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  • unhappy

    by Jacqui Enright at 19:19 on 26 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    I have never experienced such appalling customer care as I have from Talk Talk. My mother recently moved home into sheltered housing at the age of 78 . She is also suffering with cancer. She has been trying to get Talk Talk to install a phone line for over 2 weeks with numerous promises of an engineer calling with no show. She has missed hospital and doctor's appointments over this but feels obligated to Talk Talk because she has agreed to a contract. No one shows any concern, empathy or sense of urgency when phoned and she has spent over £40 on mobile calls trying to sort out the problem. She is now feeling very stressed and considering going to the doctor's to get tablets to help! I would advise anyone to go to another provider so that any problem they encounter will at least be dealt with.

  • happy

    by sami at 11:12 on 23 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    I have been with talktalk now for over 2 yrs,
    i have always been passed to the correct department and though i agree it takes some time on the phone, the result has always been good.
    I think ones temper shouldnt allow you to run away with your true opinions,but oh believe me, im the best of whingers and complainers when its valid.
    However i have to promote the services of talktalk as i sincerely have never had a problem with it,
    i do not agree with customer services departments being based in countries such as india an bangladesh, however i have found that on the whole, the person on the other end of the phone is generally alot more thorough and concise, though their quite robotic, this is something we tend to ignore.
    whereby someone from this country will generally be likely to have a percentage of attitude and intolerance an not afraid to use patronising behaviour and cockiness?.
    Its like i said before, if youve had a bad day, then you will allow to release steam and often exaggerate the situation, we all have limits, and boradband etc means a hell of alot to us, me included, but ive learnt that the best way you are going to get any work out of the folk on the other end of the phone, is by being nice to them, otherwise they will wee in your soup, so to speak,

    please also realise one other thing, i owe talktalk nothing, but should they in future treat me like you all say u have been treated, i too will protest, but with honesty.
    gbye all,
    by the way.............B.T. are robbers.

  • unhappy

    by Warren at 13:24 on 22 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    Was supposed to have been upgraded to Talk after being transferred by Tiscali. In fact they cut off my broadband due to a 'system error'. After hours on the phone they said it would take 5 weeks to reconnect me!! and even tried to charge a reconnection fee. They also deleted my email account and misinformed me that my phone was to be disconnected. Appalling, confused, incompetent customer service. Going to Otelo to get compensation. Worst customer service I have ever encountered. Even worse than the CSA.

  • unhappy

    by Odette at 18:13 on 19 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    We decided to go for the bundle package with TalkTalk at the beginning of Jan 2010, What a mistake!
    All was fine until our 'Go live date' came and went, we spoke to many different advisors and none of them had a clue what was going on!
    We were eventullay told the New date would be 31st March for us going live!!!!!!
    we called to cancel and ask for a returns bag, the next day we were called by a different member of staff who didnt even have a clue we requested to cancel, it turned out we had to cancel both phone line and broadband at the same time before they could do anything!
    Very upset with service and definatley would NOT recommend to anybody!

  • unhappy

    by Chris at 15:05 on 16 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    Signed up for the talk talk deal after being with Tiscali after informed of the takeover & price hike. What a mistake and suddenly realised i do not want to be with this shower. After spending hours on the phone trying to cancel eventually did but a week later a routre arrived then the next day a letter confirming the go live date and then a few days later the Direct Debit details. Have now given up and written them by recorded mail, they are a complete shower and dont advise anyone touching them unless you want grief

  • neutral

    by philippe at 12:41 on 13 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    was with tiscali talktalk took over and want more than 8 pound extra for the same service sorry i go with o2 now

  • unhappy

    by T2 at 18:31 on 11 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    Been with Tiscali and now talk talk.
    Things in the beginning were good.
    Now, i seem to get disconnected alot.

    Customer services are rubbish/ none exsistant
    Spend hours on the phone. All you seem to do is spend ages explaining to different people that exact same thing and still nothing gets resolved.

  • unhappy

    by andy at 20:18 on 7 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    re niel hoskins
    i took the talk talk deal and had the same problem six months of absolute rubish after they sent me 5 yes 5 wireless hubs i payed for them to cancel my contract now the good news i sold the hubs on ebay and got my money back

  • unhappy

    by Jakii at 17:16 on 4 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    After a comedy of errors and lies by Talktalk I have tried to cancel my contract within the 30 days, when I received my router is clearly stated that I should NOT conect the equipment until the date specified in my letter which was the 8th Jan, I have tried to concel only to be told my broadband was live on the 21st December, I did not have my equipment then and the letter from Talktalk clearly states the 8th January, now they are trying to charge mme 130.00 for disconnection, thoroughly hacked off.

  • unhappy

    by Sean at 20:52 on 3 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    It's only an opinion of course but Tiscali absolutely the worst, now Talk Talk. I was billed twice in error for the same period and after about 20 million phone calls to "somewhere" most of which ended in getting cut off, the final result was I got offered £10 compensation and a letter which stated " we are sorry but we will now be unable to enter into any further correspondence on the matter". Brilliant cop out!, Would love to take it further if I had the time, money but above all energy which was sapped from my very soul. Changed ISP now after spending another 10,000 calls with Tiscali (reverts back to Talk talk) sales team trying to sell me their broadband service and suddenly knock £'s off the price whilst I was trying to obtain a MAC code to leave them and then cutting me off before I could even respond...Derrrrrrrr. My emotions leaving this comment were "happy" if it saves someone else the hassle

  • unhappy

    by maureen burke at 21:14 on 28 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    My brother signed up with Talk Talk in Ocober 2009 and since that date he has been 80per cent UNABLE to connect with Internet.

    He has spent many hours on the phone with Talk Talk and there has been no improvement and he has taken his computer to PC World to see if his computer has a problem. His computer has no problem.

    It has become IMPOSSIBLE for this man to connect to Internet since he changed to Talk Talk.

    I, myself, was in the UK over the Xmas period and I spent a whole day talking to Talk Talk engineers and managed from one night to get the connection. Since then, there has been nothing but unproductive elongated telephone calls....

    Do you have any answer to this disgraceful situation?

    PS: My brother is disabled...

  • unhappy

    by neil hoskins at 23:42 on 27 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    When i have tried to contact talktalk i have been waiting on the phone for at least 50 min on one occassion, i have tried on another four occassions and when i have been lucky to get through i have been passed back and forth to different departments. The customer service is abysmal and you cannot understand the technical people, and if they cant sort out your query i have been cut off which is really annoying after being on the phone for about 30 mins. I have had a look at the reviews on broadband suppliers and the reading is not good, so goodbye talktalk i will be looking at another option.

  • unhappy

    by David Seal at 12:41 on 27 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    When I first started out with Tiscali over 18 months ago things were good, reasonable download speeds and good monthly price. Since the Talk-Talk takeover I am getting download speeds as low as 60Kbps (Honestly). Also just had the letter stating unless I take their evening & weekend talk package my monthly fee will go up to £20. They messed everything up and then tried to tell me I had opted for another 18 month contract with a £355 back-out charge. Got that resolved today and my MAC - I'm off but not sure where just yet!

  • unhappy

    by Alan R. at 11:52 on 23 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    I feel totally let down by TalkTalk both in their customer services and their abilitly to organise Broadband connectivity which I am still waiting for over 2 months to be completed.

    On phoning Customer Services they not only could not understand their own package pricing when I queries the charges they also trasferred me when the question became more tricky around giving me a confirmed date for Broadband installation.

    They could not give me a date, and I am still waiting!!!!!

    Can I even cancel the 2 year contract now I am over 30 days??

  • unhappy

    by julia mchattie at 17:10 on 18 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    I have been a customer since 8th December and have only managed to gain access to the internet about six times. Having phoned customer services several times without success - I refuse to be to spend longer than twenty minutes waiting for an answer and am now totally frustrated at the inefficiency of the service. Don't give excuses about high call volumes or bad weather just answer the phone please. I never had this problem with Sky and really wish I had stayed with them.

  • unhappy

    by S.Walsh at 14:47 on 16 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    I have been with talk talk for 4 mths and have had nothing but trouble with it. Quite often I'm unable to connect to the internet, at other times it throws me out and it is very slow most of the time.
    Talk Talk can not sort the problems out so I have now pulled out of the 18 mth contract as they could not provide the service.

  • unhappy

    by lorna hanna at 10:58 on 16 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    please please no one take talk talk they are completely useless i still have no broadband after four months and have had no outgoing calls for over a week because ??? well they have no idea i dont owe them money but still they fob me off

  • unhappy

    by Mahadeo & Olida Pal at 15:55 on 14 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    Since being with Talktalk with my broad band, I can seriously say that it is very dissapointing. It has been almost been 1 year since its not working and everytime I ring the ask me to do all these checks which I would do and still nothing,. I think that the level of service is very apauling and Distressing to myself. Blood pressure I should because there seem to be no satisfaction whatso ever. I have now been in touch again to ask for the wireless router to see if that would change anything, then if it does not I will certainly have to take this further to be compensated with full broadband service for 1 year.

  • unhappy

    by derrick at 10:51 on 11 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    I have been charged for a service which I dont have. In 2004 I changed from talk talk because of high bills , very poor service and no help from customer services. Six (6) years later they send me a bill, which states is the cost of the printed statement. The printed statement which has been charged for, tells me I owe nothing, other than the cost of the statement. After 11 days of going round TALK TALK,s ''customer service'' , someone with a strange accent says they will credit my bill. Again the bill is for nothing accept them printing a bit of paper (which i dont want) and sending it to me. God knows how much the phone calls to TALK TALK cost me, to a service provider I dont use.
    TALK TALK should be re named GRAB GRAB - ****Buyer Beware******

  • neutral

    by Jane Carruthers at 11:21 on 29 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    Recently got talked into transferring my Orange Broadband to Talk Talk when I went in to buy my daugher a mobile phone. Although the supply of my router went smoothly, I had problems with my phone line, which I was also persuaded to switch from BT (Carphone Warehouse sales tactics). Having to deal with their overseas help team has been absolutely horrendous. Without having to go into too much detail, I am now switching back to Orange (only had Talk Talk live for a week). However, reading the reviews on Orange, I might be going from the frying pan to the fire! We shall see!

  • unhappy

    by Paul McCarthy at 16:00 on 10 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    I've been with the new Talk Talk Pro for a couple of weeks since moving from BT to save money. DONT DO THIS! You're supposed to get a new "n" router & an "I" plate. I've asked three times and everytime it's not been ordered. Speed has gone from 5.5mb/400k on my Max service to 2.2meg/250k on their "better" ADSL2 service.
    Never again will I take BT's boring but reliable service for granted.

  • neutral

    by DAVID THORBURN at 19:55 on 2 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    Agreewith all the above,overseas helplines are impossible to understand,Spoke to an english lad today called Allan what a difference, he still could not solve my problem so I am still going round in circles . The tick your feelings box has three options,neutral,happy or angry I am none of these , where is the box that says Are you fed up and do you want to change providers? there isn,t one so I ticked neutral.Hey ho, bring back the carrier pigeons.

  • unhappy

    by joh at 14:20 on 30 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    I am having problems right from the outset. I switched after their salesmen kept pestering me and sweet talked me into their unbelievable offers (I was already having problems with Tiscali) and that the switch would be seamless with me not even noticing, which would all happen in two weeks time. However, its been more than a month now and now they have started to show their true colors-arrogant, defiant, rude, laid back and irresponsible, plus they also have an attitude. So far no router (maybe becoz of the postal strike), no broadband, they took over the phone line though within two weeks. Now they tell me that (after 5 weeks of waiting) that the demand for theirs is too high and so they only placed my order today and will take another 14 working days. And now that the initial 14 day cooling period is over they have got me locked in and won't stick to their promise. Please be aware of their ruthless salesmen who lock you into switching and once you have, they don't care.
    All they do is "TALK" maybe the name says it all.

  • neutral

    by Stanley Robinson at 17:54 on 29 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    Very poor customer service. Passed from pillar to post having to give the same information at every level and having the feeling that you are dealing with staff who don't have a good handle on what they are supposed to be doing. Also, very hard to communicate with some of the staff you are passed to.

  • happy

    by Martin at 20:51 on 28 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    I have been with talktalk for 2 years now and i cant fault the speed of there broadband as im getting very close to the 8 meg plan im on around about 6.9/7+ meg all through the day. The only bug bear i have with them is there customer service could be alot better if they could get that right they would be world class

  • neutral

    by betty at 1:21 on 28 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    i hate talktalk when i started with them the package was £20.50 but then it went up slowly to around £30. for paper charges,vat late payment they do not give you a option of paying bill on certain date of the month customer service is bad were they put the phone down on you also i also started out getting 8mg broadband now am getting around 3.1mg, when you write to them they do not reply to your letters.

  • unhappy

    by mesut yaman at 7:42 on 16 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    last 2,5 years I was with them,last 3 months ego I complained their charge,and I told them i wanted to move to Tiscali ,line and unlimited broadband total 14.99 , I asked Mack code they said " i don't needed Tiscali only accepts if you are moving from Bt ,because they told me they are the same sister company - for that reason they do not let me make the changes. then thy offer me same price, for me to stay with them plus 2.00 = 17.00 for some call charge inc VAT, I clearly repeated: "Is the total am I going to pay £17 including VAT? " answer is very clear "yes". My lasst bill came again similar 35.00 ++ on the envelope very convensing bad joke " relax this bill from talk talk" I did not even talk to them any more I called Bt they are moved me from them . Then now They treating me becauce i broke the contract with them . They forgetting they broke their own contract! broad band 0;00 , land line and call charge 15;99 cal plan 8.99 ( i have no idea where is from euro and aisa 3;00 (no ide) plus my calls + VAT: three times they charge me for different call plans - they supposed to send me a bill of £17, plus my calls only £3-5 with VAT. They are very dishonest.

  • unhappy

    by steven B at 20:03 on 13 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    it's been a while since i left this company ..... over 1 year

    but thought i might leave a comment anyway

    Do not go with this company , if you wish to use BIT torrent or other peer to peer programs such as Iplayer and 4OD ....
    there traffic shaping protocols are ridiculous .... many a time , was my broadband throttled , such much so .. i couldn't even open my browser

    ( i live 400 metres from the exchange , honestly )

    they gave me a modern , that could only handle 2 MEG but my package was 8 MEG ( traffic shapping started with the tools they provided ) ..many a time i phoned to query this and they said it was all my line could handle and it had nothing to do with them or there eqiuipment they supplied

    being my first broadband on this line, i had nothing to gauge it against and all speed tests were restricted by the modern.. but line tests proved otherwise....

    they lied to me for over a year time and time again and had the cheek to ask me to renew my contract.

    it's your choice whether or not to go with them .... but I for one will never being going back .....and @ the time they were offering it for free!

    i went to virgin and got 700+kbps download but even they throttle to 100kbps during peek times ... but are still better than this company.

  • neutral

    by michelle martin at 10:12 on 5 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    i have no phone line rental - can talktalk connect me up from stratch?

  • unhappy

    by Lapoma at 13:37 on 3 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    Talk Talk is very untrue about vital information when joining. Customer service is a farce and the broadband is so slow.

    Rubbish people them lot..

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