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  • happy

    by shoba at 13:02 on 28 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    sky broadband is just soo awful. after great difficulty i had mine cancelled yesterday.that is after waiting to get through the cancellation team after 4 hrs of waiting in the phone.i went through all the sky departments except the cancellation department.one person said that there is no cancellation department.can u believe it.anyway now i have to wait to get my mac code.pls dont even think of shifting to sky broadband .you will be taken for a ride.

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    by Lorraine Evans at 13:02 on 28 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    If you thought NTL had bad customer services you have not seen anything yet. My daughters computer suddenly aqquires spyware and starts sending out bulk email from her account. Sky broadband are meant to send you a letter before you get cut off for exceeding the bandwidth, but ala we were cut off for a week and then the letter arrives LATE stating the reasons why we were cut off. We ring up sky broadband to see how we can get reconnected but apparently we need to speak to the "abuse team" of whome which nobody knows the number. Finally after being passed on a very expensive 0870 number i might add one of the customer services representatives knows the number and puts us through we are on hold..... still on hold..... on hold and its costing a bomb.....no one answers after 1 hour put phone down. Ring up next day "abuse team would not have been there at that time" why the hell were we sent there then? still have not got computer reconnected as nobody knows how to get hold of the abuseteam

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    by gary at 13:00 on 28 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    I have had sky broadband for six months now and have had no problems what so ever you lot must unlucky or I've been lucky.

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    by Dan Huddersfield at 13:00 on 28 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    I have installed skybroadband - went for the max package. Then found out that the my line was unstable and that it could only sustain around 1Mb. My ntl connection which I STILL have sustains 3-4Mb. It took too much effort to get sky to sort it and I've not really had a satisfactory explanation of what the issues are.

    To summarise I've got a sky router which did not cost me anything and I'm on the free package, however the device is a door stop and I never use that route to the internet.

    Sky as a company have been good in in the past so the broadband experience was a bit of a shock! Thumbs up on TV packages etc, big thumbs down on the broadband!

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    by Stuart at 12:59 on 28 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    I could honestly blow that modem when we orderd it it came 3 months late and when they came to install it they brought the wrong equiptment.
    after 2 month wait there back.
    now it wont connect to anything keep cutting of every 15 mins have to keep restarting comp

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    by Roger at 12:56 on 28 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    i have had sky broadband max for 3 months now and it is great i had one problem at the beginning with slow connection and packetloss but after contacting customer services by e-mail. Tier 3 support phoned back and help fix the problem. now i am getting constant 15.2mb download and 700 kbps upload. i am fortunate my backyard is next to the exchange. Also for those people wanting to access there modem type in address bar. username admin and password sky

    modem sky provide you with is a Netgear DG834GT which retails around £68.

  • happy

    by Peter at 12:56 on 28 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    sky modem is probably the best modem from any of the ISPs i had AOL and Virgin media as it`s called now and both modems by those companies were rubbish.

    netgear that sky provide u with is stable and reliable. As Roger pointed out the ip address for netgear modem
    username ADMIN
    password SKY

    i have the max package and i have had no problems yet and i get 12mb download and 640kbps upload it only drops around peak times to around 9mb download which is understandable because all broadband companies dip in performance at peak times.

    overall i give Sky 7.5/10

  • happy

    by Nick at 8:29 on 23 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    Sky Broadband simply does not work.

  • happy

    by giggles at 8:29 on 23 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    ive had problem with IP address my machine supposely keeps losing it and my computer fine - i got an it qualification tbh tier one techs are just advisors not IT qualified at all. and my connection cuts out every 10-15mins at moment.

  • happy

    by Folud02 at 8:28 on 23 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    My problem is that the damn thing won't work. And before smart guys such as Jonathan (15/01/07) start insulting me, I know a thing or two about computers and computer networks. Rather than denigrading people who have gone through enough misery and only letting out their frustrations, I think it'd be more productive if you posted here a step-by-step guide of how you managed to get yours to work. Could you do that for all of us? I left NTL because of their appalling customer (lack of) service. On the look of it, I've really made a BIG mistake with SKY. I hope someone can help put me wrong! Thanks.

  • happy

    by John at 8:27 on 23 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    Very frustrating! Offline for 8 days and customer service just reads from a checklist. They give you a story about it taking 3 days after activation to work and then, when it still doesn't, you are upgraded to 'level 3' which means your case actually gets looked at!

    This takes 'up to 5 days during which time you can do nothing!

    Their best trick is this: ring say 40 minutes before the helpdesk closes and you get told you need to turn the modem off for 40 minutes and then it will work!

    OK, now it's working and it's good enough.... But, as a computer technician, I can't recommend it. You have to install their software which forces you to upgrade to I.E.7 and creates a Virtual Private Network. This VPN can disappear very easily and, sometimes, can't be reinstalled - I've had to reload Windows on 2 computers to solve this.

    But- if it's working, it's very cheap but i think Sky will ruin their reputation with this. Sky TV - great! Sky Broadband - rubbish!

  • happy

    by rob at 8:26 on 23 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    I went on broadband at the end od January this year - although I was able to get onto the broadband I was unable to get into my e-mails because Sky no password had come from Sky. When I phoned them they said one would be sent in 3-5 days. After 7 days & several phonecalls they told me another password would be generated- none arrived. Finally after threatening to pack in sky and my TV package they gave me a password over the phone. When I went into the e-mails my impression was that it had come out of a primary school. I phoned Sky to cancel but was told that it was just outside the 14 day cooling period. Despite my arguement that I had been unable to access e-mails because of sky delays, I was informed that I would still be charged for the 12 months.
    Even so, I think may be better than to be stuck with Sky.

  • happy

    by Chookz at 8:25 on 23 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    Sky broadband is rubbish really. They said I was going live on the 24th of January here I am a month later after canceling my subscription last week and they say there is no mention that I have had my account canceled so the letter they promised last week with my supposed MAC code has not been sent. Anyway I have requested another one hopefully I can get out of this nightmare.

    Please everybody don't believe the hype SKY Broadband is crap. I never had problems in my old house with PIPEX. They hire some stupid tier one's that keep doing the same tests over and over again. The tier 2 are useless too. The so called tier three are unreachable.

  • happy

    by John at 8:24 on 23 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    Interesting discovery - make sure you have Internet Explorer 7 installed BEFORE you try to use Sky. Then, you don't need their silly software and it works first time with no VPN needed!

  • happy

    by NEAL at 8:23 on 23 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    Recently switched to the free sky broadband from wanadoo. Switchover very smooth and I have to say sky was spot on switching me over from one to the other.Equipment arrived on time(doddle to set up),date given for activation etc., and to my surprise it was up and running earlier than they said.Having read all the negative stuff about sky broadband I had to at least say something in their defence.I was paying £17.99 a month with wanadoo and now I`m getting it for free and four times faster than my old service provider so no complaints from me. A very happy customer thus far.

  • happy

    by Rich at 8:20 on 23 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    Oh god...mine goes live tomorrow (allegedly) and I'm beginning to think I shouldn't have moved from Pipex which was ace....but I moved home and was attracted by the price. If it goes wrong, I think I'll start a petition to the Ofice of Fair Trading....sounds like enough people on this forum would join me!

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    by fihart at 8:20 on 23 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    Some problems with Sky are solved by disabling the UPnP setting in the Netgear router. Here's how..connect to the router using your browser by typing in the address bar. Once connected a login box will appear, type admin and the password sky. You should then see the Netgear user interface -- look for the UPNP section.

    Wireless seems to cut speed and reliability so use the supplied ethernet cable (if you can). If you must use wireless use the adapter software to spot neighbours' wireless signals that may cause interference (choose a channel at least two channels away from any other being used).

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    by super sophie at 8:19 on 23 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    i recieved the sky broadband box with wireless router cd n wires etc. but tried to install the cd in to my apple mac laptop g4 powerpc and it wont install..... does any one know why this might be,
    might it have something to do with the fact that i dont have internet explorer 7.
    or my softwear already in my laptop not being up to date?
    its running on mac os x10.3.7.
    im tryin to sort the problem out with out ringin the customer helpline that sound so dreadful!

  • happy

    by Sky BB Customer Service at 16:12 on 16 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    I Have worked in the customer service team for sky Broadband since the very beginning. I must agree with most of the statements on this page. Sky has had problems from the very beginning. To be honest it seams to me that over 70% of our customers have an on going problem. Sky never expected as must interest as there has been, but with such price how could they not. Most people E-Mails do not work and are likely never to work. I will be honest DON'T GET SKY BROADBAND!!!. but don't ring us and shout cause you'll get nowhere i promise you that. We will never go out of our way for angry customers you may think your taking 2 steps forward but in fact your taking about 6 back. I agree the service is awful but be polite when ringing. Btw if send us a copy of your phone bill we will refund any money you have made to us. Sorry for all the trouble caused by sky. Best of luck

  • happy

    by Sky BB Customer Service at 16:11 on 16 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    btw if you leave a message relating to your problem i'll come back and answer it in a HONEST way not the sky way, but sometimes the sky way is the honest way.

  • happy

    by Finbar Shenanigan at 16:09 on 16 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    Don't even think about it!! Installed on the 5th Feb at 0830hrs. Stopped workin at 1030hrs!! Hasn't worked since!

    Very obstructive, patronising Customer Support!!! Look Sky - We're not stupid - we're not five-year-olds! I reset my computer and my modem/router BEFORE I phoned your Technical (lack of) Support. I checked all my connections BEFORE I phoned you!! I checked that all the lights were green BEFORE I phoned you!! Why don't you listen to what I'm saying!! You raised my querie to a Tier 3 - you said that an engineer would call me within 5 working days!! That was 8 days ago and I've had enough!!

    Thank you for agreeing to send me a MAC - why did you cancel our agreement? I only asked for a MAC. Now, when I ask where my MAC is - you can't supply one as you have to wait for the 'line' to be cleared and you can't clear it for another 8 days????

    You've asked me to send back the Netgrear Wireless modem/router? It's lovely!!....come and get i

  • happy

    by By bob 15 02 07 at 16:09 on 16 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    I agree with most of these reports .what did i let myself into? when i asked if i could speak or write to Mark Anderson iwas asked if ithought iwas dealing with a corner shop and not a large co. whe askinging how i could get in touch with Murdoch stupid was the answer then cut off .i have spoken to 6 different customer service people each very negative plus some of the "tails"were rediculas So what does one do ?

  • happy

    by Mountaingoat at 21:38 on 13 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    Ordered on 15th Dec - no problem exept BT had forgotten to record that the line was no longer hard wired (BT fault).
    Sky Cancelled the order without asking.
    After a month of telephoning I am given a new date and the gubins arrive.
    The Live date comes and goes with no sign of the internet on the box.
    Telephoned 23 times and get various answers from "you appear to have a fault on your line" - 'no S**t Sherlock!', to "BT have no suplied a dial tone for this port" - the one I am actually talking to them on!!.
    Latest seems to be 'Yes you have a fault, No we don't know what it is, and No I can't tell you when it will be fixed'.

    Summary : STAY CLEAR! is that understood, (can't make it clearer that that.

  • happy

    by Craig Prosser at 11:24 on 10 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    Installed Sky braodband for my dad. Had problems getting the CD from them. Had problems connecting to the router wifi and had many problems with customer services.
    However if you need to change router settings just enter the router ip adress into internet explorer I thin.
    username is admin
    passwork is sky
    now all working but will not be signing up myself now.

  • happy

    by CrazyFrog at 11:23 on 10 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    I recently moved house and transferred my Sky TV over to the new property and also decided to opt for the Broadband package as well. It took about 12-15 days to connect but I am reliably informed that this is actually down to BT updating their database and not Sky themselves. I've been connected since the beginning of the year and had no problems whatsoever. Installation was very simple and I was up and running soon after connection. Top marks for Sky.

  • happy

    by Bert at 11:22 on 10 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    Amazing. Sky's customer services are variable, it depends who you get.. probably due to the extra staff taken on to cope with the huge demand for such a cheap service!! It seems some people assume Sky are evil, and don't realise that a bit of gentle (polite!!) pressure gets rewards.. my router was delayed, got a month free. My connection isn't live yet, but patience is a virtue. Asking tech support got me the username and password for the router.. and any research gives you answers. It's a connection problem with their server. They aren't charging in the meantime, Why are some people so angry that they cut off their noses to spite their faces? Peace people.

  • happy

    by Ren at 16:47 on 30 Jan 2007 Report abuse

    "Marcell Cameron, 08 January 2007

    i have sky internet and it is rubish because the box that they give you is password protective so i can't get in to it to change some setting"

    Username: admin
    Password: sky

    Other people in my street have up to 8Meg, I ahve Sky's top package (16MB) and get download speeds of just 200kb MAX. I'm not a happy bunny.

  • happy

    by kev at 16:37 on 30 Jan 2007 Report abuse

    Been on max for 2 months now.Easy to set up,never had to phone support so i wouldnt know about poor customer service.Never had any problems with router,we are running 3 pcs on wired connection
    Can download at 13mbs,but we are not far from exchange.For £10 a month got to be a bargain even though you know the cost will rise over the next few years!

  • happy

    by Mogamat at 12:31 on 23 Jan 2007 Report abuse

    Switched to Sky broadband from Pipex in mid-December. Have had no connectivity at all since that time. A problem at the exchange arose on the 6th of December which is still not resolved. Been given very poor support by Sky to try and move things forward. Have been lied to by supervisors and/or staff. Been told to call BT myself on three separate occasions eventhough its a Sky broadband issue. Eventually cancelled today in frustration. Now have to wait at least 5 more days before I can use a different ISP.

    Beware of Sky broadband...

  • happy

    by Malcolm at 11:29 on 23 Jan 2007 Report abuse

    Ordered sky broadband on 18th December, BT switched me over on 2nd January as agreed with sky. Unfortunatly sky did not send me a router which you must have to connect to their service and refused to until they sorted out a problem at their end which was causing my order to be stuck. Cancelled my order on the 9th, 15, 17th and 19th of January, had to do this multiple times as the order was never cancelled. Have now been told on the 19th that it will take at least 30 working days to get the tag off my line so that I can go to another ISP. I can't get a MAC code due to sky never starting the service on my line, a friendly chap at BT wholsale tried to get me one directly.
    Sky are quoting 30 working days due to the number of people wanting to cancel - their quote not mine.

    Buyer beware!!

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