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  • unhappy

    by Justin at 14:35 on 22 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    Worse customer service EVER. In the nearly two years I have been with them they have not gotten one thing right on the first try. They have over charged me massively on my account and it took 4 months for them to even credit it back to my account. You can never get the same answer out of two different staff (even the ones who accents you can actually understand) and most staff will just claim they can't help you and try and forward you to someone else when you have a problem.

    The acctual product provided isn't terrible, but in my 12 years in the telecommunications industry, working for and using service providers across the UK, US and Australasia Virgin are the least competent and the hardest to deal with.

  • unhappy

    by Neville Hughes at 20:14 on 15 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    Having been a Virgin Media customer for seven years with no major gripes I expected a smooth transfer of services when we moved house three weeks ago. However that couldn't be further from the truth. After giving Virgin three weeks notice of our move I expected there would be no problems on the installation date, only to find when the engineers arrived they could not proceed due to a 'construction' issue (which should have been picked up in a pre-installation survey which they forgot to schedule, and admitted to). I complained as I felt we had given sufficient notice but I had to chase constantly for three days to get another installation date, which was two weeks later. The customer service during this period was atrocious. I was never once called back and must have spoken to 20 people during this period, having to give my account number each time despite being transferred internally within Virgin. What struck me was that no-one was accountable for my service and no-one was empowered to own my problem, instead simply passing me to the next individual. Even after I raised a formal complaint I was still never called back.

    Because we wanted to maintain our email address we decided to stay with Virgin and waited the two weeks for the next installation. In the intervening period I tried to access our personal email via their browser interface but was told our account was locked because we had moved house and the new installation had not been completed. Despite it being very clear this was not my fault, they refused (and seemed to be unable) to reactivate the account, leaving our personal email in limbo.

    Today is the date of the second install. Again someone arrived and left without installing it. My wife took a day off holiday today and again no-one called to explain why. When I finally reached someone at 7pm I was told there was a 'construction' issue and the pre-install work hadn't happened (again).

    I could excuse the installation incompetence if the customer service was good, but it has been as poor an experience as I have had (and I've dealt with the Woolwich!)

  • happy

    by sammie at 15:32 on 9 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    thinks the 2 blokes that came to mine were really polite and i have no complaints very happy with service given? especially the 1 with the cute bum

  • unhappy

    by Antony Sackfield at 14:40 on 9 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    I've ebeen told by virgin medias staff that the broadband in my area (Plymouth) is over subscibed. This is there explanation for my connection running at speeds between 0.5 to 1.6 Mbs during the day Ipay for 10Mbs but the only time I can get anywhere near this speed is in the early hours of the morning. It as been like this for 3+ months. When I asked when this would be rectified they couldn't tell me

  • neutral

    by marybecs at 20:57 on 7 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    I have been with them for a LOT of years and rarely had a problem. I pay for the lowest speed and find it is quicker than I pay for (I am mystified too!!). I have often wondered if it is because I am in a city very near to their 'gubbins'

  • unhappy

    by simon baker at 11:19 on 6 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    We were with NTL world and stayed on with virgin when they bought them out. It's a perfectly decent service when it works and we were quite happy with it untill we hit a problem that needed fixing.
    The long and the short of it - over three weeks with no internet in our house at all because of a fault that was mis-diagnosed in the first place and which it turned out in the end actually could've been fixed at the box up the street, and not by replacing the cable that supplied our house, a dug up drive that they've just left like that, and many hours wasted waiting in phone ques to eventually speak to someone a very long way away who you can hardly hear, who doesn't seem to understand the problem and with the best will in the world is entirely of no use to you whatsoever.
    And so no i would not reccomend virgin media whatsoever, they get an overwhelming thumbs down from our family, their customer service care and support is pants.
    Until something like this actually happens to you, you don't really get to find out where a company's priorities actually lie. One of the engineers in fact said to me that they are being required to make so many customer callouts in a day that it is almost physically impossible to stay on top of the workload that virgin are placing upon them.

  • unhappy

    by David at 19:11 on 17 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    They were nice as pi when I was going through the application procedure. They said that installation would occur up to 10 days later. The installation date they gave was 14 days later.

    One working day before the installation date they sent me an email saying that I already had Virgin media in my property. I phoned them to point out that I did not and they said they'd send a 'spotter' who would call me that day.

    No call.

    I phoned Virgin again (after holding for 15 minutes) and spoke to a gentleman who, once I'd explained everything including giving my kana (reference?) number, put me through to their Philippino call centre. No explanation, no warning, he just didn't want to deal with a complicated case.

    The philippino woman did not know why I'd been put through to her. I spent an agonizing 25 minutes explaining and re-explaining what the situation was. The upshot being that she will contact another department tomorrow "It's closed now", and give me a call back to let me know what's likely to happen - if I'm lucky they'll maybe install it in a couple of weeks.

    Lesson learnt: ALWAYS ask for the name of the person assisting you at the very beginning of the call AND have them tell you which call centre they are in e.g. Edinburgh. Then they are a tad more accountable and perhaps a mite less useless.

  • unhappy

    by Richard at 9:10 on 16 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    They have possibly the worst customer service of any organisation I have had to deal with. Hours on the phone, no engineers showing up for weeks with no explanation, incompetent technical support; avoid this company like the plague.

  • happy

    by Jennie at 13:56 on 13 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    I have been reading all the slating remarks on Virgin Media, and feel I have to have a say myself. I was Ntl, and stayed when VM took over. Never had a single problem with them helpwise. On the odd occasions over the years, when I did have one, the problem was resolved quickly and efficiently. Customer services have always been most pleasant and helpful. For those of you considering taking on VM, before you are put off by all the moaners, read all the slating remarks made on all the other services available - just as many!! Seems the only folk willing to write a review are the moaners - when its all good, no-one bothers!! I am completely happy with VM, as no doubt are millions of other customers.

  • neutral

    by mark jones at 15:33 on 12 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    Exactly right dave, im looking threw the forums because im trying to download something on my rapidshare account, and its starting at 128kb and going down to 80kb and im wondering what the hell is going on. Total pisstake. Im just going to get a chipped modem. Full speed and no money from them rapping me off.

  • unhappy

    by Mr Jones at 17:48 on 11 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    HORRENDOUS customer service!!
    ordered full package - no engineer for 2 weeks, but said we could self install...
    they sent equipment to wrong address, even though we specified... said they had changed address---nope. eventually got equipment from that address... installed... broadband ok, but no tv, sent wrong box for part of country??! week later, sent second box-- registered to wrong account?? still no tv, and a dead phone line.... what a laugh, hours on the mobile!

  • neutral

    by david at 15:35 on 6 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    just got virgin fitted and first impressions are not good- engineer didn't set up properly so had to wait a week for him to come back and then they sent a bill advising they are going to cut us off a week after signing up because we haven't paid! Customer service is also a bit crap . Avoid if you can.

  • unhappy

    by guzzi at 21:40 on 5 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    i have a very bad experience with them, bad service, the worst customer service in fact is just very annoying, they all promise to call you back but it never happen, when my call go through i have to explain everything from the beginning and they don,t know what to answer, of course they divert the call somewhere and i think i almost meet all of them by phone, I've spend hours on the phone and after 9 weeks i still have no internet, and if i'm lucky after switching the modem on and off several times a day i can only enjoy 5 min. i recommend my friends virgin when i start my contract but we all experience the bad service, so don't get connected with this company, no way!

  • unhappy

    by dave at 13:56 on 3 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    Im getting seriously pissed off with this throttling bull s**t f**king up my DL speed, the reason i went with virgin is because ( as we all know) cable is faster than a phone line and i wanted FAST! so i went with the 10 meg option only to find that the cheeky b*****ds have absolutely no intention of delivering what i am paying them for, even when im not being "TRAFFIC MANAGED" i never get over 5 meg. if i had this problem with anything else i would simply cancel my subscription but virgin have a monopoly on the whole cable thing and so have us all by the b*****ks.

    Maybe i should start THROTTLING my monthly payments , see how they like that, Seriously, we should only have to pay for what we get,
    say for example you were paying £30 a month for a 10 meg connection, thats £1 a day, but one day my speed averages at 5 meg, then i should only have to pay them 50p for that day, they give me half the agreed speed, they only get half the agreed payment, seems fair to me.

    If ALL ISP`s were forced by the government to use such a policy i think we`d all be surprised just how fast they all manage to upgrade their system to the point where EVERYONE gets the FULL SPEED they pay for ALL the time.

    Rant over.

  • unhappy

    by Phil at 18:39 on 30 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    I have been a Virgin customer since 2004 - there service can only be described as variable and overall poor. There customer service is diabolicial and they try to placate you by using technical jargon - such as you need to turn your interleaving off - no sunshine - you need to stop throttling download speeds cos you're over-subscribed. Up to 10Mbps eh?? - i get 5Mbps at unsociable hours and today at 17.50 30/10/2010 i have achieved a new low - my download speed (0.30 Mbps) was lower than my upload speed!!!!!!!!!! (0.35Mbps)

    I pay for this service and for my money i expect SERVICE - i don't know how they actually get away with it!?! - i can only assume that all the other major companies are just as bad and they all have us over a barrel.

    If i was guaranteed 4 or 5 Mbps at peak times for £20 odd quid i'd leap at it - but for ADSL users i think it's a myth.

  • happy

    by Matt at 0:28 on 23 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    I'v been using Virgin for cable services now for 2 years. They are absolutly fantastic. Only had two problems. 1st connection problem was already being fixed when I called, and 2nd was fixed in 3 hours of me calling. Connection problems are not avoidable with any ISP, but Virgin are onto them straight away. Their offshore call centre speak great english, and they have one in the UK too. I would definately recommend. If you are in a Virgin cable area, make the most of it! :D

  • unhappy

    by J at 19:05 on 22 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    I've been with Virgin for a while, but recently move address and I had nothing but problems. The connection is completely unriliable and the customers service is atrocious. they take at least 30 minutes to answer your calls, usualy re-direct to other departments because them can't figure out the problem and they don't ring you back.
    Today I requested the termination of the contract and because they kept passing to different departments I got 3 different quotes...from 58 to 120 pounds. Which one will I get is a mistery!!!! Avoid Virgin at all costs. They are horrendous and uprofessional.

  • happy

    by Jonathan Dowe at 9:14 on 18 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    I use Virgin Media and subscribe to their up to 8mb/s package. I get speeds of 10mb/s at times. Only on weekend evenings does it slow to about 5mb/s. Which is fine. Also With this we get virgin media on demand which is terrific. Virgin are Great.

  • unhappy

    by bigpond at 2:35 on 16 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    I have had Telewest/VirginMedia since 2000 and up until 26 September was quite happy with my XL service and would agreed with most that it represented best value on the market.
    However, being naive, I opted for a XXL connection, and have had no service for the last three weeks, inspite of multitudinous contacts with Customer Concern Department and visit from a technician, informing me that the problem was outwith my property.
    Read the comments on the Virgin Forum for a flavour of the dissatisfaction and don't go near VM with a barge pole until they up their game.

  • unhappy

    by Peter Cottle at 22:57 on 15 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    After having a bad experience with a previous ISP who increased their prices, I decided to go with Virgin media. This was after talking to thier sales people who clearly stated to me that Virgin could supply fast a line connection speed of 9mbs. I was quite impressed as my previous ISP could only supply a 2mbps connection I therefore decided on the media xl package. From the onset we had problems. The telephone line was connected, but we did not receive our net gear equipment until six weeks after taking up the contract. We did eventually speak to a customer care department, but only after making many calls that took over 3/4 of an hour on average to get through to speak to someone. Only then to be redirected and again kept waiting for another 1/2 hour or longer till we would give up.
    We followed all the instructions to go on line, to my utter disbelief the connection speed was 377kbps to 477kbps and therefore could only be classified as dial up speed. I spoke to BT to confirm the line capacity and to ascertain if I had line problems they said the my line is able to receive a connection speed of 6mbps and the line had no problems. I then contacted virgin customer support and explained the problems we were having to be told that my connection would be no more that 500kbps, Virgin have not supplied a reliable and consistent service.
    The following is a list of what we have experienced:
    Random disconnections.
    Red light on the Net Gear equipment.
    Only Dial up connection speed.
    For some strange reason the internet reconnects when we dial 151 or the 0845 number.
    Phone line barring.
    Given the telephone number 0845454222 in the welcome letter as the contact number for support and not the free phone 151 number, therefore incurring higher costs for attempting to contact virgin support departments.
    Been given differing and inaccurate advise by virgin contact centre staff.
    The time to speak to someone has been frustrating and in the extreme being kept on hold for 1hour 21minutes until we have just given up trying.

    The service virgin have purported to have supplied to us has been nothing short as completely disgraceful.

  • unhappy

    by Rich at 1:46 on 14 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    Virgin Cable broadband is appalling. I'm on the 10MB package and I can barely get 0.5Mbps on it. Most of the things I want the connection for are unusable (iPlayer, 4od etc.) Constant connection outages too despite spending hours of my precious time on the phone to their tech support trying things to fix it.

    I know exactly what the problem is - oversubscription of their service but obviously, they're never going to admit to it.

    Do yourself a favour and don't use Virgin Broadband - you're better off using dial-up to be honest.

  • neutral

    by Lucia at 22:33 on 10 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    Virgin Broadband service is pretty poor. If you want to call it b-r-o-a-d band. I have been monitoring my connection in the last two days it goes as low as 1 kbps for an average of 21 kbps and peaks of 191 kbps.

  • unhappy

    by Steve Rumbelow at 21:10 on 8 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    Absolutely appalling service with TV, phone & broadband. I've never come across such a poor company Mr Branson and guess what 'ive only been a virgin 'customer' for less than 2 weeks. What have I done ? pathetic.

  • unhappy

    by Mark at 10:13 on 8 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    Virgin are as bad as Sky They charge £10 extra (more like £20) for late bills and if they manage to get hold of your phone number expect daily calls from them asking stupid questions or if you want to pay for extra services. Ive said no yet still they continue to call

  • unhappy

    by Tony at 19:11 on 4 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    Virgin listing is incorrect. Virgin traffic shapes http://allyours.virginmedia.com/html/internet/traffic.html so "Unlimited" needs to be changed to "shaped". Try and use more than 1500mb in one of their curfew periods and you get dropped to 1mb from 10mb.

  • unhappy

    by Mike Swift at 8:55 on 25 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    I am a Virgin broadband customer currently with a 1.27Mb connection.......yet paying for a supposedly up to 10Mb.
    What gripes me is that you use the Virgin broadband connection finder for my postcode and it happily tells me that I can get up to 20Mb....yeah....pigs might fly.
    Yet you go to the Talk Talk connection finder and it tells me my likely connection speed will be 1Mb due to distance from the exchange. What a refreshing change to find an ISP that gives out honest information.
    Sorry Virgin but your just plain dishonest with your glossy hype.

  • unhappy

    by steve at 13:52 on 18 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    so much for looking after the customers nice1. You gain there trust then have there pants down - we pay twice as much for internet in uk to rest of europe, get capped, get robbed then get put out to dry - you just take the p**s and get away with everything all the time. Its about time the people of this country stood up to be counted - so much for fair trading lmao.

  • neutral

    by lee at 14:50 on 17 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    The actual internet line is A+ for me, its always running fast and good for online games, im on the 10mb, however they have a stupid fair useage policy that limits how much you can download so its not quite unlimited as they advertise, its only semi unlimited, the times suck as well, unlimited bb starts at about midnight untill 10am so when you get home from work you basicly cant download anything big untill midnight or your get put on the slow speed for 24 hours.

    The customer service is the worst iv ever come across, they lie on the phone all the time, you wait about on hold with horrid music at 100db's for agesss only to get cut off while waiting, they use indian call centers with people who eat while talking to you, they will tell you what ever you want to hear on the phone then never follow up on any of there promises, there also thiefs, they kept taking money from my direct debit days before the due date so i canceled my dd and started paying by card over the phone, then one month they kept my card details without my say so and helped themselfs to £30 two weeks earlier than my bill date and without warning, i never even noticed and payed the bill again, so they owe me £30 which i have never got back, everytime i phone they promise to sort it but never do, iv wrote snail mail twice to customer complaints with my bank statment as proof and just get ignored, that was in april 08 and its still not been refunded...

    iv been with them two years and am on no contract, i try to get my contract renewed with the new cheaper prices and options and they want a £30 installation fee!!!! WTF im already a customer and have everything installed!!! all they have to do is amend by bill and flick the switch for faster speed, but greedy pigs wont, seems old customers get treated like crap.

    Oh and the supervisors SCREAM at you when they think there right and you disagree lol i had some women screaming at me "YOU GET EMAIL BILL" over and over when they stole £30 out my account, i fort she was gonna have heart attack at one point!! .. thing is i dont get email bills as email bill isnt even available in my area lol but everytime i tried to tell her she just interupted with "YOU GET EMAIL BILL" haha how are you supposed to get anywhere when dealing with numptys like that?

  • neutral

    by Dan B at 4:17 on 18 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    I've been with Virgin (formly NTL) since around 2000 when I switched from the old 56k AOL service - blimey seems ages ago !

    In terms of speed I have had only one issue in nearly 10 years where my connection speed became slower than a dial up connection and also intermitently dropped my connection every half hour. After contacting CS I was told the usual it must be your PC etc etc blah blah. However, I have trained in and worked in IT and computing during the last decade and was 100% certain there was a problem they should address. As others have stated their CS department took some persuading after they told me the usual switch off PC, switch off modem, wait 2 mins, check this LED, blah, blah.

    Two days later they decided to send an engineer who was also scratching his head until he went down to the end of the road and checked the "big green" box. He came back and said it looks like another engineer has been in the box to sort another connection and in the process messed yours up - great I said !

    Apart from this hiccup and a thunder storm frying my modem and router I have never had any speed or reliability issues. However, my issue with this company is what others have pointed out - I'm paying £25 per month for a 10mb connection yet I see a much better deal for new customers. I have telephoned them and they don't care a bit. I told them so if I cancel my connection I will be a new customer again and will get these new deals - the rep replied yes but we will need to charge you a £50 reconnection fee ? How stupid is that - if you work it out I would actually still be saving money over a 12mth period.

  • neutral

    by robbie at 14:24 on 1 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    where do u click to get the fastest possible 1 for a good price

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