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Sky extras: Upgrading or switching to Sky

Here we’re just going to be talking to those who have already made the decision to sign up for Sky Television, Sky Broadband, or who who want to add additional features to their existing Sky subscription.

However, throughout this guide you’ll see links to details of all these extra services, from Sky’s extra paid channels through to all kinds of internet and TV extras.

Joining Sky Television

Signing up with Sky television is a painless process; once you’ve read all of our guides and decided on the right package, simply click through to talk to a Sky advisor or choose the right deal for you.

Remember the basic package costs £20 per month, with a free Sky+HD box plus free set-up if you join online.When you sign up you can of course immediately add-on all kinds of paid extras such as Sky Sports, Sky Movies and Sky Entertainment Extra.

There are all kinds of Sky deals available for new customers, so if you just don’t see what’s right for you right now keep checking back. Or, once through to the Sky Shop pages, why not try speaking to an advisor? by clicking the link in the right-hand column? You may get yourself a bargain that exactly fits your needs.

More info on Sky TV

Upgrading your Sky package

If you’re looking to upgrade an existing Sky television or broadband deal, you simply need to go to MySky and log in to your account.

There are all kinds of deals available for existing Sky customers, and you can also find offers on other box, channel and broadband upgrades. And if you don’t see the offer you want right now, remember to keep checking back - it’s a competitive market out there, so all the broadband and television providers are constantly refreshing their deals!

Upgrade your Sky package

Switching to Sky Broadband

Over the past few years Sky Broadband has firmly cemented itself in the ‘big four’ of UK broadband providers (alongside BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk). And it’s no accident; it has some of the best deals out there and has received many plaudits, including a strong showing in the Broadband Genie Home Broadband survey.

For more on all of Sky’s deals, or to compare broadband or TV bundles, click on the links at the top-right of this page to go to our comprehensive comparison tables. If you’re worried about switching broadband providers, don’t: instead read our simple guide to switching home broadband providers.

Sky TV and online benefits

If you’re wavering about whether to sign up for a Sky Television bundle, check out what the real bonuses are here:

  • Sky TV features: Find out more about the television extras such as My Sky, Sky Rewards and ‘on demand’ content
  • Sky online on the go: Learn about watching Sky on your PC or on the move, with Sky Player, Sky Go and Remote Record.

Of course it isn’t for everyone, but if you’re really into your TV, sports and movies - and watch a lot at home - it can really add value.