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  • neutral

    by Neilx at 3:56 on 24 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    ** I think there is a REAL issue here, that most UK ISP's fail to understand! **

    Broadband Connectivity is not just about download/upload speeds; but more about reliability, which to many people - especially Business Customers - presents itself in the form of Contention Ratio!

    I concur 100% with the comments of 'David', 'Darrell' & 'Ade' and other Ex (ironically) PipeX Customers, who once were provided with an understanding service for Broadband Connectivity.

    Initially, a few years ago, I signed-up to PIPEX as a Home Business Customer (as I work from home quite often.) The package guaranteed a 20:1 contention ratio (instead of the usual

  • unhappy

    by Alun at 22:18 on 23 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    This is a follow up to my post of 29-10-10. Just as a quick update - I was billed by Opal for services I never ordered, then told that the small print says I HAVE to have these services. I was also told quite vehemently that I would've been told this during the initial call to the sales team. Since I had no recollection of this I requested a copy of the call so I could hear it myself and also referred to their own code of conduct that says I MUST be given this information verbally when agreeing to any new services. I told them that if they were right I would hold up my hands and admit defeat, but if I was right I wanted my contract terminated with no cancellation fee. After several weeks I received a phone call advising me that my complaint had been upheld and my contract could be terminated free of charge. I said I still wanted a copy of the call as promised and the lady paused, then sheepishly admitted that they had been unable to locate the call (I'd provided them with the date, time and number the call was made from). Absolutely crazy. I also demanded a refund for all the extra bits and bobs I'd paid for in the 3 or so long months I was a customer and received a mystery £60 credit on my final bill. I have no idea what this was for. I also asked for a full statement of account for my time as a customer. This was ignored. I know I'm out of pocket but I have no idea how. I'm glad I cut my losses and ran though. And it's so, so satisfying to get one over on them. By the way, in all the times I emailed their customer services - bearing in mind I was told several times that certain things can only be requested by email - I only ever received 1 reply. This is because I was told by the call centre (after waiting for 20+ mins) that "they will only reply if you ask them to".
    Now I just have to recover the £8 that f2s owe me after they kept billing me for services after I left them too. If only it wasn't the same people...
    Please avoid Talk Talk, Opal, f2s (once great) and any other companies that they are, were or some time may be like the plague.

  • unhappy

    by David Horner at 9:16 on 22 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    I am a Pipex customer and have now inherited TalkTalk Business as my provider.
    I work away all week and on my return on Friday evenings if I can manage to open up the BT test site to test my miserable download speeds I am lucky.

  • unhappy

    by Darrell Summerscales at 13:40 on 20 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    Well here I am again; and yes you guessed it without a broadband service again.

    We came in to work yesterday (Saturday) as we are still trying to catch up from the last 2 broadband outages lasting a total of 6 days loss of business. On checking we discovered that the broadband was not connecting again and was showing the same symptoms as the last 2 outages. So we proceeded top call Talk Talk support again and after 20 minutes on the phone finally got through to John again (funny that always the same bloke) and explained our issues.

    After going through the same routine of logging on to router, disconnecting equipment, changing password etc. we were then told that it was an issue with our router (Draytek) as it did not support PPOA and was setup as PPOE to a separate modem. HMM! I thought as I explained that this had been running fine for some time and that I had been advised by Talk Talk support to purchase a Draytek router as our aoriginal one (Belkin Vision N) was a load of rubbish and that they always caused issues. I was then asked if I could replace the Draytek which is not compatible with the old Belkin router which should solve the issues. We did just that and after setting up from scratch found we had the same issues (no response from the server end). John said that he could not understand this as the router was showing synced from his end and that he would report it as a fault but these things tend to sort themselves out (RIGHT!)

    I then received a message from a colleague in a unit just across the road asking if we had problems with our broadband as he was unable to connect. As he is a PIPEX customer I told hime that we were in fact having issues and that PIPEX are part of the Talk Talk group that they are probably experiencing the same issues as us.

    I did ask John at Talk Talk Business when we are likely to be up as we had planned to work the weekend and were still catching up from the last outage. His response was that he could not tell us but he had reported the fault and that it was very unlikely that any work would be done over the weekend.

    So we are here again without broadband a service that we rely on for our business with no idea of when we are likely to be back online.

    So I would just like to thank Talk Talk Business, Tiscali, Pipex or whoever you are for helping to destroy my business. We will be moving akll our services including phone lines, broadband etc as soon as we can.

    My advise is if your business is important to you and you rely on your phone lines, broadband etc then steer clear of Talk Talk Business as their service is so unreliable and could have a serious impact on your business reputation and even result in the loss of business.

  • unhappy

    by Ade at 1:14 on 11 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    Each time I hear the word Talk Talk/Tiscali it makes me shiver! Last year, I was without a phone line for over 6 weeks with Talk Talk. I called in over 20 times, each time I was promised that the problem would be fixed. The first excuse they gave me was that my line was being migrated, they claimed to have sent out a letter informing me of slight interuption to my service for the migration to take place. I did not receive any. This interruption went on for 6 weeks! The only way out for me was to change my phone provider. I had to switch to the dreaded B.T. After switching my faulty line, it took B.T. just one week to solve the problem. The difference was that I only needed to call B.T. once about the problem and immediately they offered to divert all my calls while the repair was going on, they actually called me back to inform me of the progress. Talk Talk did not even acknowledge the complaint I made about the poor services. The only time they got back to me was when I had concluded my transfer to B.T.
    I was not the only one who experienced this appalling service there are many more.....

  • happy

    by Brian at 17:37 on 8 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    Dont know why anybody would assume talk talk business are bad. I have recently went with them for my internet gaming centre, got two lines, two broadband connections actual speeds around 21mbps. not one issue. prioritised traffic that works fine. Just because one person had issues doesnt mean you will either. Read more reviews than just a single persons.

  • unhappy

    by Darrell Summerscales at 15:23 on 23 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Sorry another update :-)

    Just found out that another business on the same business park has been experiencing the same issues with their Tiscali broadband delivered from the same exchange. After calling support they were told that there was no issue with the exchange and that a line test had proved that there was no issue with the connection and that they should try replacing the filters (borrowed from us)

    Now we all know that they are the same company experiencing the same issues; so why tell 2 different customers a different reason for the issue.

    Talk Talk Business told us that the line test was ok to start and after hours of changing passwords, routers, filters etc it was only then then (after multiple calls) that we were told it was an issue at the exchange with the BT Openreach equipment. Yet another business who shares the same offices on the same exchange but with a different provider had no outages at all.

    Its obvious. THEY DO NOT TELL THE TRUTH !

  • unhappy

    by Darrell Summerscales at 14:52 on 23 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Just thought I would give you guys an update. Finally got my broadband back on on Monday albeit at 4.5MB connection instead of the usual 7MB.

    I was not informed that we were back online it was just when I called first thing Monday and was told I needed to change the password on my router that we were connected.

    We have been working frantically to catch up with the lost time as we are currently working to strict client deadlines and then guess what the broadband suddenly went off again after only 2 days service.

    Phoned Talk Talk business again after waiting 20 mins they checked the line and tested the connection and then told us it looks like the original issue was not resolved and that it was still with BT Openreach.

    In the mean time all my staff are sitting here with nothing to do apart from waiting for pay day.

    Time to get out I think before it costs me my business :-(

  • neutral

    by ellen rees at 18:53 on 22 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Thanks for everyone here who has given a negative feedback on talk talk.Im planning to open my own web business in April and now I will steer clear of Talk Talk.Im just sick and tired of these companies ripping off cutomers with their fake promises and sweet fake talk .They are all the same,its just a matter of chosing the one who can do the least damage !!

  • unhappy

    by Darrell Summerscales at 11:07 on 19 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Hello all,

    Just thought I would share my experience regarding Opal which has now recently changed back to Talk Talk business.

    I too am a web designer who currently employs 7 staff and totally rely on our "business" broadband service. I woke up on Friday morning with my usual routine reaching for my Iphone and checking my emails only to find that unusually I had not received and through the night. Anyway as I had to travel quite a way for a meeting I went straight from home instead of going to the office first.

    I received a call from one of my designers saying that our broadband was not working which explained why I was without mail as we run an Exchange server in our offices. I asked my colleague to call Talk Talk Business and report the fault. He did just that and after waiting for around 20 mins on the phone got through to support who initially said everything checked out fine on the line test and that it must be a fault with our equipment. Fair enough we also do IT services so have spare routers on the shelf so proceeded to replace the equipment only to find that we still had the issue which was showing the error username and password rejected by your ISP provider. After many calls to Talk Talk support and my entire team sitting with nothing to do we were told that there may be a fault on the exchange. By this time it was after lunch and now work had been done in the office and we had the embarassing situation where we had to explain to our customers that we were unable to provide support to them as we had no email, FTP access and could not even access web pages. Whats more our IT engineer was unable to access the server by VPN and thus unable to download the files required to complete an installation he was working on.

    I spoke to my colleague again and asked him to push for time when the service was resumed and what we should do regarding compensation for loss of business. Immediately the tone changed from their support person saying that Talk Talks terms regaring outages are purely to cover loss of service and that they are not responsible for loss of business. The person then added "I'm not been funny but if you are a web design company and you rely that much on your broadband service the don't you think you should have a second line to fall back on if one fails"

    I immediately called them as I was now fuming and concerned about the impact this was having on our business. After the usual wait to get through I spoke to another support guy and explained my concerns. I explained what the previous support person had said and that I thought his comments were ridiculous and that the fact that if I rely on my car for my business which I do then should I buy another one and have it sitting beside it on the off chance that 1 might not start in the morning? His response was that the previous support person should not have made the comments and that sometimes they can be tackless. We then proceeded to change passwords and the usual tests we had done previously only to be told that there was probably still a fault at the exchange. We were told we would be updated by text if the fault was rectified. I explained that I needed to know roughly when it would likely to be on as we would have to work the weekend to make up the lost time. This again would cost my business as overtime would then bneed to be paid.

    Saturday morning; no emails means no connection in the office. I called tham again and got through to another support guy who checked the status and said there had not been any updates as yet. I then did my own research and checked the BT exchange status for our exchange which had all green ticks stating that there were no current issues. I called Talk Talk again and got the same guy this time who said there was no updates. I explained my findings that there were no issues reported on our exchange and to add to the mystery another business that shares the same offices gets their broadband from the same exchange and their connection was fine. I then started suspecting that maybe I was not been told the truth. I asked if I could have the contact number for their bt centre so I could speak to an engineer. Tone changed again and I was told that they would not speak to me as I was not a BT customer and that my contact was with Talk Talk and their contact was with BT. I then said that basically if if had an outage again I would be better having BT as a provider as I could speak to them directly and perhaps get the issue solved quicker. I said I was not happy and that I was considering changing to BT as I could not rely on their service (happened many times with 1 outage lasting over a month and nearly costed me my business :-(

    Tone changed again and I was then getting a default response read from a hymn sheet that they did have up to 7 days to resolve any issues causing broadband outage. OUCH! this would definately cause unrepairable damage to our business reputation.

    So there you go; I'm still sitting here with no VPN to the office; no emails and basically out of business until the service that I am paying for is resumed.

    And yes we are looking to move providers and will make sure we steer clear of anything related to Talk Talk including Opal, Pipex, Tiscali or whatever they decide to call themselves.

    Oh and by the way I WILL make sure I let every business I know what they are likely to expect when dealing with such a company especially if your business depends on it.

    This is the first post of many as I have lots of time on my hands at the moment :-)

  • unhappy

    by Phil Heard at 19:23 on 4 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    I was a very happy f2s (freedom to surf) customer, but now I am very frustrated Opal, possibly frustrated Talk Talk Business (?), customer. I have a 8mb contract, never got it, but it averaged out at 6mb – tolerable.

    I am now getting no more than 2mb download speeds, usually 1mb, enough to b****r up live streaming, and an unwelcome taste of what dial-up used to be. The service has also gone down twice in a week, usually late at night, and I can't rely on it to work from home any more.

    In the interim, I am being bombarded with phone calls encouraging me to buy a phone package, which will entitle me to get on to the new high-speed broadband network, but because these calls are from call centre monkeys (no offence, but they don't work in Opal premises, so they have no idea other than what's on the script in front of them), they don't know whether it's possible to get on to the new broadband set-up without buying a phone contract – and they don't want buy out my existing BT one, that's for sure.
    It rather looks as if as these people are clowns, but has anyone had any success with their new high-speed broadband, or is that too pie in the sky? I'm just reluctant to lose my email address, but I'm not paying c.£20 a month for dial-up standard access. The 1990s are long gone, as I will be soon...

  • unhappy

    by Grumpy from Essex at 11:29 on 1 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Aha, and the saga continues!
    The credit given by Opal to cover calls made to the 0871 number during change-over keeps on appearing as an `overdue amount' on the monthly invoices.
    Telephoned customer services in early January who confirmed that they would arrange to have the re-occuring false `overdue amount' removed from invoices visible to me.
    Recently received a letter from Opal stating that payment had not been received to cover the January invoice, and that there would be a disruption in service.
    Again contacted customer services and advised them that there was an existing Direct Debit to cover the monthly payments, and that this had been in existence for some 9 years, throughout my time with Nildram.
    Customer services advised that there was no trace of a Direct Debit mandate on the account. Asked to speak with a supervisor, but got put thro to the girl who had handled the call in early January. She stated that she had closed the account on my request. I again explained the situation, the re-appearing overdue amount etc. She took debit card information to cover the overdue amount, and set up another Direct Debit. Throughout the conversations, they were right, offering lame excuses and justifying themselves with side issues.
    However, I wonder if there is now a move to find reasons to close all existing ex-Nildram accounts, and `switch-sell' the more expensive Opal accounts. They look good on the surface but one needs to watch the add-on extra costs! Anyway would you let Opal take over your contract with BT, `Line rental' and Broadband service for 24 months?
    The impression is that it is a badly run organisation, in chaos and overstretched.
    Now to be re-branded as Talk-Talk business, I wonder why?

  • unhappy

    by Unhappy Camper at 18:27 on 26 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Having been a very satisfied customer of Pipex for 8+ years I was interested to hear from the new owners (Opal) that they could provide a faster & cheaper service, so foolishy signed up.

    The transfer from BT was to take place on Monday 24th. At 16:00 hrs the phone & broadband went dead, and wasn't reconnected. I phoned their tech support who told me it would take a little longer (their documentation says it takes 20 mins max).

    Next day, still no phone. Tech support passed it to BT, who 'will take 5 days to investigate'.

    So, in short, after 20 years of good, reliable service from BT & Pipex I now have a service provider who have provided no service & no concrete response times.


  • unhappy

    by Bob Wilson at 9:43 on 23 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    In my opinion and from my experiences, OPAL are THIEVES.
    I am a retired systems consultant. Many years ago I hit upon Freedom 2 Surf and I was so impressed with their services that I recommended them to my clients, several of whom switched. Then came OPAL! I received so many emails from them urging me to do this that or the other that I became irritated. After a little research I discovered that BT were offering a package that suited me and decided to switch to them. First problem with OPAL was that I needed to spend what seemed like hours on the telephone paying a premium for the privilege waiting for a MAC. When I finally got it and tried to activate it it turned out to be WRONG. So I had to repeat the whole process. Everything seemed OK until I discovered, a couple of months later, that OPAL had started charging me again through my VISA card. More expensive phone calls to get this sorted out, including two where they just hung up on me, when I tried to insist they put me on to someone who could sort the problem out. Finally I was promised that a refund would be in the post. That was last December. I am still waiting. I estimate that it's cost me very nearly £10 in phone calls to try to recover the £10 they owe me and I still haven't had it. My advice to my clients, if I was still consulting, would be "AVOID OPAL LIKE THE PLAGUE"!

  • neutral

    by Steven at 17:28 on 19 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    WATCH OUT FOR THIS WITH OPAL!!!! Used to be on a Nildram for years, was very happy with their service. Once Opal bought out Nildram I got a fair few emails about upgrading my package. I called them up to enquire about the deals but in the end declined to change as my phone was on a good contract. I instantly noticed a drop in my internet speed. Was meant to be on 2mbps but was only getting 0.8mbps when running speed tests. Called Opal and it turned out my account had been 'randomly' switched to 1mbps setting. They switched it back straight away but I'm still a little suspicious that it was a ploy to make me upgrade my package.

  • unhappy

    by giuseppe at 16:48 on 10 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    I have been a freedom2surf happy customer for 6 months.
    Line got very bad in the last 3 weeks at the point I can not do any remote work!!
    Call Opal and used the call back facility (after a long wait), still waiting to be called back.
    My firewall logs show my connection is costantly at 56k, while I'm supposed to have broadband. I received a letter stating they bought freedom2surf, I would have the same contract and service, it even states "You'll receive a more reliable, resilient service offering faster broadband speeds on our network"
    My suggestion: avoid OPAL

  • neutral

    by Ex Nildram at 18:42 on 7 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Ex Nildram customer. They were not brilliant but this bunch of clowns makes me wish they were still availiable. Line drops slow speed. You cant watch tv catchup, youtube buffers, radio buffers. I need a new supplier.

  • neutral

    by Neil at 15:33 on 7 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    I am leaving them ASAP but have to wait until Feb ebcause they want 125quid for moving before the end of my contract. What a joke.

  • unhappy

    by Sofe at 9:05 on 7 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Opal were fantastic to start with, I made an enquiry online and someone called me, he answered questions and reassured me changing from plus net would give me greater speeds from 300 kps to 2.7 mbs ! After the contract starts I had no Internet for a long time, then invoice too early, now I'm overcharged and the speeds are occasionally low as 100 kps. Also they never said charge would be + VAT. I'm in a two year contract and can't get out. After they have you they don't care about you. Avoid them!

  • unhappy

    by Freddie at 2:39 on 5 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Recently changed to opal from pipex (who opal used to be i was promised 20 down and 1 up i got 19.something down which was okay all was fine for a few months now my speed is dropping more each day as i write this my speed is 272 up and 11. something down i rang them recently and got abt engineer will cost you 150 pound i proved beyond a doubt the problem is at there end and they have done the absolute bare minimum to fix this problem and there billing system is terrible to they are billing me for a previous line with a different provider ,although i got 2 new lines installed for my 2 sites they seem to have tagged on another isps bill to my new line ,I am thinking there office are filled with MCD(mad call centre disease ) have to laugh or i will cry and what business provider does not provide 24 hour support i will be speaking with them in the morning and will update tomorrow .(dont go with opal save yourself the headache)

  • unhappy

    by Tim Holland at 19:11 on 30 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    Been a very happy f2s customer for years, now i'm starting to get line drops and slow speed... Opal... what is going on.

  • neutral

    by bill at 16:00 on 27 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    Was with f2s and it was OK. Since Opal took over my evening line speed has plunged.My exchange does not have LLU so staying with Opal is not worth it.Trying to get Mac code and is taking ages.Don't even think of going to Opal they are a nightmare.

  • unhappy

    by Coofer Cat at 11:24 on 22 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    I used to be a Freedom2Surf customer, then came Opal. Opal have managed to send me emails with the company names spelled incorrectly, they also managed to send me the email addresses of dozens of their customers, and generally have been pretty inept. Despite all of this, they've been at pains to assure me that Opal will be every bit as "business class" as F2S was.

    Foolishly, I transferred over to them anyway, because I figured that would be the best way to transfer over my hosting package, billing, etc. Sadly though, under Opal I've got 20% less broadband speed, my hosting package isn't free any more, and I don't seem to be able to get a support ticket answered before it automatically closes due to "inactivity".

    I have been in contact with Opal about this. Even that feedback has been mishandled - initially it looked like they were taking in seriously, but then it ended up getting dropped between the cracks in the organisation.

    Suffice to say, I'm going to move off Opal as soon as I can. If you're Freedom2Surf today, just move elsewhere, don't bother with Opal.

  • unhappy

    by Chris Hunter at 15:11 on 15 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    Was with F2S since 2003. Now Opal (talkTalk).
    I've had more dropouts in the past 2 months than I had the entire 7 years with F2S.

    I fix computers and broadband for a living.
    I must have taken 20-30 households away from talktalk over the years because of their ineptitude.

    This is not a router/computer/internal telephone wiring problem.
    This is the rubbish that is TalkTalk. Their abysmal reputation has now reached my front door.

  • unhappy

    by Grumpy from Essex at 12:25 on 11 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    Was very happy with the Nidram service for 8 plus years; then along came Opal with their schemes to move everyone over to their favoured contracts. Which it should be noted are inferior, and are promoted using dubious facts about their involvement with BT; the leading edge equipment they have installed in BT exchanges. Also informed that the 24 month contract period (not declared on the order which was cancelled), is to offset the cost of the new equipment in the BT exchanges.

    There was very poor communication during the changeover, accounts were not accessible, even to date credits given by Opal to cover calls made to their premium lines, are re-appearing on invoices as overdue amounts.

    It is wondered whether there is now a re-run of the early days of Talk-Talk, the encountered publicly aired problems, and whether, in this period of restraint, there is the drive within to overcome the acquisition problems and move the organisation forward. To offer a human face and leave behind the process chasers and their 120 hour customer response time.

  • unhappy

    by John at 10:25 on 3 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    Nildram were pretty bad, but Opal is even worse! Service levels are very poor, constant drop outs. Customer service is beyond a joke, wait a minimum of 10 minutes to get through (sometimes even more). When you finally get through you get hung up on??? STAY WELL CLEAR....DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

  • unhappy

    by Ross Dalgetty at 12:11 on 30 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    OPAL - WORST experience EVER...

    Was a happy Tiscali customer for 4 years, (bought over by Talk Talk) Had no problems with Tiscali in the 4 years i was with them, so i though go with Opal, same parent company, everythign should be fine.

    Literally as soon as we switched over, we started having problems (16 Sep 2010).

    Problems have both been technical and customer support related:

    • We were overcharged! (This looks to be resolved now)
    • We had a drop in service (previous line speeds were 2.5mbps, dropped to 1.5mbps) (This problem was resolved)
    • We have to reboot our router to regain internet due to drop outs at least twice a week since we switched over (this issue has not been reported to you as we didn’t mind too much)
    • We were double charged, continuing to be charged by Tiscali at the same time, at the time of ordering I was assured that this wouldn’t happen as both were both Talk Talk.
    • Furthermore to the previous point, when asking Talk Talk how to contact the particular desk for Tiscali related enquiries, we were sent an email with a phone number that didn’t get us to Tiscali and an email address that didn’t work! We managed to find out how to contact Tiscali through the web!
    • On another separate occasion trying to contact Opal customer services I was told that the desk was only open between 8am and 5pm... The phone call was at 10:30 am!!!
    • The top of it all was this Monday 15/11/10 or Tuesday 16/11/10 we had internet go down for 2 hours. Rebooting the router never worked this time. So we contacted your Technical desk (Your technician had to do a profile refresh to get the internet back on.

    I;ve spent around 2 billing days dealing with this crap, i no longer want them in my life, i asked to cancel the contract, i was asked for £300, i am refusing to pay.

    They refuse to deal with me, instead of escalating me to someone with a bit of power, they keep passing me from pillar to post.

    I never want to have anything to do with TALK TALK GROUP ever again!


  • unhappy

    by Pete at 14:44 on 27 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    I was a happy Nildram customer. They were great value and rock solid availability and good speed. Since Opal took over I have had more outages in a couple of months than Nildram had in all the years I was with them. Support is useless as well. Every time I phone them there are no representatives available and you have to wait between 10 minutes and on two occasions over an hour before getting an answer.

    I am looking at alternatives and I suggest everyone else does the same.

  • unhappy

    by Thomas Dove at 18:10 on 26 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    Opal is appalling. I had been with Nildram for 3 years; no problems, worked fine, good speed. Since Opal has taken over it has been terrible. More complete drop-outs in service in the month or so than Nildram had in 3 years, plus the 'broadband' speed is now down to typically 200Kbps - that's right, they say "up to 8Meg" but even at a quiet time of day I get at most 500Kbps and in the evening normally drops to just 100Kbps - sometimes down to even 40Kbps - less than dialup!
    No response at all from their 'customer support'. I will be changing shortly and they will not be charging me - they are no longer providing me a service, so how can they charge?

  • unhappy

    by Zaheer Ahmed at 14:09 on 18 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    I moved into a new property few months back and while researching broadband options I gave them a call as well. Normally they provide only business broadband but they agreed to provide one on my home line agreeing 5.5 megs attainable speed. It’s been about 10 weeks now I have my internet crippled with maximum speed of 1 meg. When I complained a lot my speed seem to have gone down to 0.5 megs now since last week. With countless emails and hours no phone I am still nowhere ....

    If you really appreciate your peace of mind and continue to stay happily with you and your kids being able to access internet. Stay as far as possible for Opal or rather any TalkTalk group company.

    I am afraid that even motioning their name is going to put you on contract for two years and you will have to pay £300 and say sorry that you mentioned their name.

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