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Sky TV: Why you want Sky Movies

Alongside satellite dishes and sports, the other thing everyone knows Sky for is its film channels. 

But in these days of Netflix and downloads, is a Sky Movies subscription still a great option?

For many people, and many reasons, the answer is still ‘yes’. For one thing, Netflix and downloads rely on a great broadband connection - something many of us simply don’t have as an option, depending on where we live and the quality (or lack thereof) of our telephone exchange.

Need more reasons? Read on.

The Sky Movies channels

To start simple, when you sign up for Sky movies you get access to all 11 Sky movies channels. Yup, 11, mostly sorted by genre to keep any film fan happy:

  • Premiere: This is the big one, featuring a host of Hollywood blockbusters up to two years before they’re available on other channels. There’s also Premiere +1, starting each film an hour later to give you a little wriggle room.
  • Showcase: You never know what’s coming next with Sky Movies Showcase - it could be the best of a genre such as sci fi, or a box set collection of classics from a particular series or director.
  • Greats: Here you’ll find the best of the best from film history; the all-time favourites that never get old right up to modern classics that have already earned gold status..
  • Family: The best in family entertainment, from the Harry Potter series to recent cartoon classics.
  • Select: If you’re looking for something a bit more art house, look no further. Sky movies Select is the home of everything cool, edgy and out there.

Plus Sky movies Disney; Action and Adventure; Comedy; Crime and Thriller; Drama and Romance; Sci-Fi and Horror - not to mention MGM HD, which showcases remastered MGM classics and is available as an individual channel or in the Movies Pack.

Get Sky Movies

Film extras

While 11 channels of films direct to your television is a pretty good selling point on its own, it’s actually the tip of the iceberg for film buffs. With the Sky movies bundles, you also get a host of extras delivered to you via broadband - both at home and on the move.

By connecting your Sky+ box to your home internet connection you’ll get access to hundreds of downloadable movies on demand that you can watch whenever you want - so essentially you’re getting a video subscription service thrown in.

Not only that, but you can watch Sky movies channels from both Apple and Android devices, from smartphones to iPads. Yup, you can take your subscription on your commute with you, or on holiday and to a friend’s house. And if that’s not enough, you can rent films through the Sky Store too.

If you want more information on these extra services, check out our dedicated guides:

  • Sky on the move and online: Here you’ll find all you need to know about services such as Sky Go, Sky for mobile and all the other available internet extras.
  • Additional Sky features: Head here for details of My Sky, catch-up/on-demand and pay-per-view services, Sky Rewards and the Sky Store.

The Sky Movies package

While there are plenty of great channels to choose from, picking the right Sky Movies package couldn’t be easier: you get the whole lot for £16 extra per month on top of your chosen Sky Entertainment subscription.

If you want to watch your film channels in HD, you’ll need to be subscribed with the Sky Entertainment Extra+ package, along with the HD Pack. This will also open up the Sky movies 3D experience, covering all the best 3D film releases.

For more details on the various payment levels, head over to our Channels and Entertainment packages guide.

Beyond Sky Movies

While the Sky movies channels are a pretty amazing resource themselves, by signing up to a Sky offer you’ll also get access to a host more film channels included in its Entertainment packages.

Beyond the channels discussed you’ll find the likes of: Sony Movie Channel, Movies 24 Movies4Men, TCM, Nollywood (a subscription channel dedicated to Nigerian film), Film4, The Horror Channel and True Movies. That should be enough to keep you going for a while...

Sky deals: It’s a wrap

If you’ve decided you want to get a Sky television deal - or add Sky Movies to your existing Sky package - simply click through on one of the links on this page to be directly to Sky’s official website.

If you want to know more about upgrading or switching to Sky, click through to our guide here. Or if you’re sold on the movie side but want more information about the basic Sky TV services, instead head to our beginners’ overview.