opens up all kinds of features from your browser, such as exclusive special offers and competitions, tickets to Sky shows and screenings and special TV extras through Sky Rewards. You can also set up recordings from your computer, wherever you are, or catch up with your on-demand shows (see below).

Another great feature is ‘Never Miss’. The service allows you to essentially tag your favourite shows. Once on your ‘Never Miss’ list you’ll be told when a new season is starting, or an old one is being repeated. And its not just television shoes - you can ‘never miss’ films, old and new, too.

Sky Rewards

As mentioned above, one of the keys to My Sky is Sky Rewards. Here subscribers get to sign up for all kinds of things, from tickets to the chance to win some very cool prizes:

  • Cinema tickets: It certainly pays to be the UK’s premiere film provider. Subscribers can book private screenings (first come, first served) every week for the latest movies via their My Sky login.
  • Competitions: With Sky covering so many great sporting events, it stands to reason they get a few tickets too - and there’s always a chance to win some on Sky Rewards. Recent chances have seen tickets up for grabs at the US Open tennis and the Scottish Open Pro-Am golf. But it’s not just sport; you may find anything from tickets to art or music festivals through to the chance to meet the stars.
  • Be in the audience: Want to be in the studio audience? Via Sky Rewards you can sign up to be on a host of shows that are recorded in front of a live studio crowd.
  • Sky at the O2: Fancy visiting the Sky Studios at the O2 Arena, London? You’ll get a behind the scenes look at how the news is filmed, as well as the Sky F1 channel; and better still, the chance to act or direct with your family and friends.

Sky On Demand 

Sky offers the biggest catch up TV service in the UK. All Sky television deals come with On Demand as a free extra which can be accessed via the Sky+ box, as long as you can connect it up to your broadband connection.

Sky On Demand lets you catch up on shows you missed and includes the most channels of any UK catch up service. It also allows you to rent movies via the Sky Store on a pay-per-view basis, in glorious HD.

If you’re a Sky Movies or Sky Entertainment+ subscriber you can benefit even more. The former can watch hundreds of films on demand, while being an Entertainment+ subscriber gives you access to back-to-back episodes of entire season box sets; from Sopranos to The Borgias.

Get Sky On Demand

And the rest

As we mentioned above, these are just some of the extras you can expect from picking up a Sky television guide. It’s well worth checking out our guide to Sky on the move and internet extras for plenty more goodies.

We also have guides to Sky’s premium Sport and Movies and other exclusive channels, as well as more of a beginners’ guide, including HD, 3D and multibox services.

If you’re now set on switching to Sky (or are looking to add more to your service) but aren’t sure how, our upgrades and switching guide is the place to head next - or simply click through to the official site by clicking any of the sky links you see on this page.