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  • neutral

    by Diane at 8:36 on 27 Jan 2014 Report abuse

    I have TalkTalk, had a few problems last year, they couldn't install tv as broadband speed was too slow, but after me making a huge fuss they changed the router and now the service is great. I have just switched to fibre optic and am waiting for TV to be installed. Let's hope it works this time. Overall I am pleased with this service. Let's hope I am not speaking too soon!

  • unhappy

    by Angelica_D at 16:29 on 24 Jan 2014 Report abuse

    Terrible problems with Talk Talk. No internet since last May, will not refund monthly fee even though no service and they were unable to fix. I've just been told they cannot refund fees so I have to deal with the Ombudsman. Surely if you buy something and its broke you can take it back for your money back? Anyway, Ombudsman it is, but isnt it a shame you have to involve a third party for a simple request like a refund. Mind you customer services have been appalling, sometimes rude on the phone to me when trying to sort the internet out, never returned promised calls I always had to phone them, even the CEO was abrupt. I just cant get my head around the fact that I can't have a refund for non service.

  • unhappy

    by Paul K at 19:35 on 1 Dec 2013 Report abuse

    Avoid Talk Talk like the plague. Their customer service is appalling, far more trouble than they are worth. Lost count how many times the service went down, and 3 months after leaving them they still owe me money...

  • unhappy

    by Jay smith at 14:34 on 25 Nov 2013 Report abuse

    I wish I could afford be broadband as it has best reviews.. Sadly I cannot work due to health and talktalk is only option with value line rental and cheapest broadband and TV.

    I moved in, in June.. Talktalk said there will be no charge for new line and no charge for tv engineer and £5.50 off bills for 6 months for joining at promotion.

    BT set up the line.. They stayed for hours saying "the tests are showing you will have bad broadband connection we won't leave until we are happy as it's very unstable... They called talktalk to say they connected the new line but it's unstable. Talktalk said "that's OK it's a new line not set up on our end your free to leave". They left not too happy but talktalk told them it was OK.

    A week later I got the tv installed.. And bought a phone the day before so I called use the phone.

    Tv engineer installed tv surprised that talktalk didn't give me self install option, then he tested the internet test channel.... He said it was the worst pixel and bad internet he has ever seen, although it was jealous that Manchester get extra freeview channels (132 channels here)

    He got a device to "listen" to the line.. He said it was one of the worst noisy lines he heard in years. He said he will book an engineer to repair the line.

    Talktalk on the phone (he past to me as they needed more details) said sorry I was having problems with new line and they will send a text within 48 hours with results of tests and when an engineer will call.

    The next morning I got a call from a BT engineer saying he has repaired something outside and asked to come in to check the line.

    He checked the line and said it's now fixed but there's still broadband errors on the line so you will need to get back to talktalk about broadband engineer. However calls and phone will now work without any problems as had to replace wires.

    Talktalk then CHANGED me for tv engineer.. After 3 weeks and 20 emails with screenshots of the deal they have with free install they realised and credited the account.

    Now In end of July, I said I can't watch talktalk tv as it's pixilated.. Broadband dropping videos buffering and can't get past 2mbps when I was promised 6.5mbps minimum and 10.5mbps maximum

    Tv needs 5mbps minimum (don't have computers and phone was off wifi and ps3 was unplugged so nothing was using bandwidth.

    The confirmed that I had 652485 total errors seconds in space of 3 days. They said it should never be above 10 in a whole hour but I was almost in thousands.

    They sent replacement router and said "we are unable to find the cause and we can send an engineer out, but you would be charged as the whole line would be replaced."

    New router came no changes.. But I refused to pay £50 as I cannot work and cannot afford to.

    Then talktalk said "ok with tv we have a new service we would like to test this on your line it may solve the pixels as it will no longer need 5mbps and should run from 3mbps. You are now synced at 6mbps as we changed your profile.

    Now in novemeber. Tv still randomly gets few jumps and pixels but it is far better.. But still thousands of errors.. But my ps3 and talktalk tv are both working so didn't bother complaining more.

    Until few days ago for the bill due 25th novemeber I am still £20-30 in credit from the credit of the mistake they made with fee.

    My bill came to £75.50.. What the?


    Got on phone.... Useless.. Got via twitter and suddenly they were helpful to try fix it? (Probs as everyone can see it)

    They claimed the charge was from mid July when the tv engineer called the openreach engineer who fixed the line.

    I complained saying

    "I was not told of charges, it was a new line with faulty wires and it was repaired why am I being charged"

    TalkTalk: "we are unable to say if you will or will not be charged until they arrive at your home but we do advise all customers may have a charge for the following: the fault is within your home or garden, you do not let the engineer in, the line has to be replaced, damage to equipment in your home."

    I then replied : "can I ask why I was charged? As 1. This was repaired outside and I let the engineer in when requested and he was happy fault was fixed.. I was lucky I was in as talktalk failed to tell me he was even outside repairing the fault. Also can I ask why are you deciding to charge me now in novemeber when this was meant to be in July? If I knew sooner I could have got cctv footage to prove he repaired it outside and I let him in. Please can you look into the matter as to why I am wrongly charged. I am now unable to pay for bills and food and if I'm charged I request a refund to my bank account"

    TalkTalk "the charges are valid and I am unable to credit your account. You may have been charged if you had a fault on your home boundary including your garden and home or for denying access to your home. As the charges are valid we are unable to credit your account. We are also not able to refund to bank accounts by any means whether valid or invalid. Thank you for contacting talktalk"

    I replied "can you let me know as to what was the reason why I was charged? The openreach engineer fixed a problem OUTSIDE. I live in a high rise flat, there is no garden and all wiring in the building is communal/belongs to landlord. The only wires belonging to me is from the landing to my door and then from the door to the master socket. The engineer did not or could t touch my "owned" wires as I had to unlock all the doors to get him in the building and all he did was check the sound on the line with a device. So please can you investigate what reason was that I was charged "

    TalkTalk "the charges to the account were valid. However as a gesture of goodwill I have credited your account. If your bill this month has been printed to the system you will be charged £45.50 total and the credit will go onto the next bills. If however the credit goes in beforehand you will not be charged for the bill this month as you are in credit until the next month. We are glad that your problem was sorted out and thank you for contacting talktalk."

    So... THREE times they said the charges were valid.. But somehow couldn't tell me why?

    And this was the SECOND time they charged me for no reason by mistake?

    Oh.. And my internet was never fixed anyway so I was basically charged for nothing if it really was valid.

    I hope that today talktalk don't take money out.. As then Christmas is cancelled...

    So yeah.. Thanks talktalk.. You ruined Christmas by charging me 4 months late for something you didn't even fully fix, and I see no valid reason to the charge as I let the engineer in after fixing something OUTSIDE the whole building.

    Clearly talktalk made a mess and tried to claim it was valid to keep the money.. If they checked and it said it was valid.. Then surely they can tell me why? Instead they refused to tell me why.. And as soon I mention I am in a high rise flat and no equipment is mine.. They suddenly credit me account due to "goodwill"...

    I feel I'm dealing with con artists here..... And I don't have any choice as can't afford any other company at all.

    The only good thing is the sky channels and a very very slow functioning youview box that takes a good 30+ seconds to change channels or get the guide or settings up (or close them again)

    Talktalk have made my stress level rise and my health now worse.. Now I worry I'm going to go in debt as only have £40 to spare for Christmas presents (only got my mums so far) .. And if they take the fee out... I have to cancel Christmas and panic about food and bills.

    I suffer from health issues and can't work due to stress and mental health.. I will be making a formal complaint... As I was feeling sucidal thinking I'll be in debt or lose my friends as I can't afford Christmas presents for them... So...

    I can no longer recommend talktalk to anyone.. While when I was living with my mum, I told everyone it was fast and reliable... Until she renewed her contract and nothing but problems for whole year and half.. Then i had moved.. And had NO CHOICE but to also go with talktalk. I wanted Virginia as don't need a landline.. But in Haigh rise flat they cannot supply.. So had to use talktalk...

    I really hope I can get back into work ASAP so that next time I can get be broadband.

    At the moment I'm paying £20.50 a month with sky channels (i paid line rental a year in advanced and put the equivalent amount in another bank account details so I will afford it next year etc) without the sky channels it's only £5.50 a month for broadband. While be broadband is £35 just for the broadband I need and phone line... Seems worth it if I could afford it though

  • unhappy

    by Alessio at 21:46 on 24 Nov 2013 Report abuse

    BT, even if they managed to cancel an offer by delaying the BT infinity service, was giving me a good service with 74mb connection but it was around 46 pounds a month... too expensive for me in this period

    Few days after passing to TalkTalk (and paying 120 pounds as advanced line rental) , TalkTalk sent me a sort of contract stating a not mentioned in the website 30 pound one off charge for Fibre -> first complaint as I have already fibre installed at home and there was no mention of this charge in their website or the order form received via email

    1 day before starting the service, I phone TalkTalk and I am told that the installation day I will receive an engineer to check the line -> none arrives

    During that day for more than several hours, I call them and a message is stating the service will be available in 5 hours I call the support and I was told someone is "manually" installing my services now
    I call them again to complain for a dead line and a rude lady agent tells me that as up to midnight I am not active customer and I cannot complain or escalate to team leader. I want to take part in the survey after the phone call and the agent waits for me to close the call, as she is not allowed to close the call before the customer.

    Day after: For their website, I have phone line but my fibre is a little slow. In the reality, my phone is silent like a fish.

    I call them to complain and before working on the issue, they want me to test by removing the plate at the master socket. I work 12 miles from home so no case logged up to 19h00.

    Eventually after voicing my deep disappointment in the TalkTalk forum I was promised a call back at 19h00 at 21h30 thy produces 2 rings on my mobile... not even enough time to answer but enough for TalkTalk to say they did call back

    Day 4 and still no service I call them to have an update (and their support start with usual script listing the problem I reported and telling me the BT needs to visit my property to test the line to see if I have any fault. So no phone on Saturday and obviously no phone on Sunday. I am more than unhappy, I want to speak with the cancellation department and I am informed that as they had no time to investigate the problem, I will have to pay a cancellation fee of nearly 300 pounds, but if stay with them I have not to pay for the BT engineer and I will receive 27 pounds compensation... not even enough to pay for the temp mobile internet solution I use and all the calls I made.

    Perhaps Monday I will have a BT engineer around that may or may not fix the issue and if it is not fixed the issue will go back to them for who knows how many day. So far, it is sure that on the 19th with BT I had phone and internet and from the 20th to the 25th or more no service with TalkTalk, I am not free to cancel with them and to move to another provider. My home phone rings somewhere but not at home. I prefer to avoid the description of their mainly Indian customer service and the knowledge of their support (the broadband password is written on the back of the router, they tell you without considering that on the back of the router there’s the wifi password, not the adsl credentials that are not needed with a fibre connection)
    However with my surprise after 4 days after the failed installation and still without service I logged in my TalkTalk account and I noticed that I was billed nearly 3 poundsfor the first two days of NO service

  • neutral

    by Tina Hart at 19:34 on 15 Nov 2013 Report abuse

    I have been completely stressed out with BT and never want to deal with them again. Thank God my contract expires tomorrow. I am not sure who to go with for Broadband and Landline....What are your thoughts about using the Post Office?

  • neutral

    by david at 16:14 on 12 Sep 2013 Report abuse

    I have been with TT for only a few months. I was stung at first by their high telephone costs. I was previously able to reroute calls through 18185 which substantially reduced the calls charge per minute. Not able to do this with TT I for the first two months was asked for £36 per month. This was a shock as my last invoice with 18185 was £7 for a month. Having said that I called on both occasions and TT basically wiped the charge to zero. Since then I have found a way to reroute calls to 18185. There is such a huge markup on calls. I accidentally did not enter the prefix number one day and the voice came through "ten pence per minute". I immediately put the phone down and used the prefix. This time the voice came through "one pence per minute". A ninety per cent markup by TT.

    Apart from that the BB connection has been OK, although the up to 13meg speed has rarely happened.

    The Indian call centres are annoying, or should I say the Indians are annoying - they can be quite defensive.

    My way to deal wit TT for any problems is go to the loyalty department and threaten leaving - it seems to give one the edge.

  • neutral

    by Stef Mc Sclain at 17:59 on 22 Aug 2013 Report abuse

    I have been a broadband customer for several years and the service has been reasonable. However over the last 3-4 months the service has gone to the dogs with frequent losses to signal, download speeds of < 1mb/s and terrible crackling noises on the phone line. I have replaced the micro-filter, modem and router to no avail. I attempted to get help through the support line but they are of very little help and just read a script without really understanding what they are telling me.

    I would strongly advice potential customers to keep well away of this product and current customers which are experiencing problems to switch as there appears to be a fundamental flaw with the TT technology backbone and business model.

  • unhappy

    by Inna at 14:31 on 21 Aug 2013 Report abuse

    We have been with TalkTalk for a number of years and have never missed or delayed a payment. Suddenly last week we lost our Internet connection. We called them on Saturday to find out what was going on and they informed us that another telco provider had contacted them to ask them to disconnect us because we were switching providers (which we are not, we have not been in touch with any other provider at all!). Apparently TalkTalk had sent a letter asking us to reply or else our connection was switched off as they would assume we wanted to leave, even though this supposed request did not come from us but from their competitor! We never received such a letter by the way until today, almost a week after our connection had already been switched off! We do not believe this is their normal practice, that if a third party asks them TalkTalk just disconnects you without proper communication with the customer. If this was their normal practice, I think anyone in their right mind would see this is a ridiculous way to conduct a business. We believe a mistake has happened and TalkTalk are obviously not able to admit it and deal with it appropriately. Another thing is, TalkTalk have not been able to tell us who the third party in this whole saga is. Our opinion is that talkTalk's way of dealing with this is a total shambles. We do not actually believe there is any third party in this at all.

  • unhappy

    by Bolakal at 19:13 on 10 Jul 2013 Report abuse

    I'm actually a Tiscali Customer which was then bought by TT (unfortunately) Before the take over, everything went smooth and nice. Since TT has taken over, I experience constant Disconnects. Now by that I don't mean like every 10-15 minutes. More like every 5 secs, literally! As soon as I have restarted the router, I have a disconnect the next 5 sec.

    I've replaced all my hardware, such as filter, cable and router, nothing helped. TT watned to send me an engineer who probably just come and touch few things before charging me 50 Quid, so I rejected that offer.

    Also the package I'm on right now is the essential pack, so normal broadband with evening + WE calls.

    Apart from the fact that I have to call up Customer Service like every 2-3 days, the funny thing is they don't really address the problem but merely advertise how awesome fibre optic is and try to convince to step up at all cost. They never went straight to the point on the phone, e.g. if my call lasted 30 minutes, 20 minutes would be them telling me how I would benefit from fibre and those disconnects won't happen.


    My brother has to go to bed early in the morning coz he needs to get up at half 6 in the morning for school and comes home at 6 in the afternoon. He barely got time to do his homework and at this age in time, almost everything is done online. Now you can imagine how furious everyone in the household was and you can't just go to the school and tell the teachers that your internet isn't working if my brother couldn't do his homework.

    Next issue: The phone is so noisy in the background, we can barely make calls. No one can understand us and vice versa. Also, in addition to the frequent horrible disconnects, someone uses the phone/calls us, the internet would get disconnected. So that's a double kick in the face..

    It's a disgrace really, luckily since I was a tiscali customer we're only on a rolling contract and will be soon switching to another provider (most probably VM)

    It's amazing that I've actually managed to put up with this disgusting service for freaking THREE WHOLE YEARS. I obviously can't express my anger towards this company and how badly they have affected me by cutting off my internet, but let me tell you something, I can't wait til I get a new provider. It will be a release like never before.

  • unhappy

    by Mark at 13:32 on 6 Jul 2013 Report abuse

    Slowest service ever
    After several long years service with Aol it's time now to quit, reason for leaving is down to honesty and integrity as my last contract was agreed via email and verbal conversations for 12 months fixed contract. Jan 2013 I attempted to change this and was pushed back as aol ant talk talk told me my contract was 18 months, even with the email data there was nothing I could do apart from wait. Aol Talk Talk will now loose another long service customer. Sorry for your loss as previous years service was as good as any provider. Time now to change and hopefully get a good enough service until fibre optic becomes available in my area.

  • unhappy

    by tom douglas at 16:20 on 24 Jun 2013 Report abuse

    Talk Talk is the worst broadband service in the country! No other service could be this bad. We had forgotten how slow dial up used to be, but this is on a par with dial up.

  • unhappy

    by Tim at 10:18 on 22 Apr 2013 Report abuse

    Wish I'd seen these comments before signing up with talktalk for broadband/landline. We're 10 days over our 'Go Live' date now and no sign of a solution. Feeling hot under the collar to say that least.

  • unhappy

    by roy at 22:35 on 19 Apr 2013 Report abuse

    Everyone i know that has had or has talktalk hates it with a vengance for almost every reason mentionable. It is now my serious opinion after making many complaints to no avail, receiving the only response thate i should upgrade to fibre optic for extra money, yes in your dreams i will, just give me what i was promised and compensation for not doing so. I digress,,back to my serious opinion, talktalk should be prevented from selling any new service to new customers, be forced to invest money in staff for improvement rather than staff to hound for business, untill a survey carried out on existing customers proves at least 85% satisfaction for what is being paid for. Honestly i speak to many many people from different walks and have heard nothing but bad, not one good word.

  • happy

    by D Bailey at 14:47 on 8 Apr 2013 Report abuse

    I always like to give a company the benefit of the doubt. In TalkTalk's case, they simply did not provide a suitable nor sustainable broadband service from October 2011 to April 2013. Nevertheless, I stuck with them, and its intermissions, and then, magically in January 2013, they provided a reasonable uptime/response for (oh) two to three weeks, mostly during the all important sign-ups after Christmas. Then as soon as I paid up a year for my line rental, within 2 days, it was back to the 'same, same' - a record being resetting the router over 63 times in a day, no broadband even at 12:30am, uptime spanning a huge 6 or 7 minutes, (yes, that long, really!!) and could be counted on to last as little as three seconds. 'Hmm,' I thought. 'My neighbours (who aren't with TalkTalk) have marvellous uptime, and you can't hear any howls coming through the walls moaning about the terrible broadband is. I know, change providers,' says I. It took 3 hard hours of intermittent broadband service (with accompanying howls) and 7 attempts, but I actually managed it. The motto of the story? You too can change your broardband provider from TalkTalk to something more useful with another broadband provider with a better track record than that with a little determination and effort to get it done. Go on... have a go!! I know that red light is really bothersome, but hang in there, it can be done.

  • neutral

    by Ellen at 14:00 on 3 Apr 2013 Report abuse

    The service I get is actually quite reasonable, touch wood. The problems come if I ever ring them with a question or a problem of any kind. No one who answers the phone can actually answer a question, though they are very good at launching into a sales pitch. The ignorance of the call handlers is incredible. Calls take ages and you get passed between people all saying different things and none of them knowing the answers. If something major did go wrong, I have absolutely no confidence that anyone, could or would do anything about it. I've had enough.

  • neutral

    by gm0 at 10:49 on 26 Mar 2013 Report abuse

    Lauindo., Do not give up, cancel your contract, they have broken it by not providing a service that is . FIT FOR PERPOSE As you complained and tried to cancel at the very beginning of contract,they can threaten all they like ,but can do no more.

  • unhappy

    by Laurindo Berenguer at 21:04 on 25 Mar 2013 Report abuse

    TalkTalk is the worst company I ever come across! I have requested a line last month and, since day one, I do not have broadband. I have called them on the first day to be informed that they cannot perform basic diagnostics without a phone!!!

    When I finally got a phone, I have called them and they made me make all kind of useless test like, connect the phone, power off and on the modem, and open the master socket!!!! And concluded they cannot do anything but could not send a technician due to unavailability. This is amazing, I am still waiting for them to contact me.

    When I tried to cancel the contract they told me I would have to pay for the full contract but could not solve my problem. I am still waiting for them to fix my problem but it seems I have to give up, lose my money and switch to a real provider!

  • unhappy

    by MonikaLom at 18:58 on 21 Mar 2013 Report abuse

    I am beyond myself, this company is rubbish, call handlers unprofessional and each one gives a different piece of advice. For two months I have not had broadband and noone knows why, one staffbtold me i could not use iPad because it would not work with talktalk broadband! One call handler changed my package and added freeview TV telling me i had to have talktalk tv if i want to be connected to internet-call handler called FOZIA. I hate this company they madenme so upset they do not want to cancel my contract and they do not provide me with broadband but the charge me every month. I am thinking about taking civil action against them. Unprofessional disappointing disguisting service!!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by m holden at 18:05 on 20 Mar 2013 Report abuse

    Talk talk can only provide me with 8mbs on my broadband,so what is the point staying with them. Its a naff system with a rubbish customer service235

  • happy

    by Keri Dorrington at 15:26 on 9 Mar 2013 Report abuse

    We`ve have not had a problem just phoneline but engineer come out in 48 hrs! by twitter and telephone fault webpage!!!

    I prefer Talktalk because i had family in germany and new zealand!!!
    it was best way then bt charge that time!!!

  • unhappy

    by Philip Jewer at 16:24 on 6 Mar 2013 Report abuse

    We have been with TalkTalk for the past 18 months (bundled phone and broadband package). The service is cheap (although line rental is extra) so I wasn't expecting five star service, but the company has fallen way below even the minimum expectations of a provider. We have experienced continual dropping of our broadband connection, which is extremely frustrating. Modern life results in many different items needing to access the network (phones, laptops, printers, etc) and we experienced problems with individual connections shutting down on a regular basis. A colleague of mine (who is a bit of an expert on Wi-Fi) told me that the router provided by TalkTalk was extremely cheap and would only allow three appliances to connect at any one time - this matches our experience.
    To describe TalkTalk customer service as appalling is an understatement. On the rare occasion you can understand who you are talking to the impression given is that your call is not remotely important - and neither is the problem you are calling about. I have contacted them regularly to complain about dropped connections, and they simply weren't interested, although they would (after a bit of cajoling) run a test on the line to reinstate the connection. During these complaints I was told it was a problem with the BT line, not our router, although I never experienced similar problems with our previous provider O2.

    Finally I have had enough and signed up with BT. During the interim period I had to ring TalkTalk to rectify another dropped broadband connection and - low and behold - they told me with surprise 'oh you have been experiencing dropped connections, let us sort this out for you'. I explained that this was the first time that they had ever shown any interest in this, and that previously it had been denied that this was a TalkTalk problem. A cynical person might assume they were trying to retain my business! The attempt to retain me as a customer became aggressive, with even the technical department then offering six months free broadband and then (to cap it all) telling me that my router was inadequate and they could provide a much more sophisticated one which would cope with multiple connections - this after months of TalkTalk denying there was any problem with the original router they supplied. Needless to say I have told them I am still switching, as this type of behaviour just confirms my decision is correct.

  • neutral

    by JMW at 12:52 on 27 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    Have had TT broadband since 2007 when I added "free evening & weekend calls" to my telephone contract, and got it thrown in free (I had already been a TT telephone customer for three or four years, and very pleased with them). The broadband was initially so awful (because of poor default settings on the Huawei router) that I continued with Telewest cable broadband. It became respectable a year or two later when I found a script on the TT member's forum that fixed all the bad settings on the router. Still didn't drop Telewest, but after Virgin Media took over Telewest, the service dropped (I had a month, on one occasion, with no VM broadband, so I strapped the LAN from my TT router into the second WAN port of my Draytek router, to give a backup service when VM dropped out. Though VM was giving about 8 Mbits/sec at best (advertised 10), and TT only about 4 to 5 Mbits/s, the VM cable service continued to drop out regularly, and wasted about 50 hours in 2011 chasing them up about it. At the same time, I noticed from the Draytek log that more than half my traffic was going via the TalkTalk ADSL router so in March 2012, ditched my £25/month contract with VM. All was well until I decided to extend my TT service to vDSL (or fibre optic as they prefer to call it). Though I was promised 39 Mbits/sec, it delivered, on average, about 10 - 12, but was hugely erratic, varying mostly between about 3 and 25 Mbits/sec and occasionally dropping off altogether for about half an hour (this after the mandatory 10 days for the service to self-tune). I called up to complain, but when they asked me to run a speed test at that moment using the TalkTalk speed test (I usually use Broadbandspeedchecker), it registered 20 to 25 Mbits/sec for the mandatory 3 speed runs, so the problem got shelved until I could provide evidence. In the third week of January, it decreased to an average of 3 to 4 Mbits/sec, which is slower than I used to get on ADSL. I was on holiday at the time, but when I got back, reported it to TT on 28th January. They decided it was a BT modem problem and made an appointment for 4th February for a BT engineer to call. On 4th February, a TalkTalk engineer appeared with a new Huawei router in his hand, expecting to just swap the router. I showed him the speed test with my laptop directly connected to the modem, and offered to repeat it with either my Draytek, or the old TT router, or if he wanted, the new one. This convinced him that it was a BT issue and he departed with the new router, and re-registered the fault call (they had somehow closed it). Since then, TT have consumed about 30 hours of my time going round in circles like Groundhog Day. On 22nd February, they closed the fault call, without having fixed it. Wondered why they had gone quiet on me, and rang again on Monday 25th February, ran 6 speed tests directly on their system, showing an average of 3.7 Mbits/sec, and appealed to them to "escalate" it. Poor guy in India said he had no way of doing that, it would have to be the engineering department that did, but after about 45 minutes, mostly on hold, I was promised an engineer out on Thursday 28th January. Unfortunately, it is a TT engineer, so I doubt anything will come of it. Since I am getting only a tenth of the service they promise (quite apart from the enormous hassle), I don't see why I should pay them more than a tenth of the fibre premium (or actually, perhaps none at all, since I was previously getting a better ADSL service without paying the premium). To put it mildly, I cannot recommend TalkTalk broadband.

  • neutral

    by GM0 at 0:11 on 27 Jan 2013 Report abuse

    f the dept collectors cannot show you a court order report them to the police for harrisment,then collect you facts and take talktalk to the small claims court for all your expencess changing providers and all other cost, Contact your local tradeing standards office or cab ,yhey will put you right.

  • unhappy

    by reallyfedup at 22:12 on 21 Jan 2013 Report abuse

    signed up to talk talk at £21.75 per month for unlimited calls and broadband up to a limit which i cant remember. in the first month, websites i'd previously viewed would flip up out the blue, when writing an email it would suddenly disappear, i couldn't watch programmes on the iplayers for BBC, CH4 or ITV. it was useless. complaining on the phone got me nowhere... apart from around the world of their every dept, i spoke to workers who did nothing to help in india, the philipines, south africa and england. i missed paying my first direct debit payment so phoned them to say, sorry, a bloop has occurred with my bank but take it now, the money's there. we agreed two payments would be made instead on the second month... but they took nothing. and in the third month despite phone calls they didn't take a payment then either. so it looked like i wasn't willing to pay at all. despite continuing to phone around the world and being referrred from one dept to another, i never got the broadband problem sorted out or the financial one. i was desperately upset so eventually asked them to disconnect me by the end of september. however, a kind soul said they would indeed get a manager to call me as i'd been asking for for months. i told them to cancel my request to end my contract since all seemed about to be fixed. but even the manager's promises of sorting the problem out failed. and i was cut off from my service. now some months later i have debt collectors at my door demanding more than a hundred pounds which i dont owe them, for a service i never received and a heap of unprofessionalism. i am beat... i just don't know how to get rid of Talktalk. i wish i had never heard of them. i've now met a few people who've complained of the same happening to them. the minute i mentioned i'd no broadband at home and what a hassle it was due to Talktalk's behaviour, they sprang into words of fury about them. so it just goes to show.... you really should AVOID THIS INCOMPETENT AROGANT RIP OFF COMPANY, TALKTALK. at all costs. you're better off having no broadband than knowing them.

  • neutral

    by gmo at 21:12 on 30 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    suggest cancell standing ordwe at bank asap. THE bank must do it if requested by you,under new eec regs, the only good thing they have done.

  • unhappy

    by trish at 4:13 on 30 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    i am disgusted with talk talk, i called on 16 occations to complain about the service as i was not getting the deal i signed up for, instead of looking into it they canceld my account and charged me £260 for the privellage ,which i wont be paying and would advise anyone to do the same

  • neutral

    by KL at 14:44 on 28 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    Rang up Talk Talk to enquire about switching, all good, until I let them know I was only enquiring on best prices and was not willing to sign up on the day as I was going to ring other providers. At this point they got quite aggressive and irritable and swiftly lost any chance of potential business (even though they were marginally cheaper). If this is the attitude of sales staff, hate to think what they would be like if something went wrong.

  • unhappy

    by Jack Trader at 21:17 on 20 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    Terrible customer services-often need to phone them as have had a LOT of problems and just get passed from person to person who just follow scripts and have very little knowledge when dealing with broadband.
    Also the phone line is often extremely crackly and there are days the broadband connection constantly drops and as a result low speeds during these times-sometimes even as slow as 'dial up' speeds. No consistency. Very frustrating.
    NOT recommended, am changing ISP as soon as possible.

  • unhappy

    by Patricia Skyrme at 18:43 on 8 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    Having been a Tiscali customer for many years we were transferred to TalkTalk. In October we enquired about the Essentials Tarriff and were informed that we were eligible for this product but if we transferred we were unable to return to our original tariff. We agreed to transfer to the Essentials tariff. However, when we recieved our next invoice we realised something was incorrect as we were charged far more than our original package. When we called we were informed that we are not in an area that can receive the Essentials bundle and so we were missold the product. We are now being charged for the Essentials tariff and in addition we are also being charged for a far more expensive Broadband package. We have written four times to Customer Services without any response and are now days away from going to OFCOM. We would definitely not recommend TalkTalk.

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