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  • unhappy

    by David Borthwick at 12:39 on 28 Nov 2016 Report abuse

    What can I say? I went with TenTel as I thought the short contract and reasonable pricing policy looked really good. They seemed to be a small company, so worth supporting.
    Once I had migrated to their service, I soon found problems with their service. I couldn't stream Netflix or Amazon Prime anymore and DNS resolution times were dire to say the least!
    I did try to contact customer services, but they don't answer calls. I'm an IT networks and systems engineer, so have a good knowledge of the infrastructure involved, but couldn't get any answers from them. To get a reply, you have to post to their Facebook page. Not good!
    Next, they charged me for all my calls despite having an unlimited call package. I contacted them about this (via Facebook again!) and was promised a refund in 5 days. This never arrived.
    After chasing them up again, they promised a refund on my next bill. Yet again, they couldn't handle this job either. I got a partial refund only.
    After 3 months with them, I have now had to cancel my direct debit and move elsewhere. The customer service is simply that terrible.
    Please, take note and strongly consider this company. There are loads of great deals out there if you do your homework. Unfortunately, TenTel is simply not worth the hassle.

  • unhappy

    by Alastair Kennedy at 11:53 on 27 Oct 2016 Report abuse

    Instalment 3 (final).

    Ombudsman complaint upheld, all monies refunded by TenTel. Ombudsman-services.org were excellent, and I’d recommend anyone pursue this route to resolution, as opposed to the negative process which is TenTel customer services (I use this term loosely).

    If you haven’t entered into a contract, save yourself the hassle.

  • unhappy

    by tim at 9:54 on 16 Oct 2016 Report abuse

    m going to make this short

    1. I was lied to on the phone as they said they would call me back but didn't
    2. product was late to arrive past promised date
    3. it took a minimum of 15 minutes to be answered when trying to allocate product - the same for any other calls i made
    4. their delivery service they used broke our letter box
    5. then their product wouldn't work and didn't allow us to connect
    6. sent everything back appropriately but we are still being charged £6.02


    Virgin - has been great to us
    and so on.

  • unhappy

    by Lee Holder at 13:49 on 4 Oct 2016 Report abuse

    Started off good then my internet packed in...

    12 days and still nothing..they wont answer the phone and respond to e mails.

    If you are looking for good service for 2 weeks..these are the guys...

    Otherwise forget it.....

  • unhappy

    by Laura Kayes at 11:56 on 15 Sep 2016 Report abuse

    I could not recommend enough that those seeking an internet provider STAY AWAY from Tentel.
    I needed a short contract in a rented flat whilst my partner and I were house hunting, so took a 6 month deal with Tentel in January. The router arrived with a connection date, but the connection didn't work. After several phone calls, and a BT engineer confirming there was no issue with the line itself the issue was wasn't resolved. I spoke with several customer service advisers before being passed to a manager. I was assured the manager would call me back but when weeks passed I called the centre again and was told that their lack of communication was my own fault for not providing my new mobile number. I assured the call handler that I had provided these details, so once again, a manager was going to listen to my previous calls to confirm that I wasn't lying, and had in fact given the correct details, then return my call. They never did. The entire six month contract passed, with my monthly payments ongoing, and I never had any internet. Never!
    I called in June to make sure the contract would cease at the end of the 6 month period, telling the call handler that I had never received any of the service I had been paying for. He shrugged the information off and assured me it would cease. Around two weeks ago I received an email from Tentel telling me that due to missed payments, they had ceased my service (ha!) and I was obligated to pay the remainder of my contract in full.
    I called yet again, and spoke with an advisor called Steven, who seemed genuinely quite horrified by the situation and assured me he would not only cancel the contract, as should have been done months previously, he would also process a full refund for the entirety of 6 months that I had paid. Steven was undoubtedly the first compassionate and helpful member of staff that I experienced at Tentel, but unfortunately his assurance of a full refund within 5 working days was stalled by more problems in the billing department. I called five days after the payment was due to be in my account, and was told that it would be marked priority and processed the following morning, arriving in my account within 48 hours. Once again that time has now passed and there has been no credit to my account.
    I have been on the phone yet again today, this time to an agent called Connor. I have explained that as a result of Tentel continually missing their promised deadlines, a direct debit has now bounced from my bank account at a cost of £20. I have also spent nearly £10 in the past two weeks alone calling Tentel. Considering these calls have been made continually since January, I can only imagine the total cost will not be covered by the still awaited refund. I have just been left a voicemail by Connor to tell me that the contract fees will be in my account at some point today, but that Tentel is not obligated to cover any other costs incurred by their customers, so there will be no compensation for the time or money spent chasing their incompetence.
    I am truly in absolute disbelief at the entire experience.
    Avoid at all costs.

  • happy

    by Darren Bodkin at 2:31 on 25 Jul 2016 Report abuse

    Absolutely fantastic customer service move house with ease and made sure I went live in the new house on the day it was ment to. Thanks for your help people at tentel

  • happy

    by Matthew Chambers at 16:13 on 22 Jul 2016 Report abuse

    Excellent customer support. Rang several times over the last week and each call has been extremely helpful and the members of staff have been great.

    Only been with TenTel for 6 days and had various issues with rubbish download speeds, tried everything suggested by them and from my own research and nothing.

    Will be upgrading to fibre and staying with TenTel as they obviously care about their customers and the prices are brilliant.

  • happy

    by Mark Smith at 17:52 on 13 Jul 2016 Report abuse

    A story that must be told – a consumer’s story
    It was a critically important chapter of our lives as we prepared to move to France in the shadow of the outcome of the EU referendum. Transferring our life-savings into Euros to purchase our dream property hung in the balance where tens of thousands of pounds could be won or lost as the exchange rate fluctuated second by second was proving to be a real headache and concern, trying to predict the optimal moment to exchange our funds. Studying the fluctuating rates, second by second on the internet, hoping for a sudden surge in the pound required dedicated full time effort sitting staring at the money market websites with a hard deadline in 3 days to complete the transaction. This was a ‘do or die’ moment … and then suddenly and without warning, the internet went dead!
    We had signed up with Tentel while we rented a house for 3 months prior to the move to France in August 2016. Tentel was the only company that offered a rolling month by month domestic wi-fi service. On 8 July 2016, I contacted Tentel customer service (verbally on the phone backed up by an email) of our 30-day notice period to cancel the contract. Unfortunately, the actual termination date input by Tentel operator was inadvertently set at 8 July rather than 8 August 2016 which automatically disconnected the internet service prematurely. Suddenly, and without warning, I was unable to study the exchange rates and trigger the funds transfer. At worst, we now could potentially lose a great deal of money on the exchange rate and at worst, miss the deadline to transfer the funds and lose the French property in the process.
    After several calls to Tentel, the earliest that the service could be restored was Friday, the day after my hard deadline to transfer the funds. All seemed to be lost until….
    My mobile phone rang at 7pm in the evening from the Managing Director of Tentel, Robert McKechnie. After explaining the problem and potential consequence of losing my internet connection, Mr McKechnie promised to call me back with a potential solution and within 1 hour, my mobile rang again…..
    Tentel had purchased a wifi dongle from our local Currys and arranged for a Taxi to deliver the dongle by 0930 the very next day. So what do I surmise?
    - This company has the integrity to fully admit liability when they are at fault.
    - They go over and beyond their remit to ensure the customers’ needs are met and do everything within their power to resolve the problem to the best of their ability.
    - The highest management is fully committed to engaging personally with their customers (a personal call from the MD himself in the evening).
    Credit where credit is due and I have no hesitation in highly recommending this up and coming ISP.

  • happy

    by Charlie Pitt at 12:16 on 4 Jul 2016 Report abuse

    I've only been with Tentel for 7 months. The package was perfect for what I needed as I was at a property for less than 12 months, so the product was ideal. However, this isn't what i want to comment on.

    I want to state that, in a time where customer service is an added bonus (if you're lucky) with most providers of any service these days, I was pleasant surprised with Tentel. Every single person I dealt with there was absolutely fantastic. With each phone call I felt that, whoever picked up my call, I knew that the assistance and response was genuine, honest and clear. Everyone has been incredible. I sound like I'm being over-the-top but it is refreshing these days to feel that the person you are speaking to actually wants to help you, as opposed to passing you off to an automated system, or just following a script to get you off the phone. So, I'm really grateful for the service provided. Other providers can learn from Tentel's service delivery and customer care.

    I would have stayed with Tentel but have moved in with my partner, who has a good deal set up with another provider. But, I would be pleased to hear if Tentel grow into a larger business, as it woudl be testament to the lovely service they provide.

  • unhappy

    by Alastair at 17:20 on 18 May 2016 Report abuse

    And here we are almost 3 months later without satisfactory resolution, stonewalled by procedures and inflexible representatives. I cannot speak for the broadband, having never received a service, other than efficient debiting of my bank account.

    Unprofessional, bureaucratic, and inflexible; please look elsewhere for broadband if customer service is at all a consideration in your choice.

  • unhappy

    by al at 21:09 on 1 May 2016 Report abuse

    h man! I wish I'd read these reviews before I signed on.
    These were 'recommended to me by my letting agent in Plymouth; ie, they had a commission selling agreement with them.
    Initial contact was fine and, to be fair, they gave me a well priced deal on line and broadband rental.12 months in advance, that is. Having been with BT for years and suffered its brutal customer service, Tentel's promise of 'world class' customer service seduced me. Wrong! They have been inept from the start, from sending my router to the wrong address, not getting my 'phone number in time from BT, not setting me up to view my bill online and just now, asking me for £60/pa for itemised billing! They are cretins and charlatans; avoid this company like the plague.

  • happy

    by sarah at 15:25 on 28 Apr 2016 Report abuse

    I recieved a call yesterday from Lee Noble regarding installing Broadband into my rented property. Lee explained the different packages available and kindly emailed the information to me following the call. I requested a call back this morning and not only was it confirmed first but also bang on time! Ho refreshing to not only speak to a human being but also a courteous and helpful one at that! Lee explained the process to me (a self confessed techno phobe) and I have signed up for the 18 month contract. Many thanks for the great customer service.

    Kind regards

    Sarah S

  • happy

    by Amber at 15:48 on 27 Apr 2016 Report abuse

    I was referred to TenTel via my letting agents. I spoke with a lovely man named Lee who advised me on the best package and signed me up for the 18 month deal with ease. He was lovely to chat to and was extremely helpful, he even gave me pointers on the job as I start on similar next week. Could not fault the service and I am extremely glad I have picked to go with TenTel.

  • unhappy

    by Alastair Kennedy at 19:52 on 15 Apr 2016 Report abuse

    My time with Tentel has been very brief, but unfortunately far to long. My experience has been one of disappointment, of poor customer services, and an entrenched outdated inflexible service. I missed out on the much vaulted and claimed 'wow', and could not offer any positive feedback or reason to deal with Tentel; and just wish their advertising of flexible and customer focused service could have met my fairly basic expectations.

  • happy

    by Kate at 12:14 on 14 Apr 2016 Report abuse

    Having received great customer service from TenTel last week I wanted to pass on my thanks to both Christie and his Line Manager for his excellent customer service over the two days he assisted me.

    I found the experience extremely helpful and Christie my customer service liaison contacted me everytime he said he would to solve my connectivity issues.

  • happy

    by Jason at 12:09 on 8 Apr 2016 Report abuse

    After taking a while for Openreach to get the line sorted at my end, I can say I've been very happy with the service provided on a whole. I like the fact that when I ring up, I know I will get through to someone based in an office in Scotland (at least that's where I think they are!?). It's nice to see smaller companies competing against the likes of BT, EE etc.

    The no fixed contract is a massive selling point

    Thanks guys


  • neutral

    by Shane at 16:14 on 1 Apr 2016 Report abuse

    I telephoned Ten Tel today to make arrangements for my landline and broadband services to be transferred to them. I was particularly impressed with the Customer Service Assistant who answered the phone. He was polite, helpful and obliging. He answered all of my questions and treated me fairly and honestly by being generous with the information which he provided. I was particularly struck that he addressed me throughout the conversation as Mr.... and that he refrained from the commonplace, overly, familiar practice of using my first name without permission to do so.

  • happy

    by michael white at 12:37 on 31 Mar 2016 Report abuse

    Quick to answer the phone! Always a good start. Everything explained super simply. Real flexable options that are just what I was looking for.

  • happy

    by rachel smith at 9:26 on 30 Mar 2016 Report abuse

    lee was very helpful and gave me an excellent deal and was welcoming and was easy to process my order am very happy with the service I received 100% happy

  • unhappy

    by John D at 14:22 on 12 Mar 2016 Report abuse

    I would not recommend TenTel. I chose their service because of the one month contract; however, this advantage has been horribly outweighed by exceptionally poor performance. After agreeing to take their service it took three weeks to connect and whilst their staff are based in the UK they are hopeless. My biggest problem occurred when I tried to switch to BT. TenTel refused to transfer the service (which delayed my contract with BT) and then cut off my services. So now I have to wait a further two weeks to pick up BT with TenTel unable to reconnect me - as their processes require 14 days to reconnect.

    Finally their charges are very very expensive. In particular their call charges are exorbitant.
    Please do not waste your time with such a shoddy team - also don't be seduced by the rolling month contract, it works out very expensive.

  • happy

    by Beki at 21:52 on 19 Nov 2015 Report abuse

    Recently signed up with Tentel after Sky put our price up, I hadnt heard of Tentel before but Im glad I signed up and have been impressed with the service so far.

    There was a little hiccup when I signed up because of the phone line, but I phoned them up and they sorted everything out pretty fast, though the people in their Scotland call centre were a bit hard to understand! (glad they have call centres in the UK though!)

    The broadband has been connected about a two weeks now, so far so good, netflix plays movies without any issues and theres no lag when playing xbox online - would recomend!

  • unhappy

    by Xander at 18:00 on 30 Oct 2015 Report abuse

    This is the most unprofessional, disorganised, and clueless in what it's doing company who doesn't care about its customers AT ALL. Money is what interests them a lot. They charge you several months in advance.

    They advertise that they are better than BT, Virgin and Sky. 'Tired of BT/Virgin/Sky?' they say. Despite the imperfections in customer service of those companies, they at least SOLVE YOUR ISSUES eventually.TenTel doesn't bother.

    TenTel, doesn't know anything about their engineers, doesn't know anything about installations, they always have to call someone from BT (!!!) to ask for an update. They even forget to send you the router before the installation, and forget to tell you that your appointment got cancelled (and before it gets cancelled, they postpone it for no reason for another 2 weeks). And worth mentioning that they forget to send receipts as well (yeah, why we would need one, right?)

    AND they always come up with extra charges that you need to pay because your house is in the FUNNY location.

    The worst experience ever. NOT recommebdes until they get their s**t together.

    PS while you wait on the line, they don't have music, or silence, or someone updating you once every 30sec or 1 min like other companies have. No. They have some annoying voice repeting NON-STOP that the line is busy and 'my call will be answered soon' for billions and billions of times untill someone pick ups the phone.

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