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    by skyishite at 12:14 on 23 Mar 2007 Report abuse


    Shouldn't you be shouting at kids somwhere - don't come on here slagging people off for bad spelling/grammar,
    This is an open site purely to rate SKY services and nothing more-
    you as an "Alleged" teacher should know better than to create a bias and denegrate a "challenged" person.

    EQUALITY is the name of the game !!!!!!!!!

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    by eddie at 16:14 on 22 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    This is such a poor service - you can never get the right department when you call. I tried for ages to try and cancel my Broadband, in the ned, it got cancelled, but I never got a MAC - therefore no other supplier would take me - I was left without broadband for two weeks - rubbish since I work from home.

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    by simbob at 21:12 on 21 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Switched over from NTL 4mb to sky mid package 8mb, didnt check a line test for speed, but assumed id get at least 4mb. my average is a pathetic 1.5mb

    I have contacted CS and they claim that i the 1.5mb is a very good speed. (maybes in bloody india it is, but certainly not in blighty!)

    I was never told on the phone the speed of my area!

    VERY dissapointed with this. the exchange can be no more then2 - 3 miles away from me.

    SODS law, i didnt bother trying the sky out untill my ntl cable internet had terminated, so now im stuck on this effort excuse of broadband for another 12 months :(

    The very days its up i shall be switching.

    Is it worth writing a complaint to sky complaints department ? or to
    mark anderson, customer marketing director?

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    by Ian WSCC/FS at 13:01 on 21 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    A 2nd router was sent to me, however by the time this arrived Sky had cancelled our contract. When we called to find out why, apparently this was because we were moving home. I informed them this was not the case, however they said it would take 10 days to reconnect me. At this point, I contacted the Portsmouth Evening News. Expecting Sky to have sorted this on the 16th March, I called them to be told there was "a technical problem" and "at the earliest" the connection would work again from the 28th March. This wasn't acceptable, so I updated the newspaper. Thye contacted Sky's press office, and yesterday, the 20th March my connection was running, but as slow as before. Sky obviously lied they couldn't sort it any sooner, so I've made note of that also.

    Honestly though, I would recommend staying away. I'm hoping it will be sorted, as the newspaper article was released today (21/3/07), and it is very negative towards Sky.

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    by Ian WSCC/FS at 12:52 on 21 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    I had this installed by one of their engineers on 1st Feb 2007. It worked for a few hours, then conked out completely. Dialed through to tech support and got told a few things. Since that date the problem has continued, with connection speeds on their 16MB package less than dialup.

    After a while of this and numerous promised callbacks from Tier 3 which never materialized, they said it was most likely a fault with the router and a new one would be sent. This never arrived, as for some reason it was sent to an address in Cumbria. Apparently I had written a letter stating I was moving there from Portsmouth, which was nonsense. Sky refused to allow me to see this, which is illegal.

    I have since made complaints to Trading Standards and OFCOM, as Sky are in breach of contract under The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. They are advertising a service they are unable to provide. No Sky advisor knew the legistration, nor did their line managers.


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    by J4plusone at 17:19 on 20 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Totally dissapointed with sky broadband - installation was fine but logging in is a real hit and miss affair. Sometime it works but other times it just fails to recognise your log-in credentials. I feel let down by Sky because they have launched a technically poor product which is unreliable. Once you are in the links and associated pages are poorly constructed and simple tasks like navigation and creating new users is a nightmare. The customer service side is also poor and you spend most of your time verifying your details only to be fobbed off. They even openly admit that they are having real problems. My advice is to steer clear until they have ironed out all of the problems.

  • happy

    by Paul B at 20:23 on 19 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Despite an initial problem of my log in not working(which sky have now sorted)I'm pleased with it.I switched faultlesly from an 8mb Demon connection,on which I only got ~3meg,to the sky max packeage which now gives me 12meg and good pings.

    Home page is a nightmare to log onto though.

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    by Monk_dela_Chunk at 16:01 on 17 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Went for the Max option on Sky broadband, received all the bits no problem, waited no more than 7 W/Days for the line to be activated, managed to setup the system OK, connection to the Internet went smoothly. General viewing / browsing of the internet is quick and fluid. The only problem we have is no access to the email and a problem with certain websites telling me to enable Cookies to access them, which I can't seem to correct! But thats a different matter. On the whole not too displeased with the package. Sorry to hear so many people who are not!!

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    by NETGEAR ROUTER at 15:55 on 17 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    I read someones comments on here about the password etc for the SKY Broadband Netgear Wireless Router. You need to open your web browser, type in then User is ADMIN and Password is SKY. That will give you all the access you need to secure and alter your router. Hope that helps.

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    by Steve Wright at 20:09 on 16 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    I have had the 8mb package for 3 days now. I was connected by sky before my box arrived,so therefore my previous provider was disconnected leaving me without any connection for five days. However when it did arrive appart from having to purchase a ethernet adaptor (I was not told this was the connection that was required) every thing seems fine, connecting was really easy although the speed in reality is only 4.2mb this still seems much faster than my old orange connection.
    So far everything seems to be fine and the drop in pice from 17.99 to 5.00 makes it even better.
    Very impressed.

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    by kie at 18:50 on 15 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    i had to wait for over a month for my sky, apparantly a fault in the exchange!?. Anyways its on now and seems to be working fine. What you have got to remember, alot of people come on here for answers when things go bad and also to shell there frustraion!! Im sure its just a minority, which have had problems.

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    by The Rik at 10:50 on 15 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Ive had sky broadband now for three days and im sick of it, it took me ages to get the router set up as I had problems getting it to communticate with my laptop. When its online it suddenly just goes off and you have to keep switching the router on and off, hardly usefull when your sittng using your laptop wirelessly in anouther room, I have to have to keep going upstairs to reset the router hardly practical. I switched to sky because the deal for £5 (8mb) per month was unbeleivible as i was paying £17.99 per month with tiscali at only 2mb however you seem to get what you pay for, yes its quick when its actually connected but thats not always the case. My advice if your broadband works stick with it just phone up your provider and say you want to switch they will soon offer you a cheaper price just to keep your custom.

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    by scaredygenie at 10:18 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Hi Alison - yep, Mozilla Firefox (or any other browser) will work just fine with Sky Broadband (or any other broadband providers).

  • happy

    by Alison at 10:14 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    My mum is thinking of moving over to Sky Broadband and I've been reading all the comments here. Most bad, some good.

    I've got one question though..........we use Mozilla Firefox as our browser and definitely don't want to use Internet Explorer or upgrade to IE7 - will Sky Broadband work with Mozilla Firefox?

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    by Raj at 10:14 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    I signed up with Sky about 6 months ago, changed from NTL as I purchased an HD TV and I was tempted by the free SKY broadband. I also changed to BT.
    TV installation was perfect but Broadband was a total nightmare. Initially they lost my order placed on-line. I was never told this until 3 months later. I was fogged off saying " there was a hugh demand and I was on the waiting list ...."
    The order was placed again in January 2007. Plugged everything - no internet connection - SKY/BT saga.

    I still do not have any connection. It must have spent about 20hrs on the phone. It is now with level 3 technical support whom you can't contact and they will always contact you when you are not at home. They like closing cases even though your problem is not sorted. I must have had about 5 case no's to-date. Just got another one yesterday and according to SKY it is a fresh new case -waiting time for contact 3-5 days.
    Service is appalling - worst I have ever experienced in my life.

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    by Computer boy at 10:13 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Most of the people with the slow connections- sounds like you have too much signal being sent down your line, this can cause a very unstable connection. People with problems connecting to wireless, if its built in I would suggest changing the encryption down to WEP as sky comes pre-set with WPA-PSK and some laptops wont support this (Anybody having problems with connecting to Xbox Live should also try this as i dont think the Mircosoft wireless adapter for the 360 supports WPA-PSK), just access the netgear settings page ( to access it username:admin password:sky) Most problems could be sorted by a reboot of the Netgear Router. Ive also found that the Sky disc does nothing other than rebrand IE, so if your account is live you should be able to use the internet without installing the CD!

  • happy

    by Terry at 10:12 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Had Sky Broadband max for two months now. Connection very eratic, reset router several times a day. When connected, very good but so unreliable. Don't buy it.

  • happy

    by Miss Muffet at 10:12 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Just ordered sky broadband today b4 i read these posts:) i worried sick NOW have i made the right choice

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    by computer geek at 10:11 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    after reading some of these i like to answer some.

    ppl switching from ntl or virgin media these companies use cable which is more stable. sky is adsl+2 which goes through telephone wire
    now cable the speed is constant and distance is not a factor.
    sky`s adsl+2 on the other hand distance matters alot. Also the old copper bt wires can be a factor aswell to the speed sky can give you and be stable. now the ppl that live near the exchange are the only ones that are really going to get the full or close to full speed ie 11-16mb others who live further away may only get 6-8mb but if u listen to sky they say speeds upto 16mb.
    an other thing with sky is if u complain about slow speeds and unstable connection they cap ur line to a slower speed ie (if u enter the netgear page u see on router status page ur downstream speed maybe 14665kbps they will cap the line down to 8000kbps there do this to see if it makes the system stable. overall SKY 3/10

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    by Elaine at 10:11 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Had sky broadband the Max one fitted or so I thought. Cannot get through to customer service and had been trying to cancel for 2 weeks. Engineers being to house still no broadband spent hours on hold customer service department doesn't know what each one is doing to given up and gone onto virgin no problems and still cost same.

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    by angry at 10:11 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Sky broadband is dreadful. We were given an activation date of 1st NOVEMBER and still have no service. I have made 40 phone calls and now we can't switch as they won't give us a MAC code because it has never been activated. Its Catch 22 as the reason why we want to switch is because its never been activated. Customer service is dreadful and dealing with them is very frustrating. Don't go there.

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    by Teacher at 10:10 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Does everyone using Sky Broadband have trouble with spelling and sentence construction?

  • happy

    by mark at 10:09 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    I have Sky Broadband max, I have had nothing but problems, when trying to complain to sky I was told over the phone that they dont have a complaints department, I have my router switch on all the time which they are designed to. but it over heats and stops me from using the net, if any one whats to get into there netgear router, the username is admin and the password is sky. do be careful what you do. I have now stopped my direct debit to sky untill that sort out the problem.

  • happy

    by tanoi at 10:07 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    WARNING TO ALL POTENTIAL SKY CUSTOMERS , sky broadband is not very good , i have had 2 routers 2 wireless cards and hours on the phone to there ,and i use this word lightly tech support . i cracked there router page and got there isp address and my pasword , used my old wanadoo speedtouch modem (which worked fine ) and still very poor internet speed and constant dropped conection. bottom line is ,sky use slightly different means of supplying broadband via there servers ,and it dont work .
    To get your real login info for your broadband just enter this into your web browser:

    then wait a while and then type in:

    it should bring up a save file prompt. Save it somewhere. Then open it with notepad or something and hey presto there is your login info. Each new subject field is seperated by pppoa.
    so you shopuld end up with:
    pppoa_username: (yourMACaddressOFrouter)@skydsl
    pppoa_password: 1234567aa1

  • happy

    by nikki at 10:06 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Help, what do I do now, have been trying to migrate from NTL to Virgin media, nothing but problems and rubbish customer service, now thinking about Sky as like the idea of TV package and international calls, but with the reviews I have read on both of these services where do I go now, I'm sure if I try Sky I will be one of those that has a nightmare time, and I don't think I will be able to handle a very pissed off husband if he cant get on line, how easy would it be to break the contract if I experience difficulties, any advice on this would be most welcome.

  • happy

    by simon at 10:05 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    ordered sky broadband was meant to go live on 14th feb.was live for 2 days.never worked since have been given lots of reasons including a diffrent type of broadband???????????????. i was with aol for 4 years never had one problem with them.been with sky and spent more time on the phone to them than i have on the internet.going back to aol

  • happy

    by dave at 10:05 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    please please do not get sky broadband a total none starter

  • happy

    by Mike at 10:05 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    We changed from Orange to Sky because of the price and the promise of speed. What a mistake. Can't get the password, does not know my username, keeps cutting out and I've had to sign on to a Yahoo account for emailing.

    I'm so sorry Orange I should have stayed with you and paid a bit more, at least you gave a professional service.

    Please people, don't be fooled into thinking you're getting a good service, they like taking your money, but they don't supply the goods.

    Maybe trading standards should look into this, Sky are not full filling their part of the contract!

  • happy

    by Silva at 10:04 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Whatever you do stay clear from Sky, I got it installed on Thursday and guess what? it went off on Thursday night. Called customer services who said Tier 3 would call, still waiting. Then out of the blue it starts working again then goes off again and on again. The speeds are no way near 2mbps even though I did a line check and could get 8mbps.

    Finally I decided to cancel and am going to use a company called UK Online who seem helpful and capable.


  • happy

    by Walla at 10:02 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse


    SKY BROADBAND will cause you much heartache.

    I genuinely believe the SKY broadband service a cover for a top secret government funded large scale social warfare experiment.

    I overheard a guy saying that he worked for Mi5 where scientists were working to create a weapon of mass destruction based around cranial 'fogging' technologies.

    He had seen for his own eyes men, women and children given very moderate exposure to C.F.T in a mock office laboratory. Apparently subjects were forced (often at gunpoint) to speak with SKY broadband customer services, to surf at 1kb/min, to repeatedly be cut off whilst browsing and even navigate the SKY website maze.

    Even in low dosages the subjects were reduced to blithering, bozz eyed wrecks; mere carapace's of their former being. He was assured that these 'walking zombies' would have a future and that whilst some would train up to become village idiots, the majority would find a place on the SKY broadband board of directors (after.......

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