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  • happy

    by Troy robson at 19:45 on 25 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    I dont believe it,it acctually works. Stood the router onto its side,using those little white plastic thingy bobs that were supplied by Sky. Had a small fan blowing onto the back of the router and hey presto, the freeking thing is working. Hope it will last.
    Pretty hacked off that I had to find out and sort this myself. Sky must know that this is an option. I suppose they do not want to admit that they dish out dodgy gear.

    Good luck people.

  • happy

    by Troy robson at 19:35 on 25 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    I dont believe it,it acctually works. Stood the router onto its side,using those little white plastic thingy bobs that were supplied by Sky. Had a small fan blowing onto the back of the router and hey presto, the freeking thing is working. Hope it will last.
    Pretty hacked off that I had to find out and sort this myself. Sky must know that this is an option. I suppose they do not want to admit that they dish out dodgy gear.

    Good luck people.

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    by robbo71 at 8:43 on 23 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Same story as most of the other reviews,here.Sky is slow(generally) and might as well be steam driven at peak times. However I have asked Sky to refund the monthly rent,and they did.Had Sky for five months,never worked correctly,had four months rent back. Still trying to solve the problem of speed. Going to have a fan blowing onto the router for a couple of days. Will keep you informed of my progress. Good luck people

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    by marc r at 21:27 on 20 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    lol just so you get an idea - i needed to reboot in the time it took me to type my original post, at least its consistantly rubbish!

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    by marc r at 21:21 on 20 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    just the same as everyone else on this forum, slow speeds of 1mb to 7mb (15.8mb line) constant disconnections, router needs rebooting all the time.
    sky tech help is a farce so far ive had these reasons for the go slow

    1,my router was getting too hot - needs to be stood vertical (despite being in a room thats very cool, and its just the same vertical now)
    2, its my wireless, its not right for the router (i hard wired it and its just the same)
    3, my router needs to be switched off when im not using it in order to charge the battery (this confused me on a number of levels, how does it charge with no power, and what frickin battery??)
    4, its just a busy time of day im afraid.
    5, must be a problem with the bt line (this is a pass the buck favourite when theyre clueless)
    6, did you delete all your cookies and temp internet files? (err lol think i know that one)
    all in all its crap, dont waste your cash, i had NTL 1mb,2mb 4mb and never lost connection in 2 years. ill be dropping sky asap.

  • happy

    by Avatar at 14:32 on 20 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Well to be fair, i was with orange signed up for their "up to 8 meg " service. Cost me £19.99 pcm, ive had Sky for 4 days, i didnt use their setup disk at all - i have a wireless laptop, so if setting up right click your wireless connection icon and select view wireless networks. Refresh list and select your sky????? connection. Enter the key for you router (supplied in box on card, or on sticker on router) and hit connect. Throw away your sky cd into a cupboard and leave as a coaster for your coffee. My connection speed is just under 2meg - however i am only 4 days into the 10 day MSR (maximum stablility rate) for the line, still only about 25% speed reduction from Orange for a 75% reduction in cost. In a nutshell speed is actually determined by bt wholesale - see www.thinkbroadband.com cost is the issue of your ISP, as for customer service ? What is that anyway - I havent found a company who understands the concept yet in the UK - Orange were truly abismal - Sky cant be worse.

  • happy

    by Glenn at 20:29 on 18 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    I must be one of the lucky ones! Switched from Tiscali to Sky last month. Was given an activation date that came but did not receive a sky router, gave them a call, and one duly arrived the next day! Plugged in the router and it connected straight away. I was getting 598k/s on Tiscali (Tiscali claimed it was BT's line, BT confirmed this saying exchange needed upgrading, but there were no plans too!) after checking download speeds with sky I am getting jsut short of 3mb on same line. 5 days after install I received a phone call from Sky saying that there had been a delay and that my line would be activated within the next few days! I pointed out to the caller that I already had been connected, to which she replied that her system said that i was not connected! Never had a problem (yet) but it does seem like they don't know what there doing!

  • happy

    by Davey A at 13:10 on 17 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Speak to the sky staff , even they say use BT because it is more reliable.

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    by mudpile at 23:18 on 16 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Sky service is not good if fact it is lousy. I cannot get a Password from them despite them saying I can reset in 48 hours. All my Home page does is go round and round saying my password is not acceptable. I NEVER set the password in the first place, so how can in not be acceptable???. The support line operators seem to be a million miles away.

  • happy

    by Kaz at 23:55 on 15 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    VERY UNHAPPY SKY CUSTOMER! connected to Sky broadband for 5 weeks now and have had nothing but the same trouble from day one! most of the time we cant connect! Rang sky 16 times now. They say that "Tier 3" dept are ringing me back and thay never Do! Im always the one who calls them!!!!!! Thought it was our computer until I found this site full of complaints! :(

  • happy

    by annette at 15:04 on 14 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    i got my sky package sorted out quite quickly and they phoned me with my activation date however i have still not received my password so i cant log on to the homepage after i sent an email someone phoned me and told me they could change my password for me over the phone this took about 10 mins however i still cant log on to the homepage as it never fully loads so i use outlook express to read my sky emails and also use an hotmail account no probs with the staying online just lots of probs with the actual logging in of the homepage

  • happy

    by slipit at 11:44 on 13 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    What a joke!

    If you're thinking about getting this service DON'T! The deals they offer sound far too good to be true and I'm afraid they are!

    When it was first installed everything seemed OK apart from the fact that the speeds I was getting were no where near the aledged 8Mb. Then the first thing went wrong after 2 months of having it. It took over two weeks to get sorted and after sending me out a complete replacement of hardware, that wasn't the cause of the problem.

    More recently the same problems have arisen and my internet has now been down for over a month. Repeatedly I have been promised calls back after running through diagnostics 4 times! and nothing. Apparently there was a problem with my account and the only way to resolve it was to cancel my account and re-instate it - NO THANKS! Needless to say I'm now looking elsewhere and hope the cancellation goes through as swiftly as possible.

  • happy

    by fed up at 3:57 on 12 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    hi, i ordered sky broadband 2 weeks ago and so far have had 4 different activation dates. every time i phone them i get told different excuses. my wife phoned and was told it would be activated the next day, i phoned 1 hour later and was told it would be 5 days. i have phoned 5 times in total now and been told something different each time. i worry when i read people have waited 3 months to be activated.

  • happy

    by Baby jesus at 17:45 on 11 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    I cancelled AOL, getting sky max fitted on friday 13th (bad luck day, apparently). Im feeling very frightened after reading these reviews!

  • happy

    by amar at 10:14 on 11 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    I ordered Sky Bradband three months ago and over that time I been given all sorts to excuses for them not being able to activate my connection always blaming BT or the my exchange but never admitting their own incompetence. It has been more than 6 weeks since I asked them to cancel my order due to their inability to provide the service but they cannot even do that. So basically I am left with a marker on my line which stops me from going with any other provider and. I have spent HOURS on phone to their support (or lack of) trying to get this sorted out without any luck. I also contacted OFCOM without any result. So SKY Broadband is a trap and everyone should NOT go anywhere near it.

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    by MANIP at 13:43 on 4 Apr 2007 Report abuse


    Router cuts out every time I have a great hand on poker
    Customer service is poor
    Sky login doesn't work
    Techicial support is not technical and they dont support

    Apart from that no problems

  • happy

    by Jayson at 14:28 on 2 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Sky has been great and kepted me updated on progress of installation only thing was they didn't give me as password for my router to get access, although every take note the password for it is "sky" and username= "admin".

    So apart from that which was simple to solve everythings been great, a big hands up!
    And regards to lower bandwidth its no different to any other network so stop complaining guys, they can't do miricles they give you what BT has put in place, if theres anyone who you need to get at its BT!!

  • happy

    by kylash75 at 14:11 on 2 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    continued page 2/2

    i installed IE6 but still nothing happened so i installed IE7 back...then i thought about removing McAfee and bingo the IE7 started working perfectly (although i was without AV for sometime)..
    then i went into McAfee site and logged in and downloaded the same AV software...
    and i downloaded directly from there website and installed it again into my computer and i am surprised it is also working perfectly now....

    hope it works for u as well

  • happy

    by kylash75 at 14:09 on 2 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    i have read lot of complaints regarding sky broadband connection not working with IE7 and blah blah etc etc ....
    even i faced this problem wen i first installed on 27th mar 07....:
    however i have figured out the problem hopefully it will work for others as well...so i m providing my feedback...

    there were 2 problems i faced:

    first the IE page was not loading and just hung up for ages and secondly McAfee security centre was not updating at all and giving error message and again hung up.....

    however i was surprised that internet was working fine with firefox browser...

    i called up the technical team and followed all troubleshooting but without any success....so he told me to install IE6 and also he would order a replacement for the new modem.....

    i installed IE6 but still nothing happened so i installed IE7 back...then i thought about removing McAfee and bingo the IE7 started working perfectly (although i was without AV for sometime)..

  • happy

    by paddy at 13:01 on 1 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Three months and I am still not connected to sky broadband. Technical support services are dreadful and seemingly unskilled. Since the start of the problem I was told Tier 3 technical support would ring me back in 3-5 days. They don't. The one thing that sky are efficient at is sending demands when you stop your direct debit.
    When I wrote a letter of complaint asking to end my contract and to be refunded on what i had paid I was sent a letter telling me that the problem had been fully resolved and that i had experienced no further problems. I don't know where they got that idea from. Stear clear of sky. I would have much rather paid more and have recieved a better service from an established and reputable broadband provider.

  • happy

    by fatboydim at 9:58 on 1 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    i got the same problem, the modem goes offline for no apparent reason, (usually in the middle of a download) it won't let my psp connect to it.... come back bt, my connection was only 2 mb but at least it never went dead.....sky UNLIMITED BROADBAND??? it should be called sky UNAVAILABLE BROADBAND :-(

    useless!!!!! avoid......

    when its on its great, but that's not very often

  • happy

    by Bobby Nahal at 2:22 on 1 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    most of these people who are slaughtering the service are causing their own problems due to them not knowing basic information about password protection, router configuration, so if you have got at least 2 brain cells sky broadband should be just fine for you, doesnt really work well for the people who dont know their passwords! not sky's fault your thick!

  • happy

    by brapbrap49 at 19:33 on 31 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    this is a wicked connection, i might have just 7Mbit connection speed, but that isn't too bad, given that my last line was 1.

    i think people don't understand most servers don't send data to you at the top 16Mbit speed, the best way to use it is to download several things at once and see what comes out of it.

  • happy

    by Sam Graber at 22:17 on 30 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    I us sky broadband connect with a 8MB speed and 40GB monthly usage. I admint that the speed i get does vary and never hits anything like the 8 m that you are promised but it is consitantly around 3mb and occasionally less. I have however had no down time and i am a very very heavy user. The speed not so good the cost great and the reliability so far i cant fault

  • happy

    by Norrie at 1:41 on 30 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Got Sky broadband after 3 years with Wanadoo (Orange) - had a problem with the LLU line Orange had converted to but Sky customer service easily accessible and very helpful.
    Every thing worked straight out of the box, no problem accessing e-mail or internet and line speed good - no problems at all !! Plus I'm saving £13 a month - I'm very happy with the whole phone, TV, Broadband package - personally I would recommend it to anyone.

  • happy

    by kylash75 at 22:21 on 29 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    i got my sky mid yesterday, got connected but its working only with mozilla......but internet explorer is not opening.....even the mcafee is not updating as it needs IE....does anyone have a clue????? done everything as given in the help...

  • happy

    by Petesonline at 8:40 on 28 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    I was having the same problem with sky BB, but then i read "by tanoi, 13 March 2007" I then changed back to my old router, and it all works great Xbox Live, Everything, The router sky send out doesn't work very well. Try it for yourselfs, it worked for me !

  • happy

    by axmatt at 23:44 on 27 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Right guys and girls out there with the know-how to change the settings of the box. DO NOT RECCOMENT THIS TO ANYONE WHO HAS NOT THE FOGGY WHAT TO DO. First get your IP. Enter it to your web browser. A login will pop-up.

    Username: admin
    Password: sky

    both lower case.
    remember if you mess with it and you do not know what you are doing you could get a fine from sky for tampering with it. They can also ban you as a customer from the TV/Internet and stop you getting further ADSL internet. So please do not tamper with it unless you know what to do.



  • happy

    by Al at 17:55 on 26 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Please, whatever you do don't switch over from your current provider!! We've been chasing up our phone and broadband package for a month now and the rude customer services person actaully hung up on my wife this morning. I've written a letter to the regulator and Watchdog and tried to complain to the email address on the Sky web site but this doesn't work. If anyone knows who else I should complain to, could you please post it.

  • happy

    by kie1978uk at 12:41 on 25 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    ive had sky since the 15th, kept going off and needed reseting, but was told the router could overheat, so i used the brackets(upright) and its been fine since. My speed is 1.1mb( ive had the 16mb) and they dont know why! BT and sky said my line can take 3mb, anyone now why this is?????

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