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Sky extras: Sky Go & broadband bonuses

With huge improvements in both home and mobile broadband over the past decade, buying a television subscription service is now about much more than sitting on the sofa watching TV.

Whether at home or on the move, you can now do so much more - and sky is at the forefront of this innovation.

Here we’re going to look at everything internet related in terms of extras. If you’re looking for information on Sky’s on demand, catch up and pay per view services; as well as the Sky Store and rewards, please instead head to our guide on additional Sky features.

Sky Player

Formerly called Sky Anywhere, Sky Player is the internet portal for pretty much everything Sky TV related. Depending on the package you decide on, Sky Player will let you watch shows and movies on your PC, laptop and other electronic devices instead of your TV.

Services available via Sky Player include watching live television, seeing On Demand events and using catch-up services to make sure you never miss an episode, even when you can’t get to your own couch.

Sky Go

In a nutshell, Sky Go lets you stream Sky’s top television channels over the internet when you’re away from your home. And best of all, it’s a free extra for all Sky TV subscribers.

If you subscribe to them, you can enjoy Sky Movies and Sky Sports channels too - including eight live sports channels, film channels (including Disney) and top television entertainment from the likes of Syfy, Universal, Channel 4 and of course Sky1 and Sky Atlantic.

You can watch Sky anywhere, as long as you have a Sky subscription and the Sky app on one of the many compatible devices. The service is available via desktop on PCs and laptops, as well as Xbox. On the move you’ll need an Apple iPad or iPhone, or supported Android device (check the Sky Go homepage for an up-to-date list). 

A word of warning though: Sky Go uses a lot of data, so you’ll need to be careful if you’re using it on a limited internet connection - especially on mobile broadband. Much better to find yourself some free Wi-Fi to tap into!

For £5 per month you can upgrade to Sky Go Extra. This lets you register extra devices to watch your content on, so you can connect up to four devices - and use two of them simultaneously. But better still you can download as well as stream content - meaning you can get it on WiFi and watch it later when you’d normally incur charges from your internet provider.

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Remote Record

Even with Sky Go, there will be times when you just can’t watch what you want, when you want. 

Luckily, Sky customers can set their Sky+ box to record even their out and about thanks to Remote Record.

The service can be used either from a PC/laptop or the Sky+ app (for Apple iOS and Android). And it’s simple too: just find the show you want to record on the app and press ‘record’. 

In addition, the app can be used as a remote control if you’re on the couch and can’t find the remote.

Sky Broadband

With all this talk of online services, it seems silly not to touch on the fact that Sky also offers broadband services itself through the BT Openreach network. If you want to compare the best Sky Broadband deals, head over to our comparison page. But we’ll cover the basics here:

  • Unlimited broadband: Sky’s broadband range offers unlimited data downloads with no monthly cap. It also offers a cheaper ‘lite’ package with a 2GB allowance, plus - if you can get it in your area - superfast fibre broadband (which is again unlimited). If you’re outside of Sky’s own network you can still get online with Sky Connect (which has a 40GB monthly allowance).
  • Sky Hub: All the Sky Broadband deals come with the Sky Hub; a wireless router that connects all your internet ready devices via Wi-Fi. It’s simple to set up and has some nice features, including interference scans to help speed up your WiFi.
  • Sky WiFi: If you sign up for a Sky Broadband Unlimited or Connect customer you’ll automatically get the benefit of Sky WiFi too. Available via ‘The Cloud’ hotspots in places such as Pret, Eat, Cafe Nero and Pizza Express, you can get online for free when out and about without having to use up your phone’s 3G allowance.

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Back to (Sky) basics

All this interweb wizardry is well and good, but what about the TV basics? If you want more info on satellite television head over to our beginners’ guide to Sky Television

If you’re looking to subscribe to a Sky TV and/or broadband package, or add some extra services to your additional deal, you can find more details in our guide to switching and upgrading - or if you’re ready to go, simply click through from any of the Sky links on this page.