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  • unhappy

    by sick of sky crap at 13:59 on 23 May 2008 Report abuse

    ANY ONE ELSE NOTICED THIS ??????????????

  • unhappy

    by jimbo at 13:12 on 23 May 2008 Report abuse

    Yes i have got Sky broadband and it is rubbish it does not work !. My order and delivery of the router went ok to plan,but i was supposedly to be connected through my BT phone line on the 5th September. Since that date it has only worked on two occasions for only approx 6 hours each,now the connection is completely down and has been for over the last 10 days.
    I have spent many hours phoning the technical help support line on an expensive 0800 premium rate spending ££££`s and being put on hold for up to 45 mins at a time,with 5 promises of someone will call you back but they never do !. I have given up calling them now as they are an expensive waste of time.
    I have since found out from BT that the Sky equipment in my local exchange caused a fault with my phone line,so i could not receive phone calls for over 10 days,BT have now removed the Sky equipment from my line so the phone could work. So there we are ! after nearly a month ! no broadband ! no answer or date from Sky when it will be fixed.
    Luckily i still have been connected to NTL via a cable broadband line,i have now gone back "cap in hand" to NTL and asked to carry on with their subscription. I thought NTL and AOL were bad but Sky makes them both look top of the premier league.
    I have also written two letters of complaint to Sky`s customer care dept in West Lothian,but again they do not reply. My advice to anyone thinking of subscribing to Sky broadband is don`t ! stick with your current ISP and wait at least a few more months until Sky have ironed out the installation bugs in the local exchanges.

  • unhappy

    by squadron at 12:58 on 23 May 2008 Report abuse

    i have sky max and i have had nothink but problems and i wish i had never had the rubish , the netgear white router is alwas geting verry hot i have to put a fan close to it so i can stay conected and i had to phone them the other day and what a load of crap i was told , then i told them it was geting hot and i had a fan to keep it cool they done a test i stoped the fan and my conection started to
    lag the sky homepage wouldnt load up then i put the fan back and things went ok , i was told they was gona seend me a new router
    but that will only be the 3rd one that will do the same
    the only way you can turn of the router is to pul the power plug
    why dont they put a 20p switch on them and a micro fan inside

  • happy

    by Geoff Pullen at 13:55 on 4 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    I used to have PlusNet and transfered to Sky as I was fed up with Freeview and wanted to keep costs down...

    The transfer to Sky was fairly seamless, the wireless router works well (with more limted range than my own) and easy to set up.

    The speed was OK - not the 8Mb advertised (I'm on the 'Mid' package) but the same as PlusNets supposed 8Mb package; in all I probably get 1.8Mb max and it has actually been more stable than PlusNet (which used to drop relatively frequently).

    This is fine for me as I use it for PS3 gaming and have only lost a connection once (at early evening when the netwrok gets busy I guess).

    I read the reviews here before risking a move to Sky (and they did almost put me off) - all in all I have been fairly happy with it and suprised that mine never turned out to be a horror story!

  • unhappy

    by Lee at 14:00 on 1 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    I am extremely disappointed with Sky Broadband, as they supply you with a router but will not allow you to use your own one, they do this by withholding ADSL username and password details, which are locked up inside their own router.

  • unhappy

    by george at 23:15 on 11 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    SKY RUBBISH..can't understand why they got an award. pay for 16mg get 2.7 if lucky tops theres ever been was 3 at 4am sunday morning "there was boxing on" and i live 2miles from exchange was told i would get 9 to 10mg and probable loads more as they could only test the line that was 10miles away..so how did they know there was an exchange 2miles away? takes so long to load anything..thought virgin was bad but SKY take slow to an all new hight..lucky i am a newbe to sky bb only 4days be thats enough for me will go back to virgin and say sorry..

  • unhappy

    by gixerbrooks at 20:04 on 14 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    What can i say , you would be better walking to your web page because you won`t be able to surf there.
    Speed is so slow, support team is very unhelpfull, i must have spent £40 on phone calls with no avail.
    DON`T JOIN AT ANY COST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Tyrannize at 12:44 on 1 Feb 2008 Report abuse


    I've had to put up with rebooting my useless netgear router at least once a day.

    Sky Customer service makes you queue for ages, are rude, and more to the point - useless.

    I finally got sick of my router and bought a new one only to find that they won't give me my own username & pwd to configure the other one.

    Want your original one looked at by an engineer - Try taking an entire day off work first!

    Ba'h - I'll be going back to BT as soon as I can. It's more expensive but then you get what you pay for!

  • unhappy

    by KL at 16:21 on 30 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    Just to add MY tuppence worth ...

    SIgned up for Sky's 16Meg with Sky+ box on a Monday. I was told that as soon as my BT phone line became active (Friday) they would initiate enabling broadband, which could take 1-2 weeks.

    Phoned the following Wednesday to find out how it was going only to be told nothing had been done re. the broadband AND that the 16M service wasn't available in my area. In fact neither was the 8 or the 2. The only thing I could use is the 8Meg 'Connect' service, which is half the speed and 70% more expensive than what I was originally sold.

    Naturally, I told them to cancel as I had been intentionally missold. 5 weeks later, still waiting for a refund!

  • unhappy

    by MartellSte at 13:15 on 27 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    Ive had my £10/16mb a month Sky broadband for almost (if not over) a year now and apart from early errr well problems accessing my email (about 3 maybe more months) i cant connect to the net when my land line is in use and after telling some CS woman about the problem and (explaining it as simple that a 12 year old could understand) she still didn't have a clue so its never been resolved but i can live with that the connection speed has always been consistently good so for the price im paying its not bad (i used to be on AOL and they charged u a monthly fee of however much they wanted!)

  • unhappy

    by Mercedes at 1:48 on 16 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    DON'T USE SKY !! I decided to get the unlimited package for £10 per month on top of my TV package. I had never had problems with sky and have been a customer recieving sky TV for many years. So when i set up my broadband i never dreamed of the problems ahead. I ordered on the 15th of Nov and payed the £30 installation charge. Then 2 days later i had to change my phone number with BT which was BTs fault. I phoned sky straight away to inform them of this they told me that it would take 5-7 working days for my original order to be cancelled and only then could i set up broadband to the new number. To cut a long story short on the 15th of Jan i was still waiting for the first order to be cancelled, during which i had called premium rate number countless times with a promise of a phone call back which never came. It was sent to team leader tier3 still no reply, I was disguisted i've never dealt with such bad customer service from such a big well known company. I'm currently awaiting refund.

  • unhappy

    by GAVIN at 23:20 on 2 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    Sky know what the problem is with their broadband deal the netgear modem they give out overheats quite often. the unit should really have a heatsink attached. if you want to steam video or download large files the netgear will often just overheat more quickley rather that just going down after an hour or so's surfing. I have removed the cover to help it cool but even this is ineffective it still overheats. I've noted that i get around 3 - 5mb at best. Its just alot of kerfuffle when you have to unplug the damn thing to wait for it to cool later. oh and my wireless connection no longer works they just told me to connect via cable whats the frickin point.

  • happy

    by nikki at 20:26 on 2 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    I have sky mid package (8MB) for £5 and I am really pleased with it. I get about 4.5MB on speedtests which is okay for me and have had no issues at all with email or any aspect of the service. My biggest problem was getting BT line in the first place. Once that was done and router set up vista picked up the wireless immediately and it was all working out of the box without any hassle at all it has been consistently excellent. I don't think you can beat it for value if you are already a sky subscriber

  • happy

    by Julian in Sutton at 14:25 on 13 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    Had Sky Broadband (Mid) for 6 months now (part of tv package+£5) and have to say it's been fine.
    A bit of confusion initially with the router but that was more my fault than theirs and they sorted it out quickly.
    Only getting about half the quoted 8Mb but think that's more down to BT line, 1.45Km from exchange and wireless connection..

    All in all I have to recommend it and not just because I think Sky+ is the best thing since sliced bread either!

  • unhappy

    by fedupwithsky at 8:22 on 20 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    Don't bother! Router is useless and packed up within 24 hours. Have had problems with this make of router before but Sky won't let you change it to a different make. E-mail is pathetic - you're lucky if you receive the e-mail - up to 15 day delay in e-mails arriving. Not that that's a problem as it appears their website is down quite a bit so can't get in to their webmail. The other classic with webmail is if you don't sign out of absolutely everything and double check that you can get in to your partners e-mail with your own password!!!! Internet is very slow. STAY AWAY!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Raymond at 16:59 on 11 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    The Sky-is-Falling

    I have had Sky now for three months and am completely disappointed in the service I have received. For the first two months, service was intermittent at its best, pages would take ages to download. It took two weeks of daily calls and complaints to get them to do anything. I dealt with several persons who put me on hold for 20 minutes and never returned, three hang-ups, being placed on hold before I have even talked to a person, lied to several time to circumvent my actual complaint and misinformed that it was BT's fault (I confirmed with BT, it was not their fault. BT even sent out an engineer to my home- I was impressed with BT). For the past two weeks I have not had email service. I have been in contact with Falling-Sky and as of today, they are actually not answering incoming calls. Once my contract is up with The Falling Sky, I will find another sky to play under.

  • unhappy

    by J4ck4l at 16:24 on 9 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    Been with Sky since Feb 07, setup was simple and for 10 days I had great connection and no drop outs, then I noticed my router was heating up so switched it off. After that it was one problem after another. I was lucky if my connection lasted 15 minutes at a time. I contacted (untrained and unhelpful) customer services on at least 10 occassions but after the 2nd time I damaged furniture through frustration and disbelief at the level of incompetance of Sky staff I enlisted the help of a friend who worked for BT Internet support. Within 2 minutes I was my my phone line couldn't support 8meg and I should get Sky to cap supply. It took me 4 months to get them to do it but now i'm on 6meg and its perfect. Phoned complaints dept and explained the situation was ridiculous, gave dates, time and duration of all calls and they offered me 4 months refund followed by 8 months at half price. I shouldnt complain but they are incompetant!!

  • unhappy

    by elamarna07 at 16:32 on 6 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    i have to say if i went by this site i would never touch sky. BuT i have had it for 13 months, the number of drop outs have been few, normally in groups over a few days, i have only lost the exchange once on a planned repair for 36 hours and 3 times on a saturday night for about 30 mins.

    maybe its me, but i have alwys found customer service to be polite, and perhaps because i have had few problems they have always given me the right advice. unfortunatly there will always be bad examples as seen here and good as in my case, but some of the comments here are absolutly outrageous.
    i am on the max package live 2-3 miles from exchange and get min of 8m, and best ever of 12+. which i am more than happy with, who wouldn't be for £10.
    sure its provides little in the way of a portal and its site offers little compare to say onetel. plusnet or tiscali, but then they don't do 16mg for a tenner do they?
    i have run my email via thunderbird with no problems. and would recommend to anyone

  • unhappy

    by Philip B at 14:54 on 1 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    I decided to sign up, as my contract with AOL was finishing and they wanted a lot for the service. Despite the recent post strike, the router turned up on time, and the line was activated on the day. I connected straightaway, and for a week had really good service (on the Mid package). Then the DSL signal disapeared! Their helpline is worse than useless, and basically all they do is blame BT. BT checked the line, and it was fine. Contacted broadband support (email - using a friend's PC) - very helpful call back the next day - Jason from Dunfermline - thought the router was the problem, so a new one was sent. This, of course, also failed, as the problem must be at the exchange. Jason asked me to contact him a.s.a.p. after the new router arrived, to tell him it failed, promising to call back. Since then, nothing! I will cancel the contract as Sky have defaulted and demand my MAC. Why didn't I heed the reviews!?! BE WARNED: IN MY OPINION, AVOID SKY BROADBAND AT ALL COSTS! IT'S UTTER C**P!

  • unhappy

    by Laura at 18:24 on 28 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    Absolutely hopeless....Finally got SKY Broadband THREE MONTHS after the promised connection date (during which they still tried to charge me every month for the internet that i clearly wasn't able to use?!),various phonecalls to the 'help' line proved completely useless as they insisted it was a problem at my end,not theirs..(fantastic customer service as always..)
    Now i finally have it i get maybe an hour or two of internet time per day without the router cutting out continously,sometimes refusing to let me back on for several hours afterwards.
    I'm going back to the Spectrum ZX81.

  • unhappy

    by CrazyD at 21:06 on 26 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    Previously, i had AOL... that was crap with loads of connection drop-outs every 15 SECONDS!!

    I'm now with SKY BB - ok, it doesnt work well with torrents, but other p2p like limewire it works well... if not use "ares"

    i have only once needed to turn off my router, due to slow connection, and i've had SKY since jan 07.

    im on the 8mb £5 month package, and the router says my downstream is roughly 6mb so thats all good, my downloads go at 450kb/sec which was twice what i got with AOL.

    now you're NEVER gonna over use 40gig unless you download 1.3 gig a DAY! (in a 30day month) - thats 1350mb (roughly) - and they dont do anything if you go over!

    so im happy with SKY, i'd say they're really good in my opinion, i cant seem to understand why they're becoming the next AOL in complaints!

  • unhappy

    by Scott at 5:05 on 24 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    I came accros this site after trying to find a way to improve my connection. Just like everyone else, my connections goes every 2 hours or so, and i have to pull the plug on the modem and plug it back in again for it to work. Also, in games i get 90 ping, but with my old half meg aol broadband, i could sometimes get 25. Im so super pissed off.

  • unhappy

    by Ian McKee at 9:33 on 23 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    HI Folks
    Dont do it its not worth the hassel I am still waiting from 22nd July to get connected. Sky claim it was BT who gave them the wrong MACH code and then proceded to make me wait over 40 mins to say they were sorry they messed up my account and I would have to wait up to 30 days for them to sort it out. I wrote complaining they replied with a standard letter, which did not address any of the issues i raised I have now written again and also to my local newspaper to see what they can do. So my advice dont do it!! They pass you to advisor one after another and they get you to repeat the same thing again and they still cant seem to grasp the problem. So dont go there

  • happy

    by Velvet_Tears at 11:23 on 21 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    Like many people have said, you get what you pay for, and this is true enough. Some people are on a free or cheap package costing up to £10 per month, if you wanted perfect Internet, you would have paid more. I myself have had various problems, I did not receive my email and password, the Skybox has a habit of closing the connection, and I can't use my own netgear router with Sky broadband, somewhat infuriating after I spent £70 on it.


    Someone mentioned it doesn't work with P2P, it does, I would check your firewall settings and make sure that you have given the program you want to run the correct security settings. Try Bitcomet is your use torrents, that works.

    The phones are helpful to a degree, but I recommend to stick to layman's terms, not technical, because that is where their mastery of English fails them. Don't call me racist, I hate the phone lines...

  • unhappy

    by Andrew Ivison at 16:07 on 19 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    Got sky TV and want free broadband, fantastic! No definately not. I changed from Tiscali in March and have had connection problems from day one. Customer support read only from a script. Open tickets,close tickets, dont call you back and then make you go through it all again and again. Its the first time I have slammed down the phone on a customer service agent. It is the worst decision I have ever made. I am goin to cancel anything attached to sky thats how let down I have been. Does quality service only exist in the United States? Please get rid of all overseas customer service. There is no sevice at all. If I had a bad heart I would have died of heart failure from frustration. DISGUSTING SERVICE !!!!!

  • unhappy

    by NoDisconnect at 15:40 on 18 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    Since turning off UPnP 2 days ago I haven't had a single dropout. However, I had to figure this out myself by searching boards like this one. Numerous calls to Sky and they didn't say a word, just everything was ok their end.

    Imho, Sky's problems lie with the ADSL router they chose. It's prone to rapid overheating, which I think causes most of the problem.

  • unhappy

    by IAN THOMSON at 23:35 on 17 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    Started getting problem of Page not loading and cannot find server. Speedtouch connection box frequently appearing.
    PC World technical help section advised me that when I changed from Orange to Sky BB last October, my username and password were never changed in the speedtouch settings box. Didn't realise I had to do this ? Phoned SKy as I did not know username or password and lady advised me that it would take 5 days to send me this info. Anybody else had this problem ?

  • unhappy

    by Gem at 20:58 on 12 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    I switched from Virgin to Sky because i wanted higher speed access and was also told that voip would be a lot better over BT/SKY rather than cable. What a joke! I'd been paying £35 for 10mb with Virgin, now pay £10 for supposed 16mb (more like 4-8mb). Constantly down, no newsgroup access, customer services is s**t. However for those of u reading this having probs, access to the netgear router is pretty easy. Username - admin, password - sky. Try that. It seems to work on most i've tried!!

  • happy

    by Paul at 9:39 on 2 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    My Sky broadband went down after three months of slow downloads, I pay £10 extra for the fast service, joke! After several calls, including level three tech suport I was told my service had been suspended because of abuse. Further calls revealed my PC had been compromised and I was told by Sky to format all computers connected to my network. This I did and now nothing works. I was informed that the problem is the router and they would send me a fre replacement. Still waiting, have tested my old router and it works so the problem is something else which Sky level three cannot find. Now I have a monthly bill and no service. Wish I had stayed with Virgin. March 2008 cannot come quickly enough for me when my contract ends. Anyone know how to terminate contract early?

  • happy

    by Annie2109 at 16:42 on 16 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    I Joined Sky BB in March 2007 and I must say it has to be the worst service I have received in my life. In a 3 and a half month period it has work for a whole 3 weeks, and even then I could not sign in or use e-mail. I am now in the process of trying to cancell it and have been promised my MAC code but I wont hold my breath.when on the phone to the technical team or customer service team you feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall and getting absolutely no-where. The staff definately lack training. they promise call back after call back, which never happens. I waited 6 weeks for a router to be sent. I went as far as to get an engineer (a friend who works for sky) myself, advised sky what the problem was - that BT had not set the line up properly - they fiercely denied this only for me to call them 3 weeks later and be told that the line had not been set up by BT properly!!!!! DO NOT GO TO SKY

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