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  • unhappy

    by Hamy at 14:51 on 22 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    Our experience was that TalkTalk was the worst broadband package we have ever tried. For these 18 months (until we could get out of the contract) we have been stuck with a connection that either doesn't work or works at a speed slower than that of a dial-up modem. The Customer Service is utterly woeful; while you pay exhorbitant amounts to be connected to them, they simply read out from a pre-scripted list and don't know how to fix any of the problems. The first day that our 18 months was up we were gone to another provider. Avoid!

  • unhappy

    by Carlos at 16:35 on 3 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    If you like stress, get Talk Talk. I contacted them to tell them I could not send or receive e-mails, to which I got told "if you had no broadband, you wouldnt get any any way."
    Only after threatening to pull the plug did I get so speak to someone who could speak English. Every time you phone up, they transfer you to another number and each time you have to give all your personal details again. It ended up costing me a fortune, but on the 18th Feb I return to BT. Cant come quick enough.

  • unhappy

    by Iain Baker at 21:37 on 2 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    I used to be with NTL... and Talk Talk make NTL's Customer Services seem award winning...

    The Broadband is weak, it drops out whenever it wants, and customer services insist its my computer... genius- except that its the wireless router that has disconnected (and wont reconnect without a hard reboot) not my computer.

    The Telephone line seems ok, that is until i get a voicemail message... at which point i loose the ability to reliably call anyone until i have saved or deleted my message - which would almost be manageable if it wasn't for the fact that calling voicemail to retrieve my message is a phone call... which if you remember has now become unreliable!

    Worst decision i ever made!

  • unhappy

    by Jaxxion at 12:29 on 2 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    Pathetic service!
    Broadband is only occasionally at max speed, mostly I download at dial-up speed (approx 5KBps).
    Surfing the internet isn't always guaranteed as ALL pages sometimes refuse to load..
    I'll be putting in another complaint to Ofcom about this, I urge you all to do the same!
    TalkTalk didn't even contact my old ISP like they said they would, they just added their service to my line "because TalkTalk don't use BTs equipment, they use their own, and that's why they can give people broadband faster than anyone else!"
    If it's possible to get out of this 18 month contract I'm gonna fight to change over to someone decent!
    I now HATE TalkTalk! What a waste!!

  • unhappy

    by kennybo at 0:50 on 1 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    whew, i seem to have got away with it, i changed over from bt to talk talk ,phone line part, at the start of 2007, with the three month contract, kept my bt broadband, then i looked in the forums and saw what was going on with the talk talk broadband, end of three month contract, back to bt, they're not great but thank god, from what i have read i was lucky to get out alive, and i also notice on the forums that out of 100 posts, three talk talk employees think that, carphone warehouse / talk talk, are great and will never let you down and will always be there for you and we are just a phone call away from you at £** so come on down you just won the lottery,,,, ok i'm going to bed now, cya.

  • unhappy

    by Meirlyn at 15:11 on 22 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    TalkTalk customer service - what customer service? I was approached to join Sep07 and nothing but hastle fome every person I have talked to. They have removed me from the order queue twice and then needed a new MAC key number from my previous provider OneTel their sister company which they then mixed me up with and cancelled my contract unbeknown to me! Someone told me there was no complaints dept when I had supposedly just been transferred to them. Only last Saturday I was asked which Modem I had requested! It had not been ordered! I have had so many dates for broadband connection I've lost count! I even had a lady say that she was Modem Co-ordinating Manager and that she would be looking after my account! That was weeks ago so why did she not realise it had not been ordered? Some looking afterthat was! I am now seriously thinking of CANCELLING . Like everyone else it seems loads of wasted time waiting on phones and then problems again afterwards.

  • unhappy

    by S Satchwell at 22:18 on 6 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    This is probabaly the worst broadband package ever.For the main reason that everything about it is very poor.The broadband itself will only work when it feels inclined (less than 50% of the time). Then the customer service is abysmal and you have to actually pay to argue to someone who does not help your problems at all
    Go elsewhere

  • unhappy

    by Lee at 3:42 on 27 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    ordered talk talk way back in may 06 got it 3 month later, i was one of the few who got conned with the upto 8mb misselling quote, i was stuck on a 2 mb line until october 07 howver i was still only getting the speed of 1mb during that time, the upgrade came suddenly and was a welcome suprise, download speeds shot up, the internet connection was reliable and i thought after numerous dropped connections and terrible speeds that all problems were finally sorted since unbundling... wrong i should have know, after about 3 weeks the connection caved in and i couldnt stay connected all day, the speed was so slow some sites actually timed out, it eventually picked up after about 2 weeks of useless speed then dropped back down again, im not getting about 100k a sec at best even tho the router reports im still on an '8mb' line. to be honest i cant be arsed to ring them because i know from experience how useless they are, ive heard sky aint too sharp either but anythings better than this fodder

  • unhappy

    by Charlie at 19:22 on 26 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    DO NOT BE TEMPTED. Went for the broadband package and it was awful. We managed to cancel before the 30 Day Trial was up - waiting now to see what godawful cock-up they've made. Honestly, this product is absolutely rubbish

  • unhappy

    by Orock at 10:25 on 23 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    This is perhaps the most regrettable mistake I have ever done to sign up to this minnie mouse Carphone Warehouse broadband alias Talk Talk.
    I cannot remember the last time I had a connection.
    I cannot wait for my contract to end and switch to a reputable and dependable ISP.

  • unhappy

    by hilary Neiland at 17:52 on 22 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    I have been waiting 7 days for my phone service to be restored
    I have spent a minimum of 2 hours a day either n the phone to, or trying to get through to them. Every operator you speak to tells a different story- and story it i!

    even at the highest level of escalated complaints I am unable yo find out what engineers have discovered after 7 days of testing my line.

  • happy

    by Ali at 18:22 on 11 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    I recieved the non-wireless modem within a week and a half, had troubles with the installation of the modem but managed to install in half an hour and go online. It doesn't feel like 8mb to be honest and the installation of my previous ISP along with their modem was sooo much more easier! I just recieved the wireless modem in a week after getting the non-wireless and to be honest, it's all worth it!

  • unhappy

    by To all the people lucky enough that it still works at 15:08 on 7 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    I'm lucky enough that my phone line and internet still work (although at best at 1Mb) but know of 2 people personally (who unfortunately I'd advised to have it installed) who have had problems with theie phone lines. Once you have a problem you really get to understand how absolutely amateur TalkTalk actually is and believe me you'll come back to update this site from a very very different opinion of their service. After calling the support staff in India for 4 weeks (about 10/12 times) and each time being asked the same fault diagnosis questions followed by a "threat" that you may be charged £140 to have the problem fixed!! Only after explaining that I actually have the technical knowledge (most people don't!) to determine that the fault lay outside of the one of the properties did they actually determine where the problem was and fix it even though they had told my friend at least 5 times that they couldn't find a fault with the line!! It could be BT playing games too though.

  • unhappy

    by Alison at 13:49 on 7 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    I agree 100% with all these reviews. If only I'd read them first! DON'T DO IT!! How I regret the day I was seduced from nice freindly fast Waitrose.com by the lure of 'free broadband for life'. My phone line hasn't worked properly since I signed up; broadband was very slow - and now I can't get a broadband connection atall! they say it's becasue I use an extension lead from the BT socket to my computer - but all worked perfectly before.

    What IS the problem; does anyone know why their phone lines/modems/broadband connections just don't work?!

  • unhappy

    by Webdissappointed at 13:53 on 6 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    I have been with TalkTalk for two years now. I have enjoyed ocassional periods of hassle free web surfing, but for the most part it has been a waste of time and money - more time than money. It took several months to have broadband put in, and I now suffer from continuous line disconnections. There is no helpline in practice, as no-one ever answers.

    TalkTalk is the worst supplier I have every had to endure in memory. Using TalkTalk could drive you to mental ill-health.

  • unhappy

    by I'm a PhD and MD of International Company - not th at 21:09 on 26 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    TalkTalk Intl3 cost per month for calls incl Intl, line rental and broadband was less than the monthly cost of just broadband from Pipex - so I migrated. Phone service AOK - but broadband AWFUL... like everyone it took 6 months to get - and well it's free so what can you expect. Trouble... erratic connection - intermittant during 'heavy' time periods. Technical support - just read the other reviews - my experience entirely - some guy in India telling me to check the speed or something idiotic. Frustrating.... So AVOID - dont just look at the comparisons in terms of COST, DOWNLOAD, SPEED - think of SERVICE.... Pipex it was great - phone a London number, get a knowledgeable guy to help. TalkTalk - you are ON YOUR OWN - got a problem - dont even bother you gotta live with it - It suggests I dont make libellous comments - reckon this a great idea - maybe TalkTalk will sue me and I can then have a forum to tell the world what crap their service is.... Beware the MARKETING SPIEL!!!

  • unhappy

    by Avr il at 7:58 on 25 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    This slow unpredictable broadband comes nowhere near the 8 MBPS
    I believed I was signing for !

  • unhappy

    by Maria at 22:34 on 24 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    I am currently trying to get out of my talk talk contract on the grounds that they are not delivering the service I am paying for. I was enticed by the nice price and yes we are saving alot of money but we have a internet service that cuts out for ten minutes every evening. They tell us to phone a technical help line that costs us money but doesn't help. The phone line is also dead some times or it cuts off calls or is just really fuzzy. The staff are very unhelpful and incredibly rude. Alot of them have no idea about anything technical, they stick you on hold and forget about you for 15 minutes or just hang up! I beleive Talk Talk have bitten off more than they can chew with offering free broadband and they just can't meet the demand with a good quality service. Honestly aviod like the plague, if you are trynig to save money you would be better off without broadband rather than paying carphone warehouse/ talk talk a pen. Just look how many complaints there are!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Bob from sevenoaks at 8:25 on 16 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    Boy is this 'broadband' slow! Sorry I can't help anyone correct any problems as the 'technical assistance' is non-technical! luckily I retained my old broadband on another number (although I did change that no to talk talk) with plusnet. I now compare the two... very interesting. I can rule out the phone connection, the third party web sites, etc - it just leaves talk talk broadband, their supplied hardware or their supplied software i.e the problem is squarely on talk talk broadband. Timed access to hotmail... plusnet under a second, talk talk 5 minutes!!! I am a Quality Assurance Consultant and have been interested in the Carphone Warehouse - no wonder they trade talk talk under a different name!
    Two words.... customer commitment... there ain't none.

  • unhappy

    by soo at 19:25 on 13 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    been with talk talk for 12 months ,and it s been fine
    then i bought my son WORLD OF WAR CRAFT and then problems started.it kept disconecting after 2 mins after having pc and internet checked,i finally discovered that talk talk does not support p2p,when asked they told me that they did, and could not understand why my game wouldnt play .
    eventuelly after hours of talking to different tech support people .
    i was told to read the small print and they admitted that they didnt allow games to be played.
    i cant even cancel for 5 months so i am stuck with a game that wont play and a very unhappy boy.i WILL NOT be renewing with them,if you only wont the basics its been fine but for me NO WAY

  • unhappy

    by Shawrie at 15:37 on 3 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    LOSS OF FREE CALLER PACKAGE......Upon taking out broadband with Talk Talk ......
    I have logged over six HOURS of calls between Talk Talk and One Tel and STILL the problem is not resolved, in fact it's worse now than when I began. To summarize my situation and keep it short I'll number the points.
    1. I've been a happy customer of OneTel for around six years.
    2. I'm told Talk Talk are buying One Tel and they will be one and the same.
    3. I see a free broadband offer from Talk Talk and thinking that I'm with then (my bills come on their headed paper) I decide to take up the offer.
    4. Note, I have three mobile phones on contract with OneTel at this point.
    5. I have great difficulty again understand the representative - although he was very polite and courteous.....He tells me I will pay £15 for first two months then it will be free. He also suggests a better alternative package for landline which I also opt for.
    6. End of call.
    7. I find that my free caller group package with OneTel is cancelled and I've been charged for all calls between the three mobiles and our home landline.
    8. Call Talk Talk ....they tell me to speak to OneTel....I say "but you're the same company!"...
    9. Then the six plus hours of calls start.....obviously they're making the profit on those too!
    The bottom line is that OneTel categorically state that because I took out broadband with Talk Talk I can no longer have the free caller package although the rep at Talk Talk failed to mention this. They told me I'm no longer a customer of theirs??? And that this package isn't available to NEW customers??? BUT they stated that the mobiles ARE still registered with One Tel....On this basis how can I be a new customer???
    One company refuses to talk to the other due to data protection??? Although they were happy to pass my bank details across for the direct debit!

    I have sent the modem back to Talk Talk and want nothing to do with them
    All I want is to get back the free caller group package back - I'm sure there must be others in the same position....if so please register your comments!

  • unhappy

    by USEFUL TIP at 19:52 on 1 Sep 2007 Report abuse


  • happy

    by Martin Reay at 18:05 on 8 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    I had the talktalk telephone service at my previous address but did not take up the broadband offer as I was about to move. Once I moved I took the Talk3 International call plan which allowed me to phone my friends in Oz for free and also the Broadband which costs about £30 per month. The initial wait for install was a bit poor as I didn't get broadband for almost 3 months from order but once connected it has been fine. At first I could only have 2meg but in the last few weeks I've been upgraded to 8meg (Very Cool).
    I felt I should write a review as it mostly seems to be people with bad experiences, there are those of us out there who LIKE YES LIKE talktalk I wonder how many people would write good reviews when they've simply got what they signed up for as opposed to someone with a bad experience who wants to tell the world. I should however point out I am an IT Manager using my own equipment not what talktalk sent me.

  • happy

    by Jane at 12:44 on 8 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    I had high hopes after being fleeced by e7even & Red Hot Ant, but unfortunately another very bad decision!!! Talk Talk, what a joke! The service is appalling and the staff are no better! Customer Service, it's like a sketch from Little Britain, computer says no!!!

  • happy

    by dean lydon at 15:49 on 3 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    typical lying thieving practice we have come to expect from talk talk,was one of onetels 1st customers years ago and couldn't fault them,since cauldwell and co came on board and gave all the work to india its been nothing but hassle. with indian teleworkers reading incessantly from sripts you never get the help you need and after many hours spent on hold i am trying to have my service provided by a professional reputable company only to find my line has a tag on it(an illegal act i believe). My advice is to send a letter demanding a reply to the now chief exec/chairman of talk talk addressing it private and confidential (therfore it cannot be legally opened by anyone else) sent recorded delivery too. Cauldwell creamed off his fortune then ran leaving a shitty mess for the 100,000s of very dissatisfied customers. AVOID AT ALL COSTS AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY TOO.

  • happy

    by joe at 13:12 on 22 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    Stay away, its awful, they can't hold a connection to save a life. I regularly have to reset the internet as the connection is lost. Internet is at its worst during a stom, which is understandable, but even in light rain it dissconects. Talk Talk reel you in with their free broadband then once they get you hooked in their 18 month contract you realise that you have just made the biggest mistake of your life. After you've waited 3 months for your modem you wait a little longer for them to connect you to their line, then it biggins, EXTREMLY SLOW internet(8mb my arse) that never keeps the connection, then when you ring up for help, your directed to bloody india who have no idea how to help. Recently we were told by talk talk, after many complaints from us, that they have boosted our internet speed to 2mb, this seemed great at face value but in fact we had sacrficed, unknowilngly the poor connect we had to that whcih was even worse... we still only have half mb speed, and poor downloads

  • happy

    by Peter at 20:36 on 10 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    Worst ISP ever came across, with free broadband you are expected not to moan but this appallingly. 8mb broadband in theory will allow for up to 1024kB/s download speed. Currently getting around 10-20kB/s - even during the day! Evenings go down to 5kB/s. Currently awaiting phone call from OPEL TELECOM (the guys you provide the Internet for TalkTalk) to explain this a pathetic excuse of a broadband connection.

    My dial-up connection 7 years ago was much better. DO NOT get broadband from TalkTalk!!!

  • happy

    by Mark at 13:12 on 28 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    Avoid Talk Talk like the plague!

    I have had nothing but problems with them. All the usual things said on here - crap customer service, slow and non existant broadband, rubbish email service.

    I am sitting here waiting for TT to call me back as promised, they are only two hours late at the mo.

    One thing, When I was on the phone to the 'customer service' dept the other day, the operator asked me if my phone line worked ok. I said it did. She then replied that if the phone line was ok, the broadband is the free part of the package, and as I am not paying for it, I've got nothing to complain about. This sums TT up for me.


  • happy

    by the person who hate talktalk at 23:04 on 21 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    To those who ass lickin da TalkTalk, i believe those people are apparently workin4da talktalk, n 4those who r plannin to loin dis useless broadband company- DON'T- Moreover, a little tip4those who already joined da talktalk, if u hv signed da contract w/h them already n within 3 month period that they cannot fullfill da terms n conditions which stated on the agreement then it is possibile to terminate the contract.

  • happy

    by Diane at 14:29 on 15 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    TALK TALK is a joke, been without broadband for 2 months now. My husband had spent endless hours on the phone to in-breads in India who don't know anything. An annoying thing with their help line is that they don't seem to record what has been discussed and therefore when you ring back you have to go through all the basics again (yes, the modem is plugged in! Jesus!). Wished we had never joined. Yes, things where fine and dandy at first but when it goes wrong (and it will) you'll be left out to dry. DON'T JOIN!!!

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