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  • neutral

    by greiggy at 20:53 on 11 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    The package is, on the face of it, good value and I get quite good speeds -- when it's working. The contention in my area is too high and at busy times esp. weekend the broadband cuts out constantly. Main problem is VERY poor customer service which includes a company policy of stonewalling and blocking complaints. They will refuse to elevate a complaint that has been investigated and recifications carried out but without reasonable satisfaction. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with in this regard and it is only fair to warn others -- when things gets difficult, they are very difficult, even for someone who knows how to communicate and pursue a complaint. Changing is likely to involve a 5-day break in service. In summary: WARNING -- the customer service is so bad that however inexpensive the service, it could never be a good choice.

  • happy

    by Garola at 12:13 on 7 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    My broadband/phone contract with talktalk is due to expire in
    February.I have to be honest and say i have had no problems whatsoever and will think about renewing the contract if i get
    something back in return.After all AOL offers a free lap top.
    Talktalk can confirm i pay regulary by DD and would be a
    loss to them.Having said that if i get a good deal with a decent
    free gift then i am away to another ISP.

  • happy

    by 2ndlinewifi at 0:08 on 3 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    I work for TalkTalk as a 2ndline wireless support advisor, I can assure you we all in this department are dedicated and try our very best to resolve all problems customers experience.A lot of calls that we recieve are misplaced by customers who, one day find they cannot access the internet and when we start diagnosing the problem discover...out of date Norton anti-virus and the like,Trojan infections,viruses,wireless switch not switched on,Microsoft SP3 auto downloaded and knocking off anyone using WEP security, the list goes on and on.These people who are probably taking up the majority of queue time are the type who are most irrate and we, as a department have to keep our cool and try not to annoy them further but even when you gently explain that the problem lies with them they still find it hard to accept that as we provide their broadband the fault lies with us

  • unhappy

    by zubier at 22:48 on 2 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    Abosolutely do not recomend talk talk to anybody they don't care about their customers, you always can complain but they ignore you. If you have a good life please stay away of talk talk otherwise you will get in troble.

  • happy

    by JerryP at 9:01 on 1 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    Changed over to a package with free broadband in August. They did all the work with BT and my current ISP for the cancellations. It changed over on the day they said it would. The router kept diconnecting contantly for the first few days which got me worried. I upgraded the router firmware to the latest one and now it stays connected for days at a time. Best speeds are 6Mbs in the daytime.

  • happy

    by Debbie at 16:45 on 24 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    It was a challenge and a half to get the phone and then the broadband in place. It then took a bit of work to get the wireless to work (seems the router is sensitive to cordless phones - once I moved the phone to a different location it's been fine). Now that it is up and running - it's been fine. We use the computer for just general things, no large downloads. The telephone comes in handy because I ring the States a lot. I have to say sometimes the connection can be pretty poor but normally if I disconnect and re-dial it's fine. We only pay a little over £20 a month for our line rental/national calls and international calls plus broadband - that's quite a lot of the money. Would I recommend them - if you have patience and want the savings - go for it!

  • unhappy

    by Roy at 7:50 on 19 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    A couple of things a talktalk sales agent won't tell you on the phone :)
    1.) If you don't have a bt line, they give you another provider's number to do the work for them (sometimes they even transfer you straight to that company's line pretending that the company is part of talktalk)
    2.) They charge you £30 to join them (they daren't tell you what for though) because whenever talktalk take over a line, it's no longer recognised as a bt line anymore, which mean you're stuck with talktalk unless you agree to an bt openreach engineer charge of £130 to fix what talktalk have done to your line
    3.) Because they offer free broadband (why is their line rental so high?) do you think they care if any techinical issues happen or will they resolve it as soon as possible?
    4.)If you call the sales line you through to an agent in the UK, once you joined then guess where you're off to? India :)

    In simple, I would pay the extra pound or two to a provider who, if anything happens, can actually help me if any issues occur


  • unhappy

    by LYNNIE at 11:49 on 12 Nov 2008 Report abuse


  • unhappy

    by Sue at 5:59 on 12 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    I am due to go over to Virgin today after 18 months of bad service from Talk Talk, and even now after one month of requesting disconnection, they still haven't disconnected me. I've emailed them twice, and phoned four times. Each time I am told something different. For a communication's company, there is little in the way of communication!

    If you need to speak to their customer service department (which I've had to on a regular basis) expect to be held in a queue for up to an hour before speaking to anyone. And, if your home phone isn't working, then it can work out very expensive calling from a mobile to a 0870 number.

    If someone is kind enough to try and report your phone out of order for you then they would have to know your full name, address, post code and bank it is debited from.

    Every time I speak to a customer advisor, I'm put on hold and sometimes cut off. The level of service is the worst I've ever had the misfortune to experience. Even if they paid me, I wouldn't use Talk Talk.

    Broadband disconnects itself at least once a day, and the phone line has always been problamatic with a cross line in the background.

    You have been warned!

  • unhappy

    by Realo at 1:13 on 10 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    No matter where i go or what i do it is always coming back to the DNS. plus How is it possible to become slowerduring the off peak hours of MID-NIGHT.

    if they say that they are going to move you from one payment to another say NO. our boadband was fine but they changed something and now it doesn't work very well

    added on to this: when ever we get a phone call our internet cuts out
    I MEAN COME ON!! this is suposed to be broadband

  • happy

    by BG at 20:47 on 9 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    i have been with t/talk since they started ......2 yrs back and had NO probs whatso-ever

  • unhappy

    by Jackie at 17:43 on 8 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    Pestered me to sign offered free broadband and half price call plan for first three months. I agreed, not had half price call plan and they now want to charge me for BB because you cannot get it free in my area. Then why offer it!

    Cancelled my BB within 30 days but they want paying for what I have already had...they can go whistle...

  • unhappy

    by Jerry at 17:14 on 8 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    Talktalk broadband very very unreliable for speed compared to previous supplier. Decided to leave them but quoted inflated cancellation charge by talktalk I.E. Far more than total of remaining months in contract! It's only free because it's so bad. Suggest avoid!

  • unhappy

    by eddie at 17:59 on 6 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    just signed up to this ****, against better judgement,

  • unhappy

    by Glenn at 16:49 on 6 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    DO NOT sign up to TalkTalk. Business Caller package with broadband. Have to ring every month cause can't connect to internet. Now been without broadkband for 2weeks - high level technical support can't solve the problem! Apparently my username and password are not authenticating on their servers!
    Tied into 18month contract!
    Bills always have errors on them, charging too much - spent hours on the phone to customer services/techncial support.
    Can't wait to cancel and move back to BT!

  • unhappy

    by S.P Alford at 19:23 on 19 Oct 2008 Report abuse

    Please, please, please DO NOT sign up to Talk Talk broadband. I have been without a service for weeks, and they will neither help me out, or let me cancel. Just trying to contact their Customer Service (ha!), is a task in itself, and I've spent literally hours of completely wasted time talking to a Bombay call centre whom I can barely understand.

  • unhappy

    by Jonty at 16:39 on 30 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    A word of warning to non-TalkTalk customers! I just had a phone call from TalkTalk Cancellation Department, they wanted to know why I had cancelled my account with them before it went live, according to them back in 2005. I've never signed up to TalkTalk and told him so. He said I must have as my details are on their system, and then tried getting me interested in their services. I had 1 TalkTalk rep knock on my door, which probably was about 3 years ago and he was thrusting a form at me to sign up. I refused. I then researched TalkTalk reviews online and immediately knew I'd made the right choice. Seems like we can't escape them!

  • happy

    by Talk Talk Broadband slow - due to Eco Life HG520s at 12:07 on 20 Aug 2008 Report abuse

    Signed up[ for Talk Talk Business Caller + FREE Broadband offer @ £24.99 per month inc free calls to 01/02/03 number between 9 & 5. All good on the voice side. But set up broadband and would be OK for a minute or twio the crawl, loose connection and generally perform terribly. Called Technical about 10 times in 2 days. Being an IT engineer I decided to set up my own router (TP Link TD-W8920g from voltsuk.com) set up and within a few minutes running excellent. Much faster than my old provider (BT). A little upset that I had to do this myself - Technical tried everything. But took my own router to solve issue. Suggest other people try it. Hopefully your all having trouble due to the same router problem - fingers crossed for you all.

  • unhappy

    by jacqui at 13:34 on 15 Aug 2008 Report abuse

    oh god just got a phone call from talk talk and have agreed to switch, now having read the reviews does anyone know the best way to cancel immediately

  • unhappy

    by Abs at 13:29 on 9 Aug 2008 Report abuse

    Like most people have commented on here. Talk Talk is too good to be true. You will experience far too many problems during the course of 18 months. Talk talk really is a Broadband nightmare, believe me.

    Wireless Broadband with Talk talk is hell. The broadband will lose connection whenever it feels like it. I had major problems every 6 months, with no broadband connection for several weeks. And minor problems in between those 6 months.

    Customer service is terrible. The chances are the first person you talk to will not solve your problem, so you'll be transfered to another "advanced" technician. That will take up another 10-20 minutes on hold, maybe more. I've had a major problem recently with my wireless broadband, and they haven't been able to assist me with the problem.

    I'd advise everyone not to get Talk Talk, it will save you a great deal of time and money. It's not worth it.


  • unhappy

    by Steve Light at 0:11 on 13 Jul 2008 Report abuse

    Its only free because no one would pay for this. Started of fine but restricted but now almost unuseable!

  • unhappy

    by kevin at 18:53 on 12 Jul 2008 Report abuse

    absolute s**** - I used my wireless router on my BT Broadband for over two years never had to reset it, with talk talk the connection is dropped after a few minutes and I have to go and reset the router. If I get an incoming phone call the broadband doesn't work at all. I'm from Northern Ireland so the customer support is a total waste of time - it can't even cope with my name. BTW if anyone from Talk Talk is reading this please change that f#@&^** song - you are certainly not part of any revolution . I too am tied in to this for eighteen months - its like a prison sentance. Come back BT all is forgiven.

  • unhappy

    by rachel at 12:50 on 18 Jun 2008 Report abuse

    talk talkj absolutely rubbish. signed up for complete broadband telephone call and telephone line plan. they started to charge for broadband despite repeated telephone calls to tell them we had not received the equipment. customer service non existent. rang to ask if happy with service said no i had already cancelled the broadband but was still being charged for talk internation anytime. as i never ring anyone outside the u.k. asked to cancel this. customer service said they would be able to change plan and that they would ring me back that afternoon. that was approx 3 months ago and i have heard nothing from them. now i want to cancel whole contract .they now expect me to pay 70 pounds cancellation fee or will be blacklisted.this is bullying and intimitation of the highest order. my partner was on the telephone for over an hour last night regarding this and was passed back and for from customer service to cancellation department. he and i spoke to at least 6 people.

  • unhappy

    by Colin at 9:35 on 21 May 2008 Report abuse

    Its 2008, and things are getting worse.

    Email contact is simply 'replied' with an automated, We try to get things right, but please telephone (India) TO speak to our team.

    My wireless modem died, so returned to wired unit for now. The technical help is a person reading from a prepared sheet (which can now be printed yourself). Their advice contact a local technician. I asked do TalkTalk have any local techies, no, look in yellow pages, and pay a private technician to resolve the faults, configure your modem.

    Even ordering spare parts (through Car Phone Warehouse), is not as simple as it could be. Failed to deliver wireless adapter, even told by despatch, don't stock them any more!!!!. They own AOL GB now, so both services are covered by the same services.

    Notice they have reduced the modems to just one now (wireless) using Netgear now. startup kit. Start and go seems to be configured in a way you are forced to use the CD...manual configuring is problematic.

  • unhappy

    by anna at 19:42 on 12 May 2008 Report abuse

    Stay away!!! When there is a problem it becomes a nightmare. I was two weeks with no phone and no broadband, I spent hours on hold with a crap customer service and a constand table-tennis-exercise with people that do not know what they are talking about. Never ever again. I am back to BT.

  • unhappy

    by DJAH at 18:41 on 6 May 2008 Report abuse

    The service has to be experienced to believe. The 1st line technical support exhaust their technical knowledge by answering the phone. I'm sure it must have taken extensive training to achieve such poor customer service, no one could be that bad naturally. Having established that they can do nothing for you, or anyone else I should think, they then validate your number which enables you to ring 2nd line technical support. They are a little better and do try but when I had to ring back I discovered that my number was no longer validated so was re-directed back to 1st line technical support. I was off line for over two weeks and never got a satisfactory explanation as to what had gone wrong. After something like 12 hours on the phone over a 10 day period I was told that they would have to arrange for a BT engineer to make a home visit. It took them 3 days to get back to me with a date which was for the following week and then somewhat mysteriously my broadband started working. I phoned technical support but it took me over an hour(no exaggeration) to explain that my broadband was working again. As I couldn't find out what they had done I was reluctant to cancel the BT engineer but was aware that if he came and found no fault I would be charged for his time, about £80 I believe. My real worry is that as no one knows why my broadband stopped working there could still be an underlying problem. I just cannot understand how it can be possible to provide such poor service

  • unhappy

    by nigedo at 9:55 on 10 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    Oh My God! Walk away! Do NOT sign up with JokeJoke or you will REGRET IT!

    TalkTalk Features include:

    - appallingly unreliable connection which will drop up to 30 times an hour

    - cheap router which will need to be hard reset and PC hard rebooted to regain a connecton

    - no guarantee that you WILL regain a connection; if the network brain fart was bad enough it could be hours (48 in some instances)

    - excellent customer disservice which will tell you:
    "Well the broadband service IS FREE, so you can't expect it to be premium quality."
    "I'm sorry I don't have a manager."
    "Yes our technical support agent will call you within 24 hours" (4 times promised - never happened)
    "Click....." (TT agents hung up on several occasions or the queue dropped the call after 1 hour+ of waiting)

    - 18 month contract so you have plenty of time to regret it

    Seriously! Pull your own teeth with a monkey-wrench before you sign up for this crap!

  • unhappy

    by MIKE at 16:02 on 5 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    oh talktalk where do i start well they certainly are crap !! i have spent 3 years with them so far and have gamed online regularly and no probs so i switched to wireless all of a sudden cant game for more than 10 mins without being disconnected apparently talktalk doesnt support online gaming, well in that case how come im only just getting this problem rather than when i started and, they dont tell you when you sign up that that they dont support online gaming, they are shite through and through DONT GO WITH TALKTALK !!!

  • unhappy

    by Catherine at 19:14 on 4 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    Terrible!!! I am in discussion with them at the moment trying to be released from contract...they want £70 to do this. They are not providing the service I bought from them, so I am arguing that I do not need to pay £70 as it is them who have broken the contract.
    Slow broadband that cuts out constantly or does not connect.
    Landline goes dead or has strange noises on it stopping me from hearing all of my conversations, most of the time.
    Paying for caller display each month which is a service I require,but that talktalk are unable to reliably provide.
    I am supposed to be okay with all this as I am informed they are nationwide problems.

  • unhappy

    by mad mitch at 22:26 on 17 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    talk talk seems a great deal untill you get with them then its a different matter the speed is slow the phone goes dead every now and then sometimes the broadband goes offline too try and tell them about it and its a different story there quick to take your money tho i should have stayed with aol at least they got things done and were helpfull

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