TenTel Broadband

  • Flexible 1 month and 6 month contracts available
  • Option to pay up front for line rental and save money

Best selling deals from TenTel:

Broadband + Phone

TenTel Broadband Unlimited
17Mb max speed 6 months £22.49 £28.99 after 6 months
Price includes line rental
TenTel Broadband Unlimited
17Mb max speed 1 month £22.49 £28.99 after 6 months
Price includes line rental
TenTel Broadband Advance
17Mb max speed 12 months £20.83 per month
Advanced payment of £249.99
TenTel Broadband Unlimited + Roku TV Stick
17Mb max speed 18 months £16.99 £22.99 after 6 months
Save 50% off Roku Stick exclusively with Tentel
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Who are TenTel?

Standing out in the UK's bustling broadband and phone market is tricky, but TenTel manage it by offering some intriguing short term contracts and bundle deals.

Unlike many other providers TenTel offer both phone and broadband on a short term rolling monthly agreement.

Being able to cancel at any time without the risk of big fees is a major plus point, particularly for students or anyone else who may only be living in a property for a short time.

TenTel also offer bundle packages where you pay for the entire year of broadband and phone up front, which could result in a big saving over equivalent monthly fees.

It's also important to note that customer service is a major focus for TenTel, with their customer service charter promising transparency and honesty.