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  • unhappy

    by nigel at 9:52 on 7 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    Anyone who signs up with this load of shambles should check their contract. If you wish to cancel you are more than entitled to do so within 14 days without paying a penny if you have not been connected on your go live date as it is a breech of contract. They give you a date to go live so you have a service from that date. If you have already set up payment details, Cancel them immediately. Write to them, Email them and call them to cancel. If like me after the contract time has run out and you want to leave., Cancel in the same way. They will try and persuade you to stay. Do not fall for it. They do not take off the tag on your line you have to have it taken off and pay the new supplier for it to be done. Contact your MP and Ofcom and Oftel, if you continue to receive problems with them. If this does not work then contact National Press and blow the story out to the public big time as i am doing at the moment. You will recieve a response from them in your favor and should not hear from them again. THEY ARE THE BIGGEST LOAD OF BO***CKS I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS. THEY COULD NOT EVEN THROW A P*SS UP IN A BREWERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by joh at 14:52 on 5 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    Very angry with talktalk, started a new contract in July was told by customer agent in Philippines that its 6 months half price, contract for 12 months. So signed up. When paperwork came it said 18 months contract, no mention of any half price. Rang them 3 times in july and was told yes it was only 12 month contract, printing error just ignore. Called a week ago after bill did not reflect any half prices on it, only to be told its an 18 month contract and there was never a half price package. I wonder how a company can get away with lying to their customers. Apparently no record of any such conversation anywhere. Its seems to me that once a company gets too big they they can afford their lawyers and get away with these cheap tricks. The broadband speed is appalling and the attitude of technical support is that you are getting it for free, so what do you expect. I was asked to check speed at different times including 3am in the morning, apparebtly peak times are anywhere between 5am and 2am next day and can expect slower speeds during this period. Recently also received an email to say that they were upgrading my package to unlimited broadband and that my line rental would hence increase. How can they change my package without my permission. I wonder why OFCOM or the govt. sits back and does nothing, clearly they must be getting several complains.

  • neutral

    by bob Mathewson at 13:25 on 5 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    one thing is certain as far as ISPs are concerned none of them can be trusted to give you the service or back up when things go wrong shameful really why do we have to put up with a nonsense service from these money grabbers.

  • neutral

    by gm0 at 17:42 on 26 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Cancell your contract by phone email and writeing, cancell your standing order at bank. YOUR BANK MUST DO THIS BY LAW, DONT LET THEM TELL YOUR ANYTHING DIFFERANT.
    They have broken there contract, you can sue in small claims court for loss of earnings and distress.

  • unhappy

    by Linda at 21:42 on 24 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Can anyone help me? I was supposed to be connected to talk talk yesterday. As yet I am still not connected. After speaking to 12 different people, with 11 of them having a seriously bad attitude, the total time spent on calls was over 6 hours, they have resolved nothing. They would like me to take another day off work in order for an engineer to come out... . I did everything they asked me to do ... except take a screwdriver to my telephone point - im in a brand new flat, an engineer has checked the line its fine). There was no amount of compensation that would make me want to stay with them .. i was offered 3 mths free line rental after spending 2 days on phone and expected 2 days off work), with no guarantee they would not charge me for an engineer, but if they did, I could ask for a refund or dispute my bill. I cant think of any company I would rather not speak to than this, the thought of trying to get a bill sorted does not bear thinking about with this mob. They have no respect for your time, nor you view. Talk talk wanted me to agree to terms and conditions to DISCONNECT my service of which I refused to agree since I have never been connected, also Im sure this would mean this would change my rights to cancel the service with no charge. This was the only choice they gave me.. As it stands just now, I'm in stale-mate situation. I've checked with citizens advice online and I think I may have a case to recind the contract, does Anyone know much about this? I livew in Scotland. And just to say to anyone who is thinking of joiing Talk Talk... they are so sneaky, they have all their bases covered to protect themselves and charge you regardless if its your fault. Be very wary of the sales departments charm. I specificly asked about their customer service when I rang them. I was assured it was first class, amazing. this is simply not true.

  • unhappy

    by Gerard at 18:43 on 23 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    I had the same problem as Steve and Alec Tritton above.
    Crackle & hissing on the line for the last 6 months every time it rains which leads me to believe it's something to do with rain water getting into phone ducts/cables (and I'm not an engineer).
    Numerous calls to TalkTalk who keep fobbing me off with "We'll run line checks for you Sir".
    One day last month, I saw a BT van outside thinking it was for me - it was for my next door neighbour. Same problem as mine. Spoke to the BT engineer who said quite a few people on our road have reported this problem and it's water in cable ducts.
    TalkTalk are still working hard to resolve this one.

    Like Alec I'm waiting for my contract to run out in 3 weeks time and jump ship.

  • neutral

    by Linda at 12:51 on 23 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Talk Talk's Customer service and attitude of staff is shocking. Do not be fooled by the service you recieve from sales staff. I spoke to 7 different people today, and was on the phone for nearly 3 hours. They do not care about customer satisfaction, they are trained robots. Not only are they trained not to answer straight questions, they feel frustrated because they are the ones who are not being listened too. Bizarre. The complete inversion of a situation. I have no services and they basically do not care. Its really that simple. Dealing with 3 network and other foriegn mobile phone companies etc is a pleasure in comparison to this company. Avoid them while you have a choice.

  • unhappy

    by steve at 19:10 on 22 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    i've been having problems with connection for the last five weeks. made phonecalls to call centre in far off lands. the people at the call centre were very rude and wouldn't listen to me when i tried to explain the problem. i had to go through a load of checks and tests turning things off and unplugging everything. the problem was the same. they were obviously reading from a list and had absolutely no idea of what they were talking about. when i have asked to speak to a manager i have been cut off. i had exactly the same problems 18months ago and the reason they gave then was that the router was an outdated model. they sent me a new one and everything was fine. now it's s**t again but you can't contact anyone who can help. the b*****ds you do reach after 25mins trying to get through deny that TalkTalk are to blame even though you've done all their tests. i will leaving as soon as possible }0(

  • unhappy

    by Alec Tritton at 16:25 on 22 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Don't do it - don't change to Talk Talk

    Two months ago I was persuaded to change my phone line to Talk Talk - what a mistake! Earlier this month I had a problem with lots of noise on the line and after many calls to support in India who kept telling me there was nothing wrong, I eventually persuaded them to send out an engineer (once i agreed that I would pay if it was my problem). Anyway to cut a long story short and after numerous phone calls, and a further visit of the Talk Talk engineer who confirmed exactly the same problem, eventually a BT engineer came and found the fault was on a telegrapgh pole 200m from the house. Problem solved EXCEPT I have been charged for the original visit - now I am going to have to spend hours again on the phone to India to get the charge dropped - I am not staying a day longer than I have to with this useless company

  • neutral

    by pissed off at 17:25 on 19 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    nigel, det collectors turning up on your door step is AGAINST THE LAW,REPORT THEM.
    gO TO YOUR BANK AND INSIST THEY CANCELL PAYMENTS, they must do this by Law (the only good thing that hascome out of the eec) you can claim all payments made once you ask them to cancell ,They must do it by law.Then claim all monies back from talktalk. i did.

  • unhappy

    by [email protected] at 16:10 on 19 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    please listen up people...talktalk are the worst of the lot, broadband very poor, customer service non existent, telephone poor service. I'm paying £27 for basically nothing.
    do yourselves a favor....go with someone else.

  • unhappy

    by Nigel at 22:14 on 18 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    TalkTalk Are now off to national papers UK. As i have just had debt collector on my bloody door step because of them. I have been promised many times calls from managers or their Southampton customer complaints dept. Took them 5 months to get me a line let alone broadband.. Numerous amounts of time cut off. So many times had calls cut off to their customer service. never a manager to talk to. modems were pile of rubbish and had to use my own at my expense. Have been charged for things that they control from their keyboards and not me. Have not had a service with them for 7 months yet been charged every month since. Had one call back since January in April After threat with Oftel and Press and still waiting for a call since the 6th april this year and we are now middle of November. No one ever understands you and what you try to explain to them even nice and slow in plain English because they are all bloody Indian. Worst company i have ever come across. Had a bill from them just 3 days ago and then debt collector at my door the Folloing day for different amounts than what the bill said that came day before. Will be doing story for UK National Newspapers. .

  • unhappy

    by Tommy Basset at 12:32 on 10 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Took £114 off me and denied they ever had it.
    Spent hours on "Helpline" (Ha!).

    VERY reluctantly, sent them a copy of my Bank Statement showing "TALK TALK £114"

    Still never acknowledged existence of payment.

    Smooth smarmy sellers, once they've got you, nasty and adversarial.

    Also beware of evening plans. Choose them and any daytime calls incredibly expensive. (8p conection charge for a LOCAL call).

  • unhappy

    by Tony Tech at 21:50 on 9 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Please encourage everybody to leave talktalk, !!!
    I'm currently a laughing stock for the IT company I work for, ...why.... because I am still stuck with talktalk, and for the past now 3 months, I can't upload any file larger then 2k.. and after my complaints my downstream is actually good. But my upload.. now a wopping 0.38mbps... Which means, I cant do remote support, use skype, and browsing the web is painfull let alone trying to use youtube or even attempt to do anything on facebook.During my newmerous complaints i've been fobbed off, blamed for the faults and given stalling tacktics by this provider at every turn.. later I was even shocked when they sent the bt engineer who confirmed there was nothing wrong with my equipment, the line or anything else, however Talktalk were responcible for the useless upload capacity, however BT engineers are forbidden to give you this information in writing in an agreement that BT has with Talktalk themselves.. Now as I missed a call from Talktalk today they are going to assume this fault has been resolved (this trick ..again) and I am going to have to work my way through the useless support system again to try and get this resolved.. My resolution at this point.. (as it's costing me time money and energy ) Is to continue using my freinds computers to use the internet productivly while I switch providers.

  • neutral

    by [email protected] at 14:41 on 9 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Its very clear that talktalk dont get the picture, they claim as a po that tech service and suport are free. MY ONLY COMMENT IS THERE THAT BAD THEY SHOULD PAY TO WAISTE YOUR TIME TALKING TO THEM.
    They ask on here if you are neutral,happy or angry while writeing blog. Im more than happy as i have now left them.

  • unhappy

    by Saeed at 13:55 on 8 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    I have been with talk talk for many years and got what I paid for in the past. I made the big mistake of switching to their super slow fibre optic broadband paying £15.00 a month for speeds of over 40 mbps. It has been 6 months after installation and I'm still getting speeds of under 10mbps. The talk talk speed test advises me to switch to fibre optic but I already have it. I have e-mailed talk talk on many occasions and after 10 e-mails they have advised me to ring someone who doesn't care rather than forwarding my e-mails. I don't recommend them to anyone.

  • unhappy

    by Dale altham at 17:50 on 5 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Talktalk are the biggest pile of **** out there.

    Customer service - very poor, cant understand them and very rude.

    Go live date was 30th october. I still have no connection today!! Have made seeral phone calls etc and they kept saying it will be sorted. Then today i rang 3 times and finally they say they will send an engineer BUT the earliest they could get someone was 10 days time!! Phhhhhhh. I have cancelled immediatly. Biggets load of crap. 17 days with no service.

    They want to charge me £111 for cancellation and £18 for first month of line rental!! I have cancelled all direct debits
    Coz hell no im not paying a penny

  • neutral

    by Stuart Wright at 10:07 on 5 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    I have been with TalkTalk for several years and have always been aware of their poor support service, however whilst working the prices are good and if no ongoing problems I put up with that, maybe I am just lazy and think I will get round to changing sometime. I am not a heavy user so no real issues. However on Friday last I made a terrible mistake I contacted TalkTalk to ask if my broadband speed could be improved and I mentioned I had a problem with my Broadband(wirless internet) dropping out if some one was on the phone, it still worked fine at all other times but was aware this was incorrect. I wish had never bothered over the next 24 hours I had several long and incoherant conversations with their "Technical Department" in South Africa and following each call not only did they not solve the problem but it got worse ie first I lost my wireless facility altogether, next I lost my Internet (wired or wirless). They finally agreed to send and engineer but the best they could offer was 28th November (4 weeks after reported fault). In exasparation at their failure to understand my frustration and their inability to recognise that they were the major cause of this frustration I finally asked to speak to a Manager who might just have the authority to resolve this issue. That was the final straw after he failed to listen to me and rambled on incoherantly for about ten minutes I was stunned and amazed when his final comment was "YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL YOU STILL HAVE THE PHONE WORKING BECAUSE OTHER PEOPLE LOSE THE PHONE AS WELL"
    Goodbye TalkTalk and I will at every opportunity advise anyone who asks to avoid at all costs.

  • neutral

    by gm0 at 15:47 on 29 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    read my mail of 17th 0ct 2012 haveing binning talk talk due to a bad service,not being able to sort out, as got fed up with agents with poor english and accents that thick could not under stand them. finnished up with bill for over £100 for exit charges, have fought this and now have them paying me £17 . So it pays to stand up to them when they claim you are in a contract you never agreed to.
    they make it as hard as possible to contact them once you have left they give you 0890 numbers . use 0800 1105851 and make them transfer you to accounts,it seems the only way you can get your problems sorted out ,with out a massive phone bill.

  • unhappy

    by big mark at 0:33 on 29 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    i have been with talktalk for about 3 yrs and to be honest in the beginning i had no problems but since jan 2012 i am lucky if i can stay on line for more than 10 mins at a time .i have phoned and emailed but have been pushed from piller to post ,promised the world yet still the same poor poor services .my contract finishes this jan and i will be leavng i have had enough .this is the same company that sponsers the x factor yet ignores the people who put money in their account so if your reading this and your contemplating joining talktalk , dont ,,its rubbish

  • unhappy

    by Wes O at 17:19 on 22 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    Poor, Very Poor - I was told that my line would be up a running 12 days ago."Faulty line" apparently, Well that strange because the lady that lived here before me (22 days ago) worked from home and was with Talk "Crap" talk. They are unwilling to close her account now and she's tried a number of times.

    PS - If you wish to have a UK call centre call the cancellation line

    Just going to phone BT now,
    PS - if you wish to have a UK call centre call the cancealaion line

  • unhappy

    by sajjad at 10:43 on 20 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    Hello Dear viewers,
    Talk Talk claims its the best and cheap.I placed the order if i am not satisfied with package i will pay only £8.00 as cancelation fee according to helpdesk. i got in touch helpdesk many times but no help received so far, i am exausted with customer services with the problems occuring as really unstable speed most most of times speed is 0.2 and 3- 4. Mbps that i cannot even open browser and cannot play any video on you tube or on any other website, i eventully really regretd i wished to cancel paying £8 but i was told that I will have to pay £8 for each month the remaining 11 months make £88 plus the previous month.thats very unfair way to treat the customer with fraudulent tircks as hidden charges.its an unreliable annoying network i was given fault Reff; No. 5 times still no reponse from network, now i knew its only just a cheap network not the best i am not not happy with balk balk.
    Boywer Road

  • happy

    by gm0 at 21:01 on 17 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    was with talktalk for years,they tried to charge me a exit charge on leaveing them,this after being told there was none. This im told is standard practice, if this happens to you fight it, i did, and was not charged. THEYthen had the cheek to send me a feed back form o tell me how well they preformed.

  • neutral

    by Tornirsk at 19:11 on 4 Sep 2012 Report abuse

    Absolutely dire customer service. Very poor speed in the area where I live. I decided to ditch TalkTalk/Onetel in favour of BT. BT delivered the service on time and I was set up within the hour. A 200% improvement both in speed and reliabillity.
    After 8 weeks with BT, TalkTalk/Onetel is still sending me 'stupid' emails.
    In the past week I have spoken to two people who both have left TalkTalk/Onetel.

  • unhappy

    by Kai Forrest at 10:31 on 30 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    Their service is ridiculous. It took over 3 weeks to get an initial engineer appointment to fix a broken like, and another 2 weeks to connect me. So, five weeks after placing the order, I should have phone and internet, right? Wrong. I have internet and can make calls, but I can't receive calls. The day before an enginner is supposed to come out and fix this - nearly seven weeks after I placed the order - I get an email saying my order has been cancelled. Not the appointment, my *entire* order. No phone, no internet, nothing. I did not cancel it, and they couldn't tell me anything.

    I was bounced around 4 customer 'service' departments, none of whom could tell me why my order had been cancelled, and was eventually told just to place a new order.

    The new problem? I paid 12 months line rental upfront. The guy was very apologetic when he told me he'd have to place the order with line rental per month, and I'd have to phone up in two days to explain the situation, and have the line rental taken off my bill. Given how well everything has gone so far, I don't expect this to be successful.

    So, by my new 'go live' date, it'll have taken nearly nine weeks to get connected, and no one I spoke to seems to see the problem with this.

  • neutral

    by nick at 2:03 on 26 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    DONT DO IT!!!! what an absolute disgrace.

    i decided to move to another company after my sky router got a bit glitchy. my first choice was bt but after five phone calls to them trying to get set up with them, being told more than once that it was all sorted i found out the day before they hadnt set up the broadband at all and only set up a phone line. so i was getting desperate and decided to try talk talk.

    everything seemed fine until it was set up. within five minutes i could see what a massive mistake it was. its fine provided you only want to use the internet between 12am and 6am. any other time it is five hundred times slower than it is between 12 and 6. i understand that generally most internet providers will say it is slower at peek times but 500 TIMES SLOWER? SERIOUSLY? avoid them at all costs.

    ps they say you cannot cancel the contract with them unless it is 14 days before it starts, what the **** is that about, how are we supposed to know if you are rubbish before we try? but the truth is they will cancel it for you free of charge if you ask to speak to a manager or their customer loyalty department so dont fall for the hundreds of pounds they want to charge you. cancel it as quick as possible, and go with sky.

  • unhappy

    by Gloria Mcgeehan at 13:22 on 14 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    I have been with Talktalk for about 5 years and all is well until something goes wrong and customer service is required. It is absolutely dire - my phone line went down in December and it was almost impossible to speak to a real person. I was not aware of it until a worried relative turned up as they had continually got a message saying that I was on the phone.

    Initially I sent an email reporting problem and got a reply saying that it could not be dealt with on line and to call the customer service line. (not easy as it was the land line that was the problem!) I am a Silver Surfer and only have an ancient PAYG mobile as I mostly use land line - I had to top up by a considerable amount and it also took a few days to get Talktalk to divert incoming calls to this. I seem to recall it took about a week to solve the problem. I had run all the normal tests before contacting them but then whilst speaking to one of their employees was asked to unscrew the plate on the wall and also said I would need to plug in a different phone to see whether it was my equipment. As I didnt have a spare phone, it was suggested that I "pop out to Currys or the like and purchase a cheap one". I eventually borrowed a neighbours which didnt work either although was ok in her premises thus, I would have thought, proving it was not my equipment and the fact that callers received the engaged message.

    However, eventually an engineer came out and after a short while the line was working and he insisted it was my equipment so I was then charged by direct debit £143 for this. I tried to complain but to no avail. I am now looking at comparison sites with a view to changing mostly because of this incident but also because long standing loyal customers don't get such a good deal as new ones! If customer service is paramount avoid Talktalk like the plague!

  • neutral

    by tonypoos at 15:40 on 10 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    Well folks what can I say,did a speed test today and nearly fell off the chair,I got 17.8Mb!! No kidding,no one more amazed than me.The customer service and the overseas technical dept are totally useless,they pulled out of Waterford in Ireland,sacked 800 people overnight and went to South Africa and the rest to India,they can do that without batting an eyelid so you have no chance.Problems are only going to get worse unless these outfits stop employing cheap labour.So set up your router as in my previous post and I wish you all the best of British,because you wont find any at TalkTalk,but starting to love the broadband.Just in case I bought a spare router.There is one thing,under the supply of goods and services act 1980 if you are not getting what your paying for then dont pay for it!

  • unhappy

    by ronnie tilley at 0:08 on 7 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    have tryed to speek to sum one that i can under stand can not get wat i want so now i will start to have a look at more providers sad but very true

  • neutral

    by tonypoos at 17:41 on 4 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    I have had all the problems and then some, biggest one is the router dropping out several times a day...listen up folks.
    (1)connect your pc to the router with an ethernet cable.
    ((2)select Internet explorer as your browser
    (3)type in
    (4)when you get on to your page select User is ADMIN password is ADMIN then select elect advanced.
    (5)then select manual wireless setup.
    Then select WPA-2 personal security only
    then select CH 6
    click ok and save
    Bobs your teapot.No more dropouts.
    The technical service are hopless,dont even waste your phone call.

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