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  • unhappy

    by me at 13:54 on 13 Nov 2016 Report abuse

    The paper work is now with the ICO. Incidentally, I called TT and confirmed two things about their practises. First, when you call it is not their real name they give. Second, due to not asking for any account details, they are using voice recognition software, something they have always denied.

  • happy

    by Colin Ellison at 20:15 on 9 Nov 2016 Report abuse

    Just to be different, Im very happy with the change to Talk Talk so far, far better broadband speed than my last supplier (Virgin) and nearly half the price, call centre sounds like its in India though, but as least I got through quickly!

  • unhappy

    by Melissa at 22:48 on 24 Oct 2016 Report abuse

    I wouldn't even give them one star. Shocking. I ordered talktalk through the comparison site- seemed like a good deal and a girl from work said they weren't too bad. Had a installation date for in 2 weeks time. The day before the installaton date a man called me and basically told me noone was coming out the next day- i had taken the day off work! i was then told that there was a problem with my line and that BT openreach would have to fix it before it could be up and running. I was outraged that i wasnt contacted and spoke to someone from the complaints team- they gave me a better deal and said a manager would call me back that day- no surprise no call. This was a friday- i tried to use the online chat to find out my start date but he never called me back and was useless. I waited till monday and when i phoned them they said no i was Wrong and that someone would be calling me a week later! I told them this wasn't good enough and all i wanted was my start date.I patiently waited for the call the following week. I then recieved the call and the guy told me i would be waiting 4 more days to get another call as they would now be forwarding my details to openreach???????? They kept telling me that it was a problem with openreach and that there's nothing they could do about it it was their issue to fix first. i said ok i will wait for the next call and i better have my installaton date. It was coming up to a month of waiting now. I was so fed up so i booked a installaion date online with sky. I then phoned talktalk back and told them i wanted to cancel with them as I'd had enough and already a month had gone by and i was still waiting with no start date. They pleaded not for me to go and said that if the other company installs it before they did then i could call back and cancel with talktalk. They then sent me notifications saying my start date would be 2 days after my date with sky(which was the following week). Sky had already sent me the modem and confirmed my address and time with me. What a surprise it was when the sky man came and installed it- no issue with my line- it was installed. I was so happy when i made the call to tell talktalk they are a joke and nothing more than a waste of my time!! BIG NO!!

  • unhappy

    by me at 13:20 on 11 Oct 2016 Report abuse

    They actually have no idea there is a difference between a cra and a debt collection company. So they will blithely claim that they have reported you, and they have blackened your name - when they have not. Blaggers. I spent a morning getting the paperwork together to send to the ICO.

  • unhappy

    by me at 11:38 on 10 Sep 2016 Report abuse

    Sorry about this but... I now have the credit report from the cra that I think talktalk uses. Big surprise though, there is no footprint from talktalk - they have not reported to the cra - so did they report it at all, or were they just winding me up? Either way its a pretty rotten thing to do. I called them yesterday about it, but they would not divulge which cra they are using, as if somehow its a big secret - WTF. Something else to report to the ICO.

  • unhappy

    by me at 11:11 on 6 Sep 2016 Report abuse

    Received more info, but from the wrong department - the billing department!! I asked for info from the collections department/team/whatever. Plus I got a covering letter that has four full paragraphs - of course they don't explain anything, and don't actually say what they are replying to or referring to? I have told them that I will be reporting their non-compliance to the ICO - but I imagine a fat lot of good that will do.

  • unhappy

    by DorkyDarko at 21:58 on 3 Sep 2016 Report abuse

    The worst ISP. They over charged me for late pays when there wasn't suppose to be and on more than 4 occasion. They killed my fibre from 45mb to 2mb and this went on for 6 months. 7 engineer's in total. Still couldn't fix it. And I was still paying 40pm... I told them I'm switching ISP... they put my Internet back to 40mb. For 3days and back it went to 2mb. That was the last straw I left. Don't bother considering going to talktalk and take my word for it. 7 months worth of bad experiences.

  • unhappy

    by me at 11:13 on 30 Aug 2016 Report abuse

    And it continues. Just received a letter dated the 25th August 2016, where it is actually admitted that my name has been 'blackened'. What it doesn't admit that it was done after I paid the bill. I also asked for a SAR (Subject Access Request) from the 'collections dept concerning the matter, plus the rest of the original SAR . Of course they are doing what they have always done. That is make sure that they are ok. Once that happens then do whatever they want. Exactly in the same way that their hapless call centre staff operate.

  • unhappy

    by me at 11:22 on 10 Aug 2016 Report abuse

    The saga continues. Almost immediately after they dropped my service I signed up with another isp. This was accepted by the new isp. However, I decided not to go through withthis at the time. About three weeks later, I attempted to re-signed-up with the same isp. This time it was 'declined'. When asked why, the answer was down to Experian. I immediately thought of talktalk. Here is my reasoning. As soon as I found that talktalk had dropped the service I paid the money I owed them over the phone via debit card. As I have stated I was able to sig-up with another isp. Three weeks later I could not due to credit report problems. The only money I did owe was to talktalk. I have no credit with anyone else. Is it not reasonable to assume that talktalk went on to damage my credit rating 'after' I paid what I owed? Anyway I am in the process of making several 'subject access requests' with talktalk. They have supplied some information, but not all. So I have had to request the missing information. Why are talktalk suddenly so coy? I wonder? here is one for you 'I will not make false promises' the hapless talktalk custermer service manager says. "but you just have when you said that you were going to help me if I answered the question. Instead you just asked another question when you got the answer". Typical or what.

  • unhappy

    by becky at 9:27 on 10 Aug 2016 Report abuse

    rubbish customer service, they charged me for services not supplied and then kept increasing my bill without notification dont be fooled by the cheap initial deal because after that they increase it when ever they feel like it and services gets worse... thye owe me hundreds and offered me a refund of £13...

  • unhappy

    by me at 11:29 on 26 Jul 2016 Report abuse

    Three weeks today I found that my line had been cut. No warning/s at all. I called from a public phone box to find out why. I was told it was because of non payment. This is true I had not paid from since December 2015 because I was annoyed with them, and determined to manipulate them to drop the line. Eventually it worked. They finally after all the calls I have made complaining about their crap customer service over the phone. Ironic as I needed to contact them by phone to complain about their telephone manner. Basically avoid, if you want to keep your sanity. Their telephone staff are totally manipulative, and liars. They will say anything to get what they want. Make false promises to get what they want. But after all this you will be lucky to get what you want.

  • unhappy

    by Big E at 9:34 on 30 Jun 2016 Report abuse

    Re Talk Talk - DONT.......JUST DONT - if you really value your sanity and like to keep your stress levels under control.

  • unhappy

    by Shaun at 20:06 on 20 Jun 2016 Report abuse

    I have been a Talk Talk customer for 3 years. Overall the phone and broadband has worked okay, there have ben three occasions when the phone line was lost for 3 days each, but this was the BT junction box.
    My problem with Talk Talk is the scam phone calls I ahve been having for almost 18 months, just after I signed a new contract. Talk Talk have lost our personal information. It has ended up, name address, phone numner and Talk Talk account number, in the hands of criminals.
    I have received over 50 calls now from scammers telling me that my laptop and router are sending oout viruses. They very kindly offer to help me fix the problem by taking remot access control of my laptop. These people, both men and women, with Indian accents, have scammed thousands of pounds from Talk Talk customers. Talk Talk continnue to promotehow seriouly they take security and warn us about scams, not mentionning they are the only tlecoms company to have been hackd three times in 18 months.
    My contract ends on Aug 12th, I am looking forward to changing supplier.
    My monthly costs for fibre, telephone and TV come to £50 per month, of which usualy £3 to £5 is phone calls.
    I hope veryone is aware of the phone scam, Talk Talk engineers will never call and offer to connect to your computer to fix viruses. Please warn anyone you know about these scams, not everyone can recognise the rubbish these people talk aboout but they are convincing people because they have the account number, name etc. Well Done Talk Talk for allowing these people to get our details.

  • unhappy

    by Stuart at 0:37 on 17 Jun 2016 Report abuse

    I signed up with TalkTalk in September 2015, unfortunately just a month before they were hacked.
    I've never ever been able to access my online account with them despite several calls to their rubbish call centre abroad. It's impossible to check my account, monitor my bills and basically do anything without calling their rubbish call centre. Every time I try to access my online account I get "Due to planned work our website is current unavailable" - it's been like this for 8 months!!!
    I signed up to an 18 month contract (I prepaid the first 12 months) but I won't be extending my contract with them - no way!

  • unhappy

    by Narges at 7:06 on 10 Jun 2016 Report abuse

    Please avoid TALKTALK!
    I have been having a terrible services from them. They never gave me what was in the contract. However, when it comes to money, they take as much as possible.
    Terrible customer service!

  • unhappy

    by Brenda at 15:17 on 28 May 2016 Report abuse

    Nothing but problems over six years with them (my grandparents contract). Broadband service is APPALLING and always has been - and this is in London where things generally work better/faster. They may not 'limit' speeds but when everyone is using the service during peak times it typically drops to nothing. After 1am service is usually ok. However, for the last month there has been virtually no access at all, no matter the time of day (so much so I've racked up an extra £20 in mobile internet charges).
    I am currently staying at my grandparents and this week I have managed to connect for no more than a few hours. We have tried to call them - they have HUNG UP ON US multiple times. Due to being based in India they cannot understand my grandparents SE London accents (which aren't particularly strong). Which is of course NO EXCUSE for such rudeness.

    So not only is the broadband crap but the customer service is so bad that we can't get them to fix it because they won't stay on the phone long enough for us to explain what the problem is.

    So I'm cancelling the DD, and WRITING to them to cancel the service as it's the only option we have left.

  • unhappy

    by adrian at 10:52 on 20 May 2016 Report abuse

    This is my experience with talk talk . Beware and avoid them
    at the end of April I've contacted Talk Talk to have my landline and internet moved to my new address from my old address. talk talk estimated it will take approx 13-15 days and assigned a an engineer to arrive on my new property on 16.05.2016 between 13-18 o'clock.

    Monday the 16th I get a call from my partner telling me that our business landline and internet are not working, and customers are unable to contact us.

    I call TALK TALK for explanations,asking them if they haven't made a mistake and removed the wrong connection.

    I end up spending a total of 4 hours and 10 minutes on the phone. First call lasted 1st hour and 33 minutes . After the initial recognition of the company's mistake I am passed through 8-9 departments ending up talking to the voice mail and starting the whole procedure again. Each department unable to help me . At the end of that time Mr. Debayan gives me the following phone number: 08000 833 003 telling me not to mention the whole problem just the fact that my that my business line is down despite me telling him that I've already been passed to that department business department (Them being the ones who initially returned me to the queue/ voice mail).

    My second phone call went for over 2 hours and 37 minutes, starting with a 10 minute wait after which I am answered by Mrs/ Ms Myers At my own turn I follow the advice of Mr. Debayan, it turns out that my fears are true, since Mrs. Myers is about to start the whole loop ( department - department- department) all over again. I insist to be helped, she tells me that within 30 minutes my problem will be solved because she understands perfectly what happened and she passes me to Mr. Ben

    Mr. Ben politely tells me that such mistakes are not typical to Talk talk , how ever my landline is down will remain down for five working days since this is the law. He asks me to make a new contract. ( i need the landline for my business) for 18 months, telling that unfortunately for 5 working days I'll have no landline and that my previous phone number is lost and can't be recovered.A new number will be assigned to me. I am making him aware that I am losing money since my customers are unable to contact me and this number is on all my media outlets. Plus I am losing reputation and star points .That affecting me my business in a direct , dire and in on the long term.He says he understands my position and if I wish he can pass me to the complaints department.
    I'm am passed to the complaints department where I need to spend another 1/2 h to make the staff understand the mistake and the fact that I will be losing over £15,000. I'm put on hold and then offered £10,00 compensation.
    thus ending my 4 hours with TALK TALK ... still no landline.
    At the present moment I have no landline, a new number was assigned to me. My customers ( over 2000 that have my old landline ) + 10,000 business card all listing my old phone number. The same number is present on Yell ,Yelp etc. No one will be able to contact me on my landline for at least 5 working days this resulting in a potential loss of business of over £15,000 plus the loss of our reputation since by by having a landline that does not work it makes us look unprofessional and unreliable in the eyes off every possible customer.
    In parallel to the conversation I was having to Talk Talk , while waiting to be moved form department to department I contacted Talk Talk on Facebook, same result .

  • unhappy

    by zero at 10:12 on 16 May 2016 Report abuse

    Talktalk has to be one of the most frustrating utility companies to deal with. I vowed never to use them again after my last experience. Stupidly, I tried them again. I spent ages setting it all up and signed up for the free SIM. They then sent me an email saying that they are cancelling the order as they couldn't let me keep my existing line number (which I wasn't particularly bothered about). So they lost our business when a simple phone call could have kept us on. To rub salt into the wound, they then kept the SIM account open and I spent ages on the phone trying to cancel this with promises to phone me back which never happened and then of course there was the final demand letters - An absolutely appalling service and we will NEVER use TT again. SKY has been so much easier to deal with and Straightforward people to speak to who actually do what they say they will do and no awful call centres with people who can't even find your account details and can't get your address right. The TalkTalk CEO needs sacking. Of course my feedback will not get to the right person and TT will carry on loosing customers and seemingly not caring about it!! Hopefully this last call centre person managed to successfully close our SIM account (which we didn't even want and haven't used).

  • unhappy

    by DAVE at 2:01 on 5 May 2016 Report abuse

    Anyone considering joining crap crap/talk talk, consider this, slow broadband speed which drops out for hours on end only returning between midnight and 7a.m, only to disappear through the day! Technical support is appaling and if you ask them questions which don't appear on their script they lie to you and do nothing to resolve any issues you may have, they will try to blame your machine ( that old and feeble excuse again!). I have 3 devices on the useless router and they all say the same-no connection. In short STEER WELL CLEAR OF TALK TALK!! The customer support is appalling, the staff very unhelpful, rude and cannot be bothered and to top it all the service, if you can call it that, is dreadful. I cannot wait to leave talk talk and will never recommend them to anyone.

  • unhappy

    by michael at 18:14 on 8 Apr 2016 Report abuse

    talk talk are complete liars ,as others have said ,they will offer you the world and give you nothing ,smoke and mirrors ,I only have 5 months left with these amatures and cant wait to go ,I would leave now but don't wish to pay penaties ,so much for offcoms new ruling that if your not happy with by your service provider you can leave without penaltie ,really ? anyone tried ? I have been with this company for years and was with there sister company aol for years before that this counts for nothing ,talk talk you are a disgrace ,and soon will be history ,cant wait !

  • neutral

    by Sandbag at 16:36 on 28 Mar 2016 Report abuse

    I have been with Talktalk for two weeks. I have to say, as an ex Sky customer i am saving lots of money with Talk Talk. Plus i got a great incentive to switch to them - £120 shopping vouchers, which arrived without me having to chase them (unlike Sky). I have noticed the broadband speed is slower. Skys was much better. I sometims have to switch wifi off to use by mobiles 02 network which is significantly faster loading up web pages. This doesnt bode well for TalkTalk. Their customer service is not great. I called them once since contract started, and they couldn't help me because their systems were down. She then ended the call by asking 'is there anything else i can do for you today?' So i responded with the most obvious answer 'well not very well if your system isnt working'. When signing up i was put in hold for 5 mins and eventually called off. It didnt leave me with much confidence in them i have to say. However, my contract is so cheap at £17.70 (compared to £49 with Sky) thats is hard to grumble and if after a year they dont please me then i'll move on. My thoughts are that they need to brush up their act after such a disastrous reputation from last year. I guess only time will tell.

  • neutral

    by Sandbag at 16:35 on 28 Mar 2016 Report abuse

    I have been with Talktalk for two weeks. I have to say, as an ex Sky customer i am saving lots of money with Talk Talk. Plus i got a great incentive to switch to them - £120 shopping vouchers, which arrived without me having to chase them (unlike Sky). I have noticed the broadband speed is slower. Skys was much better. I sometims have to switch wifi off to use by mobiles 02 network which is significantly faster loading up web pages. This doesnt bode well for TalkTalk. Their customer service is not great. I called them once since contract started, and they couldn't help me because their systems were down. She then ended the call by asking 'is there anything else i can do for you today?' So i responded with the most obvious answer 'well not very well if your system isnt working'. When signing up i was put in hold for 5 mins and eventually called off. It didnt leave me with much confidence in them i have to say. However, my contract is so cheap at £17.70 (compared to £49 with Sky) thats is hard to grumble and if after a year they dont please me then i'll move on. My thoughts are that they need to brush up their act after such a disastrous reputation from last year. I guess only time will tell.

  • unhappy

    by sandra at 15:16 on 24 Mar 2016 Report abuse

    Absolutely apauling, was originally with AOL (their sister company) which I'd been with for years, no problem, then with the carrot of a deduction for moving to their sister company I bit :( like sum sisters chalk and cheese. Up graded to fibre with them as was assured that the dropping and buffering wud ceas. Signed up 6th December 2015,promised delivery 16th December, sed that wud be great a I was going to receive a couple of new devises for Xmas, and was looking forward to experiencing them using the fibre broadband. I didn't receive my router on the 16/12/15, I was continuously chasing the router, excuses like stuck in the post, my router not posted to me as order stuck in the system, were two of the excuses fed to me. The router finally arrived 16 January 2016. Whew I thort an end to my problems - how wrong I was broad band no better than the ordinary bb, constantly dropping, buffering etc. Constant battling with th, who even tried to blame my brand new equipment. Then it was txts, first saying a break on the line, not Their fault, then water on the line, again - tt sayin not their fault, n updates txted to me extending the resolution time. Called tt said I wasn't prepared to pay the full package price as I wasn't receiving the full service. Tt,s response "if you'd like to discuss compensation, this couldn't be discussed or looked at until issue is resolved" no clear advise of when the issues would be sorted! I told tt that I wasn't tied to the contract as tt hadn't kept to the agreement so there was no contract and would be researching other providers. Also signed up for updated via txt due to work commitments, received them but continued to receive calls at random times of the day or evening to tell me the information I'd recieved via txt. No one takes ownership each department blames other departments, no consistancy in service, rudeness at management level, including being hung up on , being misadvised. Raised up to now three escalations, all of which have received no response. AVOID TALK TALK LIKE THE PLAGUE

  • unhappy

    by Dave at 10:53 on 17 Mar 2016 Report abuse

    I have been with TalkTalk since moving from BT in 2011, had the tv/fibroptic broadband/phone and sim deal with them, no real problems, any issues i have had have been dealt with quickly. I have not been keeping an eye on my payments though, and when i did a comparison check last month i found i could get an equivilent package from BT at £15 less, so i rang TalkTalk to see if they would match, they would knock me ten pounds a month off but that was it, so, lured by the cashback incentives i took out a contract with BT.
    The beginning of my problems ! Having taken out the contract it was a minefield to get my account up and renning, eventually got that sorted after three days of me having to constantly ring them, and them not ringing me back as promised. After five days i looked at my status to see everything had been cancelled, apart from the sim which i had activated and BT sport (free so i took it, i dont watch spotrt though!), after two days of me again ringing BT and them failing to ring me back i got another order raised (bearing in mind i have paid £311.25 up front for line saver rental and delivery setup charges). Again nothing for two days the status never changed, when i eventually got through to them i was told it was all sorted and on its way, another day and it was cancelled ! ME ringing them again, to try and find out what was going on, i was told TalkTalk would not release my phone number and i would have to get a new one, this was a BT number before i moved it. I will not get a new phone number as i am an emergency callout responder with various old people who are afflicted with alzheimers and suchlike, i will not take the risk of missing someones n=umber and the possible consequences. BT are adamant that i will need to get a different number, why? I have lived at this address almost fifteeen years, it is my home with my mortgage and this number was here when i moved in, why should i have to change it?
    Meanwhile my cashback has beed declined and i have £311/25 that has been paid to BT that they are keeping, on top of which because i am not a BT customer i am now being charged full price for my sim. A complete nightmare which i could do without as a low income single parent.
    Rant over !!

  • unhappy

    by anne at 19:35 on 29 Feb 2016 Report abuse

    Can't wait to get away from TalkTalk, had problems with connection dropping out, and can't get any joy from anyone there, even wrote to the head of Complains @Talk Talk and just was told to ring again....no way, no more! Their new email was the last straw, it's so very frustrating,m so slow, won't change page, won't delete. Changing to Virgin in the next couple of weeks, it can't come soon enough. Been with talktalk for a few years, but really really gone downhill!!.....soooooo frustrated!

  • unhappy

    by david at 12:33 on 27 Feb 2016 Report abuse

    @Ryan - I agree about the sanity breaking of customer services at talktalk.

    @Mia - About putting the phone down. Funny thing is if you told them to put the phone down they would then spend as much time as they thought it would take trying to bluff you that they cant put the phone down. But if you dont tell them they put the phone down out of the blue.

    @Phil - I called them quite sometime ago when I discovered that they were using unencrypted passwords aka plain text for email checking. One of the idiots told me that it was ok as 'its a password'!! They dont understand the concept of security. The password is the same for email as it is for logging into myaccount. So if the unencrypted pain text password is intercepted whoever is into the system.

    Also, and this goes for every company on the planet, as far as security is concerned they have no idea - not a clue.

    When someone calls no matter how many questions are asked it still remains someone calling. They dont check to see who is giving the answers. All they want are correct answers, and considering that publicly available information is asked there is no point in asking the questions for security. They have no security as a consequence.

    Also if you call from the phone that is registerd with them ie your landline they automatically have your information on the screen. They also automatically have access to the account. Yet how long will they try to bluff that this is not true.

    Argue, argue, argue. Contradict, contradict, contradict. Quibble, quibble, quibble. Everything you say is wrong. If you said black is black they would claim it is grey. If you said 2+2=4 then it would be 3.99 or 4.01.

    Never give a straight answer - never say yes or no.

    I have also cottoned on to the many forms of lying that is practised. Changing the subject is lying. Answering questions which have not been asked is lying. Getting the customer to forever repeat themselves while pretending you cannot hear or understand is lying.

    Many forms of putting the phone down as well. Placing the phone on hold or mute indefinitely is putting the phone down. Making an excuse for oneself to put the phone down is still putting the phone down on the customer. But everything is done for the recording, hence the recording is used to make sure their job is covered.

    And why is it that they want 'moar'? They already get money for internet/phone/customer-service, but thats not enough. Because their customer service, even though they already know who is calling, and cant prove who is calling anyway, forces you to answer questions before they will do anything for you, and even then there is no guarantee that after the questions have been answered that anything will be done. Its a carrot and a stick situation, and they do beat you. Always making sure that they get up front everything they need to keep their job.

    In reality they are not there for anyone who is not themselves. Everything is done for there one benefit.

  • unhappy

    by Jackie at 18:41 on 9 Feb 2016 Report abuse

    Avoid at all costs. Appalling service, emails and several 2 hour phone calls and still no resolution to a faulty service. Was told it would be 28 days before a replacement part could be sent.

    When you contact them no one seems to be able to make a decision or deviate from their standard script. The most frustrating company I have ever dealt with and counting the days until my contract ends.

  • unhappy

    by John at 17:58 on 8 Feb 2016 Report abuse

    We have been with TT for 2 years but their service has gone from average to appalling. In the last few months we have experience frequent loss of connection to the internet. We were persuaded to renew the contract on the basis that they would provide a new router which would be the solution. It was not.
    Have since twice reported it as a fault just go through the same frustrating process every time :-
    - spend 7 or 8 mins on the phone to get an operator and then around 30 mins while they go through their basic script about wireless faults, They are incapable of understanding that it is not a problem with the wireless connection between my pc and the router but the connection between the router and the internet;
    - eventually they say it has been fixed or will be fixed by their technical experts;
    - try the interent and the problem is just as bad.
    Unfortunately I can not find any way to escalate this issue by to anyone with responsibility for customer service.

    In a nutshell an appalling service and no effective way of getting it fixed.

  • unhappy

    by kaz evans at 16:54 on 7 Feb 2016 Report abuse

    talk talk should be called crap crap. avoid this company like you would the plague. used to be with this pathetic excuse for a company for broadband and phone until they were hacked. got out of there pronto wish i would have done it sooner and as for there call centre's may as well be on the moon for all the good they are you have been warned AVOID

  • happy

    by Diane at 9:50 on 25 Jan 2016 Report abuse

    I left Talk Talk last year and am now with Sky! It's much better than Talk Talk. Better speeds, great customer service and the TV bundle is fab! It does cost me a little more but well worth it!

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