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  • unhappy

    by John Strain at 13:54 on 17 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    Talk Talk are truly awful. I was a happy Tiscali customer until the TT take over. Since then download speeds have dropped to under a third of what Tiscali achieved, and all sorts of new costs and price hikes have been introduced. They will hook you in with an offer and then jack the price up later, whilst delivering lamentable speed and service.

  • unhappy

    by Marina Lewycka at 9:01 on 12 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    TalkTalk is a disaster - I get a stronger signal from my neighbours down the road than from my pathetic DLink router situated 2 metres away. Customer service? Ha ha.

  • neutral

    by tony c at 22:37 on 10 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    stay clear - was a happy tiscali customer, TT took over and service became sluggish, then fault ridden. Help service is designed to wear you down, and they cant help you when you get through.
    Good at billing though.

  • neutral

    by john chillingsworth at 13:11 on 8 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    Stay away from talk talk if you wish to keep your sanity!
    i think the longest connection i had lasted 24 minutes..and i live less than a quarter of a mile from the belfast exchange.
    avoid talk talk at all costs.

  • unhappy

    by Barbara cooper at 17:17 on 29 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    We are not happy with talk talk often loose connection and very sluggish performance

  • neutral

    by Ashutosh Pandey at 12:40 on 25 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    BE AWARE GUYS!! BELIEVE ME, YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE TIED UP WITH THESE UNHELPFUL IDIOTS. I had an account with tiscali and I was very happy with them for years and then they were taken over by Talktalk. TalkTalk then took over my account with existing contract. Over the years and behind my back and without my knowledge they have altered my contract and have left me in a state where I cannot move to another provider. This is how the scam goes...
    They will change your package from one to another without telling you. Mine was changed from "Pro" to "Plus" and I was not told about it. Once they have taken you to a tarriff that suits them they will quitely change your account to an MPS (or LLU)
    account where they takeover your account from BT (aparently they can do this without your consent on your behalf!!) . What this means is you are trapped!! Believe me , the only option left to you is to change your phone number that you had for years..unless ofcourse you have tons of money to first go back to BT on a long contract and then change the provider. No provider (except BT or Virgin I think) can take over your lines!!
    Once you are trapped they will change the terms on their web site (and they will never give you a copy of your old terms ever again!!!)
    They also changed the my terms (mid contract!!!) and I am automatically bound by their new terms (Is there a law in this country ?).
    They will then start charging you their real tarriff for which they have setup all this scam. Remember they will not tell you about the new higher tarriff till you catch them in the act. I caught them after a year or so. Then starts a long trail of tricks and lies and deceit.
    As part of their detailed planned scam they have setup a call centre in India. The call centre employees have been well trained to either play stupid, lay low or lie blatantly, but if you are persistent enough then they will try to pass your call to another department , which eventually will drop your call...
    After months of persistent pestering they transffered my case to CEO's team. Please do not be fooled by the name "CEO's team". This isn't a team to take your case on any priority. This is a team whose declared turn around time is 7 to 24 days. And when they came back to me eventually, instead of trying to get straight with me and tell me the truth, they tried their luck with the same lies that I had seen their call centre through.
    CEO's team eventually admitted ALL their sins!! And told me the truth that they DO NOT HAVE AN AGREEMENT WITH BT and/or other ISP's whereby my account can be taken over by other ISPs. Lets say this again ,
    Although they did accept all their sins , they did not do anything about it and offered my £50 (believe me they said this.."for messing me about with lies..."). This £50, even though they have been charging me a higher tarriff without my knowledge (word stealing comes to mind!!) for over a year and the fact that I am left with no choice but to change my phone number or go back to BT on a a long contract for a much higher price then £50...

  • unhappy

    by desertson at 16:42 on 22 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    I changed from BT and got nothing. No phone or e-mail Talk Talk left me speechless. With no phone, I had to use snail-mail and every letter I got back told me to PHONE them and explain the problem!!!! After a week, oh joy...a letter from them...aah, it was a bill for £119.
    I got my MP involved, and went back to BT, cancelling within the 30 days, and they withdrew the bill, and I'm back on BT. BT try your patience, but at least they give you a service, and the technical help line is ace.

  • unhappy

    by francespro at 19:11 on 20 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    .Cant wait till my contract runs out to change suppliers
    Worst customer service ever.
    i have problem with my land line and cant receive any incoming calls
    after flnally getting through to someone i was asked to remove cover from phone socket
    To see if it was faulted.
    I thought they were having a laugh but no they were serious
    My husband had to find a screw to remove cover and told them all he could see was three wires as he isnt an engineer and was a pensioner
    answer was i will check line and get back to you on your mobile.
    which she did to tell us we had a fault on the line and to give us anumber to ring for an engineer to call
    i asked her if i was talking to talk talk and if i was shouldnt they be contacting an engineer as this was costing me money on my mobile.
    got no t no joy from her.
    so rang the number she gave and guess what spoke to another person who also said they would check the line and would get back which they did after about ten minutes to tell me there was a fault on the line . i just couldnt believe this.
    i told him the service was terrible dont know if he could understand me as it was difficult understanding him'
    however he said an engineer would be out in the next forty eight hours and would keep me up to date which they havnt
    so at moment i have been left without phone for four days and dont seem to be getting any further on.
    not happy at all with this provider

  • neutral

    by Rick at 18:45 on 12 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    I recently transferred from BT to Talk Talk, having been offered an attractive deal (Talk Talk Essentials). Immediately, my bandwith reduced to an average of 0.9mbps, and often as low as 0.3mbps. I am no longer able to stream standard resolution iPlayer, and sometimes the bandwidth is insufficient to stream 128kbps radio. Talk Talk technical help subsequently identified that (unsurprisingly) I am 6.1km from the exchange and that clients more than 3.5km from the exchange will never achieve speeds in excess of 1.5mbps unless linked via a fibre-optic connection (at an extra premium). The Talk Talk literature describes speeds of up to 24mbps, although clearly this is not achievable in my area. Despite committing to a 12-month contract, I am terminating my Talk Talk account because the product has been mis-sold. Specifically, they should have advised me at the point of sale that high-speed broadband was not available to me within the advertised deal. Very disappointed, and potentially a complaint to the ASA.

  • unhappy

    by John at 20:47 on 7 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    As current PIPEX customer I received welcome letter from Talk Talk saying they are switching pipex accounts onto the Talk Talk billing system... sounds ok.... some nice blurb regarding new benefits of talk talk all over first page... purpose only becomes clear half way down second page.... your package name will change and oh as an aside will nearly double in price!!!!! Nice company OFCOM here I come.

  • unhappy

    by dee donworth at 10:40 on 3 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    why they bother having customer service on thier website i have no idea. my phone was down for 9 days last year, and has again been out since friday last week. we are just cut off when attempting to speak to someone on a mobile. thier service is non existent. cant wait to get off it in april

  • unhappy

    by Janet Taylor at 17:19 on 27 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    Have been with "Tiscali" since the beginning. Providing all is fine then there is no problem. However once a fault occurs the problem is never theirs - according to Talk Talk service engineers its either your router or parking your car on your drive stops the broadband from working. Six times a service engineer was suppose to call at my house to check the line and gues what - the poor man got lost each time. They are with out doubt, in my opinion, the worse broadband company for fixing faults. If you do sign up with them - then get a back up broadband because if Talk Talk goes down you may be without broadband for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks - and oh they still want you to pay for the full service!! Avoid!

  • unhappy

    by Danny at 19:13 on 26 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    TalkTalk are the absolute worst company I've had to deal with in the last 40 years. When it all works, it's fine......but if you have a problem that needs fixing.......that's when you realise just how bad they are. For anyone who's considering moving to TalkTalk, forget it. Pay the extra £5/£10/£20/£30 per month.......it'll be worth it in the end. At least you will have retained your sanity after banging your head against their customer 'service' brick wall for 7 weeks to get your problems fixed (and another 6 weeks to get the refunds that they incorrectly charged you for!). I read recently that TalkTalk receive more complaints than any other Internet Service Provider.....and do they care? I don't think so!

  • unhappy

    by Melanie Reinhart at 21:08 on 24 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    Just DON'T sign up with TalkTalk !!! I was with Tiscali for years, happily, and I feared that when TalkTalk bought them out, it would not be an improvement. Sadly, this proved correct. I am stuck with Emails intermittently just not being received into my EMail account, and with them prevaricating and basically lying, trying to convince me that it is my web-server causing the problem. I've done all the tests myself, so I know - I routed all mail to go to my GMail account as well, so I can compare ...They are just awful. As soon as I can find an alternative I will quit them.

  • unhappy

    by Don at 20:36 on 10 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    Ive been with them since they were called "Tiscali" the service is none existant unless you can learn urdhu as call centres are in Pakistan, no one ever gets back to you if you make a complaint and to cap it all I have been charged for service which by their own technical staffs admission they could never give me! Any sign of a refund or apology NO and er NO. They take your money and thats about the only thing they do well. AVOID at all costs sign up with them at your peril!

  • unhappy

    by De at 21:15 on 6 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    Been with talk talk for only 2 month and It has beem the worst service u could think of customer service is poor and the internet conection is the same... Im always getting disconnected from the internet wireless almost never work... And when I call they never seem to want to help... The billing is s**t only getting 40gb a month and getting charge 129 for the two month I have beem with them its awful for that amount its a bloody rip off... I want to leave but the excess charges will be out of this world...i cannot afford this at all as a student plus a I get charge for myphone which is ment to be free... Wtf..c absolute rubbish.. Dont do it I want to leave.. Am being force to pay for somehing I hate...

  • unhappy

    by Glauca Rossi at 22:02 on 1 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    I used to gave toucan which was great! they became pipex and now are owned by talktalk. Since then it's been a nightmare, keep getting disconnected while doing important work. I am now looking for a different provider. TalkTalk sucks.

  • unhappy

    by A Perrin at 15:40 on 24 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    Had problems with Talk Talk Broadband speed.Was told if I upgraded it would improve DO NOT BELIVE them it does not work. they now say because of the line I have,they never said anything about that before. They now tell me I can not go back to my old tariff.

  • neutral

    by jogn at 10:59 on 23 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    not great

  • happy

    by sim at 19:40 on 17 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    I signed upto talktalk for my housemove and at first it was none stop problems with connections, routers, numerous phonecalls to talktalk. finally they connected me but told me that everything would be paid for by them until they have setup my account, 2 months lateer I still have free BB, Phone, Line rental. Well Done talktalk you are saving me a fortune

  • unhappy

    by Mary gardiner at 13:57 on 14 Jun 2011 Report abuse

    Worse service I have ever been unlucky enough to use. Broadband down every weekend paying more than agreement package. Customer service is a joke Training is only say whats in the book! Company do not pay any refunds. Managers are not available for complaints offer to get a manager to call back which they never do. Do not use this company unless you want to pay for a service that you will not recieve. I am LUCKY I LEAVE TALKTALK this MONTH HURRAY!!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by peter epps at 14:22 on 3 Jun 2011 Report abuse

    had to phone so many times that they just put the phone down on me when i call now so cant talk to them about anything so iam going

  • happy

    by mr mcclean at 0:32 on 24 May 2011 Report abuse

    i have been with Talk Talk for 18 months now. I was prepared for the worst when I signed up orignally because there was quite a bit of bad press about TT, its customer service, broadband speed etc. However, I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised by how reliable the service has been (infinitely better than Viirgin who I was with previously). Not had any reason to report faults or downtime - once in a blue moon I have to re-start the router - but we are hammering it in terms of downloads (working from home / teens downloading music videos etc). My other account enquiries have been responded to promptly and politely. All in all, I'm well satisfied. Now, if only they had a TV package as well....

  • unhappy

    by L. Smith at 23:36 on 9 May 2011 Report abuse

    I have had TT for 2yrs in June! I have had problems from the start! My net is constantly going down, almost every day! I have made hundreds of calls over that time! My settings have been changed, countless times! I am on my 6th Router.....The one I have now I have had for 2 weeks, I had to upgrade to get it! It is still constantly going down! I have been to the 1st Team, 2nd Team, & Third Team, passed to several different Depts, spoken to customer service! I was told last year by the 3rd team that nothing was wrong with it! Ha Ha, this was when it was going down every few minutes! TT Assist & Go, got it back most times, and many times I had to get the Tech people in India, who I cannot always understand, and do not really know what to do!! I have a D Link Router now! I have had TT engineers to my flat and BT engineers to my flat! BT guy said signal here was 15 but TT only giving me 6!! Its even gone down on the cable! You name it, its happened! I cannot afford to pay too much, hence I am still here, but thinking of going now! It has made me ill!! Have just come off phone from TT, as net down 8 times in 1 hour!! I am fed up!! Others on the net (not with TT) never have problems!!

  • unhappy

    by Richard Evans at 16:31 on 3 May 2011 Report abuse

    Nothing but proplem from Talk Talk from start to finish.
    1) Connnection contiually cutting out
    2) Inaccuratly billed
    3) Technically Support play a little game called 'Take an hour to achieve nothing then transfer you to someone else'. I have literally wasted days of my life talking pidgin english to their call centre in India, only to get fed up and accept the poor service.
    4) When I moved house was told I would not need to renew a 12 month contract when I moved, then renewed the 12 month contact anyway without telling me - I only found out when another problem occured and they let it slip when i was tiresomely wasting more of my life talking to customer support.
    5) Lieing to me that the customer support number had a maximum charge of 25p, which is not true, it is charged at local rate with no maximum.
    6)When they are transfering you from pillar to post, they never tell the person they are transfering you through too what the issue is, therefore you have to tell them all over again, I had to explain my problem 4 times earlier today.
    7) There 'online chat' is only available during indian office opening hours

    The only way I would recommend TalkTalk is if you are so poor you need to beg for food and are considering selling bodily organs to have a broadband service in the first place.

    HONESTLY - I can not stress enough - AVOID TalkTalk LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Angus at 19:52 on 28 Apr 2011 Report abuse

    TalkTalk quote "£6.99 per month home phone and broadband*" Read the very small print: *subject to availability in your area." Of course, it won't be, so they add an additional £15.32 per month for broadband where they are use a BT line for connection. There is no mention of this charge on the website and the helpline advisor I called could not find one and suggested I look on their users' forum for help! Also, it took over three months for the connection to set up, and they still charged me in the meantime. I had cancelled with my previous supplier, Virgin, as I was advised by TalkTalk, I lost the connection but Virgin continued to charge me by direct debit.They said they had no record of my cancellation and refused to refund me. These companies are tricksters - beware.

  • happy

    by Mike Newcomb at 15:02 on 24 Apr 2011 Report abuse

    I was originally with Tiscali which was taken over by TalkTalk.
    With both of these ISP's I am very pleased with my Broadband and Phone Package, as it meets exactly my requirements at a reasonable price.
    One a rare occasion there has been a problem, TT have helped.
    e.g. when the phone went down, I went into one of their branches (Oxford Street) and the guys there contacted the right people to sort out the problem.
    I never hesitate to recommend TT, as they have been good for me.
    My package is upto 8mb.
    The speed tester recommended me by a TT technician is speedtrst.net, which shows I am getting around 7mb - cannot complain with that!
    I want to upgrade to upto 24mb, but it appears my line (in Hammersmith) can only supprot 7mb. Am working with TT to overcome.

  • neutral

    by Tigerbythetail at 8:32 on 14 Apr 2011 Report abuse

    I was misled by that great lie 'up to', which means starting at zero and not going much further. Talktalk conned me into their broadband, my current speed is about 250kb. I phone the 'help'line [help is not a word I would have used] and they said 'give us more money first or we can't help, you have internet that's what we guarantee' I am currently searching for another provider and don't trust any to tell the 'truth'

  • unhappy

    by mark at 19:07 on 29 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    Best of luck Andy: it cost me £325 to reconnect to BT because TT own your phone number now and you cant get it back when you try to go to another provider. Good luck with customer services and technical help if you ever need it: I had to ditch my email address as the call cente ops 'sell' your details for cash (they have Iphones under their desks and steal your info.) Oh and if you try to caoncel in the 30 days they conveniently dont cancel.

    Bt customer services are equally as bad!

  • happy

    by Andy at 17:12 on 28 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    All these tirades must be from the past. I signed up to TalkTalk Essentials ten days ago. I have reasonable speeds and constant connection. As long as you do not use the telephone support you are ok. Any problems you have will be sorted uot pretty quickly if you regiser on the customer forums. I was not happy with the speed I was getting, posted this on the forum, within a day I had a response from the forum and after answering a questionaire, my speed was adjusted. This after being with them for only one week. Do not knock them till you try them and if you are still not satisfied use the 30 days cancellation.I live in rural Scotland and BT(who are ripoff merchants) could not give me the same speeds and this is from the same exchange.Plus I am saving at least 50% in cash!!

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