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  • neutral

    by ron huntley at 14:39 on 21 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    i signed up with talktalk but i wished i had read these reviews first. they sent me a wireless modem: this uses more power than an ordinary modem. Could somebody tell me what ordinary modem will work that does not need a separate power unit, as these little transformers use about £40 of electric a year so the saving of approx £84 per year on the service is grossly reduced. as for their help line, it's s**t.

  • unhappy

    by Peter Cottle at 21:40 on 18 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    Whilst out shopping the sales team from talk talk approached my wife. You need to be with us they said "we give the best deals and connection speeds", look we can check your line now and see what speeds you can have....... it has come back that you can get 8mbits wow that will be fast for you. Well the truth is we only get a speed no faster than 1.5 mbits download and upload of .015. This was misselling and does not represent the service they suggested we could have. Such a glib response of "well we only say it is up to upto 8mbits". I checked with BT they say we are able to have connection speeds of 6mbits. So if it is cheapness then go wth talk talk you only get what you pay for.

  • unhappy

    by Paul Garrett at 13:44 on 29 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    I have been with TalkTalk for over 2 years now. Things okay until you deal with customer services. In last year, they have renewed my contract without permision, lied to me about service failures( They identified router as problem and promised to send new one - then after 1 week waiting they denied they agreed to send new one), and the final straw was changing my calling plan without my permision and then unable to return me to original calling plan as "it no longer exists to new customers"
    My BT line is up and running on 7th August and then I will be subscribing to Sky for telephone calls and broadband.

  • neutral

    by trailerfitter at 16:00 on 5 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    You know I have just done the speed test on this website and ours is running at 2Mbps download speed which is no where near the speed of 8Mbps written on the talk talk promise of download speed....however we have got this service free so do we have a right to complain?........

    About the service..I can identify with previous reviews on technical support from other reviewers not just for talk talk one always has to start from base one and unplug the computer router and all that jazz before they proceed about stuff they haven't got a clue about. Diagnosis is scripted so any deviation from the process the tech team are stuck!!! We asked about having a Xbox 360 online is it okay..first there was a silence and then the "errrrr you'll have to contact Sony about that". ( hang on Sony does the play station doesn't it?)...yeah okay talk talk you are my ISP so you sould be able to tell me if its okay ...well we put a different router in than one that was supplied by talk talk and all is working well for the xbox live ...that is until the line crashes which incidently happens far too often.......5 or 6 times per day! We are looking for a different provider at the moment ...any suggestions or will it be the same all around the block?

  • neutral

    by mmg at 21:59 on 24 Jun 2009 Report abuse

    talktalk phone package is excellent but the broadband is far too slow. download speed of 243kbps upload of 24kbps. customer support make you feel something is being done and you get a higher speed for about 24 hours max then it is back to snail speed. the only good thing i that it is free with the phone package but i wish i could try out another provider just to see the difference. i live close to the exchange so i should get highter speeds. drives me nuts. i thought of going over to O2 but you need a BT landline i believe and i have a talk talk landline.

  • neutral

    by rosie at 7:08 on 8 Jun 2009 Report abuse

    when i have been with tiscali they couldn't seem to help me to connect my ipod touch to the internet. i went into a carphone warehouse to see if they could help and they connected my ipod to their router, when i got back home i could not there was a padlock next to my name on the survice provider. so i wonder if you could help me.

  • unhappy

    by MARY BATES at 9:33 on 21 May 2009 Report abuse

    My internet connection is down. Talk Talk keeps blaming the router and everytime I telephone them I speak to someone foreign who I struggle to understand. I have had problems with by internet connection for a few weeks and they too keep blaming the router and my son has told me it is not that and he will sort it out, but he is busy and I am scared to phone Talk Talk because they made me feel very small - yet I work with computers every day and do know something about them. I know I will have to contact them again when I have several hours to spare, as I do need access to the internet. Do not change to Talk Talk no matter how good a deal as the customer service is ********.

  • unhappy

    by Jonny at 20:38 on 15 May 2009 Report abuse

    TalkTalk are cheap, however the saving you make on the broadband are easily outweighed by your electricity bill if downloading or uploading!! For example, I am a member of a songwriters group which upload our own made music to our MySpace page. I set my computer to switch off when downloads/uploads are complete, when i was with the brilliant O2 Broadband it would be done in minutes, with TalkTalk i have known it to take over 1 hours to upload my music because of the dreadfull un-reliability and drops in connection....

    So my electricity bill for keeping my computer on for such lenghs of time results in the savings from cheap TalkTalk (which is approx £8 month compared to O2) being turned into an extra £25 per month added to my electricity bill!!!

    So all in all for me, TalkTalk costs me an extra £17 per month over O2 and the customer services are absolutely rubbish!!

    Please do yourselfs a favour and listen to this invaluable advice "Do not sign up to TalkTalk"...

  • happy

    by Stuart at 20:42 on 13 May 2009 Report abuse

    I've been with TalkTalk since April 2006 on the AnyTime broadband and phone package at £20.49 a month.

    Apart from one or two initial problems due to the sheer number of new subscribers wanting to take up TT's "free" broadband offer, I've been delighted and saved a fortune as well (I used to pay Tiscali £15 a month for broadband alone).

    Average broadband connection speed is 6.9Mb and a very reliable service, including the phone, has been enjoyed over a period of three years. It includes AnyTime UK and international phone calls to 36 different countries as well as line rental.

  • unhappy

    by John joe o toole at 15:09 on 12 May 2009 Report abuse

    Talktalk are rubbish

  • unhappy

    by debbie at 0:34 on 11 May 2009 Report abuse

    My uncle's internet connection failed, so he rang talktalk. They told him confidently that it was a fault with his computer, so he made an appointment to take his computer to the local Apple store later in the week for a repair. He rang me to tell me what had happened and not to email until he had it repaired.

    I asked what the problem was, and smelt a rat. Talktalk had not checked any basic diagnostics with him. I asked if he has rebooted the router or looked at the settings, and he said that talktalk had not asked him to do that. I talked him through rebooting the router, and then reset his ADSL password, and bingo, problem solved.

    Now I'm not a techy expert. If I could do this, the halfwit he spoke to could have done the same. They didn't bother to check at all. It would have cost him money to discover that there was nothing whatsoever wrong with his computer, and he'd be no closer to getting back online. Fortunately, we solved it before he took his machine in to the Apple shop.

    I think this is unacceptable service.

  • unhappy

    by paul at 23:38 on 9 May 2009 Report abuse

    talk talk or not as the case may be - rubbish. When i moved to pipex 11 months ago the service is great, no problems, until the car phone whouse cowboys purchased tiscali on the 8 may. They own pipex -sad day. I will have to look for another provider now i have been told they are going to migrate our bt lines to there own and we will have to pay them .

  • unhappy

    by Adam at 14:29 on 8 May 2009 Report abuse

    NEVER switch to Talk Talk. Even if they end up the last ISP on earth steer well clear of these cowboys and do not be drawn by the cheap cost. Cheap they might be but my God they offer the worst customer service ever. If your landline breaks down, which mine has three times in 12 months do not think that by filling in an on-line fault report will help to resolve your problem because it won't - you will be ignored. You will have to use another landline (friend or family) to speak to a call handler in outta space otherwise it will cost a fortune to use your mobile, especially because there is a standard 30 minute wait. If you ever ring customer services then put the phone on loud speaker and just sit back and wait.

    If your internet goes down and you do not use a talk talk router, they will shift the blame to the router saying you must call the router company for support.

    I am currently looking to switch but haven't got a clue who to switch too. I was thinking Virgin but they get bad reviews. 02 appear to offer the best service, particularly customer service, but I need a BT landline. Where do I go ?

  • unhappy

    by James at 16:45 on 3 May 2009 Report abuse

    Talk talk is the worst internet provider in the history off the world, i actually think that they could only make it worse if the internet died once every second instead of 10 seriously if you are considering getting talk talk for the love of internet don't

  • unhappy

    by David at 23:01 on 1 May 2009 Report abuse

    I switch from BT to talktalk 2 days ago, all i will say is as a hardcore online gamer, talktalk is complete s**t. 17 months 28 days left of this rubbish.

  • unhappy

    by Harry at 21:53 on 28 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    I switched to talktalk for cheaper landline calls initially and recently switched to talktalk for the full package of broadband, line rental and phone calls... what a mistake!
    I have had nothing but trouble, firstly the setup disc is not compatable with Macintosh so no wireless connection to laptop, the internet connection fails every 3-5 seconds, the landline gives an engaged tone and I cant answer most incoming calls... and try telling that to some guy with pigeon English at the opposite side of the Planet- either 'Wicter' in Mumbai or some smart ass in South Africa! Worst service and customer support ever!

  • unhappy

    by jeffrey at 13:52 on 22 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    i keep losing my connection on talk talk

  • neutral

    by Robin Michael at 8:04 on 17 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    There is a thirty day cancellation period at the start of the contract. I have only just started but so far I am pleased with what I have got. I was not able to get my wireless router to work with virgin.net, yet with talktalk there is a free help line. The software was much better too.

    I am a little disappointed with the overall speed and I might try a speed boost. Before joining talktalk I used 18866.co.uk for my telephone calls, unfortunately talktalk block this service.

    I signed up to a limited over in which the line rental was free for the first year, if you signed up at a Carphone Warehouse shop.

  • happy

    by Nigel Tatschner at 8:32 on 11 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    What most people dont realise that Talk Talk uses BTs lines so when your slowed down its really BT Throttling the connection, this starts from about 3pm to about 9pm to give everyone in the area a fair share of the line speed and to stop the Downloaders taking up all the connection at the peak times of the day. Hope the sheds some light on the situation.

  • unhappy

    by neil at 9:18 on 3 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    what a load of rubbish do not use talk talk. every time i try to connect to the internet i have loads of problems.
    worst internet provider ever.

  • unhappy

    by Chris at 16:55 on 26 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    Only been with TalkTalk a few months and have no hair left. It might be cheaper, but the frustration is just not worth it. Much rather pay extra with BT than have to deal with the broadband either slowing down to a trickle or shutting down completely. And I will happily pay the £70 cancellation fee if it means I'll be freeof them forever.

  • unhappy

    by Phil at 16:52 on 23 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    TalkTalk has been a total pain since I joined up. Broadband constantly disconnects and it once took 3 weeks to get a totally dead phone line back up again - only took a week and a half to fix the fault when it happened 2 months earlier. The help-line advisors pretend to be helpful (if u can understand them) but in actual fact they don't know jack. I could do better with 2 yoghurt pots and a piece of string. In a word......avoid.

  • unhappy

    by Gordon at 1:17 on 11 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    I have just changed to TalkTalk from BT/Orange as it looked a good deal financially. It's no big deal Phone/Broadband+Caller line ID and Free U/K calls any time.
    I'm really impressed with their customer service in India... I've been a telephone engineer for forty years and can see that they are just a bunch of cowboys. They obviously rely on BT for the line and AOL for the broadband. This is why the service is so sh*t as they are just a call centre "go-between" for the services. It has taken them two weeks from "taking over" the telephone line service to implement their broadband, (not a real problem is the old service wasn't affected) But CLID should have been active from the start, (it was working with BT) a two minute configuration change on the line has taken them three weeks to get up and running! I suspect that it will now be O/K from now on. God help me if there is a real problem with the line/service; it could take months to fix as they rely on BT for line problems and AOL for Broadband.
    Still if you buy cheap then you only get what you pay for!

  • unhappy

    by herb at 17:29 on 10 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    expensive,expensive, expensive! impossible to get anyone with genuine possibilities regarding negotiation of contract changes...... Cape Town staff very pleasant however.

  • unhappy

    by tony at 17:50 on 28 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    waste of space, parents ordered the broadband, it would not connect so called up the helpline, out of the three people I spoke to only one was polite and helpful. As mentioned elsewhere the script is the same no matter what the problem.
    Anyway I was told to unplug the other phone in the house as well as sky, the router worked until I plugged the phone back in. I was then told to plug the router in the main phone socket.
    I did try to tell them that my pc is a desktop upstairs and the phone socket is downstairs, they did agree but could not tell me how this would help me.
    The solution was to go and buy a usb adapter, took this home and tried again, success ? Well no.
    I used to get better speeds almost ten years ago, completely hopeless. Anyway my mum phoned up to cancel and was told she cannot until we get another company to "buy the package off us". If like my parents you think you may save a few pounds please think twice.

  • happy

    by Basil at 21:25 on 3 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    I think the service provided by Talk Talk has been excellent.I have recently moved house and decided to continue with Talk Talk and have experienced no problem at all. My phone bill is a fraction of what it used to be and my wife and I regularly surf the net without worrying about the length of time we are spending on it. So too with the unlimited calls. What a joy to be able to talk with people when you want to and not have to wait until the evening or weekend.
    As for the help lines. Brilliant. I have had course to ues them twice and on both occasions have been blessed with exceedingly patient staff who have successfully guided me through the intricacies of modern technology.

  • happy

    by Russ at 15:45 on 2 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    I have been with TalkTalk for about 16 months now, live in a on cabled area so went for the best deal. I cant understand why people complain? My service has been great! I watch movies online, game online and get a constant download of approx 7.2mb
    Friends in the area have opted for 'Orange' and 'Sky' and im sorry but if you think your getting a better deal or service your in for a shock! After a few weeks when things go wrong they don't want to know. One lady i know was with 'Orange' ... it NEVER worked!! So she went to Sky.... worked a lot of the time but the kids kept going on p2p sites and it was just eatin the bandwidth. Now she is on TT and loves it, she never dips in and out on speeds and altough she only gets an average of 4mb its a constant feed.

  • unhappy

    by roy at 12:22 on 30 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    too bad, keeps breaking down all the time

  • unhappy

    by Sam at 1:04 on 22 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    **** is the word accosiated with TalkTalk. The customer service is Indian (suprise, suprise!!), they read of a script. Your're stuck in a 18 month contract which is **** because they don't provide the services they list. £70 to cancel the contract.

    Last night I was downloading a song and I looked at the speed. 1KBPS. I mean come on when I was with BT it was like 6 MBPS. The reason that it is free is because they are so bad.

    No online Gaming

    Internet diconects itself usually about every 2 Minutes. I occasionally enjoy it for 30 seconds or so.

    The only thing this would be good for is if all you wanted to do is check your emails and maybe the news or something.

    How do they think customers are going to like it especially without online gaming you think about the amount of people that online game. I mean I personally play on Second Life, but I am paying my next door neighbour £5 a month so I can use his internet as he is on virgin. I mean people think realistics.


  • unhappy

    by Alex at 12:27 on 19 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    My talktalk broadband began to get slower and slower in November and by the beginning of December was completely unable to be used.

    However this is nothing compared to the complete lack of service from their technical support teams and total lack of contact from their engineers. They apparently have no complaints department and just pass you from pillar to post. I have been promised calls back so many times now and just end up on hold for best part of an hour every night, just to be told they shut up shop at 8pm!

    I am complaining to the highest level I can find and would suggest anyone who is considering using TalkTalk to avoid like the plague. They are fine when it's working, but when it's not I've been told 'well it's a free servive (broadband - if you pay for telephone) so you don't get any compensation' - therefore I cannot even say I'll withold my payment to get any success getting my broadband fixed!

    I'm going to Sky,....

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