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  • unhappy

    by darryl at 13:19 on 28 Nov 2016 Report abuse

    6 years as Virgin customer. Contacted Virgin to discuss current packages offered by Virgin and other providers, with intention of receiving similar. Virgin's package for new customers half the cost.
    Virgin will not meet it.
    The service person felt the need to discuss her package deal with Sky.
    Why stay with Virgin?

  • unhappy

    by Mark Hill at 10:22 on 25 Oct 2016 Report abuse

    I would like to know how survey results are as good as they appear to show. I haven't come across anyone that has a good thing to say about them and on my own experience they are useless.
    The over seas call centers should be scrapped, managers should be reprimanded for not doing requested callbacks and the general quality of the services provided should be better.
    When the Internet works.... it works great but it's never like this for any period of time.

  • unhappy

    by Captain at 19:47 on 19 Oct 2016 Report abuse

    Not one for complaining but if you rely on your internet and quality customer care, please avoid Virgin at all costs. In brief- During the recent months my internet has been down on 3 occasions the recent occasion internet was down for up to 5 days, Virgin could not do anything to help. I have had a letter warning me of more down time next month. I was promised a call back, they never call back when they say. I had to call them. 53 mins later I got a told Virgin would credit me back for the down days only, this never happened. I got told I would get compensated for any extra data I bought elsewhere. This never happened. I asked the advisor how much the telephone call would be, he said not much. The telephone call cost me £33 Im still waiting for another call back about the phone bill as promised, 2 days late so far. Its very hard to contact Virgin by Email or telephone I have noticed. Its hard to find a free phone number, the number all over Virgins website is the premium rated number. No wonder Virgin dont call their customers back. ....The poor get poorer while the rich get richer. Nice one Branson. (still love you)

  • unhappy

    by ray at 13:17 on 19 Oct 2016 Report abuse

    As an existing customer since the NTL days, it is particularly annoying that if you want to use the chat service on the virgin media website it is only possible with the sales team. Otherwise it's 12p per min on the phone, with lengthy delays on pick-up. This is awful customer service in my view. New customers beware that their charges go up on a regular basis and I can only assume this is because they have a total monopoly on cable broadband deals. It's not like they have any competition to refer to so they can charge what they want. Virgin company is a vision of a corporate-led dystopian future where the corporation replaces government and does so with a smile.

  • unhappy

    by Lucy at 13:32 on 10 Oct 2016 Report abuse

    Please avoid this company. I have called them and been promised 6 manager call backs in the last month and none have been recevied. I have talked about my complaint with multiple operators, yet need to say it all again as they don't write notes.

    No complaint response in a month.

    I deeply regret moving to this company, they has serious issues.
    I beg you do not switch.

    It may be cheaper but not worth it for the stress they cause.

    In addition:
    Broadband speed and reliability is fine
    TIVO box is slow about 4 second delay between each button press.
    They make break into your garden to piggy back a neighbours Virgin off your wall unit. This is perfectly acceptable.

    If your not a customer, I hope I have steered you away.

    Thank you for reading

  • unhappy

    by Colin Ellison at 13:16 on 7 Oct 2016 Report abuse

    A truly dreadful customer service, ive been trying for months to cancel my contract with them, ive now given up and just wont be paying the bill

  • unhappy

    by lucia at 13:17 on 5 Oct 2016 Report abuse

    I contacted Virgin to get their broadband services 1 month ago and I think this is the only time I managed to contact them easily.
    The chat is always busy and when you phone no one knows anything! They transfer you from one department to another.
    They came to my house to install the router yesterday. They were meant to come in between 10am and 2pm and they turn up 1 and a half hours later after calling them several times. Waste of time and money.
    One day later and the broadband doesn’t work. I have managed to contact customer services (more time and money wasted) and they just said that the installation was done wrong? Frustrating… and they can’t come to sort this out until next week? So disappointing.. not a compensation or anything to not to make me feel as angry as I am right now..

  • unhappy

    by Chris at 16:05 on 4 Oct 2016 Report abuse

    When signing up to virgin we were told that it would take about 2 weeks for installation, it took over a month then another month to get the installation corrected, during which time we had 4 feet of excess cable, which to avoid the trip hazard I had to tie to the fence, this excess of cable had been pushed under the fence into our neighbours garden.

    We were told that the promo price we would have to pay would be fixed for 12 months then 6 months at the full rate. After only 3 months the price is being increased, what about my contract?, well it appears that somewhere in the gigabytes of data that constitute the T&C's there is a clause that allows virgin to increase the price whenever they want (this is a quote from the shop).

    The shops answer was "our cost have increased so we put your price up, cancel if you want", virgin's cost could be reduced by reducing the number of staff by 50%, there were 4 virgin people doing nothing and I was the only customer.

  • unhappy

    by D Husn at 12:44 on 2 Oct 2016 Report abuse

    I am shocked to see the 4 plus star on this website for Virginmedia. Virginmedia is the worse company I have ever dealt with. Their price is going up and up every year, but the service has become unbearably poor especially in the last couple of years. The Wifi I pay over £30 a month get cut off almost every few minutes and their technical support has been givingn me all kind of advice and answers but no one has solved the problem! It is totally a rubbish!

  • unhappy

    by Aziz at 21:32 on 26 Sep 2016 Report abuse

    absolutely disgusting customer service, slow, no internal communication, so I had to repeat everything every time I got bounced off to another (sometimes irrelevant) department/team.

    their staff lied at every turn, and when I told them, they asked me to be more diplomatic! so, they know they were lying, but please be polite when you are frustrated about being treated like a retard! So I told them that what they do is the definition of lying, so there is no way to be diplomatic about it, unless they are just asking me to lie to them... so, yeah, let's just lie to each other, that's their first step in solving problems...

  • unhappy

    by mike Kefford at 17:38 on 19 Sep 2016 Report abuse

    I dont expect to wait 6 working days for an engineer visit or to be put on hold for for 25 minutes then a very nice customer care representative to ask for my contact details and then go on hold again!!!

  • unhappy

    by Sharon at 13:30 on 12 Sep 2016 Report abuse

    I would never recommend this company to nobody, because I don't understand how they can reconnect your services if you been restricted for how long just because you are leaving there company and then have a cheek to bill you for reconnecting you without telling you

  • unhappy

    by Becky at 21:29 on 12 Aug 2016 Report abuse

    5/8 box installed- technician went outside to check signal 'bad news' you need a repull ... Nightmare begins . He took all the equipment away , otherwise I'd have to pay from that day!
    12/8 technician turns up 9am and didn't know anything about repull . He out the box in and two construction men turn up to lay cables . I had 8-1 slit they promise a 4th chap would come the same day to do the repull .
    I rand virgin 5 TIMES that day , and been robbed off by advisors India and lied too to get me off the phone .
    Outcome - no service . Call 5 established that manager will call me tomorrow as repull has been rescheduled for 21st August!!!! What a joke this company is .
    Don't be drawn in by flashy adverts or prices as their service is very very bad , infact one of the. Worst I've ever experienced . 5th call today lady an hour and I've put in a complaint that could take 28days for a reposnse ! Shocking .
    Very person from virgin has lied or fobbed me off , wish I'd stick to BT

  • unhappy

    by jay at 20:24 on 25 Jul 2016 Report abuse

    i have virgin media top internet 200 mb and it suck moor like dial up do not buy from virgin media their broadband suck

  • unhappy

    by Alicia at 16:11 on 23 Jun 2016 Report abuse

    The service was okay while I was with them but when I went to cancel they insisted on the full cancellation fee even though I've been with them for 6 years. I thought there would have been some courtesy for a loyal customer, if nothing else just to ensure repeat business. I could have switched when I moved, and I should have done.

  • unhappy

    by Lynn Cunliffe at 19:29 on 23 May 2016 Report abuse

    Just got off the phone from yet another call to Virgin media about our useless internet service,treated like an idiot because we couldn't connect our computer physically ie via a cable to the internet,, yet we use wireless specifically because we cant use a physical link ,more judgemental comments because I didnt know how to do a speed check, without being told ,which I suspect not many customers do know how to do ,I had already had to reset the router while tea burned and I was running out of time because the internet was needed for work and I was seriously behind time so I refused to do the speed check and I got snotty response because " I should be doing it because they cant just send out an engineer until they know what the problem is,",strange as I assume most customers are probably not It experts and engineers are actually trained to find faults and it does not really take an expert to grasp that if your constantly having to reset the router its clearly not working properly,meanwhile the last engineer to call told me out broadband was slower than it ought to be ,we never use our allowance and the local area has good service so Virgin were clearly not supplying the right broadband service..

  • unhappy

    by slaw at 22:12 on 18 Apr 2016 Report abuse

    AVOID - Virgin media billed me for 3 months after leaving & they confirmed I'd switched providers

    Virgin media billed me for 3 months after leaving AND they confirmed in an email that I'd "successfully switched provider".

    My account was settled in full when I switched yet they chased for 3 months worth of bills and passed it to debt collection agencies.

    Hours on the phone with customer services, their billing department and the debt agencies still didn't lead to a correct account statement but then things went quiet.

    5 years later they pop up again through another debt collection agency.

    Now going through CISAS - awful awful awful awful customer experience -

    although staff are pleasant enough they don't have any information in front of them and so aren't empowered to fix the problem - they just apologise and nothing happens.

  • unhappy

    by danny at 22:34 on 24 Mar 2016 Report abuse

    ive been with virgin 18 months sometime internet is very good untill the last 6 months ....this being the problem to them upgrading there internet to 200 mb witch there are not ready to do so now i get 25 mb downloand not 150 mb like im ment to ..so i ring them every month they give me 10 pound of bill i said if i just had bb what would i have to pay they said 48 pound so i said if i just had bb then u would take 48 pound from bill? ha as if i would still only get 10 pounds from my bill so i would still pay 38 pound for a rubbish internet speed i could get from plus net for alot less ...DONT GO WITH VIRGIN

  • unhappy

    by Sachin at 9:30 on 20 Mar 2016 Report abuse

    The worst company in the world. I have to move out of the property because of the damp issues. I was happy to take virgin service with me to my new property . But they don't have the service in my new area. So i have to pay the termination fees. On the top it they need the box as well. Otherwise they will charge you for that. Because i have moved out and i dont get access to my old property again i will have to pay for this. Be careful with the hidden extras. They will not mention anything while you take their service. While you leave they will tell you to check terms and conditions. I had only 2 months left in my contract and I never made any default in my payments. Being a loyal customer I would expect them to keep me happy in some way since I was happy to take their service to my new house. If possible avoid virgin and go with sky or any other companies . Virgin don't have service everywhere. Its better to go with someone like sky so that you don't have this problem . Sky don't take their dish or box once u finish ur coN tract with them. They also look after their customers and always try to help them by adjusting any sort of additional payments. I am very unhappy and disgusted with virgin service and their customer service. They just want your money. They are so sweet and nice when you appreach them to take their service. But when you leave they don't care and they show their real face.

  • unhappy

    by Stuart at 20:05 on 26 Feb 2016 Report abuse

    I have been with Virgin media for three months and had nothing but issue. My phone has been blocked three times in one month despite me calling in every time to remove the block. I get told it is for my own protecting because my phone bills are high. Three times I have confirmed that the usage is verified and I can pay the bills and have been doing so yet they still bar it?

    Despite me not being able to use my phone I am informed that I have to pay £250 to get out of my contract?

    The service is terrible, the automated system is terrible and the customer services representatives when you finally get through are rude! I have never had these issues with Sky or BT, I have requested for my account to be canceled, I will not be recommending them and will make it known just how bad the service really is.

    Oh and my phone is still blocked, lets hope there is no emergencies!

  • unhappy

    by Yvonne at 11:41 on 18 Feb 2016 Report abuse

    There is nothing wrong with the broadband but the customer service from Virgin Media is appalling, one of the worst I have ever had the misfortune of having to deal with. Their staff gave me false information, they were totally dishonest, all to make sure I had a final extra bill from them when I ended my contract. I will never enter into another contract with Virgin Media again. Worse than Talk Talk and I didn't think anything could be worse than that. Avoid Avoid Avoid I would give Virgin Media -5 out of 5 if I could.

  • unhappy

    by colin at 1:46 on 8 Feb 2016 Report abuse

    Had slow speeds since November 2015 , phoned and complained they gave me £34.99 credit for december but still took the direct debit , i reversed this with the bank and got a refund had to then cancel direct debit , long story short phone again in jan 2016 received a further £80 credit only to discover virgin media impose a penalty of £5 each month because even they give you a good will credit they still tried to take money from bank incurring more £5 penalty charged to me , called them on 05/01/2016 to cancel with them , very rude staff and clueless

  • happy

    by Ruth at 19:49 on 27 Jan 2016 Report abuse

    I've never had any problems with Virgin's service it is quick and consistent, even when there are several devices playing music and videos (I'm on their 50mbps tariff) and they were really good when I first swapped back to them and I was having trouble with my router, running diagnostics, and finally sending an engineer around to sort things out. They start out competitive price wise, but are prone to putting their prices up every 18 months or so which is my bugbear.

    They did it again this year, and I decided to have a look around. I looked at changing to Vodaphone which was a total nightmare and in the end I cancelled my contract before I'd even gone anywhere, dreadful service and long call waits. I then looked at Sky who I thought were much better, but Virgin called me up and offered me a loyalty contract (I've been a customer for two years) at a price not advertised for their 50mbps broadband, unlimited calls to land lines and mobiles (a big deal for me as my mobile signal is woeful in my flat) and a promise to fix this for 12 months (on a 12 month contract) so any price increase will not affect me.

    I mainly like Virgin, I've been a customer on and off since Telewest, and compared to BT who I've also been with they provide me (in London) with the most consistent service. So I've signed up again, though I was annoyed that I'd had to go to all this trouble.. But better the devil etc - if something goes wrong with their lines, I've always found Virgin far more proactive than any company related to BT for getting things sorted out. Plus this new package makes such a difference for being able to call people with a clear line, brilliant. But maybe it's because I'm a Londoner and they need to sort their act out for out of towners..

    My advice for others, whoever you go with, you need to keep an eye on what you are paying, and raise it when you aren't happy and be prepared to leave. I do this with all my utility companies, as they all quietly put prices up!

  • neutral

    by jchatboard at 19:24 on 25 Jan 2016 Report abuse

    UK£50 off your invoice for referring a friend? :(
    Rather poor service and reps lack information to the customer's advantage?

    I recommended a friend to take on Virgin Media Broadband + Phone. I tried to get information on the site, but had certain problems with my various requirements for the friend.

    To my surprise a Virgin rep turned up when I was at their house and signed up the contract. Actually when I told him I recommended the person, he never mentioned about the UK£50 credit to my Virgin Media Account.

    Tried nearly two days to get any sensible reply to my many telephone request about the scheme and could not find a department that could help me with the inquiry, not to mention the repeatedly times I had to go through all the data clearance when I got transferred.

    Eventually getting through to a person who told me straight forward.


    THANKS VIRGIN....... Considering I have been using Virgin (Mobile) since 1997 and then the Broadband when NTL was taken over. NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER ANYMORE.

  • unhappy

    by Andrii Kulikov at 15:42 on 5 Jan 2016 Report abuse

    I've got the awful and unpleasant experience with Virgin Media. The customer service is absolutely dysfunctional. I ordered the fibre broadband package on December 17th. I was told the installation would be done in certain time interval on January 5th. The technician did not show up in time. I called the customer service, but they seemed absolutely indifferent to the issue. I spent around 30 minutes listening to the music while they were deciding who/which team had to deal with my problem and I had to redial again after they dropped my call. Eventually, they proposed a new date - January 19th !!!! a month from the date of the order that is unbelievable and insulting. Despite it was 100% their fault, they did not even try to find a reasonable solution and kept mechanically repeating that the only date was January 19th. I cancelled the service with Virgin. I will never recommend Virgin Media to anyone. They seem to live in a different reality where the customer service and competition does not exist.

  • unhappy

    by david at 16:51 on 17 Dec 2015 Report abuse

    this is a bad company who just fob you off then tell you to leave if you dont like it
    i am getting 1 mb on a night from what is supposed to be 50 mb . i was getting 7 to 15 mb when i paid £72 for the 200 mb . three years of lies and telling me it will be fixed next month. discount given but i have to phone up and beg for it each month. i have now asked for a free upgrade so at least i can get 7 mb on a night .but its not there police to do this (keep the customer happy) they just told me to leave if i don't like it . what a crap way to treat people...........

  • unhappy

    by Michael at 11:17 on 29 Nov 2015 Report abuse

    Simply awful. I ordered Virgin broadband and phone. All arranged for the installation and they just didn't turn up. On phoning them I was told there was a 'construction issue'. Apparently their system doesn't have the right equipment near my house and it would be 4 to 6 weeks before it could be sorted. As I had cancelled with my previous provider to coincide I have been left with no broadband or land line, as well as waiting in all day for them. All they could say was that these issues happen. I pointed out that it was their system and that they should have known about this beforehand and informed me of how long it would take at the time of ordering. They offered no solution other than waiting for a unspecified number of weeks without broadband, which I need for my work.

    Only when I said I was cancelling the order did they tried to offer me a couple of months for free, but I declined as I wanted nothing further to do with them.

    I've now re-arranged with my previous supplier.

  • unhappy

    by Uzma Anwar at 15:07 on 15 Aug 2015 Report abuse

    Rubbish Interet, Rubbish and rude customer services. Disconnected internet and they were still charging us for phone line. Its customer agent promised to refund then second one said after few days. Stay away from them.

  • neutral

    by SOPHIE at 20:55 on 13 Aug 2015 Report abuse

    I got very frustrated with virgin internet very quickly. Their customer service in my experience was usually awful- several different times we were told conflicting information about our contract, their policies, and extra/hidden charges which we were not made aware of. In my flat the virgin box is in the living room, by the time you walk into the kitchen two metres away the signal is non existant. There is one wall and a corridor and I know that affects it, but in this day and age your broadband should surely be able to reach the main rooms of your house! It is not a large floor plan by any means. Aside from that we got caught out several times by trying to change the date or bank details of our direct debit- when they took the bill on the wrong date we got charged, no refunds, as well as bank charges etc. If our contract was not 18 months woukd have left it after 6 or so. Unreliable and unfriendly. So disappointed!

  • neutral

    by glen at 18:14 on 18 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    Had Virgin for 2 years - some days it works, some days it doesn't. Im currently giving up on it - while i do sometimes get 40mb connection the general experience is poor - in particular it seems like they have a lot of optimization for certain sites since latency is very bad on many sites.

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