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  • unhappy

    by makingman at 6:02 on 10 Dec 2016 Report abuse

    Slow, rude and unacceptable

    Hi, I wish to share my recent experience over the last 3 months whilst faultfinding our broadband, which was running at 0.3MBps Download speed. In my entire working life I have never encountered such poor customer service, aggression or rudeness from a customer service team, my last call left me shaken and absolutely furious as it did my family whom were listening in. i will however provide a balanced and impartial review for others to read.

    In early October I did a speed test on the always slow internet which over last 3 years has progressively decreased from a stable 4-5MBps at all times of day/night with talk talk and initially with sky to an unusable 0.03MBps. This was reported as having been like this for some time so between us we called Sky for technical support,

    We had to dance a merry tune, taking pictures of all components of system, uploading them to shared website, running many and varied tests, all of which indicated clearly there was an external fault on the line.

    The technical advisor over the course of 90 minutes came to conclusion that an OpenReach engineer was required to repair line, so we booked and appointment for my elderly aunt to stay in for 3 mornings on separate dates to await their arrival.

    So off I went to work (I work away from home for extended periods) I return home to find that in the meantime sky has contacted my aunt, cancelled engineer visit, charged us 9.75 delivery for a new sky router which was not the problem and unsurprisingly the speed is no 0.03MBps due to noise suppression at exchange.

    So we go through whole process again, this time we run through tests again and 'technical' advisor says once again its distance from exchange (which was never an issue with talk talk) didn't really have a basic grasp of physics, and kept insisting it was our fault basically. He admitted yes there was an earth fault on line (I am an engineer I faultfind these daily at work) and then repeatedly insisted I was wrong and the openreach engineer would find nothing wrong. He at one point suggested we would have to pay for engineer which I refused point blank. After exhausting his list he was reading from and realising I wasn't a moron and therefore didn't believe he could break the laws of physics, he agreed to send an openreach engineer within 72 hours.

    The engineer turned up the next day and immediately found an external fault on line and reported to my aunt that line should be running at 4-5MBps which with talk talk we always received.

    He said call sky as they are responsible for throttling service, which I fully believe, overselling bandwith.

    Speed increased to 1.18MBps still unusable worse than dial up, I have never received such slow speeds,

    So round 3,

    We called again and engineer went through extensive tests again and in the end had to say, "I'm sorry you will always have 1.3MBps (top speed) with SKy I have a series of green ticks on my screen and can do no more", so I said I wanted to complain as sky tv requires 2.5Mbps even to work, so I said we would switch back to another provider, he was quite friendly and said "please call back tomorrow and when you get a transfer date we will refund difference on your broadband for loss of service"

    So we switched to BT who we had used before without problems and they had a good deal, we called back next day as requested to notify them and I endured the most traumatic phone call as a customer in my life.

    I spoke to 'Mandy' a scottish lady, she was argumentative and aggressive from the outset, she kept constantly blaming me and openreach for problems and wouldnt listen to me, she called me stupid and uninformed. (I am a qualified engineer and regularly conduct professional fault finding on electrical systems) She refused to let me talk I had to hold the telephone at 1ft from my head as she was constantly repeating from a script, everytime I tried to explain that I wanted to know if we had to return routers and if we would receive refund for loss of service she very loudly and officiously kept saying "I've repeatedly asked you to let me read the notes", but she did this from the second I started call with her, if I stopped talking to let her read notes she did nothing of sort and took this as opportunity to say open reach (highly qualified) engineer didn't know his job, she new better about network from her call centre and that I and he were all talking rubbish, basically it was all bluster. She was rude and aggressive and every time I tried to explain what I wanted would make excuses why she couldnt do it.

    In the end I said "Ok I'm going to sit here quietly for as long as it takes for you to read notes then I want a reply to my request" she immediately mid pitch through trying to sell me limited fibre contract, suddenly realised she had read notes that second and told me we would receive refund for service lost (only broadband fee though) and also she was on holiday on that day and honest guv'nor it will be processed by someone else, unbelievable.

    So it is clear from my experience Sky are throttling regular broadband, she tried to tell me sky fibre is not affected by having to run down normal (non-fibre) phone lines to house,

    I have never encountered such an aggressive, nasty, ignorant person my whole life and was left shaken for hours afterwards and feel the bile rising as I write this review, what a terrible experience and I am only thankful that my elderly aunt didn't have to listen to Sky's lies and misinformation or attempts to defy laws of Physics with pseudoscience,

    Please heed this experience and use any other provider Sky are truly the worst company I have ever dealt with and are basically not really a broadband company just a large sales team,

  • unhappy

    by me at 13:26 on 11 Oct 2016 Report abuse

    I booked installation for Monday 3rd October between 8am and 1pm. Nobody turned up. I telephoned them several times in the afternoon. No explanation was offered, and indeed no explanation has ever been offered. Needless to say I cancelled almost immediately. Just received an email from them thanking me for my comments - but still no explanation.

  • unhappy

    by bob at 0:23 on 1 Oct 2016 Report abuse

    sky is slower than dial up most of the time if you get to speak to a technician they are more than useless don't get it

  • unhappy

    by Dan at 18:00 on 26 Aug 2016 Report abuse

    The first time you get Sky it is pretty good. We were getting around 40-50mbps of download and around 14-20mbps of upload, and we also has around 29-45 ping. Now, after a year of using Sky broadband, the Download has gone to 6mbps and upload has gone to 0.7mbps and ping fluctuates between around 70 - 350 (Usually in the higher numbers however) Even in my bedroom, my phone cannot connect to the wifi, and when it does connect, it is either stuck at 1 bar of wifi signal or it goes straight back to 3G.
    I really do not recommend Sky if you are looking to be staying with a single internet provider for a long time. However for the first few months it is pretty decent to say the least. Customers should be getting what they are paying for.

  • unhappy

    by Tom at 9:26 on 11 May 2016 Report abuse

    Takes over 8 hours to download a film, it's so slow

  • unhappy

    by Josh at 23:15 on 15 Jan 2016 Report abuse

    After a year of using sky broadband (I say using, more wishing we could use it) I have developed a special hatred for the ISP. The connection is about as stable as a squirrel on cocaine, I can rarely get more than an hour without the connection cutting out for a few minutes. On the surface this seems minor but when it happens every single day it starts to grow a little annoying. When I am able to connect to the internet, I'm not blessed with the promised 19mb/s, I get about 1mb/s on an average day, 2mb/s if I'm lucky. These two factors mean should I ever want to watch a show on Netflix I have to sit through the horrendous loading times only to have a connection error 45 minutes in. If I want to a game on my PC I'm kicked out always at the most vital moment in situations where re-joining isn't an option, and of course if I ever have project I need to upload to an online drive, well I can just imagine what that's like.

  • unhappy

    by Chantel Parsons at 17:53 on 28 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    I can't even comment on speed or reliability because we requested internet in May of 2015, and just now on July 28th has Sky finally gotten a line put in at our house. It has been a nightmare, and I haven't been able to see my new husband's face in two months.

    Matt requested a Sky connection in May, and it was going to take them over 15 days to get a tech out to set up a line to our new townhouse which just finished construction. He had the appointment set for the day after he returned from our wedding in America, and let them know that while he was away in the states to please contact him by email. There was no contact and he returned and waited on his appointment day. No one showed up.

    Turns out they called his UK phone instead of emailed to let us know that because the Counsel changed our post code from 8PY to 8PZ they couldn't set us up in their system. He asked why they didn't email like he asked, as he could have rescheduled. Their customer service shrugged it off as if they actually tried and we should just be happy with nothing.

    Then he couldn't reschedule an appointment because they cancelled his order. He had to start a whole NEW account because of the change of letter of post code. Which means another 15 days to wait for a third party to connect a broad band line as they couldn't schedule until after the 24th of June. In the mean time, I'm stuck in America waiting on my Visa and not able to see my husband over Skype. I attempted to LiveChat in to their customer service (since I don't live in the UK yet and can't call) and their first chat representative just sent me a canned response and said they couldn't help and that I had the wrong department and disconnected the chat. I WORK in a call center and online chat help. You could have simply hit one transfer button and connected me to a representative who COULD help, rather than just throw you hands up and say screw it. Then I chatted back in and actually had one helpful rep who explained the third party system and that they have to set up appointments once a month with them? Which sounds rather silly considering Verizon Wireless over here state side can take care of everything in less than a week. Meanwhile, Sky is still more expensive than Talk Talk and not willing to budge or even apologize. Maybe because they have a monopoly on our post code for broadband at this point.

    So the second appointment comes and goes. Matt took off work. They were supposed to "rush" our appointment. A tech DOES NOT SHOW UP. Sky does not call us. Matt phones Sky. They said "Open Reach should have contacted you" (the third party that hooks up lines). Sky told us they couldn't reschedule the booking until they heard back from Open Reach. So Matt calls them again on a Tuesday two days later, hoping they would have had contact. Sky STILL says nothing. They said they would call Matt on Friday with an update, they didn't. Matt called Sky, they said they would call on Tuesday. Tuesday comes and they said they need to CANCEL the whole order and redo it again, no faster time, no expedite and another two weeks of waiting. The phone rep (also a Matthew) said he understands the frustration and would speak to his manager about putting account credits on for the inconveniences. Nothing happened.

    So after another two weeks of waiting, the technician arrived but there was a delay notice on the Sky Account. Matt called to see if things were OK. The phone rep Ashley said yes, and Matt inquired about the account credits. She said they "don't offer compensation for third party problems" which is a cop out excuse. He asked to speak to a manager, and they were "busy". No apology, no sympathy, no attempt to make things right by the customer. The manager was supposed to call when he was free. We are still waiting two days later.

    I work in a customer service call center and this is b*****ks. This kind of crap is piss poor customer service and unacceptable. I'm just waiting until I move in a week so I can call them and give them an earful, and switch companies as soon as Talk Talk is available in our area.

  • unhappy

    by Edwin Capada at 14:51 on 23 Jun 2015 Report abuse

    Our internet is super slow with a lot of packet loss and high ping it is suppose to be low if it's 3mbps.

    And it keeps disconnecting every morning 7:00 am - 3:30 pm

    Please fix it! The site isn't loading completely.

  • happy

    by Tony Murray at 15:07 on 17 Apr 2015 Report abuse

    I changed from EE to Sky.
    Very satisfied with the vast improvement in the quality of both connection and customer service.
    Sky is vastly superior to EE.

  • happy

    by John at 14:02 on 4 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    Sky are OK. Located in Burgess Hill, the line drops about twice a day (for a good minute). Customer Services are liers with the deals. So keep repeating the offer you've been given.
    Other then that their ok.

  • neutral

    by James at 18:54 on 4 Dec 2014 Report abuse

    I've just signed up with Plusnet, and they seem very good so far: fast, efficient, polite customer service. Before I did so, I thought I'd give Sky a call. I've read a lot of negative reviews about the Sky customer service, but I thought I'd see for myself. After navigating the extremely frustrating automated telephone menu, I had a very rude man with a strong & difficult Newcastle accent on the line. His attitude stunk right from the start, and he talked right over the top of me on several occasions. Not a friendly contact, so I told him that I had got a good taste of the kind of customer service that I would expect if I signed up, and that I wasn't interested anymore. I hope they lose a lot of business and realise that customer service is key.

  • neutral

    by tyrone at 20:08 on 22 Oct 2014 Report abuse

    Signed up to sky on the 13th of October with the 2 years free broadband deal. Waited a week and no router so I rang SKY, for them to tell me I only signed up for TV...After an hour of them trying to sell me some kind of internet deal that would cost an arm and leg I decided to cancel it all together. Then they made me pay a further £10 pound for the service I had received GREAT! So I have an appointment made for the box to be collected and my service is running fine, until 1 minute before the football started tonight and then they decided to stop my service! I wonder If that’s because I signed up with the sports package and they want to wind me up? Well I will never join sky again you MUGS!

  • neutral

    by Danielle at 8:42 on 23 Sep 2014 Report abuse

    I am profoundly distressed by the fact that Sky has yet to resolve the dropped internet service for the past 2 days! Surely the highly technically skilled looking after their core business should understand the serious knock-on their delay has on other businesses??? What's the strategy or back-up plan for paying customers other than 'wait it out'? Or is the legal team working out damage control, in the absence of technical reason? This is ludicrous and my advice to anyone out there is beware of the 'business' profile of the ISP company you sign up before it's too late.

  • unhappy

    by nabi at 14:51 on 10 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    sky is the waste thing that happened to house ever seen we got sky they moved all of the movies site and i presonly feel like soon or later they might move YouTube, stuff that we like there moving it and this why i don't like sky broadband

  • unhappy

    by Lysandra Coridon at 19:37 on 29 Apr 2014 Report abuse

    Sky Customer Service Team needs a complete overhaul. I have had dealings with them over the past week and I am amazed at how ignorant, lazy and arrogant their attitude to customers is.
    I have now been through the 'testing the line & the bb supply' thing twice. I have been asked about the state of my telephone, twice. I have been told that it is 'people' using my bb too much. Today I was told that my family are using it behind my back! The person I was speaking to today did not listen to what I was saying but clearly only interested in his/her own adgenda, that of blaming the custeomer for their lousy service.
    I do not feel I have been listened to; that the people at the Customer Service Team (or whatever they are called) are not interested in what I have to say. If they do listen, it is only to make sure I am clear that it is my fault and nothing whatsoever to do with Sky. They practically refuse to read their own notes and expect the customer to repeat the whole sorry tale over and over. Why the hell should i? Can they not read?
    I was insulted & threatened with paying for their mistakes repeatedly and I wish I could move away from them. They have happily provided a substandard bb service to me for several months and I have paid. Now I am asking them to sort this out & am made to feel like I am an idiot & my family (including my 2 year old granddaughter) are robbing bandwidth from me. Their assumptions about my(lack of) knowledge of bb usage & my family's behaviour is outrageous!.

  • neutral

    by Marta at 12:23 on 22 Jan 2014 Report abuse

    Been with them for 18 moths. Everything was ok. Although, now I am leaving cause it's getting more and more expensive the longer I am wit Sky.

  • Matt Powell - EditorEditor - Matt Powell

    by Matt Powell at 8:55 on 11 Apr 2013 Report abuse


    Sky will not have let you place an order if you couldn't receive the service. You can see the details of your exchange here: http://www.samknows.com/broadband/exchange/ESKIR

    That shows Sky is available in your area. When you signed up they should also have given you a speed estimate.

  • neutral

    by seemas at 18:29 on 10 Apr 2013 Report abuse

    hi everybody, all of these reviews scares me really. i already have ordered skybroad band for internet including the wireless router. now i am not sure whether or not will work in high street kirkcaldy,fife. does anyone had any idea about that.

  • unhappy

    by Doctor Horrible at 22:51 on 2 Apr 2013 Report abuse

    Our sky broadband use to be fine until they over subscribe the service in my area. Now it cuts out constantly and when it dose decided to work it can be overly sluggish and cut out for no good reason. It even dose this at no peak times around 11pm at peak times around 3pm I have better luck using the 3g signal off my phone. For broadband in London this is terrible I expect when I am in the country the broadband to be slow at least my signal there dose not constantly cut it out just runs at snails pace. Sky have sucked so many customers in claiming high-speed and stable connections linked all there accounts in one place. When in fact all we me get is some pore excuse for a broadband connection. I am very angry with them. Don't sign up to them check when you load your wifi to see which broadband providers you neighbours are using those nodes will be over capacity try finding a decent provider that is not over subscribed its hard and maybe it might be expensive but fibreoptics are a lot better than old copper wiring if only Maggie The Milk Snatcher had some for-site and put them in across Britain when she had the chance to in 80's like much the rest of the Western World

  • neutral

    by scott at 22:50 on 8 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    im with sky and im next to the exchange but i only get about 1 meg and download speeds of 252kbps yet bt who own the exchange can give me unlimited with 20 meg and probs over 2 meg download speeds ..

  • unhappy

    by Gaz at 22:05 on 3 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    Been with Sky broadband for about 15 months at first it was good fast and reliable connection but over the past 6 months it has slowed to a crawl. I'm about 2 miles from the phone exchange so to be fair I am a long way from it BUT at first the speeds were great so my distance can't be too much of a factor and I don't download lots of things either. If it stays as it is I might get super fast cable.

  • neutral

    by stelay9117 at 20:18 on 16 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Seems im not the only person a little annoyed with SKY Broadband.
    My gripe is quite simple, i know that in not exactly near to the exchange
    I know never to expect mega speed because of this
    I had Talktalk prior and lived with 3Meg speed.
    but now i have to endure less than 1meg and need to constantly reboot the router, 4 emails to there 'Technical Support' and i was sent out a new micro filter, think that was a joke !!
    Still no better, quite sure they wont cancel the contract, would realy do your homework prior to putting pen to paper with Sky, there not all they report to be !

  • unhappy

    by Viks at 17:30 on 9 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    Just called sky as their price is going up in Dec, i dont have their tv package..but just the phone and broadband for which i pay nearly £24. its crazy having to pay £2.50 for not having tv...i called to see if they can offer me a better deal ...the agent was not bothered at all that i was planning on leaving them. Sky def has a great BB services but the charges are just going over the roof now...

    time to move on but to who?

  • unhappy

    by Jenny Hall at 17:33 on 6 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    I've been with Sky for years and recently decided not to have the TV, but I'm now paying £2.50per month for not having it. This should be illegal! Coupled with the impending line rental increase I'm moving on. I note they have good deals for new customers who just want phone and broadband, but existing customers are excluded and stuck with the same old charges. I hate their hard sell, their dismissive attitude, queuing on their phone lines and never being able to access the info I want.

  • unhappy

    by Gary at 22:48 on 29 Sep 2012 Report abuse

    Been with Sky for about a year and over that time the speed has progressively got slower each month no matter what time of day, the excuse Sky have given me is my street is one of the furthest from the telephone exchange, ok fair enough but at one time my speed WAS faster no matter how far I am.
    Needless to say if things don't improve I am looking elsewhere.

  • unhappy

    by lynne at 21:49 on 20 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    I hate Sky- the worst company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with and they are liars. If they promise anything make sure you get it in writing

  • happy

    by Damien c at 23:33 on 2 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    Been a sky customer since 2000 and a bb and talk customer since 2008 and have had years of fault free service, just recently upgraded to fibre and the service is excellent. Never had any problems with tech help or cust service

  • neutral

    by Tony Frost at 11:08 on 14 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    Just signed up to Sky broadband, but am in the process of leaving them (taking advantage of Sky's 30-day guarantee).

    Firstly, they are charging me £2.50 p/m for NOT having Sky TV. I wasn't made aware of this during the sign up process.

    Secondly, trying to get a tel no for Sky is a feat in itself (0845 545 82 21).

    Thirdly, I was promised 6-mths free BB but they failed to live up to the promise.

    Finally, whilst trying to cancel the BB, I spoke to some cretin at Sky who tried to twist my words and then hung up on me.

    I'm going back to IDNet now, they cost more but are worth it.

    Goodbye Sky!

  • unhappy

    by Chris212 at 14:03 on 7 May 2012 Report abuse

    Recently my parents decided to switch from VirginMedia to Sky as their TV package is great, along with that came Unlimited Broadband, of course i had no say in the matter and said what the hell i'll give it a try. Since it's been in i'd have nothing but problems with it, between the bad singal from the wireless router and the horrible speeds it's been a task sometimes to even get homework done. To make matters worse VirginMedia just upgraded their customers speeds to double! so with my friends having Virgin and getting download speeds of 4.5MB i gotta live with 180kb TOP SPEED! and on a side note if you have Sky Broadband and you wanna play xbox don't bother you'll just get kicked every few minutes, the speed is too stronk...

  • happy

    by carlos2000 at 21:33 on 28 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    Have to say i have not had many problems with sky broadband in the 3 years i have had it. I did have a router pack up and they sent FOUR replacements in a few days. Only downside is routers have a very weak wireless signal.

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