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    by B balci at 14:13 on 15 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    WORST ISP EVER. I would pay sky to disconnect me, if i know that they would disconnect without a problem. I have tp wait until my term runs out. My advise you get what you pay for . I.e. No service, and a modem connection. STAY AWAY

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    by jennifer at 1:06 on 6 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    I am a sky employee and get the broadband for free i live right beside 2 bt exchanges so shoulod get the 16mb i thought this would be good so ditched virgin BIG MISTAKE . I have nothing but trouble phone calls to the broadband department first blamed it on using a 2 meter extention or the filter my question to them was either an extention would work or not work? sometimes I get on and then it just looses the connection, The customer servive in the broadband is crap they are no help and open tickets closes tickets and still the service sucks. I am proud of skys service but ashamed that really when it comes to broadband the service and customer services is terrible.Where is the world beating service that you drum into employees heads because when it comes to broadband you need to put the staff back to training and start to help customers. There latest suggestion was to install a dedicated telephone line in to the house to see if that would help resolve the problem!!!!laughable!!!

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    by Mark Smith at 11:46 on 30 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    I got sky broadband in January & since then have had numerous problems with it. The router 9 times out of 10 will cut out every 15 to 20 mins, and although i got the £10 a month one for 16mb i only get 5mb, have made numerous amounts of phone calls aswell and get told they dont know whats wrong with it.

    I finaly got to cancel it, on the 6th of July it will be cut off but my wife wants to get rid of the T.V aswell coz she HATES sky for these problems.

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    by Enthrisac at 9:01 on 15 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    WOrst thing I ever did ditching Virgin Media for Sky broadband. I was told prior to installation I would get 6meg with the 8 meg package which I could have lived with but in reality I get 1.1 meg. I am on my 24th call to customer services. I have had tickets opened closed opened closed opened again etc. etc. One operator told me to ring BT and they laughed me off the phone it is Sky's responsibility. My trading standards dept. gave me a fax number for the office of the chairman of British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc and I faxed a nasty letter of complaint, which again still goes ignored, who the heck is interested in complaints or do they get too many to handle - reply if you like to [email protected]

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    by Dawat at 13:43 on 12 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    Only recommended for very calm people who don't really need to access the internet without fail !

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    by Sky Slownet at 21:18 on 6 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    Up to 8 Meg broad band for a fiver, sounds to good to be true, it is if you ever have need to contact customer support. False economy my friends. My first contact with them went great, within a couple of hours the problem was solved, the fact that a 2 week old router had died, and I had to wait 5 days for a replacement is life I suppose.

    The new router works, but I have a slow connection. Several calls and promises of call back that never appear I am told it can take up to 5 working days. 5 days later still nothing, I call up to switch my service to the 2mb line until they can be bothered to sort it and am told I cannot because I've only just signed up.

    I'm stuck with this now, sorry Virgin, I should never have left you, they once solved one problem by sigging up the road outside my house within 3 days.

    Connection dropouts are regular with Sky, they might come straight back up, but this is no good for online gaming. Service suitable only for kids and grannys.

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    by elamarna at 12:13 on 4 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    i wish i knew why every body hates sky.

    my system was installed in september, and about from small outages(which you get with every isp) it has been fine, i live 2 miles from exchange and get between 9-11 meg speed.

    the times i have phone customer services i have been waiting at most 5 mins, and while the support is not earth sattering, it is polite, if my exchange is down, which does happen from time to time i am told.

    if the router locks up or service stops, i either use the repair facility for networks in xp or power down the router and reset-easy really.

    the email has neither failed, and i just wonder if i am just very lucky or if some people are just impatient or just want to have a pop at sky for being sky.

    my experience having used both plusnet and tiscalli isthat sky is better and not too far behind the system used in universities here in uk, certainly faster if not quiet as reliable overall 95%

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    by STEVE4 at 18:18 on 3 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    Installed SKY BB in September 06 and it was excellent for 3 months until I lost my connection. Sky Technical couldn't sort it out and the non-exsistant tech 3 department never phoned as promised, after many expensive phone calls to Sky and several letters with me finally having to threaten them with legal action over them breaking their side of the contract in failing to supply me with broadband I got my £40 pounds refunded and my contract cancelled.Due to Sky being so unhelpful this procedure took over 4 months and the 0870 phone calls were expensive but my line has just been cleared and I now have broadband again for the first time since February.
    Be WARNED ! when SkyBroadband is working it is great value but if you have any problems with it you're nightmare will just be starting.

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    by Never Again at 21:59 on 2 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    I wouldn't be leaving Sky as the service is free.... just as well because I wouldn't pay for it. Customer Services are a joke - you'll wait at least 45 minutes to speak to someone, who will then inform you that someone will get back to you in 2-3days. Try 2-3 months !And this has happened every time I've spoken to them. The router is rubbish, netgear admit as much themselves only I can't seem to update it's firmware even when you do know the username and password. Constantly reboot/repair need even if you want to surf durring office hours Mon-Fri.

    DON'T JOIN SKY! This is worst experience I've ever had.

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    by Goth at 14:53 on 27 May 2007 Report abuse

    Sky-BB sucks big time. So far they have not been able to give me even half the advertised speed. Customer services number is 0870. They even refused to honour their cooling off period arguing over petty details like 7 or 10 working days, etc. Their cheap rates are considerable but nothing else. So after this contract finishes, I am back to BT (or even NTL/Virgin).

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    by Ricky at 23:53 on 26 May 2007 Report abuse

    After reading all of these reviews i think i am lucky that i haven't had the connection with sky. I have ordered sky max package. and i have been given a date for installation but because of my work pattern i have to change the installation date. i have tried about 4 times and each time after holding more then 25 min. the line just drop. and at second last time someone actualy answer me but hungs up soon after. so after all this rubbish experience i decided not to go for sky if they can't talk to me to there wanna be customers what sort of service they would give me if i REALY GET sky. and after reading all these comments i think i have done the right choice and cancel the order before install.

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    by S Singh at 22:27 on 20 May 2007 Report abuse

    Have had SKY Broadband now for about a week, and to be honest I have had no problems! Yep, the connection drops off from time to time, maybe a bit more than with BT, but all you have to do is reboot your router!! You get what you pay for, and at the moment its about 4 times less than BT! I think most of the problems with connecting are down to user knowledge. Thos who are less experienced with configuring settings should get help before slagging off SKY.

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    by jJOHN at 11:22 on 20 May 2007 Report abuse



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    by jonny7410 at 21:40 on 14 May 2007 Report abuse

    worse days work i done going with sky,my old 56k modem was faster

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    by Neil at 12:10 on 14 May 2007 Report abuse

    overall very impressed with skybb, orders equipment on monday and had it by friday, was live within 5 days. connection speed is 7.8 mbps but was hoping for more as live within 1 mile of exchange. connection speed seems to slow a little after 10pm but only down to about 5.2 mbps. Not had the pleasure of phoning customer services yet but based on what ive been reading i hope i dont have too. 9/10

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    by Hannah at 23:56 on 13 May 2007 Report abuse

    It won't work with P2P programmes....does anyone know why or a setting I need to change? Thx

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    by Naz at 8:10 on 11 May 2007 Report abuse

    I have noticed if my router has been on for a long time it gets a bit warm and thats when internet starts to cut out, but if i leave it for about 2 minutes to cool down it works again

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    by Rickstarbo at 23:10 on 10 May 2007 Report abuse

    I wish I had never gone to Sky broadband. I signed up in December and I still have not recieved my username or password. My line is active on ADSL and I can access the internet with the shockingly bad router sent by sky. After many problems with my router cutting out and having to reset it every time I want to actually go on the internet I have finally decided enough is enough. They have advised yet again that they need 5 weeks to sort out the mess with my connection. Only then are they able to issue me with my MAC code I have requested. ****** that, I'm speaking to both OFCOM and BT wholesale tomorrow to get Sky's shoddy service removed from my line. I don't care if I lose my broadband for a couple of months, it would be worth it just to get rid of these jokers who think that a 5 month wait for my service is acceptable.....It's not acceptable and I hope that in some small way my horrendous experience with Sky will pursuade many people not to bother and go elsewhere.

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    by Nick Chapman at 13:10 on 10 May 2007 Report abuse

    The same as many, bought Sky Max, found out it wasn't available and they shoved me on the 17 quid a month one, the day after I saw it advertised for a fiver a month to existing sky customers.

    They took 2 months to get me connected and blamed bt even giving me BT's number to contact them direct.

    I have a router which is stable and works and they wouldn't give me any User information to configure my own router.

    They treated me like an idiot on their far from free phoneline, even though I set networks up for a livng.

    The connection speeds are useless, my router now doesn't work wirelessly as it can't accquire an ip address for the wireless clients which is useless. The technical support is crap.

    All I want is my settings for my own router, which has more power and more range, I can't receive this piddly thing in some rooms of the house.

    Oh and the connection drops at random intervals. I can receive next doors bt router better than my own which is next to the Pc.

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    by BigRik at 21:52 on 9 May 2007 Report abuse

    Just thought I'd praise Sky.
    They called me and asked me to switch (from Orange that I had no end of problems with), I agreed, contacted Orange and then gave Skya MAC code, within 2 weeks recieved my router and several days later an activation date and password. They suggested I shouldn't install until 3 days after activation date but couldn't wait so did it on the day of activation.
    Within 15 minutes I was up and running with a speed of 7.1MB. Had no problems since, and have never had any problems with their customer services regarding any product.

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    by dee at 3:19 on 9 May 2007 Report abuse

    i have been with sky broadband now for around 4mths and all i have had is nothing but problems after problems from to worse it all started from day one when i placed an order for the broadband max package they said to me that i will have my broad band and my skytalk package in around week i termanited my account with telewest when the time came for insulation i had no broad band and no phne service as my telewest had been disconnected beacuse sky told me that i would have these service on the date they gave me i was so pissed at them i kept ringing them all kept doing was passing me from 1 ignorant person to another in there call centre none of them had a clue i know was being railroaded by them so they could keep me on line as long as poss so they can earn more revenue from my phone call eventually after 2 more weeks i got my services ever since then i have encountred many other problems they told me i would get around 16 meg i am only getting 54.0 mbps (sob)

  • happy

    by Adrian at 10:02 on 7 May 2007 Report abuse

    The adverts for the bundle look great. Don't bother. The connection is so slow when it works at all. The Email is a waist of time. Plus, if like me you have the full sky TV package, you will probably have found that Sky Movies is giving you roughly half the films it used to for the same money. I cancelled my broadband and moved to BT and found out two months later that they were still taking money from my account. I cancelled part of my sky TV package and they switched it off within two minutes. They didn't hang around with that did they.

  • happy

    by zaphod at 0:42 on 7 May 2007 Report abuse

    its cheap[if you are a sky subscriber]they dont seem to mind big downloaders[there is a fair user policy,but i have not triggered it,and i just d.l movie after movie after movie]the main prob is it either works fine and fast or it goes down with a clang,the bad news is their customer support. they twang your call to some foreign t***pot who has never even heard english spoken let alone tried himself,reading from a text and and if you are truly stupid and prone to folly and deign to ask a question,he or she will now be baffled and just start reading the script again,making your phone call cost a bomb and waste the rest of your frustrated life.if you want b.band on the cheap and dont have to rely on it-sky may float your boat,if you use b.band for anything work related or you live on the web,RUN AND DONT LOOK BACK-wait a year until they know what they are doing and give them a try.

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    by Raz at 16:25 on 6 May 2007 Report abuse

    I have Sky Broadband and a wirless router and the service is simply apalling.
    Within 20 minutes of installation (by a 'trusty' Sky engineer) the service failed. The connection cuts off randomly and is only utilising 20% of the line I was promised. Having an X360 connected is pointless as all you get is very slow connections and horrendous lag.
    The customer service is shockingly bad and it appears their only solution (to any problem) is to 'switch off your sky broadband box and switch it back on after 5 minutes'. Asking questions related to encryption and maximising utilisation are useless as the people sky have employed know nothing. It's simple don't waste your hard earned money on this service no matter how appealing Sky makes this service out to be.
    in a word.....inexcusable

  • happy

    by rawcat at 10:55 on 3 May 2007 Report abuse

    bad! avoid at all costs - the service doesn't work and when you try to cancel under the goods and services act they send you an email statingthat you are in a 12 month contract and it's tough luck! steps to take are call OFCOM to complain, call trading standards to complain, if SKY cannot resolve your complaint to your full satisfaction then recall OFCOM and they'll refer it to the ombudsman - they will charge SKY £450 for not resolving your complaint! customer 1 sky 0!

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    by Paul at 19:38 on 1 May 2007 Report abuse

    I have just bought into the Sky Max package and have had nothing but trouble since day one. They originally offered me sky max 16 meg but informed me that my line would not support 16 meg and that 4 would be okay. The day I was connected I did indeed get 4 meg but it kept cutting off after differing online periods , after sever telephone calls an engineer did phone and explain that because I was downloading at speeds higher than my line could handle it was bottlenecking and cutting off making me switch the router off. He dropped my speed to 3.5meg and said that he had tested and everything was okay, but still I have to disconnect my router to get back online . I phoned and asked if I could use my belkin router because I had no trouble with that , the chap on the enquiry line said yes but said he could not give me help other than the username and password of the netgear router. I am now officially off my trolly and need help before I go insane,if anyone can help. [email protected]

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    by gillibobs at 16:30 on 30 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    My opinion......DO NOT EVEN BOTHER WITH SKY BROADBAND. My experience with them has been a complete nightmare.
    I'll keep it short as I could write a book about my experiences. Tried to sign up back in Oct 06. They took my connection fee. Four weeks later nothing no correspondance or anything. Rang them to be told it was coming this week. Rang several more times only to be finally told there was a problem with my connection and they'd cancelled my order. Was told would have to wait another 30 days then go through the whole order process again. Told them to not bother. Several months later I have tried to sign up with another provider but told there is already a broadband connection on the line, after checking with BT guess what.......yep it's SKY BROADBAND!!! Contacted them to cease the line, was told 5 days....nothing. Rang them again and was told another 5 days. still nothing. So basically they told me I couldn't have sky, now it turns out I had it all along. COMPLETE IMBECILES!!!!!

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    by Zed at 15:47 on 30 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Sky are appalling. I have tried to get my sky broadband working since the activation date of the 16th April - I went with sky as my sister had sky broadband and it was fine. I have had no internet for 2 weeks and the customer service is awful - it is not worth the hassle.

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    by Yet another fed up sky customer! at 21:19 on 29 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    What a pain! and that is putting it mildly. I have had sky since early february, firstly they forgot to send me my router, then they provided me with an incorrect password and I waas unable to access my email. Thankfully, the first two problems were resolved fairly easily, but I still have not got access to my email. i have been promised 4 72 hour call backs and not surprisingly I have never received a single one. I called again today and spent the last hour changing my password again! and after finally demanding to speak with a supervisor I have been told there is a techincal problem at sly with accessing emails through skybroadband.com. They are now suggesting that I access my emails through outlook express and........it seems to work. Why has it taken them so long to tell me about the alternative.

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    by tb at 21:47 on 25 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    should be getting 8meg only get 1.7 sky help line just dont listen i live within half mile of exchange which is 8 meg enabled plus new bt line and sockets to house wish i had stayed with tiscali

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