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  • unhappy

    by jwhitbread at 23:55 on 23 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    Absolute crap going back to BT only connects when my tablet is sitting on top of router can't use home phone cuts off internet!! Utter rubbish slow as hell!!

  • neutral

    by Martin at 15:25 on 20 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    Hi liz i went to bt full fibre and had no problems at all hope this helps

  • unhappy

    by Liz at 6:43 on 20 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    moved from Sky as i could`nt afford the monthly bill signed up to Tesco in January 2015 things seemed great at first until i purchased a Openview box which runs off the internet and the trouble then started nearly every program were watching starts great then the scrambling starts or the picture freezes and now keeps getting no internet connection on my PC and my laptop,or the internet runs that slow It`s really annoying, I`v Also been told that Talk Talk have taken over Tesco i had internet and tvoff them about 3 years ago and from day 1 nothing but problems i refused to pay them any bills and they tried to charge me £250 of coming out of the contract early, As i was not informed of this when i signed with Tesco am i within my writes to cancel the contract before the 12 months are up as i DONT WANT TO DEAL WITH TALK TALK AGAIN can any body advise on this matter

  • unhappy

    by jonnyl8 at 16:26 on 15 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    Had Tesco BB for a year and no problems until last week, it connects then drops off CONSTANTLY. I have responses via email and they appear to be helpful but it seems they are just buying time as nothing is actually being done, I requested a new router as I believe this is the problem but they said that's not possible, its a dirt cheap basic bit of kit so I don't know what their problem is

  • unhappy

    by stealthy jd YOUTUBE subscribe at 16:08 on 4 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    Absolute disgusting internet,a horrible mess of crap internet.Says it can hold more than one device but it cant even hold one.50GB's of internet is wasted on trying to load something for ages.Its hard to have a youtube career with horrible internet like this.Sometimes the lag I get when playing games makes me want to rip my eyes out.Tesco should just stop trying to do broadband,heck even stop competing against other supermarkets.Its full of scams that they don't even tell you about.I once went over the limit by 1GB and they charged me €100!! Then after paying it just before the last day of the month my internet comes back on and instead of giving me the amount of gigabytes I last had before they put my account on hold,they left me with 1GB and if you don't use the internet for a while they shut your account down.AVOID AT ALL COSTS before it gives you a massive bill to pay

  • unhappy

    by one angry gamer at 20:58 on 28 Jun 2015 Report abuse

    i had brought a powerful gaming pc for new gta 5 on pc
    only to find out ny mum was getting tesco wifi she said "it will be fine i only want it for videos" and it cant even do THAT. Now she's (to use the word) "pissed" just stay away

  • unhappy

    by martin at 21:48 on 16 Mar 2015 Report abuse

    Dont bother absolute carbage slow speeds and drop off from day 1 dial up is faster and more reliable.

    Tesco should stick to what they know selling food give me a carrier pigeon before i go here if you are like me and can remember dial up.


  • unhappy

    by John Bradshaw at 21:11 on 14 Mar 2015 Report abuse

    tesco has to be the worst ever i get speeds of 2-3 mbps have had 3 new routers and its still getting worse, i can't watch player just keeps stopping and starting, tesco don't want to know they keep telling me all sorts of excuses AVOID like the plague.

  • unhappy

    by John Bradshaw at 21:08 on 14 Mar 2015 Report abuse

    tesco has to be the worst ever i get speeds of 2-3 mbps have had 3 new routers and its still getting worse, i can't watch player just keeps stopping and starting, tesco don't want to know they keep telling me all sorts of excuses AVOID like the plague.

  • unhappy

    by Olgawillis at 21:45 on 9 Mar 2015 Report abuse

    I am totally fed up of Tesco. I am with them for my mobile phone and broadband and phone. I was told I would get a speed of 7 but usually around 4 to 5. I was not told that Talk Talk have bought them out as a customer I should have been told. Hate talk talk with a passion. I thought Tesco was great, now sick of it.

  • unhappy

    by Rob at 23:05 on 4 Mar 2015 Report abuse

    I could walk to the moon faster than Tesco could send an email to my next door neighbor , also modem constantly dropping out and changing NAT type because it just fancies a change of ways to make me rage

    Avoid this I know they're cheap but you really get what you pay for

  • unhappy

    by Big bob at 22:32 on 20 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    I have had tesco for 6 months and it is absolutely terrible shocking and un acsessble

  • unhappy

    by Kate at 11:44 on 5 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    TESCO BROADBAND - NOT RECOMENDED AT ALL. We were using tesco services but changed now for EE. We had problems with internet and about 10 times talked on the phone with tesco. TWICE they promised engeneer to come round to see what is going on, I was waiting, but no one turned up. They are actually having a laugh. When we decided to change the provider, tesco started ringing us, emailing... basically they wanted us back. With any internet provider stuff can go wrong, but the way how they deal with problems is just very unprofessional. Stay away ;)

  • unhappy

    by Rasta at 0:26 on 30 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    Tesco Broadband Operations are now sold to TalkTalk. I am the customer for 1+ year and will be happily moving elsewhere soon! SPEED - Average 3Mbps (not fibre). Today 2.07Mbps - impossible to work! Good for nothing! Avoid!

  • unhappy

    by Malcolm pert at 7:04 on 28 Dec 2014 Report abuse

    I have with Tesco for years I won't be staying with them for years that's for sure when you have to use the libraries computer because once again you can't use you're own because yet again to slow or no signal then you know THEY have a problem

  • neutral

    by d at 10:34 on 7 Oct 2014 Report abuse

    Do not use Tesco broadband, i had it installed last week and have already made arrangements to go back to Virgin. Painfully slow internet, drops out all the time, wifi on my phone loses connection when i,m in another room. Its like having dial up internet from the 90s

  • happy

    by miles davis at 11:55 on 3 Sep 2014 Report abuse

    If I had the choice between carrier pigeon, two cups and string,stone tablet and chisel or Tesco broadband then the pigeon would win! It would be quicker and I could eat it once I have moved providers!!
    Worst broadband in the entire world! Constantly slow, dropping out of connection, always having to ring customer service or wait in for yet another engineer to visit. Utter garbage!
    When I said I was leaving they tried to charge me £65 for terminating my contract early! I pointed out that Tesco had been in breech of the contract in the first place by not providing the service stated in the contract. Fee waived!!
    Have since changed providers....yummy pigeon!!!

  • happy

    by miles davis at 19:59 on 2 Sep 2014 Report abuse

    If I had the choice between obtaining information via a carrier pigeon/two cups and string/stone tablet and chisel or Tesco Broadband.....the pigeon would win hands (or wings) down!! In an attempt to save money I switched to Tesco Broadband and home phone. I saved money, but lost any usable broadband and internet. 4 engineer visits and various lengthy phone calls and 3 months later and still no workable internet! When I told them I was quitting the contract early, they tried to get me to pay a £65 early termination fee. I then informed them that they had been in breach of contract in the first place by not providing usable broadband
    Have since switched providers....pigeon breast in garlic and red wine is sooo delicious!!!

  • neutral

    by Calum at 13:52 on 24 Aug 2014 Report abuse

    Used Tesco Broadband since August '13. From the word go has worked perfectly. Is it Fibre optic fast? No, but it is a solid 10mb (speed checker tested). I do get the impression the customer service leaves a little to be desired but quite honestly the (provided)router/ISP has been the most reliable I've ever used out of Sky, Virgin and AOL. I was based in Reading area.

  • happy

    by HPN at 10:06 on 10 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    Dear Representative,

    I am glad that again I am able to contact Tesco Support centre and it gives me immense pleasure to say Hello to you.

    Since I moved from O2 to Tesco Broadband and Homephone services I am loving every moment of my life (I regret everyday of my life and wonder why I moved?)

    Every single day won't pass without thinking about you, calling you, seeing you in person or send you an email and tell you my painful story how frustrated and angered I am at the level of service I receive and the amount I pay for getting no service in return.

    Every time I call in I go through various lines of Technical support following the same steps again and again and beyond, e.g. connecting my laptop using ethernet cable and line tests after line tests, steps mentioned on this page are stored in my memory after going through this several 100s of times 'http://www.tescobroadband.com/HelpAndSupport/Articles/View/5757?cat=1154'. I am forced to do this until I finally give up in frustration and start praying God to restore my broadband services. Thank you for restoring my faith in God.

    I have always been threatened to pay for the engineer visit if I do not go through the above torture when I call to complain about the service either I have to submit to the demand of torture or I have to have good faith in God and simply hope that service is going to restore as magic wand will fix everything for me.

    I also have to pay for the luxury of calling Customer service on 0845 nos and to be able to speak to one of the representative and feel very special about it. I give-up my holidays to pay the bills to call you and express my disappointment and I genuinely thank you for giving me this opportunity.

    Also, you can see how much time I have on hand, I can give-up my work and just make this as my day job to call Tesco support centre and have a nice conversation with you with a cuppa for couple of hours.

    When I call Retention, billing and Customer service they will put me in a marry-go-round and calls will be transferred from one department to another have to tell them all about my issues frustrations and how long it has been going on and repeat it until it ultimately reaches the unbreakable gate 'Technical Support' and there begins long journey to work as Tesco technician spend hours of my family time, work time, time with kids - giving me no results. If I am lucky somebody promises me to send out an engineer not before threatening me about dire consequences to pay for engineer visit and my persistence will make you book a time for their visit making me feel luckiest person on this earth and shouting out loud on the road about my achievements.

    What happens next is - another Technical Support call on the day of the Engineer visit discarding everything that was done before and repeating the threats and rightfully blaming me as a customer not supporting the support team to be a Technician for them.

    Actually, I might have missed terms and conditions wherein it must be written that I willfully obliged to pay £22.00 appox. every month to learn to be a Tesco/BT technical engineer and should keep doing this until my death. I owe you this money every month to learn the telephone engineer skills, one to one via phone and incur additional charges on my mobile bill, give-up my time with family and friends and if I do my day job it is at my own risk/cost but I should still learn these skills everyday even if it is late in the evening, give-up my dinner if I have to.

    You also help me to concentrate and focus on only one thing at a time as you always help me to connect only one device to privileged service. My concentration level has gone up drastically. I make it a point to shut my laptop before I connect my mobile or ipad, saves me a lot in energy bills.

    Finally I beg you Sir/Madam please send the engineer to fix the issues I am counting my last few days on the death bed and want to use your broadband services for one last time so that I can rest in peace.

    I recommend using Tesco if you are feeling low, if your Blood Pressure is low, if you do not feel like working, if you do not care for family and friends, if you do not feel like skipping dinner and yes have millions to donate for good cause like Tesco broadband - or to get a technician job much cheaper than to go to university and learn the skills and dedicated team is available 9-9 most days.

    --One Happy Customer of yours.

  • neutral

    by Sandrine at 19:16 on 13 Jun 2014 Report abuse

    Absolute crap!! I'm just across the hallway and connection is non-existent 90 percent of the time!... and when there is a signal you get 1 mbs internet and drop out every other minute. Slow, unreliable, terrible, avoid when you can!

  • unhappy

    by frank at 16:34 on 12 Jun 2014 Report abuse

    Recently my line and broadband went down, so I tried to contact Tesco only to find you could only ring support from their line which wasn't working and they never replied to my email. Dont transfer!!!!! Tesco left me without a line for 2 weeks cost me dearly, I decided to go to EE who assured me this would happen in one day, it is now over a month and I still have no line or broadband, lots of mobile calls and emails to no avail, could the answer be with bt openreach, I think so.

  • neutral

    by James at 15:02 on 12 Jun 2014 Report abuse

    I used to have sky broadband, which was fine, but tesco offered an irresistible offer so I switched. I have been with them for over a year now and haven't really had any problems. The speed is exactly the same as sky however the service goes down more often, probably on average once a month whereas sky went down twice in the whole year. I do not feel the effects of throttling too much, I downloaded my full steam library and the speed didn't drop once.

  • neutral

    by rob perrie at 17:37 on 24 Apr 2014 Report abuse

    I have had Tesco broadband for 1 month,in the evening it's impossible to use , during the day sometimes, I have spoke to the tech support team every day,they just fob me off,so I'll review Tesco broadband on every site there is so I hope other people choose someone else, I have never known this bad of customer support,

  • happy

    by Ian at 18:31 on 13 Mar 2014 Report abuse

    i took tesco broadband as they where the cheapest out there at first they where shockingly slow after phoning them they sent a bt engineer out in 2 days after this they have been really good they estimated 11mbps im getting 15.54mbps and never had a drop out so i assume most people complaining must just be to arsey when they phone cause mine was sorted in 2 days (just so you know i live 254metres away from exchange)

  • unhappy

    by Lillybritto at 12:59 on 6 Mar 2014 Report abuse

    Saga of tesco - I have had six engineers - one specialist all from BT/ also independent / the problem is down load speed /fine during the day hard wire test to BTwholesale is about 9mb/from 1600hrs it gets slower throughout the evening/can't watch films to much buffering /total rubbish with customer care and technical help / problem since dec 2013 /still ongoing / I know what it is the throughput / have had lift and shift / new crimp outside / new split box to wall / 3 modems / lines have all been upgraded by BT am 300 yards from box and 400 yards from exchange / have been fobbed off /excuses made and a million apologies but NO fix / will keep you posted as to when it fixed / but am in the eternal triangle TESCO and BTWHOLESALE and me the end user

  • unhappy

    by Annoyed by Tesco at 16:10 on 2 Mar 2014 Report abuse

    Currently lucky if we receive 1MB, generally 0.8 - cannot download ANYTHING or do anything. Phone line is also awful, crackly and echoing.
    Called and emailed Tesco on numerous occasions, 4 engineers been out and they 'cannot find a problem' - even been told there is no fault by one man!! They want to send another engineer out, but its crazy - although they try to be helpful, nothing works (had a problem for years now). Can't even be bothered to complain any more!
    Think they should just stick to selling baked beans

  • neutral

    by Robert at 20:13 on 20 Feb 2014 Report abuse

    Endless throttling (unlimited package). In the last year it's got really bad. I leave my computer for twenty minutes - it's throttled. I work for a couple of hours online - it's throttled. I'm a light user but have to flick the router switch on and off 4 or 5 times a day. Sometimes it only takes five minutes to reconnect. Sometimes it won't reconnect even after I restart my computer. And sometimes I just have to turn everything off and walk away for an hour or two.
    As for their complaints procedure - there's a character limit of about 124 characters if you use their form to email them, you try making a complaint in 124 characters. Clearly don't want to know.

  • unhappy

    by Philip at 21:30 on 31 Oct 2013 Report abuse

    My own story with this bunch of wasters is thankfully short. Unfortunately, I will have to live down the shame of suggesting them in the first place to my partner. We started with them in September and although the phone was fine the broadband lasted a whole 30mins before dropping out completely. Cue long, increasingly desperate calls to first line support, second line support, customer service , and finally the "are you thinking of leaving us" crew interspersed with visits from engineers. Ultimately, I did threaten to leave after two months of this. The guy put me on hold and went away, a few minutes later he told me there was nothing else he could do...I left and am much happier at Plusnet - a proper internet provider

  • unhappy

    by Ben at 2:08 on 23 Oct 2013 Report abuse

    TESCO BB is the worst provider by a mile. Been with them for 12 mths & just can't wait to leave them once I get time to order another provider. Where should I begin? I took Tesco coz they were the cheapest (£2.50/mth) and for sure now I know why they are soo cheap. My service constantly drops off & reconnects ,at least more than 20 times a day. This makes online gaming a nightmare as I have lost numerous FIFA 13 season games by failed connection. It's got to a point that I no more play online .At first I called them and they reset my router and assured me it will work only to start dropping off again literally an 1hr after the reset. I then called them again and they said they will arrange an engineer visit to my house to which no one ever came , only to receive a message on my mobile saying the eng had done a remote fix and that was the problem resolved. It didn't take me a week for the service to start dropping off again. At this point I had had enough, in work full time and the last thing I want is to get home and constantly call them to fix the same problem yet am a paying customer who has never defaulted on my payments. The last time I called them they said it was the filter which was faulty & they sent me a new pair but this didn't fix the problem .Personally Tesco should stick to supermarkets and leave technically stuff to the experts. To anyone thinking about joining Tesco BB , my best advise is DONT !

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