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  • happy

    by Monjur at 13:23 on 18 Jan 2007 Report abuse

    i had sky broadband for under a week now, it came when it was supposed to. but the crap router they provided is locked to thier settings, and i am paying for 16mb, it feels like i am using a dial up, and sometimes it dont let me surf the net, this is how crap it is.
    i wasted so much money calling up the technical dept and they cant even help me. they just go through what it says on the screen,
    lucky for me i got a cooling perioud of 14day and am going to cancel it today.

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    by Jonathan at 13:14 on 15 Jan 2007 Report abuse

    No problems, nothing but satisifaction with Sky broadband. Half you moaners no nothing about computers and can I say the router is amazing, its Netgear at its finest, its not Linksys pish or any other cheap router. If you buy the router in the shops it costs £150, its well worth the money, and I am on 8mb at the moment, on a line that can only handle 512K, I get 8mb downloads and really good upto 4mb uploads. This is even with a busy network, four computersand an Xbox 360. So please no moaning, if you can't setup a router or workup the router setting password by doing some research or phoning them, you should not log in. You Marcell seem to me like you houldn't evenbe editting the settings if you can'ty uyse initiative to get the log in / password to the router

    and Marcel you can change the password. Grow up and work things out

    I'll be upgrading to 16mb very soon

  • happy

    by joepublic at 13:13 on 15 Jan 2007 Report abuse

    Foolish me, I got a mac code from AOL even though my service ran fine no problems whatsoever, I thought I'll go to sky £10 for the max package its a steal... The only person getting fleeced is me, the service is abysmal, I am lucky if the connection stays for five minutes, the router is rubbish and needs rebooting constantly, if it does work the pages are very slow loading. I cancelled within two days of getting it I now have to wait to be released from this nightmare. if you are thinking of going this route DON'T it is worse then 56k dial up, at least with dial up you can stay on for more than five minutes - absolutely dreadful ISP with poor customer service

  • happy

    by rosebud at 18:05 on 8 Jan 2007 Report abuse

    I have the 16Mb service that costs £10 per month if you have Sky TV.

    It actually started working 3 weeks after it was supposed to but I am sure that was down to BT not switching the right switches at their end.

    The service is variable, during the day it is OK but the connection speed deteriorates around tea time. The upload speed is always very good.

    Sometimes it cuts out altogether and the router has to be re-started.

  • happy

    by Phil at 18:03 on 8 Jan 2007 Report abuse

    After eventually receiving my router to get going (waited a month), I had major difficulties in getting it working, it kept cutting out and for long periods zero connection. After 4 phone calls at 45 mins a time to their tech department I got a call from a chap quite high up, turned out my router was faulty and I needed a new one, since then it's been fantastic and I haven't had a single problem, speed is super quick in every department. Having now experienced their service in full flow, for £10 a month it's well worth it. I just wonder how long it will remain at £10.

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    by DESPERATE SKY USER at 18:01 on 8 Jan 2007 Report abuse

    I have Sky max broadband and I have nothing but trouble Contact with Customer Services has proved fruitless even though it was on the 08000 51 25 95 ( free) number but now I cannot ring this from my area ( Sky has Banned me?) directing me to a 0870 number so they can still gleen money from me for no service. The E mail server has problems and I cannot enter the home page due to the password being rejected so the whole broadband is useless to me even though I have written to Mark Anderson Marketing Director outling my problems .. to date no response.......

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    by Marcell Cameron at 17:58 on 8 Jan 2007 Report abuse

    i have sky internet and it is rubish because the box that they give you is password protective so i can't get in to it to change some setting & it has gone so slow i cant even sign in to messenger the speed of it is like 256k not 5mb witch is what i can only get for were i am.

    i tryed my old adsl router and it fine's that the internet is there but you can use it at all and + sky dus not even give you a username/password.

    i recomend that no one should get sky internet at all.

  • happy

    by fanny at 17:57 on 8 Jan 2007 Report abuse

    i have had the 8mb service since sept,@ first it worked ok but since november i have been unable to access the sky site not to get my email or even for help does anyone else have this problem

  • happy

    by Steve at 17:57 on 8 Jan 2007 Report abuse

    Ive got the 16mb package ,though I was told my line can only handle 9.5mb .The connection cuts out so I was thinking that was the problem ,The speed is supposed to level out to find its right speed for my line in the first couple of hours but still wavers around 15mb. But as another reviewer has found they have a dodgy router I will look into that. The speed is fine, pages dont load as fast as the did when I used Bulldog (8mb) or even aol (2mb) which is maybe due to the black M in my toolbar. Downloads are fast though ,16mb is overkill in most cases though as most servers will only give you a maximium 250bkps download anyways ,or is that just me I dunno????.

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