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  • unhappy

    by rokki at 21:46 on 5 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    why pay for RUBBISH, they should pay you.
    Had the same problem myself. Eventually if you stick to your guns believe me I paid nothing, actually they paid me.
    that goes the same with carphone warehouse, same company same rubbish, bullies and liars.

  • neutral

    by SS at 17:08 on 26 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    The broadband service we received from TalkTalk was terrible. I changed provider because towards the end of my time with TalkTalk there were many days when I could not get any internet service. When I changed provider, TalkTalk continued to bill me despite telling me they would cancel the account. I had to phone up several times (and pay money for the calls to TalkTalk) in order to reclaim the money they took. They also claimed that I had switched internet providers in October despite the fact that we changed over to the new provider in September. All in all, I hope that I never have to deal with TalkTalk again.

  • unhappy

    by brendan bradley at 13:51 on 22 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    since talktalk took over tiscali - gone completely down hill.
    no communications apart from selling email
    support only by 08 phone number (and thats to india)

  • unhappy

    by Eric Woodward at 0:01 on 22 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    Agree if something goes wrong prepare for bill of £99 and talk about unhelpful customer service I agree with remarks above I am leaving too about time managment appreciated whats going on lower down in name of customer service

  • unhappy

    by makhulu at 23:38 on 16 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    talk talk is an utter rubbish, stay away from them. I had problems with phone, calls sent to India, those guys they don't have a clue, six months later problem not solved. I tried to leave and a new provider said talktalk is greedy, locks people sothat they cannot move. Have to pay 125 pounds, but it was worth it. talk talk is rubbish. don't get near them

  • unhappy

    by Vinny at 20:16 on 8 Oct 2010 Report abuse


    Their is NO LIAISON between ANY departments at TalkTak.

    Asking for help online or via telephone Service is useless!

  • unhappy

    by MB at 14:40 on 5 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    I have been with Talk Talk for some years and for the past few months have been having problems with my broadband connection, calling the tech department was a disapointment and so I have decided to leave.

  • neutral

    by TalkTalk Support at 13:19 on 4 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    Hi All,

    Im sorry to hear of the difficulties you have encountered with the various problems people have faced.

    If customer would like to obtain further support for their issue please feel free to register on the TalkTalk members forum.




  • unhappy

    by stevearno at 22:32 on 29 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    i thought i wouldn't have to post on this thread again ...since i have left talktalk for over 3 years now .... ( best thing i ever did . ) ... first i will recap ..

    when i was with talktalk .... i bought a 8meg package , but cunningly they only sent me a 2meg router ... when i brought it up with them... , they said my line could only handle 2meg ( lies , it's 8meg) .... there data restrictions are silly and on alot of occasions found my internet being restricted to 10kpbs ( not enough to open a web page ) ...

    then when i wanted to leave ,. they wouldn't give me my MAC code .. this took over 1 month to receive ( it is illegal to take more than 2 weeks )

    since leaving , now being 3+ years as per my opening statement ... i got a letter the other day .....saying they have amended my account ... if i have any questions please call this national number 0845 ( this number makes them money ) ....

    why they still have my bank details after 3+ years is beyond me and why they are sending them out is another disbelief ...

    it would seem my bank details are in another place that can be hacked

  • happy

    by Terry Davey at 21:48 on 27 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    I have been with talktalk since it started, i have 2 broadband lines. I initially signed up and paid for 2mb lines, they have gradually upgraded them to 24mb, with no increase in price.

    Best thing since sliced bread, i don't understand why everyone is not on it.

  • happy

    by stuart at 12:01 on 27 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    Been with TalkTalk for 2 years, FAST Broadband, just upgraded my tower to XP Pro, Pentium 2.7 using 2GB ram with 1TB hard Drive. Loads on Internet in 28 seconds.

    Can i get a quicker one ??? at a better price ???

  • unhappy

    by rob at 13:29 on 22 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    worst thing ever its seriousoly slow i hate life

  • happy

    by alan thornton at 13:38 on 7 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    i can only comment on what i know.
    a little difficult in the beginning, i suppose that was ok given all you hear about talktalk and others.
    but now after being with them for 8 years now, i have no complaints, in fact i,m delighted that i went with talktalk. there after care has been very good for me as well, so all in all i would say for me the best there is out there.

  • unhappy

    by hitler at 7:49 on 7 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    Worst piece of crap ever

  • unhappy

    by Neil Holmes at 22:50 on 30 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    Been waiting since June 21st for a connection to TT, been lied to about a router being 'on its way' told my order had been cancelled? Not by me, anywat Otelo are shocked by our absolute catalogue of failures from these jokers. Joined the members forum only to find they were nearly as inept as the CS at TT itself! Apparently their forum does not support thread 'bumping' so if you get fed up waiting for an answer and bump the thread...... get this.... it goes to the BOTTOM of the queue!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Mark at 17:25 on 14 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    I went to talktalk after seeing an offer for cheaper broadband. The router arrived and we set it up. Only 1 computer at a time could use it. The service was really slow and frequently disconnected. Also Windows Vista does not get on well with talktalk routers. The email address I gave to talktalk started getting bombarded with spam emails and phishing scams. Also, after visiting some sites, I started getting bombarded with offers from them: apparently talktalk have a stalker program that looks at all the sites you visit and sells your isdn to the company for marketing. The call centres and customer service are appalling, based in India and difficult to understand. There are no customer service facilities in the uk, however, eventuall I found a number for the head office on 01925 551017. After 3 months of arguing for compensation as the company failed to cancel my account, I have given up. I told them I wanted £400 for lost internet access, phone calls, letters, recorded delivery etc and that the cheque should be made out to sight savers: a charity restoring blind peoples sight in Africa. Karen, at the CEO's office said: 'we're not giving anyone a penny: you can take us to court because we don't care. We are confident we will win'. That is as maybe, but I think Talktalk's treatment of customers is unethical, dishonest and that anyone thinking of joining them should think very carefully indeed.

  • unhappy

    by O Marcus at 21:20 on 2 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    Talk talk has the most shocking customer service i've ever dealt with. I signed up for a contract late last year() At the begining of the contract my broadband did not go live for a week after i was told it will, even though talk talk happily charged me about £10 worth of calls made by its operator to try and fix the line. I would have had to pay for it, if i didn't notice the error.

    When i took out my contract, it included free calls to local numbers. Little did i know that talk talk has started charging me for local calls since the 1st of june 2010. I was unaware of this, so ran up a big bill in june and july, which i just noticed yesterday. I am still fuming, because the completely clueless customer service person kept telling me that free local calls was not part of my original package. It took over 20minutes before he finally agreed with me and sort help from someoneelse who told him about the new changes from the 1st of june. I often suffer from regular loss of phone and broadband connection. I went a whole week without both services in july. How am i expected to call technical support when my landline is dead? i was given a £10 compensation, it's not about the money but the inconvenience.

    I am currently looking at ways to get out of the contract, they breached the contract by removing unlimited local calls from my package. I am currently seeking legal advice before cancelling.

  • unhappy

    by chuan at 18:19 on 1 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    Although a home user, I have been with Tiscali (now talktalk) business for the last 7yrs as I wanted a static IP and do not want to be restricted by fair usage policy. Pls note that the static IP has NEVER worked. I am hosting via other means!

    This week I received a letter from TT, informing me they will not be able to provide the business service from 30 sep but will automatically switch it to a £14.99/mth 20mb 40gb limit package. my Line only gets up to 6mbs!

    When I went on to TT's website, this package only cost new customer £6.99 whilst £14.99 gets unlimited downloads and both comes w new wireless router.

    To clarify, I tried calling 08001079000 option 1 then 2 for existing. although the recorded message says opening hours are 0800-10pm 7 days a week, the line cut. (time was 1715h on sunday).

    I tried again option 1 then 1 (for new customers) got through to an indian chap. Asked for my tel & which package I was interested.
    I told him I am an existing customer and am calling this option because the option 2 did not work. He just blabbered 'it closes at 5pm on sunday' and hung up!

    so I have decided. I am going to cancel talktalk and move on.

    The service has been very reliable, only 2 cuts in 7 years. But their customer support, technical helpline and webpage is disgracefully crap.

    I am now going to repeat this in all the broadband forum I can find.
    Talktalk, shame on you for treating existing customers like that!

  • happy

    by Keith at 8:14 on 10 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    I got most of my issues sorted with them, but I still get the odd loss of connection and sometimes have to try several times to log in before a connection is found. Whether this is the fault of TalkTalk ot BT just playing dirty I don't know. The trouble is, no matter how you look at it, BT have the monoply in the UK for land-line connection, even if you use TT for your landline phone. The other problem is the distance you are away from your local exchange. Here on the IW ou exchange is small and it must be a nightmare to accommodate everyone when it's at full swing. The biggest offenders are those who are streaming tons of films and games. They are the people clogging up the Internet.

  • unhappy

    by bungy999 at 22:33 on 8 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    talktalk! What a nightmare.
    20 mins to get through to first line - I explained that they could not help me as their competence level is not high enough (switch off/on your router and everything will be OK - it's not? I'll have to pass you to 2nd line) and asked to be put through to 2nd line.
    Was given authorisation. Waited a full 55 minutes on HOLD (my call is important to them!!! - my ar*e - my MONEY is important to them!!)

    Here is the problem - talktalk/carphone warehouse/opal telecom (who? - exactly!!) provide the network - unfortunately, they keep getting added to DNS Black Lists (DNSBL) - this means that there are some websites that you cannot access - yes! even though you could access them yesterday - suddenly you can no longer do so.
    Will the talktalk so called "support" admit this? Will they hell!! - they b*gger about looking at your router settings (which haven't changed EVER!!!!!), switch your computer/router/bedside light off/on and then after 45 minutes declare that it is probably a line fault and that BT Openreach will have to look at it - call back in 72 hours.
    BT Openreach will check the line - it's fine - spooky! Thought so!!

    Rewind to May 2010. 17 hours over 8 days on the no-help desk.....
    After kicking off and going completely Banzai! on the phone to "customer services" I'm put through to some top line engineer (contracted out) based in Manchester.
    "Hello mate, what's the problem?" he asks
    "my IP address is on a DNSBL" I say - "talktalk? IP address begin with a 2.? They're known for it mate - been going on for months"
    Can you fix it?
    Not a chance mate - you'll have to get a new IP address that isn't on a DNSBL!
    So - I go back to talktalk and they say "oh yeah, the DNSBL thing - we knew that - known it for months"
    EVENTUALLY, I get put onto a different network and get a new IP address beginning with 92. All is OK and I get 3 months free Tel/Broadband as compensation.

    Fast Forward to 8th July 2010 - report the same issues but "OH no sir - I assure you there are no DNSBL issues, there are NO talktalk issues at all - it MUST be your equipment or the telephone line.

    Why can't these people just accept that when you've have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth - it's a talktalk issue!!!

    ANGRY? just a lot!

  • unhappy

    by V. Phillipps at 11:08 on 8 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    I too am having trouble with billing at Talk Talk as David Faithfull above is. Everything was fine when it was Tiscali but since it's changed it has gone to pot. I want to find another provider but most of them get not very good reviews.

  • unhappy

    by oliver at 14:28 on 16 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    I signed up for talk talk when I moved into my flat. Everything seemed fine, until the day the engineer was supposed to come, I waited in all day and lo and behold, no engineer. Phoned talk talk and their response was 'oh yeah, apparently no one turned up'.

    I just cancelled it there and then. appauling service

  • unhappy

    by helen lake at 20:51 on 14 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    i am still in dispute with talktalk through otelo after 7 months of sheer hell because of their total incompetence. i moved in to a brand new property and signed up to talktalk phone and broadband. the phone should have gone live on 26th nov 2009 once the engineer had been, which didn,t happen and after several calls and being passed to every dept in the talktalk building was told the line was active.asked them to send an engineer out to check the wiring but they refused! they had the cheek to send me a bill for a phone i couldn,t use. then on 19th jan i received a call from an openreach engineer to inform me that my phone line had been crossed with another property back in nov!. phoned talktalk to tell them and they didn,t want to know. refused to pay nov,dec and jan bills as i hadn,t had a working line so they threatened to cut me off. reported them to otelo as they kept giving me different dates for my broadband and i still havn,t got it! now turns out they can,t provide me with broadband because they,ve used up all their spaces at the exchange. after so many calls to india i,m thinking of learning their language!! still waiting for a letter of apology from them and compensation and if it,s not enough i,m taking them to court!!

  • unhappy

    by David Faithfull at 19:00 on 8 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    We were with Tiscali with a phone and broadband bundle, and now of course that's talktalk. The speed/reliability has in the recent past been awful, but over the last 6 months or so improved a bit. However, biggest concerns are (a) their sales tactics which are bullish, rude and pushy, and (b) their customer service, which is atrocious. Not only is it (as usual) a call centre in India, so that many of their staff are difficult if not impossible to understand, but, as someone else here said, they work from a flow-chart and seem to have no initiative or common sense. Because there was a problem with billing (THEIR fault) they barred our line without warning. Attempts to get through to anyone at all were hampered by their offices being 'closed', during hours when their own publicity says they are open; by interminable key pressing and mind numbing music; and by having a 'high volume of calls at present - please try later' messages. It has been resolved, but with no explanation at all as to why it happened. I should be old enough to have understood by now that you get what you pay for - DON'T go with TalkTalk because it's cheaper than the others - the reliability of its service is at best so-so, and it's customer service/support is SO bad you will either end up slashing your wrists or sending them letter bombs - if you could ever find their address. AVOID!!

  • happy

    by John Lees at 14:06 on 8 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    I too feel I need to add a positive review on TalkTalk. I have been with them over 2 years now, and since buying my own wireless router have no complaints at all. I have no monthly limit to broadband, all my calls, including Australia, but not 0845,0870. All for £21.00 per month and no problems. For me a very good service.

  • unhappy

    by Paul Richardson at 10:07 on 8 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    Talk Talk are terrible, I have exactly the same problem as many other people listed here. Continuous fault for many months, I connected another router directly to my Master Socket, although it has an upstream and downstream speed it keeps losing its adsl ip address and gateway. Although it is a regular problem and I was phoned by the Engineers to say it was fixed. When I phoned back to see it wasn't I had to start he whole long fault process again. I give up will never use Talk Talk again. Really bad

  • unhappy

    by Macca at 21:14 on 7 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    I have been with talktalk for 15 months, i have telephone and broadband with them, over the past 3 months my BB connection has been crap, it started with disconnections about 4 or 5 times a day lasting up to 10 mins, it got worse and worse until the connection was down more than it was up, on sundays i didn't bother turning the p.c on. Their tech department is in India staffed by polite but haven't got a clue people following a flow chart, when the flow chart is finished its the usual "we will monitor the line for the next 24 hours", talktalk clearly cant or wont trace and fix faults out side the customers home and don't even dream of asking them to send a engineer to your local exchange, i'm leaving talktalk asap, they are great when you don't need them but if you do your stuffed.

  • unhappy

    by AGrimshaw at 10:01 on 5 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    I transferred to Talk Talk from BT. Despite 1571 voice mail being part of the service. They failed to provide it. I rang customer services on 3 occasions and after waiting over 10 minutes on each occasion the call was answered by a South African call centre who couldnt resolve it. After 3 weeks and total frustration Talk Talk are trying to charge me a £70-00 disconnection fee. Avoid Talk Talk at all costs. There are better providers with a far better customer services operation at a similar cost like Hive.

  • neutral

    by Rod at 12:08 on 2 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    Customer service ? We don't want to give you that.
    Internet connection? Maybe,for a while, if you're lucky.
    Cheap but NOT cheerful.
    The owners should be bought to book.
    Don't fall for this, spend your money with a professional company who have English speaking staff located in UK who understand how to help people,especially non-technical people who are customers.

  • happy

    by Lou at 18:53 on 31 May 2010 Report abuse

    Have been with talktalk since the change over from onetel and then since 1998; i can not fault their customer service, technical support etc etc. i would give them 10/10. Felt i needed to ad this as the other reviews are following problems.

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