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  • happy

    by Mike Newcomb at 15:02 on 24 Apr 2011 Report abuse

    I was originally with Tiscali which was taken over by TalkTalk.
    With both of these ISP's I am very pleased with my Broadband and Phone Package, as it meets exactly my requirements at a reasonable price.
    One a rare occasion there has been a problem, TT have helped.
    e.g. when the phone went down, I went into one of their branches (Oxford Street) and the guys there contacted the right people to sort out the problem.
    I never hesitate to recommend TT, as they have been good for me.
    My package is upto 8mb.
    The speed tester recommended me by a TT technician is speedtrst.net, which shows I am getting around 7mb - cannot complain with that!
    I want to upgrade to upto 24mb, but it appears my line (in Hammersmith) can only supprot 7mb. Am working with TT to overcome.

  • neutral

    by Tigerbythetail at 8:32 on 14 Apr 2011 Report abuse

    I was misled by that great lie 'up to', which means starting at zero and not going much further. Talktalk conned me into their broadband, my current speed is about 250kb. I phone the 'help'line [help is not a word I would have used] and they said 'give us more money first or we can't help, you have internet that's what we guarantee' I am currently searching for another provider and don't trust any to tell the 'truth'

  • unhappy

    by mark at 19:07 on 29 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    Best of luck Andy: it cost me £325 to reconnect to BT because TT own your phone number now and you cant get it back when you try to go to another provider. Good luck with customer services and technical help if you ever need it: I had to ditch my email address as the call cente ops 'sell' your details for cash (they have Iphones under their desks and steal your info.) Oh and if you try to caoncel in the 30 days they conveniently dont cancel.

    Bt customer services are equally as bad!

  • happy

    by Andy at 17:12 on 28 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    All these tirades must be from the past. I signed up to TalkTalk Essentials ten days ago. I have reasonable speeds and constant connection. As long as you do not use the telephone support you are ok. Any problems you have will be sorted uot pretty quickly if you regiser on the customer forums. I was not happy with the speed I was getting, posted this on the forum, within a day I had a response from the forum and after answering a questionaire, my speed was adjusted. This after being with them for only one week. Do not knock them till you try them and if you are still not satisfied use the 30 days cancellation.I live in rural Scotland and BT(who are ripoff merchants) could not give me the same speeds and this is from the same exchange.Plus I am saving at least 50% in cash!!

  • unhappy

    by reed at 21:10 on 24 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    Crooks, liars and thieves. Wouldn't touch them with a bargepole agian.

  • neutral

    by WalkWalk at 18:36 on 18 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    The worst providers with robots on the other end, programmed to try to speak English!!! My internets supposed to go live on the 12.09.10 then was ment to go live on 23.12.10 now it's 18.03.11 and still my internets not live!!

    I suggest everyone boycotts TalkTalk unless they enjoy giveing money away for stress.

  • neutral

    by mark v at 20:20 on 16 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    On reading the Disatisified comments, we have decided you really do get what you pay for so why go for TT on the basis of them being cheapest, instead al spend a few quid more and get a better service.
    Get what you pay for people and where not talking about spending the difference between a Ford and Ferrari.

  • neutral

    by Name at 15:58 on 11 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    What I fail to understand is how lazy or plain stupid people are. By signing up, you are giving talktalk money. It seems every phone call you make to their customer service, being charged a service you are not receiving, etc... they are sucking you dry.

    They are making money by giving you sh*t service. I am not with TT but today I received a letter saying "Easy savings and a hassle-free switch with TalkTalk". It was only £6.99 a month broadband (24mb) plus line rental. So what was the first thing I did? Instead of mindlessly cancelling my current ISP and signing up to TalkTalk like a mindless sheep, all I had to do was type "TalkTalk sh*t" in to google and was provided with an endless supply of customer dissatisfaction. Granted that doesn't prove TalkTalk are crap but I'm not banking on it. Do some bloody research before you agree to a DD.

    Funny how they have system-database problems for sending you a welcome package or starting you up but your bill always seems come hassle-free.

  • unhappy

    by tom at 10:47 on 11 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    my go live date was 11/2/2011 alsorts of reasons why it didnt happen finally connected 8/3/2011, had internet+phone for one day,next day no internet, line fault on my side had to loose 2 phone exstentions to get it to work, was perfect before TT took over thought i would save money. well not had my 30days trial yet so looks like i will walk.

  • unhappy

    by Roy at 17:14 on 2 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    internet wise they are ok ,they are useless for Landline service, I had them for a day only !!!! , I rung their techo line and all I got was passed on from one to another dept . each one couldnt even tell Me if I was connected phone line wise or not ,verdict avoid like the plague .

  • unhappy

    by sam at 11:24 on 26 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    talk talk are a con, they dont state that they do actually chrage for broadband! they told me it was free then charge for it, i will not pay and spend at laest 2hours every month to sort out my bill, do not use this company they con you and lie to you. 3years i have been with them and nothing but trouble the only reason im with them at moment is i live in country and are limited to providers and bt are just as bad

  • unhappy

    by Conor at 14:33 on 22 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Useless company so far, been waiting 6 (on 7th) weeks for them to set up my connection, each time i call them they come up with excuses about their system, saying there is a problem with it, on the 4th call to them they said i would have to be up one their "central database" (what ever that means, balls fob off, i asked them what were they doing before this that i was not on the system, they did not have an answer, second last call they were gonig to put me back onto the central database till i started giving out to them, now said will be 5 - 7 days to deliver my welcome pack + router.... i live in London, post takes 5 -7 days.... dont think so... they are just saying its held up on their system, they put me through to tech support who hung up on me after i explained the situation and asked them what is the so called hold up. Keep hearing case is being escalated, just fobbing me off and wasting my time.

    My advice.... Stay away from talk talk 7weeks and no broadband setup yet.... + i already have all lines set up so all they needed to do was to contact BT tell them to activate the line and send me my router.... Talk Talk are useless!

  • unhappy

    by Alan Docherty at 21:36 on 10 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Used to be with Homecall, service then was good. They were taken over by Pipex things started to go wrong. Then they were taken over by TalkTalk everything then started to go wrong. Speed slowed down and kept dropping out. They kept getting bills wrong and the customer service was pathetic. They continued to send bills for 4 months after the contract was terminated even though I had an email from them saying it was terminated. Theythen sent threatening letters. I would not recommend them to my worst enemy.

  • unhappy

    by Dougmari at 18:54 on 10 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    A Tiscali customer entirely happy with the service until Talk******** started meddling. Prices went up & service plummeted. I was cut off with no warning and it has taken 6 days of constant hassle, lies and runarounds with some offshore call centre and the London HQ to get reconnected. I will not be with this appalling company a minute longer than I can help. My advice - avoid at all costs.

  • neutral

    by jonndee at 17:14 on 6 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    I applied last August tto Talk Talk to provide broadband and phone service. They quickly changed the phone over but I never did get the broadband, and time consuming telephone enquiries only produced evasions and untruths from people who in many cases had only a very elementary grasp of English. If they just wanted to wear me down they certainly succeeded, I just can`t bother any more. Instead of saving money as was promised, I now have two bill every month, One from Talk-Talk and one from my original I.S.P

  • unhappy

    by gill at 12:01 on 3 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Rubbish service since Talk Talk took over.Despite our account being paid and up to date our outgoing calls and broadband were barred.Having been on the phone to them for 1hr and 15 mins today,I am told it may take 48 hours to reinstate our service.Also if it is not back on in 48 hrs to ring them again! Absolute crap. do not even think about signing up.

  • unhappy

    by barb H at 22:03 on 24 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    I was very happy with my tiscali account, but now being chraged for calls that were free previously. I, too am looking for another package ASAP

  • neutral

    by denny morris at 20:15 on 14 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    We too were happy Tiscali customers until TalkTalk took over. They increased prices without saying, TV started freezing if internet was used at the same time, or if we were using catchup. It was as though the speed had suddenly been reduced. Must say the customer services people have always been pleasant but the conpany itself is not good. Some years ago we were pestered beyond belief by very rude telesales calls which proved to be TalkTalk in the end. Imagine our horror when lovely Tiscali were acquired by them.

  • unhappy

    by R W Thomas at 22:00 on 7 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    I too was tempted by the low price but have found the sevice unreliable and customer service non existent - i shall look elsewhere as soon as I can

  • unhappy

    by darren at 22:23 on 1 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    talk talk is crap dont recommend it, constantly cuts out and loses connection, internet speed only reach 1 mbph on a 24 mbph contract stay well clear. line has been checked and router replaced twice still just as bad recommend sky or o2 loads better then this crap

  • unhappy

    by ChrisM at 19:59 on 9 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    Felt inclined to sign up with Talk Talk and take advantage of their offer of one month free line rental, one month free broadband and no connection fee. The offer ends on Jan 4 2011. I tried to sign up online and the MAC code was rejected. I tried via a couple of comparison sites. I phoned Talk Talk and they will not honour the offer. Are they not legally bound to do so? But do I want to sign up if this is how they operate.

  • unhappy

    by Paul at 19:27 on 6 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    Talk Talk are not a company that can be trusted. They promise line speeds of up to 24Meg, in reality, you may be luckky to get 3Meg. My line speed halved when I moved away from 02, who were very good - but I wanted even faster.

    If you are happy to accept a slow connection and frequent outages for 24 hours at a time, go for Talk Talk. If you want good connection speed and high availability, I'd look elswhere - try BT, 02 or Virgin. When there's only one year to go, I'll happily pay the £150 termination fee and move to a trustworthy broadband provider.

  • unhappy

    by Dr A Brydon at 22:25 on 3 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    I was persuaded to join TalkTalk by a leaflet, which promised a much lower price than my, then existing supplier. However, the price eventually charged by TalkTalk was much higher than the one quoted on the leaflet, on the excuse that the lower price was unavailable in my area. TalkTalk are unashamedly dishonest in their advertising. I am now about to try and release myself from the agreement with the company.

  • unhappy

    by john at 15:21 on 25 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    can i say we was with talk talk for just 3 days we chose to cancel the contract because we was in our right to do so .....so we thought get this we got charged over £100 just for the 3 days so people out there watch out if your thinking about the change over..don.t get pulled in to the trapp....

  • unhappy

    by Keith at 9:04 on 25 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    If your thinking of joining TalkTalk then dont we have been shoved into joining them from the sale of Tiscali. What a disaster the upgrade of email has managed to loose 3 weeks of mails. Has taken 3 weeks for them to even acknowledge the complaint. Just dont have anything to do with them.

  • neutral

    by John D Smith at 9:08 on 24 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    I`ve had TalkTalk broadband on order since August,they transferred my phone quickly enough but I`m still waiting for the broadband.Telephone enquiries get you a promise to call back, which never happens. Email enquiries produce no result at all, and when you do speak to somebody they have a perilous grasp of English. Altogether a very frustrating business, I`m just sorry that I ever got involved.

  • unhappy

    by julie houghton at 23:53 on 19 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    Ive been with talk talk awhile now got tricked by salesmans lie to join but have stayed with them because of price, the broadband turns off alot but we have worked out now what to do when this happens ,well after months of no connection and many many calls ,if your broadband turns off just lift the handset on your phone leave off for a short time and heh presto you reconnect
    just had a phone call re loyalty bonus if i sign up for another 2 years they will give me 3.00 a month off for 3 months

  • happy

    by Derrick at 11:08 on 13 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    Fed up with talk talk, poor customer service, constantly being stopped in stores,salesmen knocking at the door,junk mail.
    Talk Talk please go away, once bitten twice shy

  • unhappy

    by lily at 18:41 on 11 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    TalkTalk offer very poor customer service. I have had several problems with them including poor speeds and loss of connection which took a long time and several phone calls to resolve. The latest one is they have decided to change their email system without notification to customers and my email has disappeared into the ether. I phone every day to try and resolve the problem and every day Im told the problem is resolved only to find that it has not been solved at all. You can only contact them by phone- their email contact system is laborious and often does not work. They can only solve one problem at a time so you have to keep phoning. They won't consider compensation until the problem is fully resolved. They have no complaints department

  • unhappy

    by Robbie Kaye at 12:04 on 11 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    Yes , the above comments are very very correct,Talktalk is the worst ISP in the entire country,why can"t somebody do something about them, they get enough complaints to sink the country never mind the Titanic, Talktalk should be run out off town, and when you ring up [india] you cannot understand the person on the end of the phone at all, I only wish ADEPT did bothe.

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