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  • unhappy

    by Alma Beha at 20:28 on 23 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    i can not agree any more with these reviews. In each of them it looks like they are speaking for me as well. No wonder. This is what customers of Talk Talk are getting from their provider. Appalling, very low standards service, careless, nonsense and irritating customer service that aims to circle you around first line support answering to everything with standard repetitive answers without ever intending to find a real solution to your problems. The worse thing is that this is the policy of Talk Talk company itself not that of a bad adviser in particular because all of them have the same conduct code. After complaining many times for hours on the phones about dropping broadband every 15 min. intervals, and cheating advisers ( it is their companies policy) that promise things for free on the phone and then charge you afterwords. After 10 years of custom to Talk Talk I have decided that enough is enough. BT is offering to reimburse any termination charges if you switch from another ISP. I cant wait to leave them and leave behind the frustration, annoyance and irritation their service have caused me, just for the sake of good value which in reality is no value at all.

  • neutral

    by lee at 13:45 on 19 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    Just joined talktalk because i was told they block all gambling web sites this is totaly untrue it only seems to block the big names like coral and william hill i clicked on betfair and that one still works plus loads more still work im not happy at all as i would have stayed with sky if i knew it didnt block all gambling sites so be warned before you dicide to purchase talktalk broadband.

  • unhappy

    by mike at 20:53 on 17 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    talktalk are complete jokers , they have no customer loyalty in place and couldnt care less about their customers , i was lied to and deceived and promised stuff by talk talk , only to me let down one after the other , then i told them i was leaving , they turned my services off , until i argued the toss with them , then i told them i wanted to downgrade to move to a better supplier and they took a week to turn off my fibre optic , i contact my future supplier and tell them right its turned off , go and do the take over , and low and behold talktalk 24 hours later turn fibre bk on again , so i couldnt leave ,then when i argue again with them , i tell them ok i will give them the benefit of the doubt , can u turn my fibre back on , they get all argumentitve and tell me no , because you have no direct debit set up , i explained i cancelled it months ago because i pay by credit card online , because talk talk never once , stuck to the direct debit date , so would try take the money out a week b4 or upto a week after , and that incurred me charges every single month , i was with them 7 yrs , every placed i moved to i took them with me , WORSE MISTAKE EVER , even with all the crap they have given me and the lies and the deceit , i offered 1 chance with them to buck their ideas up and their cancellations team come at me with an antagonising idiot of an advisor , this group of jokers are the worst suppliers i had to deal with , once you tell them ur leaving they act like stroppy children , i have contacted ofcom and made them aware of the problems i have had with them , hope they truly get fined for this ,,, they have lost 2 accounts in 1 go with me , i hope they lose thousands more tbh ....

  • unhappy

    by annoymous at 0:31 on 20 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    TT The worse company you will ever deal with, all call centers are in another country, they have no clue what so ever as to what they are doing they ask the same questions over and over again, after nearly 2 hours on the phone to these idiots I had my say and hung up, It should be against the law for companies to put call centers in other countries, I hope that talk talk goes bankrupt because by god they sure don't provide a good service in any aspect at all, I would advise you to go with someone else !!!

  • unhappy

    by steve at 13:07 on 2 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    talktalk, what can i say, awful, disrepectful, hard to understand, all of the above and more, had problems with my speed, when i complained my speed increased by 3 times, for about a week, then slow again, further 6 complaints about speed, same thing each time, last time they said they would send out an engineer, i said no as i know my equipment is fine, they insisted and said there would be no charge if the fault was not my end, engineer came, told me my end was fine and the problem was with talktalk, which i already knew, talktalk still charged me £50 for the visit saying that the speed issue was beyond their control, asked for better deal then, they gave me 3 months free broadband, but still charged me for it, so after months of calls and complaints i am leaving when my contract ends, i have been with them for nearly 10 years, i am (was) a loyal customer, they have no respect for this. avoid them at all costs

  • unhappy

    by E E Singfield at 10:37 on 1 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    Once get back £50 they took for the 5th engineers visit unjustly will be changing to BT. Speeds of 0.01 to 7.2Mbs ~ how can that right?

  • unhappy

    by m Shirley at 10:00 on 31 Dec 2014 Report abuse

    Just the same as all the other negative comments about this company. The worst company I ahve ever dealt with in my life. Same ongoing problems. Once I get the £50 they stole from my bank account for a engineers vist that should have been free (4 engineers and numerous calls to foreign lands) back chnaging to BT as speeds of 0.01Mbs are just not acceptable.

  • unhappy

    by vanee at 20:50 on 24 Dec 2014 Report abuse

    Never go for talktalk. Yes its cheap but always disconnecting and too slow. And once you upgrade and if you want to cancel later because of slow speed or disconnection, they will not cancel it even you phone them to cancel it under the time period. I have canceled my contract because too many problems and they ask me to pay over £500 pounds because of 24 months contract and I paid but still they are keep sending me the bills and they are keep saying this will be the final amount. I am screwed. Watch what customers says on youtube videos and you will know what I mean.

  • unhappy

    by Michael kelly at 9:11 on 23 Nov 2014 Report abuse

    Nothing but trouble since moving house. Was lied to and told fibre was available at new address. Talk talk claimed we had to start on basic then upgrade to fibre, another lie. We now have the worst speed ever and the modem is always red and needs switching off then back on. Sent us a new modem, nothing changed. Fraud team investigating over money taken out of account and talk talk couldn't explain why.

    We have been to citizens advice over their absolute useless service but contract nearly up. Once we are out of contract they won't be receiving our custom ever again. Nothing in regards to compensation ever offered. I can't stress enough DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. We now have 4g phones and tether and it is fantastic.

  • neutral

    by Rachael at 14:08 on 11 Oct 2014 Report abuse

    Awful. I didn;t even go through with getting it in the end - loads of problems getting order/set up sorted, not helped by poor communication from them about it - they cancelled my order without telling me, leaving me waiting for it to be switched on! Equally poor customer service and repeated, long and expensive calls - I've chosen to pay a bit more but get decent service.

  • neutral

    by david at 19:30 on 7 Oct 2014 Report abuse

    Worst customer service so far. They (ISPS) generally have bad customer service anyway, but TT this today really pushed the envelope. I am not even with them. I was just thinking of joining.
    a)Listen and allow the customer to explain why the telephone call. Then get the caller to repeat what has been said as the person was not listening and pretending that they were listening.
    b) Do not do what the person wants. Do not do what is asked. "You are not helping, so could you put the phone down. This would be the most helpful thing you can do". Reply "No. I am not allowed to put the phone down. But you can". Reply "Why is it more important that I end the telephone call by placing the phone down on you, rather than you doing what has been asked? Is that not rude - not doing what is asked?". Reply "No." Reply "Then if you cant put the phone down on myself then I expect you to still be here in 10 minutes time, or even is 6 hours time." Reply " Yes, I will still be here as I am being paid no matter what happens." So the phone is walked away from, but the call has not ended. Within ten minutes despite saying all that has been said about the phone cannot be put down by himself. The phone is indeed put down Which shows that the phone call could have ended by the request that was made a lot sooner and that he could at anytime put the phone down when requested.
    c)Turning the conversation around to not taking the blame for anything.
    d)Accusing myself of being awkward with them - after being refused my request.
    e)deliberately, not listening to not answer the question, and to change the conversation for their own ends.

    I could go on. The list is endless. I mean being charged 5 pounds for delivery of something which is not required, and tham saying they have no control, despite them sending the unwanted package. That router is just an extra barely disclosed cost. Their arguement is that the reciever is not paying for the router - just the delivery. So of course you are coughing up an extra five pounds to which they deny. Will I be five pounds better off I ask. To which the subject is again skewed in a different direction.

    Dont signup with talktalk. You can do better.

  • neutral

    by Peter L at 18:27 on 26 Sep 2014 Report abuse

    Having just left TalkTalk for Sky, I can honestly say that the stability of my broadband connection is now like day is to night. After multiple heart-sinking calls to TalkTalk's technical support (you just know that each time you dial the support number you are embarking on at least a 1 hour journey through the same scripted questions) I was prepared to discard the final month of my pre-paid line rental to get away from them.

    As for all these people on this forum complaining about charges, have they never heard of "The Direct Debit Guarantee"? All you have to do is inform TalkTalk in writing that they have charged you incorrectly, give them a reasonable deadline to correct it (say 2 weeks), then if there's no satisfactory action contact your bank and tell them that there's been an unauthorised charge on the direct debit. The bank will reverse the transaction AND charge the company a fee for doing so, too!
    I found myself invoking the Direct Debit Guarantee against my electricity supplier a few months ago; it mightily p*ssed them off, but reversed the situation of who owed money to whom instantly.

  • neutral

    by Mainy at 19:07 on 21 Sep 2014 Report abuse

    Where do I begin?

    Unable to set up an email account through Windows Mail.

    A technical helpline which can only be found after searching online.

    Connection problems during the four months I was with them.

    Clueless Indian call centre staff who promised me on four occasions my problem will be resolved within 72 hours. It wasn't.

    Being disconnected on the same day as receiving a letter wrongly telling me there was insufficient funds in my bank account to pay my bill.

    After four frustrating months I left them despite their attempts to coerce me into receiving fibre optic.
    Talktalk are the worst of the five broadband suppliers I've signed up with.
    I simply wouldn't touch these wasters with a bargepole.

  • neutral

    by Alan at 18:05 on 30 Aug 2014 Report abuse

    I left Talk Talk after just 4 days, when they blocked my phone no. after trying to report a problem. Thereafter, they agreed to talk to me 'but not about the problem.' Since; six-weeks of threats and runaround, demands for amounts of money they appear to have plucked out of the air and cannot substantiate when I ring them.
    They are obstructive and evasive, and, in at least ten contacts, include three letters to UK addresses, have not produced a final bill for the two-weeks before I moved to Sky, who, incidentally, have been excellent.
    Talk Talk - 'abandon hope ye who enter here.'

  • unhappy

    by chris at 10:39 on 10 Aug 2014 Report abuse

    My partner and i signed up to talk talk about 2 and a half months ago,so far we have had 1 months worth of services from them as they sent us broken eqiupment, on my first call to them after waiting on hold for nearly an hour on hold from my mobile, was informed by a guy i could hardly understand that i was going to be charged £50 for a new box, despite wanting to use some foul language at the guy i just hung up cos the guy sounded misserable and i got the feeling he was getting some kind of sattisfaction from this, eventually i got through to somebody about five days later who then booked a guy to come and replace it about a week later, so far we've had about a months services (with only 1 extra add an) to be charged a £177, i fear to god what our bills will be like when our half price 6 months run out. Dont use talk talk!!!!!!

  • neutral

    by Peter Mortensen at 18:19 on 8 Aug 2014 Report abuse

    How to describe TalkTalk without having to ask the kids to cover their ears... well, it's almost impossible. I have had internet problems with them for months and all I ever hear is an Indian or Philippine person promising me all will be well once we have gone through some tests, for the millionth time, during this, my millionth call to them. If ever there was a company that make you want to smash up your computer and your phone, this is it!

    I have tried everything, writing to them, calling them, online chatting to them... I have tried to complain, close my account with them, change my packages, ask for refunds, discounts and compensation but every time I get nowhere in actually getting the issue fixed. I am either not speaking to the right person or the right department, whoever I speak to, and sometimes they just plain put the phone down on me when they realise they can't help.

    A couple of days ago I actually had a service centre person ask me if I'd had lunch and he then proceeded to tell me about how important lunch is, before telling me he needed to transfer me to someone else. I guess he could tell how frustrated I was, although I always remain calm and polite. I have spoken to people in India, the Philippines and, I think, the UK and none of them had an original idea about fixing this issue. I have just been told yet another engineer has been booked. If he actually turn up he will be the 5th one. They all say the same thing; the problem is not at my end. I get the feeling Talktalk support does not keep records of their support requests because it's like starting from scratch with them every time you call.

    On their webpage, they have a page that explains how one can complain, but the link on that page that is supposed to take you to an email form actually takes you to their repair page. Typical for them.

    I am supposed to be on a discount, but when they sold me that one they forgot to mention that they were now telling me the prices ex. VAT. With VAT I am still paying what I was always paying and I am still getting very slow speed, 2/3 of what I was promised and what I pay for.

    I would love to find a different supplier but I am not sure how to cancel my contract with them without incurring ridiculous penalties. If anything, they should give me money back!

    To anyone who is considering signing up to Talktalk: I used to sing their praises and they are great as long as you don't have any issues. If you are unlucky and have issues that can't be rectified by a restart of the router or an upgrade of it's software, then forget it.

    In summary, Talktalk sell you really really bad service and worse products all based on sweet promises of reasonably priced quality, which they are wholly unable to deliver.

    I would not recommend them to anyone. They are entirely incompetent. I know because I work in IT and if I did what they do I'd be out of a job.

  • unhappy

    by Lauren at 23:32 on 31 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    Really wish I had read the reviews on here before I took out a contract with this terrible company on 18/07/14 I have rang every day since we went live due to account problems,I have been fobbed off from about 20 different people being told it will take 24 hours,48 hours or 72 hours to sort. I have been hung up on 3 times and had to re-explain the issue several times as everyone seems to be totally stupid that works there. Today someone eventually rang back after both myself and husband ringing call centre constantly,online chatting and email all for the same problem and now they are saying it will take 28 days to change account settings,told them this was not good enough and I wanted to cancel and was stunned and disgusted to be told it would cost near £70 to do this. Their customer service is atrocious and I would not recommend anyone to go with them,you might think you are getting a good deal with them but the only thing you will get is a headache.

  • neutral

    by david at 10:27 on 26 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    There is something that has dawned on me since looking for a replacement isp. There are at least two isps talktalk and plusnet (so far that I have found) that are sneakily charging extra, when you signup. In talktalks case they are forcing you to pay for a router, whether you want it or not. I have contacted them about this. They try to be coy by saying the router is free, but its the delivery that you only pay for. When pushed that this is in fact the cost of the router you get the reply but, but, but the router is free. Its a charge - an extra charge. I imagine they have bought a shed load of these measily routers, and they have to get rid of them. No matter what they claim they are making extra money from the router just like an ebayer will make money from selling a book at 1p but the delivery is 4.95 - get it.

  • neutral

    by Adam at 18:04 on 30 Jun 2014 Report abuse

    TalkTalk is the worst ISP I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Following months of dropouts and really REALLY slow connectivity TalkTalk expects to fix my issues with a £2 a month discount for 6 months or a new router, but only if I renew my contract for a further 18MONTHS!!!!! Stay away from TalkTalk at all costs. They will take your money, provide you with the bare minimum in service and never ever fix any issues should they arise. You have been warned.

  • neutral

    by david at 17:10 on 26 Apr 2014 Report abuse

    Sorry, just wanted to add. When you say you are leaving they come out with the polite-threat that there is always a chance that you will need to pay 130 pounds should you leave after the contract ends to the new provider for reconnection.

    Another thing while we are about it. When you question the excessive and ridiculous security questions they will try to bamboozle with "we are following the DPA". This is in the hope that they can politely-manipulate you with hopefully your lack of knowledge of the DPA or with any fear you have of rules and/or authority. If you say that the DPA doesnt actually state how many questions should be asked or what questions should be asked, in other words one question would suffice, they dont know what to do apart from politely-deflect by changing the reason.

  • neutral

    by david at 17:00 on 26 Apr 2014 Report abuse

    I have just left talktalk, and write this to list the reason why. First, there was never any real problem with the internet connection, but the phoneline was always quite for others that I am calling.

    The real problem is the customer support, right through from the automated response to the phone being put down on me. The automated menu at the beginning asks for the talktalk telephone number to be tapped in to speed up the process. When you get through to someone you are then asked for the telephone number. How does that make sense? So I generally and made a point of refusing to answer the same question again. And this is part of the problem with their representatives as well. They will ask for the same information at least three times as they either cannot or will not remember. Just to add insult to injury the representative are usually from india or south africa and cannot be understood that well. They insist when asked whether they think they are speaking english that they speak good english, to which I reply "I am english and english speaking all my life and I can barely understand you".

    At one point it took 1 and a half hours to get a representative who would actually deal with me as all the rest had just disapeared or put the phone down. However, this one indian lady came out with the "please wont you give us one more chance". By this time not just because of this call but others of the same nature I was not in the mood and gave notice to quit.

    Which brings me to another point. If you have paid in advance and are leaving early surely they owe you money, not as they claim that you owe them money?

    Anyway, needless to say but dont consider joining if you think decent customer service is part of what you are paying for.

  • unhappy

    by johndee at 15:20 on 11 Apr 2014 Report abuse

    I took on fibre optic up tp 38mbps with talk talk and after months of letter writing engineers visits I get a download speed wired of around 20 to 23mbps. Talk talk say they dont guarantee a higher speed and its my considered view that they miss sold me the package so rather than keep letter writing and wasted phone calls to their indian call centre I will be looking for a better provider who does care about how a customer is treated, too many broadband providers it seems do not care too much about customers as long as they keep paying out.

  • neutral

    by ashton at 8:25 on 25 Mar 2014 Report abuse

    I have always paid my bills but I missed a monthly payment as didn't have enough money at the time. And a week later they cut the internet connection off . Now 2 months later I am being charged for both months .. Do I have to pay this as I have had the connection so what am I paying for?

  • unhappy

    by markj at 23:25 on 13 Mar 2014 Report abuse

    DO NOT DEAL WITH TALK TALK. After three routers and no connection for a month I'd had enough and went to another supplier, whenever I phoned about my connection all I had was the hard sell and blackmail such as "we will compensate you if you stay with us if you go you get nothing" and when I refused to pay my final bill until I get compensation I was told " We are a multi national company who can make life difficult for you".The engineer said it was the router I switched suppliers and with the router I was given connected straight away. I switched on 10/3/2014 and on the 13/03/2014 recived a text from TT saying "we have now fixed tour problem" when I pointed out that I left them on the 10th they said "we fixed 0n the 6th" which is a lie as I tried the connection everyday hoping against hope that it was working. The final straw is the final bill of £157.00 which includes engineer callout which I was told was free but they had "no record" of this and the engineer told me it was the router but according to tt the report showed "no problems" worst company ever nothing but bully's.

  • unhappy

    by james at 17:10 on 12 Mar 2014 Report abuse

    To anyone even considering talk talk as their provider for ANYTHING, thing again! The customer service is easily the worst i have ever come across!! Its almost like their employees are told to just put the phone down on the customers when there is a problem they cant be arsed to sort out! Over the 2 years i have been with them i think i have probably had the phone put down on me around 15 times! No exaggeration!!! I could go on fr hours about how poor talk talk is but im sure anyone with half a brain reading this can work out what sort of a "company" they really are!!

  • unhappy

    by Mike at 10:45 on 3 Mar 2014 Report abuse

    Been with Talk Talk for 6 months and it's packed in 5 times. The Indian call centre is a joke they will keep you on for an hour or more at a time going through a script of questions and answers. Eventually I complained to head office and got a direct line to their Belfast office where a nice Irish lady was able to deal with the prioblems fast. Always phone her now and things get done quick. The BT man said it was TT's equipment at the exchange every time he described it as poor quality equipment. I got a bigger router and for the past 2 months things have been good. Not decided if I will move to new provider at the end of 12 months we will see if TT is still trouble free. Sky seems to be good but they only have free telephone calls at weekends.

  • neutral

    by Diane at 8:36 on 27 Jan 2014 Report abuse

    I have TalkTalk, had a few problems last year, they couldn't install tv as broadband speed was too slow, but after me making a huge fuss they changed the router and now the service is great. I have just switched to fibre optic and am waiting for TV to be installed. Let's hope it works this time. Overall I am pleased with this service. Let's hope I am not speaking too soon!

  • unhappy

    by Angelica_D at 16:29 on 24 Jan 2014 Report abuse

    Terrible problems with Talk Talk. No internet since last May, will not refund monthly fee even though no service and they were unable to fix. I've just been told they cannot refund fees so I have to deal with the Ombudsman. Surely if you buy something and its broke you can take it back for your money back? Anyway, Ombudsman it is, but isnt it a shame you have to involve a third party for a simple request like a refund. Mind you customer services have been appalling, sometimes rude on the phone to me when trying to sort the internet out, never returned promised calls I always had to phone them, even the CEO was abrupt. I just cant get my head around the fact that I can't have a refund for non service.

  • unhappy

    by Paul K at 19:35 on 1 Dec 2013 Report abuse

    Avoid Talk Talk like the plague. Their customer service is appalling, far more trouble than they are worth. Lost count how many times the service went down, and 3 months after leaving them they still owe me money...

  • unhappy

    by Jay smith at 14:34 on 25 Nov 2013 Report abuse

    I wish I could afford be broadband as it has best reviews.. Sadly I cannot work due to health and talktalk is only option with value line rental and cheapest broadband and TV.

    I moved in, in June.. Talktalk said there will be no charge for new line and no charge for tv engineer and £5.50 off bills for 6 months for joining at promotion.

    BT set up the line.. They stayed for hours saying "the tests are showing you will have bad broadband connection we won't leave until we are happy as it's very unstable... They called talktalk to say they connected the new line but it's unstable. Talktalk said "that's OK it's a new line not set up on our end your free to leave". They left not too happy but talktalk told them it was OK.

    A week later I got the tv installed.. And bought a phone the day before so I called use the phone.

    Tv engineer installed tv surprised that talktalk didn't give me self install option, then he tested the internet test channel.... He said it was the worst pixel and bad internet he has ever seen, although it was jealous that Manchester get extra freeview channels (132 channels here)

    He got a device to "listen" to the line.. He said it was one of the worst noisy lines he heard in years. He said he will book an engineer to repair the line.

    Talktalk on the phone (he past to me as they needed more details) said sorry I was having problems with new line and they will send a text within 48 hours with results of tests and when an engineer will call.

    The next morning I got a call from a BT engineer saying he has repaired something outside and asked to come in to check the line.

    He checked the line and said it's now fixed but there's still broadband errors on the line so you will need to get back to talktalk about broadband engineer. However calls and phone will now work without any problems as had to replace wires.

    Talktalk then CHANGED me for tv engineer.. After 3 weeks and 20 emails with screenshots of the deal they have with free install they realised and credited the account.

    Now In end of July, I said I can't watch talktalk tv as it's pixilated.. Broadband dropping videos buffering and can't get past 2mbps when I was promised 6.5mbps minimum and 10.5mbps maximum

    Tv needs 5mbps minimum (don't have computers and phone was off wifi and ps3 was unplugged so nothing was using bandwidth.

    The confirmed that I had 652485 total errors seconds in space of 3 days. They said it should never be above 10 in a whole hour but I was almost in thousands.

    They sent replacement router and said "we are unable to find the cause and we can send an engineer out, but you would be charged as the whole line would be replaced."

    New router came no changes.. But I refused to pay £50 as I cannot work and cannot afford to.

    Then talktalk said "ok with tv we have a new service we would like to test this on your line it may solve the pixels as it will no longer need 5mbps and should run from 3mbps. You are now synced at 6mbps as we changed your profile.

    Now in novemeber. Tv still randomly gets few jumps and pixels but it is far better.. But still thousands of errors.. But my ps3 and talktalk tv are both working so didn't bother complaining more.

    Until few days ago for the bill due 25th novemeber I am still £20-30 in credit from the credit of the mistake they made with fee.

    My bill came to £75.50.. What the?


    Got on phone.... Useless.. Got via twitter and suddenly they were helpful to try fix it? (Probs as everyone can see it)

    They claimed the charge was from mid July when the tv engineer called the openreach engineer who fixed the line.

    I complained saying

    "I was not told of charges, it was a new line with faulty wires and it was repaired why am I being charged"

    TalkTalk: "we are unable to say if you will or will not be charged until they arrive at your home but we do advise all customers may have a charge for the following: the fault is within your home or garden, you do not let the engineer in, the line has to be replaced, damage to equipment in your home."

    I then replied : "can I ask why I was charged? As 1. This was repaired outside and I let the engineer in when requested and he was happy fault was fixed.. I was lucky I was in as talktalk failed to tell me he was even outside repairing the fault. Also can I ask why are you deciding to charge me now in novemeber when this was meant to be in July? If I knew sooner I could have got cctv footage to prove he repaired it outside and I let him in. Please can you look into the matter as to why I am wrongly charged. I am now unable to pay for bills and food and if I'm charged I request a refund to my bank account"

    TalkTalk "the charges are valid and I am unable to credit your account. You may have been charged if you had a fault on your home boundary including your garden and home or for denying access to your home. As the charges are valid we are unable to credit your account. We are also not able to refund to bank accounts by any means whether valid or invalid. Thank you for contacting talktalk"

    I replied "can you let me know as to what was the reason why I was charged? The openreach engineer fixed a problem OUTSIDE. I live in a high rise flat, there is no garden and all wiring in the building is communal/belongs to landlord. The only wires belonging to me is from the landing to my door and then from the door to the master socket. The engineer did not or could t touch my "owned" wires as I had to unlock all the doors to get him in the building and all he did was check the sound on the line with a device. So please can you investigate what reason was that I was charged "

    TalkTalk "the charges to the account were valid. However as a gesture of goodwill I have credited your account. If your bill this month has been printed to the system you will be charged £45.50 total and the credit will go onto the next bills. If however the credit goes in beforehand you will not be charged for the bill this month as you are in credit until the next month. We are glad that your problem was sorted out and thank you for contacting talktalk."

    So... THREE times they said the charges were valid.. But somehow couldn't tell me why?

    And this was the SECOND time they charged me for no reason by mistake?

    Oh.. And my internet was never fixed anyway so I was basically charged for nothing if it really was valid.

    I hope that today talktalk don't take money out.. As then Christmas is cancelled...

    So yeah.. Thanks talktalk.. You ruined Christmas by charging me 4 months late for something you didn't even fully fix, and I see no valid reason to the charge as I let the engineer in after fixing something OUTSIDE the whole building.

    Clearly talktalk made a mess and tried to claim it was valid to keep the money.. If they checked and it said it was valid.. Then surely they can tell me why? Instead they refused to tell me why.. And as soon I mention I am in a high rise flat and no equipment is mine.. They suddenly credit me account due to "goodwill"...

    I feel I'm dealing with con artists here..... And I don't have any choice as can't afford any other company at all.

    The only good thing is the sky channels and a very very slow functioning youview box that takes a good 30+ seconds to change channels or get the guide or settings up (or close them again)

    Talktalk have made my stress level rise and my health now worse.. Now I worry I'm going to go in debt as only have £40 to spare for Christmas presents (only got my mums so far) .. And if they take the fee out... I have to cancel Christmas and panic about food and bills.

    I suffer from health issues and can't work due to stress and mental health.. I will be making a formal complaint... As I was feeling sucidal thinking I'll be in debt or lose my friends as I can't afford Christmas presents for them... So...

    I can no longer recommend talktalk to anyone.. While when I was living with my mum, I told everyone it was fast and reliable... Until she renewed her contract and nothing but problems for whole year and half.. Then i had moved.. And had NO CHOICE but to also go with talktalk. I wanted Virginia as don't need a landline.. But in Haigh rise flat they cannot supply.. So had to use talktalk...

    I really hope I can get back into work ASAP so that next time I can get be broadband.

    At the moment I'm paying £20.50 a month with sky channels (i paid line rental a year in advanced and put the equivalent amount in another bank account details so I will afford it next year etc) without the sky channels it's only £5.50 a month for broadband. While be broadband is £35 just for the broadband I need and phone line... Seems worth it if I could afford it though

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