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  • unhappy

    by Tanya at 11:19 on 17 Nov 2015 Report abuse

    These clowns are a waste of time and money. They promise you different things on the phone and then when you phone back up none knows what the he'll you're talking about. - this is because they want to get you to sign up to their 'services ' so they spew a load of tosh at you. I've racked up over £50 talking to these idiots in September /October- when I first signed up they said an engineer would come over FREE OF CHARGE to install the broadband but then they cancelled the engineer and just sent the box for us to do ourselves. Well the 7 didn't work. They were unsure what the problem was when I rang up so they said they sent an engineer out and we're going to charge me I refused to pay and said I would just cancel the contract so they sent it for free. After the engineer visits he said it was sorted. Waited another week. Nothing! I have now cancelled my contract because I could not handle talking to these *@#][!![]'#[@#]!* on the phone anymore and getting know here. I cancelled my contract and I refused to pay them any fees because I have had nothing but stress, problems and NO INTERNET. They said this was okay and it would take 30 working days to cancel. I had to recall the direct debit that they took out of my account and cancel my direct debit ( even though they told me not to) why would I want to keep my direct debit so these money grabbing monkeys can take more of my money?!!! I have had two contradicting letters sent to me. One saying that I will not be charged for cancelling my contract and the other asking me why I've cancelled my direct debit and NOW a text saying that I owe them money on my account!. Well you know what? I'm going to throw your useless wifi router in the river because you still haven't sent me a prepaid box to send it back. TALKTALK, YOU ARE A BUNCH OF USELESS MONEY GRABBING MONKEYS WITH SH*T BROADBAND AND YOUR COMPANY WILL GO UNDER. I have now signed up to virgin who are million times better with super fast Internet for the same price.

  • unhappy

    by lee at 10:11 on 16 Nov 2015 Report abuse

    I signed up to TalkTalk in October 2015 (phone, broadband & tv package). On connection we found our broadband speeds were very low (1.5mb) so I called TalkTalk (overseas call centre) on two occasions to upgrade to fibre broadband. I was assured that I could get fibre broadband and was promised on both occasions that someone would call me back to complete the upgrade but no one did. On my third call I was told that I could not get fibre in my location. I informed them that I was not happy and that I wanted to cancel as I was still within their cancellation period. Their advisor suggested I speak to their engineering team to see if they could improve the broadband speed and foolishly I agreed to give them the opportunity to put things right. I was promised a call back but yet again it never materialised. I called again the following day to cancel, only to be told that I was now out of their cancellation period and so there would be a charge. I was then transferred between several advisors and continually put on hold. Eventually I was put through to someone in their UK centre who was generally rude and arrogant. In total I was kept on the phone for over 1 hour, after which I was left feeling extremely angry and frustrated with my whole TalkTalk experience. I then signed up to BT but to make matters worse, TalkTalk then disconnected my services a week early leaving me with no phone and broadband and they even refused my transfer saying that I had given them my wrong post code! Fortunately BT sorted things out for me. I would not use TalkTalk if they offered to provide their services free of charge and would strongly recommend avoiding them at all costs!

  • unhappy

    by Oskar at 20:42 on 8 Oct 2015 Report abuse

    TalkTalk are Rubbish, the company is an absolute load of scheming money grabbers who will stop at nothing to take your hard earned cash in exchange for a ridiculously poor service, slow speeds, disconnections, frequently having to switch the router off and reset it, phoning the customer service is a pantomime, the customer service is foreign based and is frustrating beyond belief because of the language barrier and their lack of knowledge, lets face it when you are having problems which is usually the case when you need to contact customer service the last thing you need is someone on the other end of the line who cant be understood,
    I WAS a customer with TalkTalk for over 10 years, and believe me there is absolutely no loyalty from this ISP, I am now free from this incredibly Dodgy company, don't get me wrong they used to be ok, they offered a reasonable service with no hidden charges, I used to pay the same amount each month, The past year with TalkTalk pushed me into leaving them and going elsewhere, the monthly payments kept increasing until I was paying the best part of £40 a month for a service which was very un-reliable,
    as a customer with this outfit the worst thing I found was because they had my bank details they would take out what they wanted when they wanted sometimes being charged twice in the same month,
    I will never return to TackTack even if it was offered to me for free, because in reality it would not be free, there would be some dodgy small print hidden somewhere which allows them to fleece me,
    Realistically what decent company which is Good at what they do and have built a Good relationship with their customers and have a impeccable reputation Need to offer Freebies like £100 shopping vouchers to attract new customers,
    Because its a Trap like a spider catching its prey,
    my elderly parents have also recently binned these jokers for over charging them, they phoned and explained they were being charged for Broadband which they did not want or even use, TackTack denied they were being charged for Broadband even though their monthly bill clearly told them they were paying it, My parents had been with them around 7 years (again no Loyalty to long standing customers)
    Be Warned They are a Seriously Dodgy Unscrupulous Outfit and I am Amazed they are allowed to conduct business in this country

  • unhappy

    by Ian Davenport at 17:04 on 21 Aug 2015 Report abuse

    Avoid these cowboys at all costs. I cannot wait to get out of my contract. I have tried 4 speed checkers today. I have had download speeds of 3.9, 4.1 and 4.7. TalkTalk's checker reads 5.9 so they tell me nothing is wrong. My broadband drops out 3 or 4 times a day. I tried to watch a clip on YouTube earlier and it kept buffering - to the point where I gave up.The engineers know absolutely nothing proven in their community forum where there are hundreds of complaints about this problem They want £50 to get an engineer out. The cost of the broadband and phone had nearly doubled in 2 years and they say it is to improve the service which couldn't be any worse.

  • happy

    by Pete at 15:31 on 14 Aug 2015 Report abuse

    To be fair there's nothing wrong with the actual service I've received from Talk Talk though they do have a nasty habit of putting up the prices without telling you about it. It's only when you call customer services to try and get them to sort out the price hikes that you run into trouble. They manage quite skilfully to be extremely sympathetic, to agree to anything you say, to "look into this right away", to "get you a better deal right now sir" and to actually do absolutely NOTHING. They even write down notes of the things they haven't done and of the new price you've been promised but haven't actually got, so that when you call for the seventh time all the information is there waiting for you.
    JUST DON'T!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Andy jones at 12:19 on 6 Aug 2015 Report abuse

    Package deal 38mbps actual speed 2.8mbps .phoned talk talk they argued internet speed varies on how far from centre you are how old your router is etc etc.
    I asked talk talk if he thought it was acceptable to have a speed of 2.8mbps he just repeated the scripted speech.
    In the end I hung up very angry no apologies .
    Also have been charged for engineer call out even though it was on there end.worst customer care service ever.

  • unhappy

    by vick at 14:28 on 30 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    talk talk are a COMPLETE waste of time and money. Never resolved anything properly in 18 months. At present a telephone line you can hardly hear on when talking and internet speed of less than 1.0 (IN THIS DAY AND AGE) - the the price is the same when they KNOW they cannot provide the speeds you are paying for 5 miles from the exchange

    managed to swap our telephone line to cable phone number for 4 days. numerous times the telephone and internet has been off for days. I'd stick with reputable a company who can actually provide what you are paying for because talk talk can't !!!

    should you EVER need technical or customer service you WILL be sorry you ever changed to talk talk

  • unhappy

    by Edward at 23:53 on 28 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    Got moved over from Virgin dumping their copper lines; the shoddy move over (ignored e-mails as usual just propaganda) left me thinking my identity had been stolen; cancelled the direct debit. My attempts to contact them, first to tell them I had cancelled the DD and then fix my error, were frustrating - but once done they have been helpful, though mistakes keep happening. Which brings me to why I hate them. They have ridiculous charges for missed and late payments - it is a disgrace and they should be brought up for it. At least the banks have the excuse of free banking for their dirty charging techniques. Talk Talk do not have that - do not use them they are nastier than an electricity company.

  • unhappy

    by Mark at 12:27 on 17 Jul 2015 Report abuse


  • unhappy

    by SHL at 22:50 on 15 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    Worst broadband ever!

  • unhappy

    by Warren at 18:59 on 14 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    As a very old AOL customer, Talk Talk have totally screwed up everything from billing, to service of the account and support. Fibre is complete BULL and they do not derseve any of MY money!! They are THAT bad that I'm considering to pay them off and get shot of them for good!!

  • unhappy

    by Noel at 14:43 on 8 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    if anybody thinking of going with talk talk
    I wouldn't bother they put my Internet up twice this year
    and there is a lot of bad reviews

  • unhappy

    by david at 11:02 on 5 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    I'm here again complaining about talktalk - what a surprise!! Their customer support or handling of customers over the phone, or any other way is appalling. Everything is from a carrot-and-a-stick approach, and you are the donkey. Catch phrases are, we really are going to help you, we really will help you, we are definitely going to help you, we are willing to help. Notice how non incorporate "we are doing it now". Even when and if you comply, its a trick. Because then instead of doing what you are ask, they go on to the aforementioned we really are, and we really will etc... I have to admit I really test them, and how far they are willing to go with this tactic of refusing to do what is asked. For instance, on friday there was this guy in south africa who stayed on the phone for three hours and ten minutes, refusing to do what I wanted and trying to manipulate me with the false promises of we are, and we will etc... The staff are as thick as two planks of wood. Remember what I was told by a supervisor, "we are not going to do what you want, as we dont want you to be unhappy with us". Figure that out if you can. I am actually recording the conversations with them to put on youtube. Remember this, when you call them, you are calling under the false belief that you will get help and that they are there to help. Not unreasonable. However, when someone calls them, they see it as an opportunity to help keep their job, and you are the donkey that will help them with that goal. Dont be naive about this. Every part of the call is "mined", from the beginning to the end. Have you noticed that despite pressing all those buttons to get through to the correct department, they still ask why are you calling? Theres a reason for that. They know why you are calling, they just want you to say out loud for the recording why you are calling. The same is with everything they ask. They already have the your details on the screen in front of them when you are calling from home, using the line you rent from them, and asking for your name, address etc... in unnecessary. Despite what they say, that its for security, asking questions where others know the answers and are capable of using a phone does nothing for security. its a trick to get you to say for the recording whos calling, and does nothing for you, and all for them. Do you have friends, and acquaintances, and family members who could use a phone and know your details? Well I wont go on any longer. I trust hopefully I will help and enlighten.

  • unhappy

    by Padraig at 15:32 on 30 Jun 2015 Report abuse

    The worst customer service I have ever encountered. Their call centre staff have no idea what is going on. Their different departments do not communicate with one another. Endless phone calls repeating the same story, as the last person didn't bother to write down any of the notes that I expressly asked them to. We are coming up to our 5th week and still no working service. DO NOT consider them for your internet provider. They will give you grey hairs and high blood pressure

  • neutral

    by Leyla at 9:53 on 23 Jun 2015 Report abuse

    Trying to cancel my order I placed just this morning with talk talk for broadband and not reading reviews before hand tried which are 90 percent bad .. There calling service says it's closed but states there open from 8-8 .. Can anybody recommend another way I believe they are near impossible to get in touch with 🙈

  • unhappy

    by chloesmum at 11:17 on 20 Jun 2015 Report abuse

    They're worse than useless. Appalling broadband speed, my smart tv picture keeps breaking up, internet keeps seizing up. My bills have almost double in 6 months since I joined them, when I queried it, via their India call centre, then their South Africa call centre, they kept reading a script at me which didn't answer my query at all.
    I'm now in the middle of moving home. They told me initially that I could transfer my contract to the new house, now they're telling me I have to pay £140 to end the current contract, then enter a new 18month contract. This isn't any use, as I'm moving again in a year's time. I've had endless calls to their India call centre, sent several emails, absolutley no joy at all. I spoke to their South Africa centre (I live in the UK) and he said he'd put a 'bar' on my line (???) I asked if he'd send a letter explaning and confirming - he refused, and acted like I was being unreasonable asking for such a thing. They're now refusing to release me from my current contract and refusing to cancel the contract on the new house, even though I cancelled within the cooling off period.
    I can't set up a contract with another company as talktalk are somehow blocking that, so I face - what? No broadband? No landline? I don't know what's going on, and nobody at talktalk will address the problem. The people I talk to on the phone just seem intent on persuading me to stay, even when I tell them VERY firmly what I want. Wish I'd never gone with them in the first place.

  • unhappy

    by Ryan at 7:05 on 18 May 2015 Report abuse

    Where do I start! Had been with TalkTalk at an old property and had no issues. Moved to a new address and they said that transferring to a new address started a new contract and they sold me the package with TV services. Been in the property for over a year now and Broadband speed frequently drops to as low as 0.05Mb. On a good day it would peak at 2.5Mb, but very rare. Spoken to the Technical Dept who initially said that the speed was not right and they could get it up to about 5Mb. They carried out lots of tests and checks and then said that they had done all they possibly could and that there were no problems with the line or the setup and my connection was as good as it will get. I have since complained to the CEO office as they should not have sold me the TV service as that requires at least 3Mb to use the on demand bits. I've also requested to cancel my contract with them as 0.05Mb for a Broadband Connection was unreasonable and below what is in the contract. To my disgust they have replied saying that I will have to pay nearly £130 as I will be breaking my contract with them. They then went on to say that I had not given TalkTalk enough opportunities to rectify the problem, despite it being their Tech Team who told me there was nothing more they could do. So they state they cannot do anything else to assist, which to me suggests there is no point asking for further assistance as there is nothing more that can be done. Yet the problem is my fault somehow for not requesting further help from them? Anyone thinking of joining TalkTalk, DO NOT DO IT!!! Do yourself a favour and look elsewhere and you will save yourself a heap of trouble. Also, their 'Customer Service' is an absolute joke. It is virtually impossible to understand anything they are saying as it appears to be a call centre in India. Likewise, they struggled to understand what I was saying half the time. We recently had cause to call them about a mobile phone that had the SIM locked (Helpful toddler trying to put the pin in for us). We called them 4 times in total as the first 3 times they couldn't seem to understand what 'The SIM card is locked and we need a PUK code to unlock it'. Each time they passed us through to the cancellation department to get a PAC code to transfer our mobile number to another provider. I have never experienced a company that is as bad and unhelpful as TalkTalk. So please, for your own sanity, stay away from TalkTalk!!!

  • neutral

    by Valentin at 17:52 on 14 May 2015 Report abuse

    Was trying to get a deal unfortunately can't get one. I wonder how and way u guys doing a business without any service providing from u .

  • unhappy

    by Omar at 11:32 on 12 May 2015 Report abuse


    I opted for the 18 month super fibre optic broadband package. It was perfect for the first 10 days but after that it was a nightmare. Constant disconnections, broadband never work most the time, speed decreased to 0.5 mbps! Customer service was rubbish - constant phone line checks etc. which did not rectify the problem. What did I sign up for?

    Thankfully I received an e-mail stating my price will be increased. I knew from past experience that I could cancel my services without any termination charges if there was a price increase! I phoned up TalkTalk and quickly confirmed I could cancel without any charges as long as the price increase was the reason I was cancelling. I cancelled immediately and felt a massive weight of my shoulder.

    You have 30 days to cancel from the date the email was sent to you - take advantage of it!

  • unhappy

    by will murray at 14:35 on 3 May 2015 Report abuse

    Terrible company I had them install my phone and broad band a few years ago....I never got broadband so I canceled within the cooling off period.
    They then said I owed. them £70 for canceling threatened me with court orders so I paid for a service I never received
    I found this disgraceful so hit back via a solicitor and got my money back leave well alone

  • unhappy

    by John at 22:43 on 22 Apr 2015 Report abuse

    Been on talk talk for 6 months or so, was fine at first now for the last month it's pathetically slow but their website is saying nothings wrong..

  • unhappy

    by joan borchardt at 12:01 on 18 Mar 2015 Report abuse

    I joined talk talk 14feb 2014 had nothing but problems since then tv no reception kept freezing phone line not working no help when called rude staff the ones that you could understand.broadband has never worked was told by them if I cancel I have a fee to pay. would never recommend them to anyone.

  • happy

    by Ms Collier at 19:03 on 11 Mar 2015 Report abuse

    I've been a Talk Talk broadband customer since August this year.

    I've had an intermittent connection issue for a couple of months now and today after 5 engineer visits I'm hoping the problem is resolved, as the Open reach engineer discovered that the crimps that hold the wiring together were corroded and this could of been causing the copper imbalance on my line. He changed the crimps.

    What I've learned is that intermittent connection issues like mine can be very difficult to diagnose and fix. I have made many many phonecalls to Talk Talk in recent weeks and I've found there customer service to be brilliant overall. Yes some advisers are more knowledgeable than others just as some engineers are more knowledgeable than others.

    Some reviewers point out that they can cut you off when speaking to you. This can sometimes happen when they are running test on the line, its not intentional.

    I believe my line problem existed when I was with Virgin Media as it was intermittent then and I was with them for 7 years. They denied there was a problem with my line and refused to even arrange an engineer visit so I just put up with it as I live in the country side and there wasn't many other providers to choose from. At least Talk talk have tried to get Open reach to fix my issue and hopefully it is now fixed!

    I will probably stay with Talk Talk forever more now as for me they have been the best and I would recomend them to anyone.

    I've had BT, Virgin Media and Talk Talk.

  • unhappy

    by david at 11:46 on 9 Mar 2015 Report abuse

    Talktalks motto, if they had one, would be 'win'. If the customer said black was white, TT would argue that black is grey. If the customer then said that black was grey, TT would argue that its white. If the customer, said that 2+2=4, then TT would argue about that. The customer always has to be wrong, therefor talktalk are always correct. They can not lose, will not lose. Argue, argue, argue. Contradict, contradict, contradict. Everything is seen as an opportunity for negotiation in their favour. They dont care about keeping the customer happy, only keeping themselves happy. Whenever they apologies it is meaningless, as they keep on doing something to apologies about. You can have a fault. You phone them and tell them. They ask you to repeat up to three times what you have explained. When you get tired of this and say you are no longer repeating what is perfectly clear (and should be by now) they say 'how can we help you if you do not tell us whats wrong?'. Get this for genius. 'We are not going to do what you want, as we want you to have a good customer experience'. This was a supervisor. I put it to one of them yesterday, do you suppose that if you successfully force the customer to do what they do not want to do, they are going to be even more happy with you, or even more unhappy with you?' The answer was basically an inferred if you dont like it leave. Talktalks idea of good customer service skill, is to force the customer to do what they want, or to beat the customer. Everything has to be argued about. youll also notice a tactic of answering a question that has not been asked, as a way of avoiding answering the question that has been asked. Switching subject in other words when they are losing or it seems like they are or could lose the argument. And yet they initiate the argument. In spite of everything they still will not let you go cleanly, because as i said it has to be done to their advantage. Letting you go and still collecting the money would be to their advantage, despite p$ssing the customer off completely. they still have to win. They lack social skill, shame and etiquette. They are like a half council brick thrown through a plate glass window. BTW just in case this is changed from angry - this is angry or red.

  • unhappy

    by Jamie at 10:45 on 24 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    BEWARE MIS SELLING. After being directed to TalkTalk sales from Comparethemarket.com, I agreed a package by phone with one of their sales team, reiterating the channel selection as part of the bundle. After a fortnight te service was installed and a number of the channels were not present. A call to customer service to enquire resulted in being told I'd need to pay more for additional channels and that they didn't accept responsibility due to the package coming froma third party site (though they promptly quietened when I explained that the deal had been made by phone with a TalkTalk sales team member and that channels had been verbalised to confirm). I asked to raise a formal complaints laint and was assured I'd be called within 5 working days. I wasn't, so on day six, i called again to enquire as to the status - clearly nothing had been done and hence being put on hold while the operator went back to his superiors. I was told the offer would remain as issued. As a consumer not having a complaint followed through is really customer service 101 so to have to follow up myself and be told this really compounded the problem. So i cancelled my contract immediately. Just be very careful of buying by phone. If you look online you'll see that mis selling is not uncommon, and that Talk Talk especially have a somewhat chequered past in this regard.

  • unhappy

    by Alma Beha at 20:28 on 23 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    i can not agree any more with these reviews. In each of them it looks like they are speaking for me as well. No wonder. This is what customers of Talk Talk are getting from their provider. Appalling, very low standards service, careless, nonsense and irritating customer service that aims to circle you around first line support answering to everything with standard repetitive answers without ever intending to find a real solution to your problems. The worse thing is that this is the policy of Talk Talk company itself not that of a bad adviser in particular because all of them have the same conduct code. After complaining many times for hours on the phones about dropping broadband every 15 min. intervals, and cheating advisers ( it is their companies policy) that promise things for free on the phone and then charge you afterwords. After 10 years of custom to Talk Talk I have decided that enough is enough. BT is offering to reimburse any termination charges if you switch from another ISP. I cant wait to leave them and leave behind the frustration, annoyance and irritation their service have caused me, just for the sake of good value which in reality is no value at all.

  • neutral

    by lee at 13:45 on 19 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    Just joined talktalk because i was told they block all gambling web sites this is totaly untrue it only seems to block the big names like coral and william hill i clicked on betfair and that one still works plus loads more still work im not happy at all as i would have stayed with sky if i knew it didnt block all gambling sites so be warned before you dicide to purchase talktalk broadband.

  • unhappy

    by mike at 20:53 on 17 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    talktalk are complete jokers , they have no customer loyalty in place and couldnt care less about their customers , i was lied to and deceived and promised stuff by talk talk , only to me let down one after the other , then i told them i was leaving , they turned my services off , until i argued the toss with them , then i told them i wanted to downgrade to move to a better supplier and they took a week to turn off my fibre optic , i contact my future supplier and tell them right its turned off , go and do the take over , and low and behold talktalk 24 hours later turn fibre bk on again , so i couldnt leave ,then when i argue again with them , i tell them ok i will give them the benefit of the doubt , can u turn my fibre back on , they get all argumentitve and tell me no , because you have no direct debit set up , i explained i cancelled it months ago because i pay by credit card online , because talk talk never once , stuck to the direct debit date , so would try take the money out a week b4 or upto a week after , and that incurred me charges every single month , i was with them 7 yrs , every placed i moved to i took them with me , WORSE MISTAKE EVER , even with all the crap they have given me and the lies and the deceit , i offered 1 chance with them to buck their ideas up and their cancellations team come at me with an antagonising idiot of an advisor , this group of jokers are the worst suppliers i had to deal with , once you tell them ur leaving they act like stroppy children , i have contacted ofcom and made them aware of the problems i have had with them , hope they truly get fined for this ,,, they have lost 2 accounts in 1 go with me , i hope they lose thousands more tbh ....

  • unhappy

    by annoymous at 0:31 on 20 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    TT The worse company you will ever deal with, all call centers are in another country, they have no clue what so ever as to what they are doing they ask the same questions over and over again, after nearly 2 hours on the phone to these idiots I had my say and hung up, It should be against the law for companies to put call centers in other countries, I hope that talk talk goes bankrupt because by god they sure don't provide a good service in any aspect at all, I would advise you to go with someone else !!!

  • unhappy

    by steve at 13:07 on 2 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    talktalk, what can i say, awful, disrepectful, hard to understand, all of the above and more, had problems with my speed, when i complained my speed increased by 3 times, for about a week, then slow again, further 6 complaints about speed, same thing each time, last time they said they would send out an engineer, i said no as i know my equipment is fine, they insisted and said there would be no charge if the fault was not my end, engineer came, told me my end was fine and the problem was with talktalk, which i already knew, talktalk still charged me £50 for the visit saying that the speed issue was beyond their control, asked for better deal then, they gave me 3 months free broadband, but still charged me for it, so after months of calls and complaints i am leaving when my contract ends, i have been with them for nearly 10 years, i am (was) a loyal customer, they have no respect for this. avoid them at all costs

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